Constant urge to urinate

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Constant urge to urinate

If anyone could shed light on this – I’d love you.

I have been wrestling with the same issue for a little over 4 years now. If I trace it back to when this all began, I’d have to say it originated when I recieved oral sex and genital-to gential rubbing with ex-girlfriend – about 4 years ago, although, I waited a very long time before I sought any help with this hoping it would go away on its own. Anyhow:

I have a constant urge to urinate that never seems to go away. Also, after passing urine there seems to be urine stuck in my penis – which I can almost squeeze out by pressing on the head of my penis – the urine will shoot out at that point. If I stand in front of the toilet – I will pass urine intermittently for 10+ minutes and there will be an uncomfortable feeling by the end of it, and then the sensation of a filled bladder and urine in the penis will resume shortly after. I barely get any sleep because the sensation to urinate keeps me awake most nights, and I need to get up to urinate at least 4 times per night, which doesn’t accomplish much as the symptoms remain.

Another point that might be of some help is that my penis is always stiff and seems to enlarge upon urination – this subsides and the penis becomes somewhat flaccid after urinating for 10+ minutes and releasing as much urine as possible. However, the penis will become stiff once again and remain that way when the urge to urinate returns.

I have had STD tests and several urinalyses conducted, plus a cysto, which revealed nothing. I was put on a course of Minocycline for 2 weeks – no help. I was then put on a course of Bactrim DS for 4 weeks – helped significantly (ability to hold urine increased tremendously, and urgency subsided) – but symptoms returned after stopping medication. Currently on a course of Flagyl for 2 weeks – symptoms seem to be intensified.

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