Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

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Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Melania is a mere amateur compared to this one. Let’s continue all things JBKO. And throw in some Kennedy dish too!

by Anonymous reply 406 Last Tuesday at 10:04 PM

Greedy, greedy cunt.

by Anonymous reply 1 04/23/2019

She looks like the cat that ate the canary.

by Anonymous reply 2 04/23/2019

Jayne Wrightsman was the person responsible for redecorating the Whitehouse but let her friend Jackie take credit for it.

by Anonymous reply 3 04/23/2019

It’s hilarious how she’s given all this credit for supposedly keeping the nation together after her husband was killed. The truth is, she behaved in the composed and dignified manner that any rich, old money society woman would have behaved. No, she didn’t fall to the floor wailing but that’s simply not how women of her time and class were raised. Her lack of any interest in any charitable pursuits, towards humans or animals is what makes her so notable.

by Anonymous reply 4 04/23/2019

I couldn’t imagine making love to Ari for 20 million in 60s dollar. I would ask for a billion. At least Callas loved the troll.

by Anonymous reply 5 04/23/2019

R3 unsurprised. Jackie was all about money and material possessions. Can you imagine trying to fuck her? No wonder JFK sought other holes.

by Anonymous reply 6 04/23/2019

We still had about 10 or 15 posts left in the old thread, but one of the control freak cunts did that super-annoying thing by doing nonsense posts just to close it out. Fucking hate that.

by Anonymous reply 7 04/23/2019

R7 off his meds.

by Anonymous reply 8 04/23/2019

Another thread? MARY!

by Anonymous reply 9 04/23/2019

[quote]Let’s continue all things JBKO.

Yes . . . let’s! I could talk about her 24/7! Thanks ever so for starting this DELIGHTFUL discussion! WOO-HOO!

by Anonymous reply 10 04/23/2019

How long were Jackie and Lee estranged before her death? And what led to it?

by Anonymous reply 11 04/23/2019
by Anonymous reply 12 04/23/2019

It was dish in our time, darling.

by Anonymous reply 13 04/23/2019

What’s the deal with the pillbox hats? Did she start that trend or merely follow it? What were Jackie’s major contributions to promotion of American millinery arts?

by Anonymous reply 14 04/23/2019

[quote] Her lack of any interest in any charitable pursuits, towards humans or animals is what makes her so notable.

I classify Grand Central Terminal as an animal. Purr!

by Anonymous reply 15 04/23/2019

Aristotle Onassis, could get it. I think he had sex appeal, power, money, drive, confidence and I bet a huge dick. I don’t like pretty men. He could throw a mean fuck!

by Anonymous reply 16 04/23/2019

I can’t even imagine how disgusting having sex with Onassis must’ve been. JFC!

by Anonymous reply 17 04/23/2019

I read that he was hung like a horse and that he fucked Jackie’s brains out on the deck of the Christina, for all to see. Probably didn’t happen but it sounds like something he would do, he looked like such a beast.

by Anonymous reply 18 04/23/2019
by Anonymous reply 19 04/23/2019

Her undercarriage always smelled vaguely of stale friskies and crushed pall mall butts

by Anonymous reply 20 04/23/2019

R5 Her settlement from the onasis estate was actually $26 million dollars. She could’ve gotten way more if she wanted, but she didn’t feel like going through a court battle.

Jackie was entitled to as much as $120 million dollars. But excepted the $26 million just to move on.

by Anonymous reply 21 04/23/2019

I meant she could’ve gotten $150 million dollars from the estate. But excepted $26 million instead.

by Anonymous reply 22 04/23/2019

^^ Christina paid her $26 mill’, cash, to ‘move on.’

by Anonymous reply 23 04/23/2019
by Anonymous reply 24 04/23/2019

Alexander Onasis was very sexy. He and Jackie reportedly got along very well. Christina, that cunt.

by Anonymous reply 25 04/23/2019

We’ll never run out of things to say about JBKO!

by Anonymous reply 26 04/23/2019

R3 I thought it was bunny mellon who ‘re-designed the white house? Or did they both work together?

