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bill kazmaier diet

Bill Kazmaier Diet and Training Regime

As to be expected from the strongest man alive Kazmaier would train intensely; improving his dead lift, squat and bench press twice a week. He would adopt a heavy/light strategy with regards to weights training; with his first bench press workout of the week always involving a heavy weight which he would then balance with a light weight during his second bench press workout of the week. However, regardless of whether he was working with a heavy or light weight or whether he was practicing his squats, bench press or dead lift routine Kazmaier would always carry out a long, exhausting workout! For instance, a typical Kazmaier bench press workout would involve rapidly lifting a range of 225lbs to 550lbs weights off the floor for over 160 repetitions; meaning that in each workout Kazmaier would lift approximately 66,950 pounds!

Similarly, from a nutritional perspective Kazmaier’s mantra was eat big! Although Kazmaier has never confirmed whether he followed a steadfast strongman diet regime, there are countless tales of him drinking a gallon of milk in a single sitting, blindsiding buffets in restaurants and even eating a thousand goldfish in an eating competition in order to win a $300 cash prize.

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