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boxer diet meal plan

Boxer diet meal plan

My dad was a police officer in California and Idaho when I was growing up, and even though I was little, I KNEW how dangerous his job was.

I could SMELL the stress and cigarettes and filth on his clothes…

I KNEW every time I hugged him, it might be the last time…

Then one day a man pointed a gun at my dad’s head and pulled the trigger.
And for some reason we’ll never understand, the gun misfired and my dad survived.

I’m Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, former professional boxer, celebrity nutritionist, and author of The Code Red Revolution.

And I tell you that story so you know that I get it…
The LONG hours.
The unrelenting stress.
The uncertainty.
The danger.
You’ve got one of the HARDEST jobs there is.

I trained the NYPD at Trinity Boxing Gym in New York City and I saw FIRST HAND the toll this job takes on people.

So when I learned that the FBI estimates that 8 out of 10 police officers are overweight…
I knew I had to DO something.

That statistic is NOT OKAY. And it doesn’t have to be that way.
I help people all over the world lose weight and take their lives back without shakes, pills, diet foods, or ridiculous exercise regimens.

So I created the Code Red Protocol specifically to help law enforcement officials, emergency services, and military personnel GET HEALTHY once and for all.

The fact is you CAN’T out-exercise a bad diet.
And you don’t need a lot of fancy meal plans or expensive pills.
All you need are a few simple rules and the support to turn them into habits that fit your lifestyle.

If you’re one of the MILLIONS of law enforcement, military, or emergency services personnel who is overweight, stressed out, or just plain tired…

Let me help you.
Find out more about the Code Red Protocol today.

Do it for your family… because they’re counting on you to come home safely every night.
Do it for your SELF…because you DESERVE a long and healthy life!

God Bless You.

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