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Anxiety Juice: Adrenaline

So, when you feel an episode of anxiety and panic overtaking you, what exactly is going on inside your body?

Most of the symptoms that I used to complain about the most were a racing heart rate, uncontrolled breathing, sweating, and the feeling that I wanted to bolt down the street running (FEAR).

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety our bodies react by releasing a chemical called adrenaline, or what I call ‘anxiety juice.’

You can think of adrenaline as the fuel behind a lot of the symptoms and sensations that you endure.

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is a hormone and neurotransmitter that activates the fight or flight mechanism in your brain and body.

The flight or fight mechanism is turned on when your brain registers danger or a high stress situation. It’s basically a survival tool that all animals have.

Once your brain receives a message that your in trouble, adrenaline is pumped into your bloodstream and causes your heart rate to increase (increased oxygen), dilates pupils (for better vision), increases sweat production (keeps you cool in case you need to run), suppresses immune system (not needed in danger situations) and creates a general (but awful) feeling of fear.

This reaction is supposed to help you survive a potentially life threatening situation, but 99% of the time your reaction is a false alarm and even though you feel like your ready for action, there is nothing going on.

The anxiety juice is kept in adrenal glands (see the above image) that sit on top of the kidneys. All this anxiety juice production is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system, which help to control our bodies movements and control anxiety juice production (and associated organs).

When we are racked by stress and anxiety, which can be caused by either a chemical imbalance in the brain, heredity, or just high levels of stress, we lose the balance between the two systems and this can lead to the intensification of the bodies normal functions.

When we are in balance we normally don’t feel the heart beating or the speed and rhythm of breathing. But when we are anxious or highly stressed the body produces and releases anxiety juice which excites your organs and causes you to be fully aware of your bodies normal functions.

This can of course freak you out and make you think your dying or that something serious is happening.

The truth is that this pattern of fear, anxiety juice, anxiety/panic is always the same. The body will always create the same type of sensations and these sensations will not harm you.

Of course, you want to get checked by a medical doctor to make sure you don’t have any underlying conditions.

But once you have been reassured by a medical professional, then be confident that this anxiety juice and the things it makes you feel will not kill or harm you.

I know this is hard to accept, but you have to know that this is your body and mind playing tricks on you.

I will expand on the best ways to cope with anxiety in other posts and will introduce you to natural anxiety remedies that can be used to cope and even eliminate this hated state of mind.

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I began having panic attacks fifty years ago and the solution that has allowed me a normal life is a beta-blocker called atenolol. It limits the effect of adrenaline and it doesn’t take much to do the job. 25mg, 1/2 in the AM, 1/2 in the PM. Many physicians prescribe too much of it, and that can really make a person sleepy and logy. I would recommend it before messing with anti-depressants, frankly.

And stay away from mind-altering recreational drugs, Marco. They are poison to people like us. Also, limit caffeine and sugar.

Mark, some people are born hyper-sensitive. I think a traumatic birth experience can bathe the brain in adrenaline, and predispose one to symptoms in this area thereafter. Good luck to all.

Thank you for your words Gaby,it is nice to feel you are being listened to.
I agree with what you say,i do feel incredibly sensitive to foods and have been looking at addressing that.
I have in fact,kicked out caffeinated coffee for over a month and I think it’s made me feel better. I’m never taking drugs ever agin,but i fear all the skunk i smoked in my teens may have permanently made me feel like this,I hope not.
I will look into Beta Blockers but I’m going to carry on with my zero caffeine and hopefully soon zero sugar diet. The Cigarettes will have to be addressed at some point too! I’d recommend all to give it a go!!
All the best,

I started getting night panic attacks about 5 years ago. It started with a stressful job and then spiralled out of control. I had a baby in Jan 2011 and my panic attacks went into overdrive all night. I lost 30lbs in two weeks, because I couldn’t eat or sleep due to my fear of my nighttime attacks. I went on Zoloft in March. In April I saw an ND/MD and she made me realize that my panic attacks were completely caused by my stomach signaling my brain. I have IBS. I also used to eat terrible and put all sorts of unhealthy things in my body. My job was stressful on top of all this, so when I got home and tried to relax from the stress of the day my adrenals would go into overdrive before bed and cause my night attacks. So to cure my attacks I first had to learn and BELIEVE that the attacks were an incorrect signal my body was sending out and that I could change it and make it stop. Getting over the fear of the attacks was my biggest hurdle, that and learning to eat well. Once I got past the fear the attacks happened less and less and now I don’t have them anymore. I still have a little nighttime anxiety some evenings, but nothing like I used to have and I don’t wake up in a panic. It is less and less anxiety each day. Oh and i’m off my Zoloft as of a month ago and I feel good. I’m in the process of cutting out gluten and dairy for a few months and i’ve started eating more fresh fruits & veggies. The Linden Method and Panic Away helped me get past my fear. I still use some of their tricks to calm myself down. My ND helped me realize it was my stomach signaling my brain to panic and now it is just up to me to eat right and exercise to reduce stress and cortisol in the evenings. Stress raises cortisol in your body. If it gets elevated at night, you’ll have panic attacks while you sleep. There is a product called Cortisol Manager that helped me with the night attacks too in the beginning. I took it right when I got home from work to reduce the cortisol that was elevated at bedtime. I hope this helps someone. It took me years to figure this all out and I wished I would have known sooner.

