Bodies Of Work: Volume 3

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Bodies Of Work: Volume 3

Our third edition of the Bodies of Work gallery is every bit as beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting as the two before it. Scroll through these 43 incredible photos and prepare to be amazed!

Bodies of Work is an annual celebration of the human form at its absolute fittest. Each year and LHGFX Photography come together to create a stunning collection of physique photos that highlights the grace, power, and potential of the human body. In this third edition, you’ll be awestruck by 43 photos of 10 of the industry’s best athletes at their most raw, exposed, and beautiful.

Note: This gallery celebrates the beauty of the human form at its fittest. The shots are artistic but revealing, and may not be for everyone. Please scroll at your own discretion.

Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is a fitness entrepreneur, cover model, and competition coach.

Jamie Alderton

Jamie Alderton is a Grenade athlete, WBFF pro muscle model, and physique coach.

Ana Delia De Iturrondo

Ana Delia De Iturrondo is an IFBB bikini pro, makeup artist, and international fitness model.

Ana Delia De Iturrondo and Chady Dunmore

Chady Dunmore

Chady Dunmore is a fitness model and two-time Pro Bikini world champion.

Sergi Constance

Sergi Constance is a WBFF pro muscle model, MyProtein Ambassador, and owner of Aesthetix Era apparel.

Katie Chung Hua

Katie Chung Hua is an IFBB bikini pro, athlete, Beast Sports athlete, and fitness model.

Sean Sarantos

Sean Sarantos is a athlete, Beast Sports athlete, USAF veteran, and creator of the Fit Freak Project.

Ashley Hoffmann

Ashley Hoffmann is a WBFF pro fitness model, Neon Sport athlete, and cover model.

Jessica Arevalo

Jessica Arevalo is an IFBB bikini pro and bikini prep coach, and an NLA for Her spokesmodel.

Creative Director: Brian Kahn
Photography: LHGFX
Hair Stylist: Karen Stauffer
Makeup: Shekiera Bright
Location: Jamie Thomson at Vegas Photo Studio Rentals

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