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Protein Powder for Women

Engineered for Women by Women

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  • 90-100 Calories
  • 20g Protein
  • 0 Fat / 2g Sugar / 3g Carbs
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Deliciously Smooth Taste

The Best Protein Powder for Women

Protein is key for helping build lean, toned muscles when combined with effective training. It’s the fuel your body needs to repair damaged muscles, combat soreness, and help you bounce back stronger than ever.
How you recover after your workout is just as important as the training itself! Along with a delicious taste, you want a protein powder that is formulated with a high-quality protein source like whey protein isolate, which is low in calories, sugars, and fats, while providing additional ingredients women need to hit their goals – in other words: specifically designed protein for women.

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The Benefits of Protein for Women

Protein provides your body with amino acids to help repair your broken down muscles, and this is super beneficial for your gym recovery. It also helps support satiety, meaning consuming enough protein can keep you feeling full for longer periods of time, assisting with weight maintenance or weight loss, depending on your daily calorie intake. If you’re not getting enough protein in your normal diet, taking a women’s protein supplement can help.

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Lean Muscle Building

When it comes to building lean muscle, you need to make sure your workouts and nutrition are on point. You need to train hard and then feed your muscles what they need in order to recover. Protein is vital to the recovery process, helping repair your muscles so they can rebuild stronger than they were before. IdealLean Protein makes it easy and convenient to meet your daily protein needs and support your lean-muscle building efforts!

Weight Loss Benefits

IdealLean Protein is low in sugar and fat, helping you to prioritize protein while controlling your overall calorie and macro goals. This helps you be in control of your nutrition while you’re cutting calories during a weight loss regimen! Protein can also help keep you feeling full for longer, which is important for fighting off those hunger cravings. Protein helps support lean muscle mass, promoting muscle retention while you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight.

Post-Workout Recovery

After a tough workout, your body and muscles are left in a broken down and depleted state, which is why post-workout nutrition is so important. During your post-workout recovery, your body repairs and rebuilds muscle, while replenishing what it lost during your training session. Feeding your body a fast-digesting source of high-quality protein like IdealLean Protein is key to promoting a smooth post-workout recovery, so your body can refuel and be ready for your next workout!

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