In my case there was little doubt what sent me in into an anxiety state. I was working full-time, going to grad school at night, consuming high amounts of caffeine to stay awake to do homework, bad diet. not working out, etc….. Not to mention I had the boss from h-ll during that period which significantly added stress and fear to my life. Then, one night while sitting in class it all came crashing down. My body was shaking uncontrollably. It was something that I had never felt before. I was bewildered beyond belief spending countless hours researching and worrying about my condition. This was in June 2007. I was put on 50mg of zoloft for 30 months. I worked with my Dr. to ween myself off of zoloft. In January 2010 I was drug free.

I credit the zoloft for alleviating the symptoms, but more importantly I credit Claire Weekes for sending me on a permanent path to recovery. And this is what so many of us seek. I had never heard of Claire Weekes until two years into my illness. Purchasing her book will be the best $9 I will ever spend in my life. Everything she mentioned in her book made so much sense. In my case, I actually put on a few pounds instead of losing weight as she indicates in her book. My abdominal area was little heavier. And I am usually a very fit person. I think the weight gain had more to do with physical and chemical changes brought on by the stress response than it did with any medication I took.

Som many of us in this anxiety state feel as if we are the only one feeling what we are feeling. But not so. It took me two years to find the book that would explain everything I needed to know. I was also shown how many people truly suffer from oversensitized and exaggereated nerves. We are not alone and you can and will recover once you understand the path to recovery!

Dorothy A Stolte says

I am trying to find out how much adrenaline/epinephrine your body releases when you have a bad scare. In others words, the MAXIMUM amount that the body could release. Someone told me 2 QUARTS. I found that unbelievable – but I also found out that no one is saying anything about the quantity that is released. I have MS and when I am scared, or something out of the ordinary happens suddenly, i.e., car almost hitting him, my adrenaline rush hits me from head to foot, instantly, and it is very painful – albeit for only a short time, especially if I get out of the car, (or situation), I walk for awhile and it helps. Do you know how much the body realeases in fight/flight response? I understand that the “fight” response will increase the amount of epinephrine where walking away lowers it. Sorry I don’t know much about it, somehow I feel like I should know these things – thanks for your help and taking the time to do this. Best Regards, Dorothy Stolte

Dorothy A Stolte says

I am trying to find out how much adrenaline your body releases during a “fight/flight” response. Someone told me 2 quarts – that seems like a lot to me . . . could this be right?
Thanks, Dorothy Stolte

Dorothy A Stolte says

what does awaiting moderation mean??

It means I get to view and approve the comments that appear on the site. =)

Hi all, I am also a sufferer of this adrenaline/anxiety/whatever the heck this is crap also.

I had suffered years ago with my hubby’s first deployment, and it lasted for 3-4years. I did not have any medicine to help me as I am prone to adverse or allergic reactions in even the most simplest of medications.
Thankfully it just went away one day.

I just had surgery back in November this past year, and a week after my surgery, I went to lay down to sleep and got this huge surge of adrenaline rushing through my body, kinda like I just drank a whole Starbucks!
I got extremely cold, pretty much freezing, and felt like I was shaking inside. My muscles started twitching, it made me feel like I was going mad, and I could not sleep at all.

I started researching natural ways to treat this, so I don’t have to suffer another 3-4 years with this.
I picked up some valerian root capsules which I take twice a day, I also take Suntheanine a pure form of Ltheanine, 3-4 times a day, I also take melatonin at night to help me get some sleep.
They help me to feel calm normally.
However, last night, I did not sleep but maybe 3 hours, and I had to wake up early for an appointment. I rushed, so I did not take my supplements until after I got back home, and now I am still feeling the adrenaline/coldness 2 hrs after I took them.

I am going to drink a couple of cups of whole flower Chamomile tea, and hopefully it will finish calming the adrenaline and warm me up.

If anyone out there has any other herbal/vitamin supplement that helps calm the adrenaline, I am open to suggestions.

My idea is to exhaust every natural/herbal/vitamin I can try before going on some chemical compounds, that will more than likely give me an adverse reaction at best.

Thanks for listening 8)

I am not sure if what happens to me is related, but i like to share;
I study & work all the time, & i get stressed alot when i get stuck with a job or study . For a while, I been under alot of stress , & i mean for a bout a year now !
I start to feel my heart beating faster , then suddenly I get my head back in the game & i feel this energy boost !! Like if i was on drugs .
Could it be that my stress is giving this power boost feeling after I get my head straight ! I just cant explain it !