by Anonymous reply 27 04/23/2019

Jackie looked like a fish. A money hungry fish.

by Anonymous reply 28 04/23/2019

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship”

by Anonymous reply 29 04/23/2019

I wonder who Jackie would have considered her best fuck.

by Anonymous reply 30 04/24/2019

It was Stéphane Boudin from the French decoration company Jensen who designed the most of the White House. He had previously worked for the Wrightsmans and Jayne Wrightsman recommended Jackie to hire him. She had to keep it a secret though, since it was controversial that a French firm would be decorating the most important house in America. Jayne Wrightsman and Henry Francis du Pont were members of Fine Arts Committee, which oversaw the restoration of the White House.

Bunny Mellon helped with the flowers and decorations for the dinners and of course desiged the garden. She also made the flower arrangements for the president’s funeral and I think she influenced Jackie to have her closet doors painted in trompe l’oeil.

by Anonymous reply 31 04/24/2019

^^^ The French company’s name was Jansen, not Jensen.

by Anonymous reply 32 04/24/2019

“Tea” is for pathetic SJW nonentities at celebitchy, Dear.

Here, we do DISH.

by Anonymous reply 33 04/24/2019

Any elder gays recall watching the 1968 television production of “Laura” on ABC starring “Lee Bouvier”?

I was 15 when it aired to huge ratings but horrific reviews. Everyone wanted to see if Jackie’s sister could act.

A classy David Susskind production with a good cast, Robert Stack, George Sanders, Farley Granger, Arlene Francis and of course Lee.

Been trying to find a copy of it for years. It only aired once. There was a screening at the Paley Center in Los Angeles a few years ago.

by Anonymous reply 34 04/24/2019

I seriously doubt Jackie ever married for love or companionship. Joe bought her off and Maurice had the Midas touch.

by Anonymous reply 35 04/24/2019

Did she have 360 degree vision? or a blindspot in front, like horses?

by Anonymous reply 36 04/24/2019

It’s amusing and a little sad how gay men keep cyclically dredging up Jackie and the whole Kennedy era to admire the fashion, the glamour, the pathos and tragedy . At what point with pillbox hats finally die a natural death?

by Anonymous reply 37 04/24/2019

I’m sick of hearing about Jackie, yet I read every post.

by Anonymous reply 38 04/24/2019

[quote] Bunny Mellon. of course desiged the garden

by Anonymous reply 39 04/24/2019

Part of the fascination with Jackie is due to the fact that she only lived to 64.

by Anonymous reply 40 04/24/2019

[quote] with a good cast, Robert Stack, George Sanders, Farley Granger, Arlene Francis and of course Lee.

Seems custom made for DL.

by Anonymous reply 41 04/24/2019

Supposedly Lee was so humiliated by the bad reviews that she bought up every tape floating around and even checked YouTube, waiting to pounce on anyone who might have a copy.

by Anonymous reply 42 04/24/2019

Was Lee a graduate of the Copacabana School of Dramatic Art?

by Anonymous reply 43 04/24/2019

Many of those swans died on the youngish side due to smoking like chimneys. It was either being thin and dying young or enjoying a big deli sandwich and getting a well upholstered bottom.

by Anonymous reply 44 04/24/2019

When JFK was elected in 1960, he and Jackie got a telegram of congratulations from Truman Capote in Switzerland signed, simply, “Truman.”

When Jackie wrote later to thank him, she said “At first we weren’t sure who it was from, but then we figured it out: Harry Truman wasn’t in Switzerland and we didn’t think he’d have signed the telegram, ‘Love and kisses, Truman.’ “

by Anonymous reply 45 04/24/2019

Was she being a snobby bitch, R45, or just “witty and charming”?

by Anonymous reply 46 04/24/2019

[quote]Many of those swans died on the youngish side due to smoking like chimneys.

