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Mucusless diet foods

Dr. Sebi said mucus was the cause of every disease. Get rid of the mucus and live longer. So he put his mother on a long secluded fast to get rid of her mucus. After 57 days she passed her mucus. She had to take a long stick and pull it out of the toilet to prove it was gone. Dr. Sebi went on a 90 day fast and cured his diabetes, his sexual problems and more. He said he fasted until his urine ran clear. When his urine ran clear he drank the urine and went blind. Yes for 4 days he was totally blind. But eventually his sight returned better than it ever was in the past.

The Dr. Sebi diet is an alkaline diet for vegans. We do not eat animal products or abuse animals or wear animal products either. Being vegan is much more than just giving up chicken. It is not a typical alkaline diet. You can read the full food list here The diet is alkaline electric foods. So we avoid hybrid foods. Most alkaline diets tell you to eat broccoli and cauliflower, but not on the Dr. Sebi diet. Those are hybrid foods. The Dr. Sebi diet consists of healthy foods with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, chickpeas, nuts and oils and herbal teas.

There are also things you must do to be healthy like use glass or stainless steel cooking pans, avoid foils and aluminum products and never use a microwave. It is best if you can purchase organic or locally grown foods that are in season. Try to avoid fruits that have been frozen.

An acidic body will cause disease and harm. Watch the famous video of Dr. Macial-Vega showing how gogi berries reversed an acidic body. He shows the before and after scenarios.

You can read my article on the 3 day mucus diet also which will give you lots of information. These foods below will tell you have to eat healthier and help clear mucus from your body naturally.

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