Hello all, I recently suffered from anxiety attacks from moving to my new job. The doctor gave me Ativan, but when I ran out, I went back to the doctor and he gave me Xanax and Zoloft. I asked the doctor during our visit, which he witnessed me having a panic attack/anxiety attack, if I could take B-Complex over the counter, he said yes. So I bought Super B-Complex from walmart and used it with great success. I know that I have a stress/anxiety chemical imbalance, (I had them when I was younger, and I did not seek help because I was scared of what people might think, but I know the imbalance can last years) so that means that this is not a sure-fire way to cure the chemical imbalance completely, but it does a hell of a job of getting rid of the anxiety especially in high-stress situations. I get out of bed in the mornings with little anxiety, yes it is still there, but not nearly as bad as before and never gets to the panic mode level where it used to be. I think it has to do with the fact that if we have a chemical imbalance (anxiety), that the body produces excess adrenaline hormone in regular stress situations, which also causes physiological symptoms, fast heartbeat, sweating, pounding chest, feeling delusional etc., so what B-complex does is regulate nervous system, at least control the symptoms of the chemical imbalance product at the source. When the body is stressed, it will drain the Vitamin B-complex, when this is drained, the body will go into a redundancy cycle, the up and down roller coaster associated with panic attacks. I take 1 pill in the mornings, and it usually works out well during the day, but if I know there will be a stressful situation during the day (work troubles, etc.) I will take 1 1/2 pills and it keeps my symptoms and anxiety in check. I researched the B-complex after refusing to take the dangerous Xanax pills and funky Zoloft pills. I do not and have not taken a tranquilizer or SSRI for months now, I only take Super B-Complex. Now, I know that if one suffers from depression, the B-complex vitamin may help with regulation of the stress hormone cortisol, but it probably will not eliminate the actual depression psychological symptoms. I know that you do not have to specifically buy Super B complex from walmart, but i think they sell it elsewhere as well.

I have been dealing with anxiety for 5 years now. I’m a 26 year old mom and some days I just feel like I can’t take it. I had felt much better in the last two years, I had very few attacks but recently those attacks have came back. I started full time school in January and since that point my anxiety has taken over. My heart will pound so hard and I feel like it wont stop and I get scared and think I should go to the Er. I’m terrified that I have a serious heart problem. Today I have been dealing with off and on heart pounding all day. I have felt calm for the most part but my heArt is beating as if I’m not calm. It’ll beat normally then suddenly I’ll get a short burst of what feels like excitement but I’m not excited at all. Does that make sense? Other days I get thoughts of losing control or extreme fear of fainting or dying. My 5 year old is constantly bugging me and being loud and that makes me feel anxious. Anyone else get anxious when the tv or radio is too loud? When there’s too many people talking in one room? It bothers me a lot. I alSo get anxious during certain movies like hard core action flicks, they cause a panic attack and I don’t know why. So strange! I’m noticing increased anxiety when I eat sugar, is that normal? I’m a mess mentally. I refuse medication because I’m phobic of any types of medication. I’ll have an infection for a year or longer before I can convience myself to take an antibiotic. I am seeing a therapist once a week and I see another therapist at school once a week as well. Breathing techniques don’t always help. I have tried yoga and hypnosis as well but sometimes I freak out when I feel too calm. I’m tired of feeling like I’m running a marathon all the time. Body feels so drained from a panic attack I just want to sleep. My therapist said I’m carrying too many roles in my life. I’m a mom, a student, a daughter, a girlfriend, a soon to be ex wife, and well I think that’s it. My life is too stressful.

Hi everybody. I appreciate everyone’s comments–it’s helping me to understand what’s been going on with myself lately. I think. A few weeks ago I was asleep after a completely normal, relaxing day, when suddenly I shot straight up out of bed with my heart feeling like it was going to burst through my chest. It was difficult to breathe and I felt extremely scared that I was having a heart attack or something. And I felt like my sense of reality/consciousness was… I don’t know how to put it… fading, I guess. I called 911, the paramedics came and gave me oxygen–it was really intense! I couldn’t sit still. They took my blood pressure and measured my heart rate… both were very high, especially the former. We finally made it to the ER (it felt like forever to get there!)–and at this point, partly due to the oxygen I assume, I was somewhat calmer, though not out of the water. They did an EKG, which came out fine, apparently. A doctor finally came by and said he thought I was fine, that I probably just had a panic attack. They gave me a Valium and sent me home. But ever since then, I haven’t felt well and have had a few pretty major flare ups of the same sensations. Every day really, I feel nervous about it happening again. And to a greater or lesser extent, it hasn’t stopped. I’m worried that it may have caused heart damage, or that maybe it really is a heart issue, because when I was walking up some stairs a few days ago it started happening. And again today after I briefly jogged to catch the bus. I saw a doctor, and she has sent me to have blood work done. But I’m not sure I can keep waiting… I really feel like I need some help and I don’t know how to get it or who to talk to. My palpitations have been especially bad today. It’s been weird, because I don’t really feel like I have any major stress in my life right now. I don’t have abnormally obsessive thoughts or much psychological anxiety. So I don’t understand. I found this sight after doing some research and looking up why my body might be releasing adrenaline for no apparent reason. And, anyway, it is good to see that others are apparently coping, however successfully, with the same symptoms/issues that I am dealing with. All your advice is appreciated.

