After lap band removal

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after lap band removal

I had my band placed in Aug 09. I have lost just over 70 pounds. I am very happy that I did it but I did put alot of effort into the decision. I felt that it was right for me. I would recommend going to support groups. It is a great chance before and after surgery to ask questions and see how it was for others. I know I had tons of questions. After surgery it is nice to be there for others.

As for the food. yes there are changes but for me it wasn’t as drastic as I envisioned. Yes you have to eat “dry meals” but if you practice it really isn’t a big deal. Much easier of an adjustment than I thought it would be. As for what you can eat. it will vary depending on the person. I know those who can’t eat alot of things that I can handle just fine. My surgeon says pizza is fine as long as it has meat on it. The meat and cheese are good protien, and as long as it is thin crust I can handle it just fine. Your goal is to get to where 1 cup of food keeps you satisfied. It doesn’t sound like much but you will be suprised at how much it really is and when properly adjusted it will keep you full. I can also eat some breads. They have recommended Arnolds Sandwhich Thins. They are 100 calories and are amazing. I have no problem with them at all. As for pasta. I don’t even try boxed stuff because I have heard too many people have problems with it but I have had fresh pasta on one occasion and it was just fine. Granted you are not gonna want to eat it much because you need to get your protien and if you only have one cup of food you have to make choices on how you fill you cup. So I don’t do pasta much but I do have potoatoes. So far. mashed, fried and baked all seem to go fine for me. Like I said though it will vary for each person. You prolly won’t want to try any soda until you are very well healed but there again some can handle it and some can’t. I can drink diet soda and the carbonation doesn’t bother me. The biggest thing will to be sure not to drink high calorie beverages. My dr says nothing over 10 calories per serving. they add up faster than you would think. Ok. sorry I just realized this is really long so I will just wish you luck.

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