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Do not make these 5 diet mistakes, according to Ayurveda

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01 /8 On a diet? Follow these rules

Whether you are planning to reduce a few inches from your waistline or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, there is no real harm in dieting, as long as you do not go to extreme lengths.

02 /8 Eat mindfully

Sometimes, we do not realize that making little changes in your daily lifestyle can prove to be immensely helpful in staying healthy in the long run. In fact, Ayurveda has laid down several tried-and-tested guidelines about the right time to consume food, the correct body posture and even the right food pairings.

03 /8 Here’s help!

In case you have been trying to get fitter or planning to make some healthy changes in life, here are some simple and effective tips for your help.

04 /8 Standing and eating

Given the fast-paced life and our obsession with staring at the screens while we eat, we all have inculcated a bad habit of gulping down our food fast, mostly standing. This is a very unhealthy habit for your lifestyle. According to Ayurvedic principles, food is meant to be enjoyed slowly and this habit goes against the tradition. Also, when you stand and eat, the digestion process goes for a toss. Maintaining the right posture is extremely important when you eat your meal. Also, you should never stand and drink water.

05 /8 Not washing hands

Ayurveda lays a high value on cleanliness and hygiene. Sanitation before eating down is as important as the meal you are eating. It removes the toxins and the germs around you right away. So whatever you do, make sure to wash your hands in a strict way.

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