@steven. Steven, I have been in your shoes exactly. After a visit to a very nice, understanding doctor, he prescribed me Xanax and Zoloft. I eventually titrated to 150MG and have been on it for about a month and a half and I feel 100x better. I feel normal again! I recommend setting up an appointment with a doctor a general practitioner too if you want, tell them your symptoms and they will give you an antidepressant like Zoloft and a benzodiazepine to cope with the early side effects of the SSRI. Do not listen to some people here, SSRI’s work! It takes about 3 weeks to fully work, but when it does, one day you will wake up and not feel anxious. The side effects are terrible at the first few weeks, they make your anxiety worse at first, BUT that is why doctors will usually prescribe something like Xanax or clonazepam to cope with the side effects. Don’t worry about it. I remember going into the clinic one time and my BP was 172/90 and my HR was 145. So, yes, I know what you are going through. 100%. Get help from the doctor soon! They will help and your mind will thank you for it! BTW, the panic attacks cannot hurt you, as type body needs a vehicle like a drug to push your body to its limit so no your heart is an amazing muscle and it will be absolutely 100% fine and your body will be fine. You just won’t feel like it. Schedule an appointment to see the Dr. then tell him your symptoms and they will help you. The blood test that they gave you is to check your thyroid for a disorder no big deal buddy. But the doctor will help you and when the antidepressant kicks in you will feel like a million bucks. Have a good day.

Has anyone ever had problems with breathing when sat down for long periods? My chest feels very tight when im sat down working and my breathing becomes very erratic and forced, almost as if i cant breathe normally as im trying too hard to breathe naturally. Its like a shallowness/shortness of breath and its makes every day tasks related to working at my desk very difficult to carry out.

When im away from my desk, like when i go out for lunch my breathing returns to normal, but when i return from lunch it all starts to go wrong again. Its like a switch is flicked in my brain which causes my breathing to become erratic when i sit back down and return to my desk.

This problem is effecting everyday activities which would be relaxing for normal people, like sitting when at cinema, sitting down reading a book, sitting down at work, and even sitting down watching tv at home. It is not linked to stressful situations as most of the activities mentioned are away from the work environment.

It feels like i am never relaxed, my body is always fighting the anxiety and muscle tension, i can’t seem to ever switch my brain off from concentrating on breathing and as a results it nevers happens naturally.

The more i practice breathing exercises, the worse it gets sometimes, deep breathing/meditation doesn’t seem to achieve anything.

Exercise is the only release i seem to have, as my body is focused on moving and therefor doesn’t have much time think about this. Normally after exercising my breathing returns to normal for a few hours, sometimes for the remainder of the day, but when i get up for work the next day, the breathing issues return. Exercise only seems to provide a short term solution.

Tasks where i am sat down and don’t have breathing issues include driving my car, eating food, writing emails. It seems that these are activities that allow my brain to switch off somewhat, maybe because my brain is preoccupied with the activity i am doing.

As a result of these problems i now find myself avoiding doing enjoyable things like, going to cinema, reading books, watching tv for long periods.

My increasing uncomfortableness is reflected in my constant agitated state. When im working at my desk i find it hard to hold both hands out in front of my as i always seem to need one hand free to move about and touch my stomach or head. i can’t sit in one position for too long, i am always shuffling in my chair, whether its sitting forward or leaning back. In fact sometimes i am overcome with a strong desire to leave the studio just to give my body a rest as getting up and walking about seems to calm my nerves. As before this is only a short term reprieve as when i return to sit down things will go back to normal.

This all leaves me with a feeling desperation as it is effecting my performance at work, especially in terms of concentration levels. If i am performing well at work then other areas of my life feel good. Where i am not able to perform my job to the best of my ability, it then effects all aspects of my life and leaves me feeling desperate, frustrated, hopeless and despressed.

I need to break the cycle but don’t know how. Nothing i have tried seems to work.

Very informative. I am a 46 years old married & working mother of two. I walk (30-45 min) 5-6 times a week and also do light weight training for the upper body on alternate days to keep my obesity in check. I think I have anxiety issues, which is affecting my Blood Pressure on a daily basis, not to forget, I am also prone to the white coat effect every time I am being examined at my doctor’s. The problem is, the last few times I was checked at the hospital when I reported with flu or for a routine medical examination, the doctors/nurses have asked me whether I am on meds for BP and that I must do more tests and possibly start meds. And every time, a second reading after a half hr t 1 hr gap registers a lower BP.

So, for the last 3 days, I have been carrying my wrist BP monitor with me to work. I find that my BP is elevated though the heart rate is usually between 70-80 the entire time that I am at work. While driving, both BP and heart rate sky rocket to crazy levels. But when I am home, BP is usually below 120/80 and heart rate sometimes in the 90s…(possibly I was doing some house work and suddenly remembered to take a measurement). The readings are consistent. Does it mean I am hypertensive? Can someone here advice me?

Peter Tosh says

EXERCISE! talk less. train your mind to forget the whirlwind and get into something else when your work is done. take a day off a week to rest and refuse to do anything other than chill. smoke herb if you hafta. Don’t get hooked on xanax, but it can work for temporary moments. as soon as you take it, your body will want more the next day. take deep breaths, and also remember that anxiety will pass eventually.