Babe Paley, Slim Keith, Nan Kempner, CZ Guest, and Gloria Guinness all died from cigarettes.

by Anonymous reply 47 04/24/2019

And then there’s Lee

by Anonymous reply 48 04/24/2019

R37 And yet, here you are anyways.

by Anonymous reply 49 04/24/2019
by Anonymous reply 50 04/24/2019

Lee buried them all.

by Anonymous reply 51 04/24/2019

[quote]“The first time you marry for money, the second for money, and the third for money”

by Anonymous reply 52 04/24/2019

[quote]Part of the fascination with Jackie is due to the fact that she only lived to 64.

Live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.

by Anonymous reply 53 04/24/2019
by Anonymous reply 54 04/24/2019

It’s too late at 64 to leave a beautiful corpse.

by Anonymous reply 55 04/24/2019

Supposedly JFK referred to Jackie as “the statue.” As least according to Marilyn Monroe. JFK had felt Marilyn up under a table; Marilyn found it amusing. After hearing JFK refer to his wife as “the statue” Marilyn commented “I bet he never puts his hand up HER dress.”

by Anonymous reply 56 04/24/2019

Didn’t Jackie lose her virginity in an elevator?

by Anonymous reply 57 04/24/2019

a lot of hate for Jackie here. She led an amazing life in my view. I think she did love Jack Kennedy but he was incapable of returning the sentiment. Rose Kennedy was a cold icy bitch who never showed her children any affection and it warped Jack for the rest of his life.

JFK was such a flop in bed (despite all the practice with 1000s of women) that I think Jackie actually enjoyed sleeping with Onassis at least in the beginning of that marriage. When he started seeing Callas again a month after marrying Jackie, it ruined the marriage for Jackie. Paul secretely did not approve of Bunny s friendship of Jackie.

Gossip. JFK gave Jackie an STD which is why she kept having miscarriages.

Jackie was not the type of woman to go nuts over men in the physical sense. SHe was much too controlled for that. SHe was wary of men, saying at one point. man are such a combination of good and bad.

JFK treated her like shit and so did Onassis for the most part and I dont fault her for the monetary value she received for services rendered so to speak.

Jackie was much more involved in the political side of Jacks life once he became president and she was an extremely valuable asset, especially in thawing the relationship between Charles De Gaulle and Jack and between Khrushcev and Jack.

It was rumored that Jackie had an affair with Bobby after JFK died and Eunice was heard to remark that Bobby was spending an awful lot of time with the widder. (widow)

Rose Kennedy was so tight fisted with money that she only ever had the front of the palm beach mansion painted where people could see it from the street/

Most of Jackies style and sophistication came from her 50 year friendship with Bunny Mellon. At the time , in the 50 s and 60 s, Paul Mellon, Bunny s husband was one of the richest men in the world.

by Anonymous reply 58 04/24/2019

Jackie kept having miscarriages because she smoked two packs a day.

by Anonymous reply 59 04/24/2019

Jackie Kennedy Onassis struck me as a completely UNsexual being. I can’t imagine her having sex with anyone. I imagine she must have been a real cold fish in bed.

by Anonymous reply 60 04/24/2019

R 47 Like the rest you mentioned, Slim Keith may have died from smoking but unlike the rest, she was quite heavy/ fat in her later years.

by Anonymous reply 61 04/24/2019

It was all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

by Anonymous reply 62 04/24/2019

Here’s Slim Keith with her walker, social moth Jerry Zipkin.

by Anonymous reply 63 04/24/2019

Bunny Mellon had nothing to do with decorating the White House. It was Bunny Bixler. Jackie just adored what Bunny B had done with her apartment at Park Avenue and 71st Street and wanted that look for the White House as well.

by Anonymous reply 64 04/24/2019

Not so much hatred but laughter at her saintly image. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping with someone for money but don’t make a person a saint for it.

by Anonymous reply 65 04/24/2019
by Anonymous reply 66 04/24/2019
by Anonymous reply 67 04/24/2019

What does carolines children do for a living? Or are they just jet setting trust socialites who lead quiet lives like their mother and grandmother?

