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5 Awesome Ways to Improve your Makeup Skills


5 Awesome Ways to Improve your Makeup Skills

Every woman wants to look her best when she step out of home. It may be to

  • office
  • a dinner out
  • a social gathering
  • a brief shopping etc., etc., etc…

The reason that your are here proves that fact true :specs: .Given the fact that not everyone can have a personal makeup artist at home to help us to get that flawless look , we need to be our very own makeup artist. More than anyone else , we know ourselves and our needs better. Based on that fact we being our own makeup artist at any given situation is better than anyone else doing our makeup, provided we follow the below steps :thumbsup: .

Though I had interest on makeup from my very young age, I didn’t get chance to play with it extensively until recent years. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in makeup at all , but I can assure that I’m learning everyday. Like any other field, learning never ends in makeup world too :haanji: .

Let me jot down a few point which can help us in the process of getting better at our makeup skills.

1. Learn :

– First and foremost thing is to understand and learn about your skin type/tone
– Then learn about products that would best suit your skin type/tone. There are ample resources available like beauty blogs, YouTube and you can even find some good books on makeup , to help you decide. These resources not only helps you to learn about product but also on how to put them to use in better ways.
– I wouldn’t have learnt how to apply a cream blush so easily, if hadn’t read Rati’s post on IMBB :snicker:

2. Practice :

– Practice, Practice, Practice…..That’s the key word to master any skill.
– When you get some free time over the weekend, try different makeup techniques and try to use products in a different way. That way you don’t need to care about going out in public and try totally different looks :preen:
– For example, if you have a lipstick that you think you can’t pull off, try to use it with some clear/color gloss or mix with some other lipstick shade and see how it works. You might end up finding some combo which works wonder for you.
– I generally do my practice after I come home from office and before I do my CTM. That way I can do all the mess to my face and clean it up once for all :toothygrin:

3. Get Involved :

– You can’t just blindly apply a foundation, concealer, Powder, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick as a routine and without understanding how it works for you.
– Be conscious about what you are applying and how you are applying.
– You be your own fan and critic and start appreciating and judging your work. Don’t just apply anything on the face for the sake of applying. See how it looks and think how you can make it look even better.

4. Experiment :

– I have seen people buying the same product over and over again and not open to try anything new. I’m not against sticking to product that work best for you, but don’t forget about the ample option available out there. For e.g., you might be quite surprised to see how a colored eyeliner makes you look great, if you had been using only black liner all these years.
– If you are new to makeup and want to learn, then start experimenting with drugstore brands which are easily available for affordable price.
– You can achieve very good makeup with just the drug store brand products available. The magic mostly lies on how you apply any product.
– You can always build on your high end makeup collection slowly once you have got the confidence about your makeup skills.

5. Record :

– I have the habit of capturing my photo whenever I try some new makeup.
– That way I get to see my progress and mistakes. It help me in deciding things like, “this blush goes really well with that lipstick” etc.,
– At times you would be surprised to see, how much your makeup skill has improved by comparing an old picture with new one . 🙂

To sum it up, makeup skill is no rocket science and you can master it by taking help of the above mentioned steps. Always look for the opportunity to learn new things. Makeup helps in improving once self confidence and esteem. So learn to make yourself look pretty gals…

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