I do however disagree with the author in that stress/anxiety is not going damage the body. I think stress, especially prolonged stress, is one of the most devastating things to a normal biorhythm. i think that prolonged and unchecked stress is sure to cause short and long term health problems. that is why exercise is so important. also, try taking short naps during the day.

I think your tip on excercise is great! Please note however that I never said that stress can’t hurt you long term.

The point of the article is to stress that anxiety symptoms, in the moment, will not harm you despite the belief that they might.

Stress being harmful to you over time is a well known fact. Just wanted to clear that up.

Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better!
Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
He always kept preaching about this. I’ll send this post to him.
Pretty sure he will have a great read. I appreciate you for

I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my
own blog and was curious what all is required to get
set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% positive. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there, I can share a few things about starting a blog especially the part about it not costing that much! You’d be surprised. You can email me at:

I wondered if other people get woozy head sensations? Mine come out of the blue and I have trouble sitting still as it feels like al this weird energy goes to my head and it makes me dizzy and I feel like I might pass out or have a seizure.

I experience most of all of those symtoms too.
I just woke up earlier today into a panic attack.
I feel strange when my mind is quiet, so I begain to worry.
I know it’s crazy but, I’m use to having a busy mind.
I want so bad to create an emotinal and mental state of serenity.
That’s why I ‘ve been researching to understand more about this and find healing holistically if possible? I need a miracle.
I’ve been suffering since the age of 13, I am now 33.
Of course with Gods’ help I am more stronger then I use to be, when dealing with anxiety and depression but, I desire to be completely healed from it. I lot of my stress comes from fear of , what if, im not good enough, what was done to me or why did i do that kind of thinking. I tried all kinds of meds on and off, symptoms were some what gone but, I was in fear of bad reactions due to allergy meds that I take also. I have tried chiropractice and it helped me out but, couldn’t afford to keep up with it. Like I said I need a miracle.

I’m 27 and started having anxiety attacks after going off cypro a year ago. At first it was slight. Now I can’t even leave my house without a constant adrenaline rush. I’ve tried setraline and xanax. They made it worse and gave me palpitations. I’m not taking t-vite multivitamin and L-thealine. It calms my brain down but I still get the adrinaline rush. I miss so many events in life cuz I can’t leave without freaking out. I’ll even bring food with me to calm my stomach in case it blood sugar related. It doesn’t help anymore. I just want to run away to a quiet place. Is there anyone with advice on how to stop the adrenaline rushes or ways to stop the anxiety. I’ve never had them before. Only for about 8 months. But it kills me. I’ve tried exercise and meditation and don’t want prescriptions. Anyone have advice or how I can deal with public again?

I have been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for 16 Yeats now. I’ve tried everything possible to get them better and I somewhat have. My doctor had to tell me “you are not dying from this. When u start having one, get up, do dishes, wall around and stay active while u tell yourself I’ve had many of these and I always end up fine”. Sometimes it takes it away but most all the time it at least makes it manageable. I see most are taking Zoloft or an upper or downer. I have had many doctors try many things until I found one who knew what he was talking about. He said I needed a mood leveler. Uppers and downers set u up to crash. A mood leveler in my words, makes me feel like my normal self again. I’m on 40mg Celexa that I take one time every morning and I have a pill for when I do have an attack and its ativan. Basically a muscle relaxer. As long as I don’t miss a dose of celexa I can go months with no attack. Try to tell yourself you’ve been through this before and laugh saying nice try body but I know this is going to pass also. Those not wanting meds for whatever reason is your choice but this medicine makes me a normal human being again so I will always praise how much its helped

Love this – anxiety juice! Haha! Such a good message to learn that it’s all just caused by adrenaline…

I always find comfort in reading other people’s stories that deal with panic disorder/anxiety. I’m 41 and have been dealing with these issues since I was 19. I would love to say I’ve mastered them by now but I still struggle on occasion. I’ve always been very uncomfortable with taking medication but had to give in to begin functioning normally. The symptoms I typically have are: intense adrenaline rushes, feeling hot on the inside, tingly/prickly sensations, fast heart rate, skin crawling, feeling of detachment or going crazy, etc. These attacks are the scariest things I’ve ever experienced in my life! Cognitive therapy has helped me get back on track when I de-rail but sometimes it’s a daily/hourly battle. I appreciate this website and those who share their stories here!

I went through a time when my uncle got sick and I had to help him with numerous things. Driving him to his appt, visiting him in the hospital taking care of his 2 dogs. Than there was the distance, I lived an hour and 10 min away. I experienced constant stress and had adrenaline running through my veins, everyday for 4 years. Having a daughter husband and my own dog to care for plus a part time job was very, very, very hard on my physical and mental health. I was going to the doctor and two doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Finally I found a doctor that did proper tests on me and
I was just recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and it is now Graves. I’m getting better with western medicine but also taking lots of vitamins and natural foods. I’m wondering if all that stress and factors if maybe that did a number on my immune system.

I just can’t help feeling there is something deeper going on with anxiety. Mysticilal, spiritual, man made electronic tinkering, animal intuition or divine or possessed intervention.

