How to Get Rid of and Treat your Dog’s Skin Yeast Infection with Banixx

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How To Treat a dog skin yeast infection with Banixx

How to get rid of and treat my dog’s skin yeast infection or dog’s itchy skin?

The jingling tags on his collar serve as a constant reminder. Your poor pup, he’s at it again, scratching and biting, licking and shaking. If your dog is plagued with itchy skin, it is often due to a skin yeast/fungus infection. Yeast is a form of fungus (also called yeast dermatitis); a yeast infection is relatively common in dogs and puppies and can cause severe itching, skin rashes, and discomfort to your dog’s skin. Because your dog is so uncomfortable he will scratch his body or belly until it is red, sore and irritated and possibly even infected.

You are not alone with this. Itching, medically known as pruritis, affects many dogs and for a variety of reasons. To effectively treat itching means finding its underlying root cause, as itchiness is not a disease but a symptom. There can be several causes of your dog’s itchy skin:

To get rid of and treat your dog’s skin yeast infection (or dog’s itchy skin), use Banixx as an excellent anti-fungal solution (yeast is a fungus) that is not only odor-free but painless for your pup. The application is straightforward and brings substantial relief in short order. Simply apply Banixx daily to your dog’s skin infection being sure to saturate your dog’s skin. It is also a good idea to massage Banixx gently into your dog’s skin for complete saturation. It’s often a good idea to distract your dog so that he does not lick it off and Banixx has a good opportunity to work. Distractions can range from a treat, to a walk, throwing his favorite ball or simply a good head rub or neck massage. Banixx works on contact; it’s steroid & antibiotic-free, it’s not sticky or oily and completely non-toxic. Apply Banixx 2-3 times daily to your dog’s skin patting it gently into the skin for maximum absorption by the skin. Licking Banixx will cause no harm to your dog but will remove the Banixx solution and slow the recovery progress. Many products are advertised as itchy dog skin cures but the answer generally lies in a multi-faceted approach involving diet, environment and a quality skin application such as Banixx. Click here to find a store near you that carries Banixx.

With the application of Banixx, a typical result is cessation of scratching within a day or two. Read on further down the page for more information about the causes of your dog’s itchy skin or yeast infection.

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