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9 crazy diet fads from around the world

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01 /10 Been there, done that

From eating one meal a day to being on a strict 7-day juice detox, people are willing to go to any extremes to lose weight. In fact, as you read this, people across the world would be trying crazy diets to meet their weight goals. However, we would like to warn you! The below mentioned diets can be deterimental to your health.

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02 /10 5-bite diet

Curated by Dr. Alwin Lewis, 5-bite diet is a unique take on losing weight while eating everything you love. This diet requires you to eat everything and anything. You just have to restrict yourself to five bites and not more than that. According to Dr. Lewis, this diet adds upto 800 calories in a day, hence you end up losing weight.

03 /10 The ice diet

Not so difficult to guess, this diet includes eating one litre of ice cubes in a day. This is because when the ice will melt in your mouth, your body will burn calories to do the same. The ice cube diet is considered to successful only 50% of times due to the hydration it provides your body but at the same time can make you sick.

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