From a 50 year old who didn’t have any perceived anxiety rushes until the last three years ive been fighting the buzz and the malaise feeling on my own.

I did experience a great reduction in the attacks by taking 1000 m units of vitamin D. I will add vitamin B asap as mentioned above.

Other things that have helped which relates to my opening sentence are hands on heart beat ( stomach area) and repeating an Abraham Quote, “All is well with me “. Problem with listening to her channeling though is the uncanny synchronicity of her talks that can really get one buzzing.

As I learn about myself from this anxiety phenomena, I ask, what my beat anxiety’s True source? What within me is not in balance? Why has the anxiety seemed to have developed at the same time as my spiritual awareness? And a question that for a while was so anxiety creating for me I wouldnt dare ask it much less read about it,” Is anything real?”

I wish all of you to find your peace. I feel I have been sent this challenge so I may help others, but I’m not quite there yet…. But I am secure I will crack the last remnants of anxiety’s mysterious spells and when I do, I will announce from the pharma free rooftop!

I strongly recommend people read the book, “When the Body Says No: The Costs of Hidden Stress,” by Gabor Mate. He explores how stress, like anxiety, can cause physical health problems over time, including some types of cancer and asthma. The last chapter of the book explores strategies to address stress in your life, using a holistic approach.

In terms of the connection between spiritual development and increases in anxiety, my thought is that increasing spiritual awareness includes greater self-awareness. As one increases self-awareness (which may include body awareness), you become more aware of both your feelings and emotions that you have always had – you are just more in tune with them, making them feel more intense. Increased spirituality can also create new fears around your new paradigm as you transition away from your old one, which could also increase anxiety. Increased self-awareness also means increased awareness of other’s emotions, which can cause more emotions to emerge, both positively and negatively.

I stop to drink since 8months now my doctor placed me on antidepressant and BP medication , today I can feel real good next 4 hours my world will come crumpling, dizziness shaking sweating repeated bad voice hunting me through out the day till night when I’m about to sleep.
The situation is paralyxing . Feeling of doom and dead keeping coming to your mind all the time, can someone here help

What is causing this for the past two months I’ve been suffering extreme sleep panic attacks? Im being jolted awake out of my sleep to my heart racing muscles twitching body shaking relentlessly and freezing. I feel part of my body going numb. Its the scariest feeling. Ive been rushed to the ER and they dont think its heart related but i dont see how it isnt. Im literally jolted awake to my heart skipping. Cardiologist did a 24 hr monitor im still waiting for results on. But he also doesn’t think its heart related. Has anyone checked in with an endocrinologist?

Austin, I know how you feel when you say feeling of doom and death. I have felt that and it’s terrible. But like Paul said it really is just our bodies playing tricks on us as much as it sucks to say. Just remember that it’s NOT TRUE. There are people that NEED you and WANT you to live a great, fun life. You have wonderful things and talents to offer and these anxieties CAN be overcome. Stay positive! It’s going to be allright! I know what helps me is talking to someone professional. There are people that can help at no cost just search and I’m sure you’ll find someone. They make all the difference. Best wishes!

I also experienced unstoppable heart palpitations, rushing to the ER, surging energy through my body, strange nerve sensations, shooting pains, nightmares, unable to sleep more than two hours, hyper sensitive hearing, etc. at first I panicked which made it worse, but then I found out that it was from my adrenal glands producing too much adrenaline/cortisol as a result of mental, emotional, or physical stress, sugar, caffeine which produced too much yeast in my intestines or what they call intestinal candida.
I immediately changed my diet to whole foods (30% veggies especially green, 20% fruit but not until yeast is gone, brown rice, oatmeal, no processed foods, no sugar, including fructose and other oses, no caffeine, 3 tablespoons of olive oil or coconut oil daily, white meats, RAW probiotics daily, and a yeast cleanse. As my intestinal yeast infection disappeared so did my other issues. Your adrenal glands are tied into your intestinal health. Eat 5 to 6 times a day….never be hungry or thirsty or tired and that produces more adrenaline! Drink only water and herbal teas to get better faster! 2-3 Liters daily.
Also, it’s important to take good-quality magnesium, potassium, multivitamin, extra vitamin C, vitamin D daily. I also found that Relora (Vitamin Shoppe) works well to reduce production.
it is recommended to do 30 minute mild stretching/exercise around 10 – 11AM to reduce morning cortisol which is when it is the highest.

James Berry says

Adrenaline released with out fear/anxiety is extremely beneficial as proven by Wim Hof (the Iceman) who can raise epinephrine levels in his body 200%, using specific breathing methods. He proved this by training 12 people to do the same thing, then were injected with endotoxin and none became ill.

For those experiencing the dreadful anxiety/panic attacks and general feeling of doom and gloom – please make sure your GP knows all your symptoms.
In some cases, your cortisol / adrenal hormones could be out of wack. Ask to check your norepinephrine and epinephrine levels. Check your insulin and your thyroid levels.
Don’t stop looking for answers and assume it’s just all in your head, as in some cases it isn’t.