You never here anything about them. A few weeks ago, carolines son appeared with her on CBS sunday morning to talk about the profiles in courage award the kennedy family gives out annually.

That’s about it as of late. Oh yeah, and the appearance at lee’s funeral back in february in nyc. Other than that everyone seems to be missing in action.

by Anonymous reply 68 04/24/2019

Trust fund socialites.

by Anonymous reply 69 04/24/2019

R68 very few of the Kennedy spawn do anything of any real worth. I will say Robert Kennedy ‘s daughter Kyra Lemoyne Kennedy is quite the rancid little cunt. I wonder if her mother hung herself out of shame over the smelly little trashbucket she created.

by Anonymous reply 70 04/24/2019

JBKO was a creature of her time and class. Unfair to judge by today’s standards. She did what she needed to do: marry money. Unfortunately, b/c of JFK’s assassination, she found herself hounded by the press and crazies alike. I read a stranger snuck into her apt as she lay dying, that she would wait for her friends at movies locked in bathroom stall.

Too bad she couldn’t marry the kind of money she wanted without the Kennedy baggage. But, she was 24, getting on and she had the good luck that to be looking for a husband when Old Joe was looking for a wife for his son. The money was her #1 concern and Old Joe was the third richest man in the US at the time.

by Anonymous reply 71 04/24/2019

She sounds almost normal in the r66 clip, none of that whispery dragged out voice that she has when she was in the White House.

What’s the deal with the walkers who escort socialite ladies in the US? Who are they, where do they come from and how do they get access to the rich and famous? Any other famous walkers besides Mr Zipkin? Who was, if I am correctly informed, Ezzie Fenwick in Dominck Dunne’s books.

by Anonymous reply 72 04/25/2019

I adored Jackie as a teenager reading books about the Kennedys, but it took watching the documentaries about Princess Diana after she died to make it obvious to me that Jackie didn’t give a fuck about anyone or any cause except saving an inanimate object–Grand Central. She power she had from the assassination to the day she died was enormous and she chose never to use it for any charity. That is unconscionable, when you think of it.

by Anonymous reply 73 04/25/2019

Jackie never succumbed as others did, to the tacky Barbara Walters type of interview.

by Anonymous reply 74 04/25/2019

“Jackie Kennedy imitated my voice when she was on TV.” – Jayne Mansfield

by Anonymous reply 75 04/25/2019

R75 Did jayne mansfield really say that?

by Anonymous reply 76 04/25/2019

Just watched the clip at r66 She sounds like the same old Jackie.

by Anonymous reply 77 04/25/2019

Diane Sawyer HATES cigarettes. Maybe it’s because her late husband used to light Jackie’s.

by Anonymous reply 78 04/25/2019

Little seen archival footage of Janet Auchincloss with daughter Jacqueline Bouvier, circa 1951

by Anonymous reply 79 04/25/2019

I don’t give a shit about the way she dressed, how she decorated the white house, or any of that superficial stuff. My interest in her is based on her talent for the grift – how she amassed her own fortune by sponging off old men. She got herself in good with old Joe Kennedy because she knew he had all the dough. Then she got with Onassis and waited for the inevitable pay day. Then she got with Andre Meyer and Maurice to take her money and multiply it again and again. That chick was talented! Who could we consider her contemporary? Anna Nicole Smith? No. ANS was light years behind Jackie’s brand of scheming.

by Anonymous reply 80 04/25/2019

r79 WHAT A WAY TO GO. Best fucking movie ever! I was on cloud nine the entire time I watched it. For me, the scene on the private jet was like a dream. So Tasteful. Dean Martin, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, the best!

by Anonymous reply 81 04/25/2019

R80, women have been doing it for centuries, and men are glad to have them do it. It comes from the systemic income inequality between men and women.

by Anonymous reply 82 04/25/2019

[quote] I couldn’t imagine making love to Ari for 20 million in 60s dollar. I would ask for a billion. At least Callas loved the troll.

