How much sugar is in a healthy diet? take a look

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How Much Sugar Is In A Healthy Diet?

How Much Sugar Is In A ‘Healthy’ Diet?

Are you eating what many people perceive as a healthy diet? Low fat? Fruit smoothies? Medjool dates? Weight watchers dinner? Low fat fruit yoghurt? Have you ever thought to yourself how much sugar is in a healthy diet? Take a look and see where all that sugar is hiding.

Sugar has never been in our food supply like it is in modern times. With the low fat movement, along came the high sugar and carbs. When fat is removed, sugar is pumped in. Don’t believe me? Go and check out the regular version of products with their lite or fat free versions.

Manufacturers know when fat is removed, products taste horrid so they pump back in sugar, flavourings and other nasties. Cereal for example is a modern phenomenon. Yes our grandparents grew up on oats, but cereals these days, especially children’s cereals, belong more in the dessert aisle than the breakfast aisle.

And avoid those cereals that say they are full of dried fruit, which is nothing more than dried sugar. On top of this, sugary drinks are around in ever increasing volumes and regularity. Once soda was a drink to be enjoyed at birthday parties, now it is an everyday occurrence. A 600ml (20 fl oz) bottle is the equivalent of a child’s entire week of sugar following the daily recommended 3 tsp/day.

So the message is to read your labels, eat unprocessed food, and to be aware of what you are eating, snacking and drinking. It’s about awareness then it is your choice and an informed choice.

Take a look at this infographic showing a surprising amount of sugar hides in what many perceive as being ‘healthy’ choices. I’m hoping no one would eat all of this in a day, but it’s a bit of an eye opener. None of these servings are supersized, no sweets, no soda, no obvious high sugar foods here.

Look out for hidden sugars and avoid them as often as you can.

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