Look, I’m 39 a female, suffered from anxiety for 30 years. Meds work, temporarily…. the Medulla releases the adrenaline that puts you into fight or flight, its a chemical/hormonal imbalance. It is somehow also related to energy. Electrical energy within the brain. Loud noises, flickering lights, scary theme songs, false worrying, arguments, fear of arguments, sirens, planes over head, etc… all trigger it. Why because we live in fear of what we don’t know what to fear or why we fear it, and our body automatically responds. It’s the most scariest feeling in the world. We cannot breathe, our chest gets tight and heavy, my head tingles, sometimes the base of my skull feels heavy, even the fact that you have to take a bowel movement can trigger it. We become extremely aware of the energies around us during these episodes as I call them, we run outside for air, we sing through them, take hot showers, wash dishes, some ppl smoke weed, weed triggers mine, it all depends on you, and your triggers. Dreams trigger them, Sometimes complete silence triggers them. It is a imbalance that in my opinion can only be helped FULLY by a endo doc… cortisol and adrenaline are running out of control for no reason…… I have issues where I do what call absorb and dispense. I absorb energy from my surroundings, then dispense them through the release of adrenaline, hypersensitive ppl can do this, and it can become so intense it is spiritual you can see stuff that others will stare at awe at you from… I see peoples lives…. the parts they do behind closed doors…. this stuff is real, and it is scary…

I have anxiety disorder. Have had it since I was little, although physically, it took on different manifestations. For most of the last 13 years, I’ve been taking 10-20 mg of Lexapro for depression, but primarily anxiety. Well, you know how we have these devastating lapses in judgement sometimes? I decided to wean myself off of the Lexapro because I felt (stupidly) that I had things more under control. Well, obviously, my anxiety attacks became more frequent. Please note, that during this hugely stupid lapse of judgement, I was dealing with my father being very sick and sadly, he passed away 3 weeks ago. Needless to say, my anxiety returned daily. And for what is starting the 3rd week, having anxiety daily, either severe and sort of panicked or generalized anxiety. During these episodes, my heart beats fast, I get hot, I shake (as though I’m freezing, but I’m not) and all the obsessive thoughts come flooding in: is this a heart atrack, am I developing a serious mental illness, do I have cancer; all the worst, scariest things. My NP has me on a perscription of .25 mg Xanax 2x/day as needed. Well, during the last 3 weeks, I’ve had to take it 4x at the most. Eventually, last week I was able to eat more than crackers or a piece of toast. And by Thursday, had pretty much resumed some normalcy. But see, I didn’t have to go to work. Once Satuday came, my anxiety started flaring up again. Then, weirdest thing, I woke up yesterday at about 4 am shaking. Just skaking. No anxiety, no crazy thoughts, just skaking. And I was super hungry. So I ate a little and tried to go back to sleep. Didn’t help. No sleep. Took a dose of the Xanax at about 9 am and felt pretty good until about 4 pm. Then I started to get very anxious again and as if I was going to explode out of my skin. I didn’t have a full dose of Xanax at work so I took 1/2. It helped a little. Then, at about 5:30, I started shaking. I’d been standing in the cold talking to a co-worker, which is the initial cause of the shaking. But then, I couldn’t stop. Even after I got home, I still shook. Wasn’t scared, anxious or fretting, that I know of. Just shaking. Continued to do so until I fell asleep (and after taking another full dose of Xanax.) I slept ok, I guess, but I woke up around 4:25-ish and instantly started shaking again. I’m still shaking as I write. I took .25 Xanax about an hour ago, hoping to go back to sleep. You can see how that worked! The shaking isn’t as strong, but still there. Has anyone else had this? What worked to make it stop? I’m only on the Xanax right now. In addtion to my thyroid med. I tried to get back on the Lexapro and my anxiety pretty much skyrocketed to almost panic atracks. I work as a dental assistant…I cannot function if I’m shaking uncontrollably! Any suggestions?

I also have night sweats, anxiety and a fearful empty feeling. I wake up just about every morning in this state. I had a panic attack three weeks ago. I haven’t experienced an attack for years, which is good. I get feeling scared of being alone so much. I work and go to school. I talk a lot out of nerves. I have this fear of being alone too much. Ironic, I’m an only child . I hope I can find my place and work through these fears causing the adrenaline and other symptoms. It helps to read about others challenges and how they work at overcoming them.

Eileen Dillon says

This site has been a good source of information. I do have a question. Can a person have too much adrenalin? My son in under a doctor’s care for bipolar. His anxiety is off the charts. When he gets up in the morning, he has a lot of rage.

Hi everyone, have been reading your comments,I thought I was the only one like this so I was trying research when I ran across your comments. I have been to doctor after doctor. I said I was losing my mind.They say anxiety comes from stress. Well I guess no truer words have been spoken. My started in 2012 when my mother passed away before her time. A doctor had given her some meds she was highly allergic to for a slight case of pheumonia. The ambulance was called and picked her up, we were to meet her at hospital to bring her home. They told us we couldnt go back to see her for 45 imnutes. They finally let 2 go back, my sister and I. They had given her pencillin which she was highly allergic to and written all over her chart. To make a long story short . she went into a comma and never came out. we wached her die for 11 hrs. We three have gone down hill health wise ever since. But, I am worst. My anxiety has gotten so bad,.Please nothing helps. They just make it worst cause my body chemistry is so different.I cant focus, have headaches,mind states in a foggy cloud,I shake and freeze and burn up. My mind wont stop running, and when i have to go to hospital over all this, I start speaking a different language it sounds like. I cant speak english, or talk except in some kind of talk no one understands which makes me that more anxious. My head feels like it is going to explode. PLEASEpost them, if anyone has any suggestions, please post them. I will be on this site. Thank you in advance.