Most here have probably done much worse for much less, including you.

by Anonymous reply 83 04/25/2019

Onassis was bisexual.

by Anonymous reply 84 04/25/2019

R83 honestly no. But I admit I passed up a lot of sex. I sure would have done Alexander after his nose job. A very cute guy.

by Anonymous reply 85 04/25/2019

Ari’s first wife, Tina, had an interesting collection of husbands, too. After marrying Onassis at 17, she was wed to the Marquess of Blanford (Blenheim Palace) for 10 years and then to her sister’s widower, Stavros Niarchos. Died a year after her son, at age 45.

by Anonymous reply 86 04/25/2019

And rumor has it that Stavros beat her sister to death which was the talk when she married him. Everyone was appalled. Her son Alexander never talked to her again. She was sick with grief when he died in that plane crash. The whole family had a death wish.

by Anonymous reply 87 04/25/2019

R80 Than there’s hoes like kim kardashian who hoed hard enough and became famous enough to make a massive fortune off of turning her name into a business. But she has to work to keep her name out there though.

by Anonymous reply 88 04/25/2019

Sonja Morgan could’ve learned something from JBKO.

by Anonymous reply 89 04/25/2019

Maria Callas : Ari Onassis :: Camilla Parker Bowles : Prince Charles.

by Anonymous reply 90 04/25/2019

At 16, Alexander began a relationship with Odile Rubirosa, fifth wife and widow of Porfirio, who was twice his age. Odile was also rumored to be one of JFK’s conquests and just died in December at age 81.. Alexander was seeing Fiona von Thyssen, former model and ex-wife of uber rich Baron von Thyssen, when he died. She was also quite a bit older. These people were all the jet set of the time and knew each other and fucked each other. Aristotle Onassis was actually staying at the White House the day of JFK’s funeral, though no one thinks that he and Jackie were involved at the time. He was considered a family friend.

by Anonymous reply 91 04/25/2019

[quote] Alexander began a relationship with Odile Rubirosa, fifth wife and widow of Porfirio

Was he as well endowed as Porfirio?

by Anonymous reply 92 04/25/2019

Well his father supposedly was.

by Anonymous reply 93 04/25/2019

Jackie allegedly hooked up with Warren Beatty shortly before she married Ari Onassis

She thought MLK was a Communist too

by Anonymous reply 94 04/25/2019

Boys are not fully formed at 16, not physically, emotionally or intellectually, so I think we all know why a whore twice his age was interested in him. Alexander barely had any schooling so was not particularly bright.

by Anonymous reply 95 04/25/2019

Jackie also fucked William Holden and secret service agent Clint Hill, as well as the architect she worked with on some project.

by Anonymous reply 96 04/25/2019

This was not the architect Jackie fucked, but she had modernist master Hugh Newell Jacobsen design her house on Martha’s Vineyard. I am a huge fan of his work. I’m amazed Caroline had that house torn down and replaced it with some ugly monolith. I guess we all knew she had no taste by her choice of husband and lack of personal style, but Ed supposedly is some sort of designer. You’d think he could have contributed more than ugly DNA to the children.

by Anonymous reply 97 04/25/2019

, She and JFK had their Wexford house custom built. Jackie was very involved in the design process. Somewhere I’ve seen letters and photos cutout from magazines of exactly what she wanted that she would send to her architect. I recall one photo of a window circled and she had handwritten “For my bedroom”.

by Anonymous reply 98 04/25/2019

“My brother did not have an affair with President Kennedy’s widow. He had an affair with President Kennedy’s WIFE!”

by Anonymous reply 99 04/25/2019

Jackie didn’t want john jr to be an actor for some strange reason. Even though it was his life.

by Anonymous reply 100 04/25/2019

Actors are fags. They can be your friends but not your son.

by Anonymous reply 101 04/25/2019

When I was a kid, JKO showed up in Hyannisport on the Christina.

A huge, rusty thing.

My mother and her sister, like all the yacht club people, were invited to a reception on the boat.

Sister Lee was there and puked over the railing next to my mother ans aunt.

