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HCG Diet Foods: What to Eat on the HCG Diet Plan

What to Eat on the HCG Diet Plan

Dozens of new hCG Diet Plans call for “special hCG Diet menus” and this can certainly be confusing. We’ve compiled a section addressing hCG Diet Foods and Eating to simplify your hCG Diet protocol. Read on to learn more about:

  • hCG diet menus and protocols
  • The Original 500 calorie VLCD
  • Eating organic on the hCG Diet
  • Where to shop for organic foods
  • hCG Diet Recipes

hCG Diet Plan Food Menus and Protocols:
The Original Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Protocol: 500 calorie foods list

Dr. Simeons protocol is an important read for anyone following the hCG Diet, regardless of which specific plan they are following. All HCG Diets are based on the foundations of his theories, initially outlined in his manuscript, Pounds and Inches, A Guide to Weight Loss. His protocol includes a 500 calorie a day diet, or VLCD – very low calorie diet, which we have created an overview for you here:

The original 500 calorie hCG diet foods list & menu by Dr. Simeons

hCG Diet Foods for Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Protocol

Trudeau’s hCG Diet is based on the Dr. Simeons protocol but modified according to modern health developments resulting in a slightly different, four phase diet plan.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Plan Phase 1:

The first phase of this hCG Diet protocol is the preparatory period and includes instructions such as, increased daily water intake, walking for at least one hour a day, going through a body cleanse by using recommended hcg diet supplements and eating apples and breadfruit everyday. A more detailed outline of phase 1 of the hCG Diet can be found here.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Plan Phase 2:

Phase 2 begins with 3 days of the dieter actually increasing their food intake and eating just about anything and everything they can possibly put in their stomachs, in an effort to increase energy throughout the next several weeks. After the initial 3 day gorge, the 500 calorie diet (also known as the VLCD – very low calorie diet) is put into place. Similar to Dr. Simeons hCG Diet Menu, Kevin Trudeau’s protocol does not differ much but does have some specific modifications and supplement additions. Kevin Trudeau’s hCG diet also includes additional food choices compared to Dr. Simeons original menu. Phase 2 of the hCG Diet lasts for 26 to 46 days, depending on the amount of weight the dieter has to lose.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Plan Phase 3:

Phase 3 of KT’s hCG Diet requires three weeks. At this point, the dieter can adjust their menu to eat normal, healthy foods as long as they do not contain sugars, artificial sweeteners. Strictly prohibited on this diet menu are: no fast foods, no trans-fats, limited cold drinks.

Kevin Trudeau’s hCG Diet Plan Phase 4:

Phase 4 of the hCG Diet: this phase is what has grown to be known as the post hCG Diet maintenance phase. The dieter has successfully reached their hCG Diet goal and continues with a new lifestyle complete with healthy eating habits, a new relationship with food, and certain lifestyle changes including an exercise regimen.

Other hCG Diet Food Menus

A number of hCG Diet Clinics and physicians specializing in the hCG Diet have come up with their own variations of the hCG Diet Plan foods. Many follow the 500 calorie a day diet. Others increase the calorie intake to 800 calories a day, or 1200. We have seen hCG Dieters succeed with all of these plans, at varying levels of average weight loss. Talk with your hCG Diet Doctor or medical specialist before starting your own hCG diet plan and ask questions regarding foods and menu options and which protocol they will be advising. If you have concerns, or wish to adjust the diet menu, ask their thoughts on this and proceed with their guidance.

A few tips for eating on the hCG Diet

Eating Organic on the hCG Diet

While the original protocol by Dr. Simeons does not require organic for foods or beauty products, it has become a popular addition to the diet thanks to Kevin Trudeau’s book, The Weight Loss Cure. Whenever possible, the organic approach is advised, for both its proven health benefits, and for optimum results when used in combination with the hCG diet shots.
Where to shop for hCG Diet Plan Foods

Health food stores are the sure bet for organic foods, while superstores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart are continually expanding their organic foods sections. Larger varieties are available at all-natural grocery stores such as Whole Foods, Alfalfas, Vitamin Cottage, Trader Joe’s and local farmer’s markets.

Another option are international markets. Asian food markets often have extensive organic sections, as do Latin markets. Jewish food specialty stores, restaurants and grocery sections are great to keep in mind, since many kosher foods are organic, including their meats. This is great news for those of you who enjoy Mediterranean salads from Jewish establishments! Read more on where to shop for hCG Diet foods and products.

Food delivery options

An alternative to organic food shopping is the fabulously convenient option of delivery diet plans.

The best one we’ve found is Herbalife (Read about Herbalife for hCG Diet)

For those having a difficult time sticking with their 500 calorie VLCD diet and worried they will be tempted to throw a little something else in their food cart, consider grocery store delivery. Order online and have your carefully planned grocery list delivered to your home.

Companies that offer grocery delivery:

Some Whole Foods will deliver but this varies by location.

A tip for eating organic

Don’t forget kosher foods. If you do not have an organic health food store near you, your average grocery store will have a kosher section. Kosher foods are organic- no pesticides or hormones are used, and the process for their preparation is extremely strict, guaranteeing quality.

Supplements to Maximize Your hCG Weight Loss

Supplements on Kevin Trudeau’s weight loss protocol

Tips for Eating on the hCG Diet

Particularly in the beginning, some dieters may find it challenging to abide by the diet’s strict guidelines. hCG Diet Info has put together a few Diet Tips to help you stick to the plan and reach your goals!

1. Emofree techniques are useful for emotional eaters, including “bored eaters.”

2. Order your food either with delivery diet programs (see above) or grocery store delivery. This way you avoid impulse purchases, and you’re eating food that tastes great! Read more hCG diet tips…

hCG Diet Recipe: hCG-diet-friendly Chicken Soup

2 – 3 lbs chicken breast cut into squares

Worcestershire sauce- sugar free, fat free

Picante sauce – (sugar free, fat free – not like pace picante, but like hot sauce.)

1 chicken bullion cubes

2 tomatoes, blended first with 1/2 ltr water

1/2 clove garlic

Any of the following: celery, leek, turnip, onion, parsley, dill, cilantro, salt and pepper to taste.

Lemon or lime juice

2 and a 1/2 liters water

Boil for about 20 minutes. The soup will become very orange with a strong aroma.

This recipe is not “exact” simply because my mother-in-law is such an amazing cook, she just throws things in a pot and they come out perfect. Feel free to adjust the amounts to what you prefer, or what your diet calls for and experiment- if I can make it, anyone can, it’s that fool-proof!

Also- for the picante sauce, she uses Salsa Huichol but she gets it from Mexico so I’m not sure if it’s easy to find.

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