One person made interesting comment about maybe technology or something spiritual goin on. Well my adrenaline rushes at nite started when my brother passed!! Now think they give adrenaline to heart attack n drug overdoses so a normal person with xtra adrenaline is not good feeling,when i do get anxiety its a mofo to sleep!! I am getting some ativan for nits like this only! I exercise lately i tried camomile tea didnt do shit calm me down!! and take a b complex 2x a day!! !i see we all warriors here battling this issue!! I believe long time stress or a loved one suffer n die triggers this attacks at nite for me! I pray at nit to stay healthy why God allows things to happen we dont know. Well i will battle on when i do sleep soundly dam it feels!! God bless keep up the good fight!!

Barbara Herrington says

I began waking up with panic attacks every day at 3 to 3:30 am in the morning after I went through menopause. And they would last for hours, leaving me wrung out emotionally and physically. Docs gave me lorazapam to stop the attacks on the spot and transitioned me to venlafaxine (Effexor XR), an antidepressant, over 8 weeks as lorazapam can be addicting over time. The venlafaxine ended the attacks and made me feel normal again. This worked for a number of years, but just lately the attacks have begun to reoccur with hot flashes, and I am experimenting with raising the dose slightly (I’m on the lowest therapeutic dose) as well as using some estrogen cream. This worked last night. I would say, however, if you can conquer the attacks more naturally then you should do it. It’s very difficult to transition off Effexor XR (extreme headaches, brain zaps, dizziness etc.) and I expect to be on it indefinitely. This site is great for offering other ideas of how to cope.

I stopped taking cayenne pepper and my panic attacks seized

The root Is the mind here my friends.It is all about your subconscious thought process which has been deranged due to your thinking habits.
Step 1 : Analyze why is you underlying anxiety in the first place – expectations, performance nervousness, fear of rejection, uncertainty and repetitive intrusion of thoughts related to past trauma( may be a relationship, may be an accident, may be a failure which you could not handle). Write these things on paper and self analyse what the reason may be

Step 2 : Once you have identified the reason it will more or less fall into the following groups
1. Expections burden – In this case you will really have to take a count whether your expectation is realistic or not. Be honest with yourself. If not , divert your mind to somewhere else. When I found out that it is not possible to get the love of my life I focused on fleeting quick relationships which helped me overcome my attachment.
If your expection is realistic then write a plan how you are going to achieve it . But set short term goals such as daily. Take professional help , network if required. For example if you want to achieve fame as a musician create a daily plan to achieve your goal – like Daily Practise for 2 hours / Talking professional coaching , Networking and showcasing your talent within friend circles etc.

2. Fear of rejection: Hey guys this also includes job layoffs. In this case just have a plan B ready . Assume that the rejection or adverse outcome has already happened. What will you do now. If it is about job then you must have an alternate financial plan ready. etc.Omec you are confident of plan B you will feel mentally reassured

3. Health Anxiety : The only way to conquer this is spiritualism . Visit hospitals. Stand beside cancer patients. Help the suffering and you will find that health issues are inevitable in life but what is important that this fear should not be affecting your spirit which is an immortal quantum entity. Religious orientation and oriental philosophies , meditation will help. Honestly this is an area I am struggling with

4. Performance Anxiety : Practise my friends. Only way to beat performance anxiety is practice so much that subconsciously you can pull off the things you want to perform ( such as sports events , acting events, presentations, music). Invest in genuine knowledge in your field and once you are confident of your brand value you performance anxiety will disappear

5. HIstorical Trauma – PTSD is a case of it . My dear friends only way to conquer this is to face it over and over again and convince yourself that it was a one time event and not happen ever again. The only way is to desensitize the mind and body. I am afraid , in such a case only a professional p-doc can help you .

Step 3: Diversify your activities – For example 6-8 hours professional work / 2 hours – any enjoyable activity as per your tastes / 1 hour exercise / 2 hours self developmental work / 2 hours socializing which is very important as being alone will fuel your anxiety . You will find that with an anxious mind you will find it very difficult to follow this routine but believe me it helps to divert your attention to somewhere else and stop the constant fight or flight

Step 4 : Parasympathetic exercises – this will restore balance in your nervous systemand calm you. – e.g foot maggase, spas, head massage, blind dates , sex( if you do not have a partner you need to assess how to have more of this wonderful exercise) , meditation, progressive muscle relaxation , falling in love etc

I am not a p – doc or a physician but one who has battled serious anxiety and depression . I have tried medication but yes medications are extremely important till your thought process comes back to normal.

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