I didn’t have a normal childhood.

by Anonymous reply 102 04/25/2019

R101, that sounds something like Lee would’ve said.

by Anonymous reply 103 04/25/2019

Junior, he’s going to be my little hairdresser.

But for real though.

by Anonymous reply 104 04/25/2019

I’ve never heard anything good about Ed Schlossberg. By all accounts he’s a mean, arrogant asshole.

by Anonymous reply 105 04/25/2019

R87, Alexander did not die in the plane crash. He was kept alive to give Christina time to return home to Greece from vacationing and for Onassis to have doctors flown to Greece to consult on Alexander’s condition. Only after his condition was deemed hopeless was life support withdrawn.

by Anonymous reply 106 04/25/2019

R101 I believe Jackie’s description of them was “fruits “.

by Anonymous reply 107 04/25/2019

I should have said he died as a result of the plane crash. Which itself was not fully explained. Was it human error, mechanical malfunction or sabotage?

by Anonymous reply 108 04/25/2019

Who cares about fags even if they are your best friends?

by Anonymous reply 109 04/25/2019

Maybe he regularly called her a cunt. You never know.

by Anonymous reply 110 04/25/2019

[quote] I’ve never heard anything good about Ed Schlossberg

Did he even move with her to Japan?

by Anonymous reply 111 04/25/2019

Why would he? She’d been bangin’ the publisher of the NY Times before she left for Tokyo.

by Anonymous reply 112 04/25/2019
by Anonymous reply 113 04/25/2019

My palace in Paris was far grander than the White House, I did it all first and was copied. That bitch Jayne even bought a set of my china, The Flying Tiger while I was ill.

As far as JFK, as I said when he came over for dinner, out of a litter of 9 there’s bound to be one good pup.

by Anonymous reply 114 04/25/2019

If he’s Pinch and not Punch, that was the story back in 2009. Everyone involved denied it but no one seems to have believed them.

She was thinking of running for the Senate from New York at the time. The same day the story surfaced, she pulled out of the race for “personal reasons.”

by Anonymous reply 115 04/25/2019

R96 I don’t think she fucked Clint Hill. Not saying it didn’t happen but what makes you think they did the dirty dirty?

by Anonymous reply 116 04/25/2019

Why weren’t her teeth ever straightened?

by Anonymous reply 117 04/25/2019

I read she used to go into the White House bathroom with a glass of bleach and Q-tips to whiten her teeth.

by Anonymous reply 118 04/25/2019

Because people didn’t care about perfectly white fake looking teeth back then.

by Anonymous reply 119 04/25/2019

I aspire to own a full collection of unopened complimentary Air Force One cigarette packs. Nowadays you get M&Ms. Who wants that shit? I do wonder if Jackie selected the brands served on-board. I also wonder if Obama had the balls to smoke in the air. Clinton always had a cigar during a flight. George and Laura Bush smoked in the White House. Did Obama let the tradition die?

by Anonymous reply 120 04/25/2019

She looks like Ringo Starr in the pic @ OP

by Anonymous reply 121 04/25/2019

Now, the Holy Grail, a full unopened carton of Presidential Aircraft cigarettes from the Kennedy era.

by Anonymous reply 122 04/25/2019

Did she ever forgive Joan Crawford for shooting her husband?

by Anonymous reply 123 04/25/2019

I wonder what brand the Presidential cigarettes were, or were there a selection of brands?

by Anonymous reply 124 04/25/2019

The brands changed with the President.

by Anonymous reply 125 04/25/2019

r116, you are correct. I confused him with someone else. I don’t think there has ever been any suggestion she had an affair with Clint Hill.

by Anonymous reply 126 04/26/2019

Come on, wouldn’t it be thrilling fun to go shopping, have lunch, fun and then return the items and pocket the cash?

by Anonymous reply 127 04/26/2019

Jackie smoked Salems and Newports before switching to Marlboro Reds in the 70s

by Anonymous reply 128 04/26/2019

Lee smoked Parliaments so she could fill the recessed filter with cocaine.

by Anonymous reply 129 04/26/2019

Funny to think that Jackie smoked Marlboro Reds. Real truck driver cigarettes!

by Anonymous reply 130 04/26/2019

R126: they were den making out in a restaurant a few years after the president was killed and there have been rumours about them having a brief sffsir.

