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How to Make Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts contain a chemical called sulforaphane which is one of the most potent antioxidants and detoxification substances that we know of. Adding sulforaphane to the diet has shown to greatly reduce the risk of stomach, bladder, colorectal, and breast cancers. There was also a study done at Johns Hopkins that showed greater urinary excretion of air pollutants when sulforaphane was consumed. Another recent article in the Journal PNAS even showed a reduction in autistic symptoms when sulforaphane was added to the diet.

I actually started recommending that people add in 1/4 cup of broccoli sprouts with their meals 8 years ago. Those clients that added them in had greater improvement with their skin conditions, mood, energy, and joint pain when they were following our Elimination Diet. My clients and my family are now hooked on growing their own kitchen garden of sprouts.

If for some reason you do not like the taste of broccoli sprouts or do not want to make them, you can try a supplement that contains the beneficial sulforaphane chemicals. We recommend Crucera-SGS, a broccoli seed exctract, which is available here on our site:

How to Make Broccoli Sprouts

Growing your own little sprout garden is a fun and exciting process. Broccoli seeds can be a little more challenging to grow as they take longer to sprout compared to other seeds, so be patient. It takes a few days for the seeds to even break open and they are slow in growing. You will get into a routine once you do it a few times. Remember that sprouting happens at a different rate in different climates. The warmer it is, the faster it will happen.

Here’s what you’ll need:

wide mouthed quart jar with spouting lid
2 tablespoons organic broccoli sprouting seeds
purified water

Place the seeds into a jar and cover them with a few inches of warm purified water. Let them soak overnight in a warm dark place. Then, after about 8 to 10 hours, drain the water off.

Rinse the seeds with fresh water, 2 to 3 times a day for 4 to 5 days. Place the jar in a warm, dark place during this time period. Make sure to drain off all of the water after each rinsing to prevent spoiling of the sprouts.

Note: I know you are you are excited to grown your own garden right in your kitchen, but it will likely take 2 to 3 days to split open and begin to sprout so be patient.

Once your sprouts are a few centimeters long and have defined yellow leaves, move your jar out into a place where it can be exposed to some sunlight. This will allow the sprouts to use the light and grow quickly. Be sure to keep rinsing as the sprouts can dry out quickly in hot and dry environments. You will recognize when the sprouts are ready as they will have darker green leaves and be about an inch or longer in length. Don’t worry about eating them too early. As soon as they are green they are ready to go.

Yield: about 4 cups

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