About Gabriel Cousens, MD

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About Gabriel Cousens, MD

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens

M.D., M.D.(H.), N.D.(h.c.), D.D., Diplomate Ayurveda,
Diplomate American Board of Holistic Medicine

Gabriel Cousens functions as a Holistic Physician, Homeopath, Psychiatrist, Family Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and a Chinese Herbalist. In addition, he’s a world leading diabetes researcher, ecological leader, spiritual master, founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Center US. In addition, he’s a bestselling author of There Is a Cure for Diabetes, Conscious Eating, Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and Awakening of Kundalini, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, Creating Peace by Being Peace, Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment, and Depression Free for Life. He is considered one of the leading live-food vegan medical doctors, holistic physicians and the world expert on spiritual nutrition. Dr. Cousens is also recognized as “the fasting guru and detoxification expert” by the New York Times.

He graduated A cum laude from Amherst College where he was captain of an undefeated football team, and was selected as an All New England guard and middle linebacker. He was one of eleven National Scholar Athletes inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame. He received an M.D. degree from Columbia Medical School in 1969, and completed a psychiatry residency in 1973. He was one of eight selected for the NIMH Mental Health Career Development program, and served as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Service. Dr. Cousens was the Chief Mental Health Consultant for the Sonoma County Operation Head Start and a consultant for the California State Department of Mental Health. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees of the American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA).

Dr. Cousens has published scientific papers “Ureide Carbon of Citruline, A Precursor in Pryimidine Synthesis” in Crithedia Fasciculate; “Citrulline Utilization in Crithedia” in Biochemical & Biophysics; “Child Health in a Harlem Elementary School” in Journal of School Health; “THC as an Hypnotic” in Psychopharacologia; and “Report of Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease with Alphanae Klamathomenon Flos-Aqua” in Orthomedicine.

Since 1973 Dr. Cousens has presented seminars on topics including health and nutrition, psycho-spiritual healing, meditation and spiritual awareness. He’s been part of the yoga world since 1973, and received much of his training and experience as a spiritual master and kundalini expert (he organized the first “Kundalini Crisis Clinic” in the world with Dr. Lee Sannella in 1976) during his seven-year sadhana with Swami Muktananda and his eleven-year sadhana with Swami Prakashananda. In 1981, Swami Prakashananda, Muktananda’s first liberated disciple, publicly recognized him as a “yogi of real spiritual attainment” who has “realized the innate perfection.” He was also acknowledged by Swami Muktananda just prior to his death in 1982.

Dr. Cousens is internationally celebrated as a spiritual master, a rabbi (ordained by Rabbi Gerson Winkler in 2008), founder of the Modern Essene Order of Light in 1993 and a Kabbalah student of since 1970. He is also a 4-year Native American Sundancer, Eagle Dancer, and Spirit Dance clan chief in the High Horse Lakota clan into which he has been adopted. Dr. Cousens’ spiritual background involves extensive study and personal experience in three major traditions that have given him a unique, authentic, interfaith and unified worldview. In addition to the three major lineage traditions he carries, Dr. Cousens has a background in Taoism and has studied at the main Shaolin Temple in China. His many designations attest to a dynamic, eclectic, comprehensive body of practical knowledge that creates the foundation for his unique teachings on Holistic Liberation and Live Food Veganism.

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