I read his book and he seems to have had a crush on her during his time as her agent.

by Anonymous reply 131 04/26/2019

R128, I’ve read that Jackie smoked L & Ms.

by Anonymous reply 132 04/26/2019

Clint Hill STILL blames himself for not getting to JFK quicker and possibly preventing the third and fatal bullet.

by Anonymous reply 133 04/26/2019

Well, it’s widely written that she became quite the heavy drinker for a time after the assassination, so maybe Clint did get it hit it a few times here and there.

by Anonymous reply 134 04/26/2019
by Anonymous reply 135 04/26/2019

I doubt she would have fucked Clint—he was certainly not hot, and above all, he had no $$$, he was just a working schlub with a guilt complex. She fucked Bobby though —how Ethel must have hated her guts lol.

by Anonymous reply 136 04/26/2019

After your financially secured, does it really matter who you fuck after that? I’d say no! You have enough $$$ to last several life times and now your just having fun.

That’s one of the great things about being independently wealthy.

by Anonymous reply 137 04/27/2019

Was she seasick r102?

by Anonymous reply 138 04/27/2019

The tub was at anchor r102.

The Christina was a craft that looked like a commercial cruise liner.

My mother and the other yacht club ladies were not impressed.

The Christina was moored off the causeway between our golf club and Squaw Island.

It was too big to land in Hyannis harbor.

According to my Mom, Lee was an asshole, drunk and then puked.

Again, I did not have a normal childhood.

by Anonymous reply 139 04/27/2019

R129 that is hilarious! I really wish it was true!

by Anonymous reply 140 04/27/2019

That’s a fabulous story, r139! Do you have any more gossip about Jackie or the Kennedy family from Hyannisport?

by Anonymous reply 141 04/27/2019

What was up with Jackie’s “marathon shopping trips”? Any anecdotes? She obviously knew how to shop but what was a shopping marathon? 6 stores in an afternoon? 12 hours of shopping?

by Anonymous reply 142 04/27/2019

And she wore nothing but jeans!

by Anonymous reply 143 04/27/2019

R142 She resembles Gollum in that photo. Eyes lit up, staring intently at her preecciioouuss!

by Anonymous reply 144 04/27/2019

Well she truly loved her kids. Who cares if she thought anybody else could go to hell?

I give her that and there’s nothing more important.

by Anonymous reply 145 04/27/2019

Oh, of course, r139. Mumsie was not impressed by the Greek billionaire’s yacht! And stop begging for someone to ask about your upbringing. We don’t want to hear the lame results of that creative writing class you wasted money on back in community college.

by Anonymous reply 146 04/27/2019

You mean Brown? The rich man’s community college?

by Anonymous reply 147 04/27/2019

R142 That photo always struck me as hilarious. The greedy excitement in her face!

by Anonymous reply 148 04/27/2019

Jackie loved shopping more than anything, except perhaps smoking cigs.

by Anonymous reply 149 04/27/2019

R149 Jackie was a covetous little gremlin.

by Anonymous reply 150 04/27/2019

Jackie watched her husbands head explode.

by Anonymous reply 151 04/27/2019

What happened to the dress she wore. Was it ever cleaned? Wasn’t it a Chanel or was it a Cassini?

by Anonymous reply 152 04/27/2019

R152, Jackie had worn the pink suit on at least two previous occasions prior to Dallas.

by Anonymous reply 153 04/27/2019

Jacqueline Kennedy was a lesbian and she was the one who had affair with Marilyn Monroe not her gay husband.

by Anonymous reply 154 04/27/2019

Would love to see a movie on Janet, jackie, and lee.

Maybe like what netflix is doing for the crown. Something like that.

by Anonymous reply 155 04/27/2019

The pink suit was designed by Chanel and I think the fabric and buttons were supplied by Chanel, but it was made in the USA.

