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Egg Diet – Shed Fourteen Pounds in One Week

Egg which is one of the most likable food items of majority of people will now shed pounds from your body and bring you in slender shape. Egg diet being a fad diet has taken egg as the main food item, which will solve all of your weight related problems. You shall melt fourteen pounds in mere one week while abiding by the plan.

Effect of Eggs on Cholesterol Level

It is often believed that eggs elevate your blood cholesterol level. However, the program has totally phased out this myth. Having allocated a group of hundred people in two categories, the plan executed one simple test. While one group was given one egg in one week, other one was given more than one egg in one day. And past one month, when the influence of their egg consumption on their cholesterol level was noticed, both of them were as hale as they were prior to the test. Moreover, there was no rise or fall in their cholesterol levels. So, if you are stepping away from going ahead with the program while considering it a foe of your heart, you certainly shall alter your wrong assumption and embrace the magnificent plan.

Nutrition Density of Eggs

Eggs can aptly be called nutritious food items due to their opulent content of proteins. There are mere 60-70 calories in one egg. Eggs are capable of prov >

Healthy Modifications in Egg Diet

You can transform egg diet program into healthy diet plan, or the diet plan for life, should you introduce some healthy changes in the diet pattern. You can make the program more influential and nutritious by including bountiful green and leafy veggies in your diet. In addition to them, incorporate high fiber citrus fruits in your diet. Fruits and vegetables catalyze the metabolism of proteins in your body. Besides keeping check on your appetite, low starch, high fiber fruits and veggies add a lot of nutrition to your diet regime. Make sure that the veggies you select to include in your diet are low in starch. You can make their salad, or can have them in steamed form while sprinkling numerous herbs and spices over them. Credited with remedial properties, herbs and spices have dual benefits. Besides triggering fat burning process in your body, they also speed up your metabolism.

Sample Meal Plan

You can stick to the low carb egg diet to melt weight. You shall adhere to the plan unless you attain your sought-after weight. Since protein content of diet is very high, you are recommended to consume ample water to save you from constipation. Egg diet allows you to consume low glycemic index veggies. However, fruits and high glycemic index food items such as white rice, pasta, bread etc. are completely banished in the plan. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of egg diet. Breakfast You can have two boiled eggs and half grapefruit, low carb veggies, lean protein etc. in your breakfast. Lunch You can have green salad with roasted skinless chicken, fish etc. in your lunch. Dinner You can prepare omelet using two tomatoes and spinach in your dinner.

Benefits of Egg Diet

Egg diet is simple and easy to follow. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of egg diet.

  • You don’t have to force you to consume tasteless foods because egg being delicious in taste is one of the favorite foods of people.
  • It’s easy to abide by the diet schedule because unlike other foods, eggs don’t consume much time in cooking. Since you need to consume boiled eggs, without spending surplus time on weight loss program, you can conveniently melt pounds from your body.
  • Egg diet will provide you several yummy recipes. These recipes are simple and are convenient to follow.
  • You will get glow on your face with the nutrition provided by eggs.
  • Besides keeping check on your hunger pangs, high protein diet will trigger fat burning process in your body.

Drawbacks of Egg Diet

Along-with benefits, egg diet has several loopholes also. Let’s find out what they are.

    Being a fad diet, egg diet cannot be called a healthy diet program. Moreover, mostly nutrient dense foods such as vegetables and several other highly nutritious food items are forb >

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