French couture brands allowed certain high end stores or ateliers to make some their designs and provided fabric and details. It was a way for women who couldn’t travel to Paris every season to still have access to made-to-measure design clothes.

by Anonymous reply 156 04/27/2019

When Jackie lived in the White House she poured over catalogues from the expensive department stores in New York and read the ads every day and ordered a lot of her clothes to be delivered to her. She also had “scouts” who were looking for clothes for her, mainly French brands, and contacted her when they found designs that they thought she would like. All the bills were sent to the Kennedy office in New York.

She went on shopping sprees after she got married to Onassis who gave her a monthly allowance of $30 000. Must have been a small fortune in the 70’s.

After Onassis died and she had to pay for the clothes herself she was very careful with her money. I read an article where a sales person at Halston (?) said something like “Mrs Onassis was on a fixed income and had a budget for clothes and was very careful with what she spent money on and looked around before making a purchase”. Unlike when she was married to Onassis, when she was known to walk into stores and buy every colour available if she liked something.

It’s funny to see how long she used some of her things after Onassis died. She had a two toned Hermès shoulder bag when she was married to Onassis and was seen to use it a lot in the early 1970’s. I recently saw a photo of Jackie a few years before she died – with the same bag.

by Anonymous reply 157 04/28/2019

The pink suit is in storage at the National Archives. IIRC, for some reason it can’t go on display to the public until 100 years after the assassination, so 2063 is the earliest date.

by Anonymous reply 158 04/28/2019

she looks crazed and manic in those shopping photos

by Anonymous reply 159 04/28/2019

R142. it is well-known that Jackie had a scheme going for the entirety of the Onassis marriage whereby she routinely bought huge amounts of coutourier clothing/accessories on Onassis’ dime and then sold the items to high-end consignment shops, pocketing the cash. Items never worn, and going immediately from the houses/stores they were purchased to those second hand shops. That enterprise was the nature of her ongoing shopping sprees. I’ll say it again – chick was talented in the art of the grift.

by Anonymous reply 160 04/28/2019

I always thought that by the 1980s, Jackie’s style of dress had become a bit blah. She was tasteful and appropriate, but not as interesting as she was in the 60s and 70s. I guess it happens to us all with age.

by Anonymous reply 161 04/28/2019

R158, I’ll be 111.

by Anonymous reply 162 04/28/2019

R158, Caroline could overrule that 100 years crap and have it displayed earlier. We weren’t supposed to hear Jackie’s 1964 audio interview with Schlesinger for years, but Caroline decided it should be made public.

In order for the Kennedy legend to survive, never before seen/heard material needs to be made available to the public continuously.

by Anonymous reply 163 04/28/2019

It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind the 100 years ban and who made it. It makes no sense. Would it cause too much pain? Would those in 2063 be less traumatized by it as it would have less of an emotional impact?

by Anonymous reply 164 04/28/2019

Old school courtesan vs. Slavic whore

by Anonymous reply 165 04/28/2019

R164, It’s not as though the pink suit still has JFK’s blood and brain matter all over it. It was cleaned prior to being stored in Janet Auchincloss’ attic and later moved to the National Archives for safekeeping.

by Anonymous reply 166 04/28/2019

It was Jackie who placed the limitations on assassination material being made public.

LBJ placed similar limitations on his oval office recordings, but Lady Bird overruled his wishes and allowed them to be released.

by Anonymous reply 167 04/28/2019

[quote]it is well-known that Jackie had a scheme going for the entirety of the Onassis marriage whereby she routinely bought huge amounts of coutourier clothing/accessories on Onassis’ dime and then sold the items to high-end consignment shops, pocketing the cash.

I bow down in awe at the cleverness of that little money-laundering operation. I have nothing but admiration for Jackie, bitch knew how to pull a grift like nobody’s business.

by Anonymous reply 168 04/28/2019

Lots of women dating/married to wealthy men do the exact same thing jackie did. Its called securing your financial future. She was smart to do what she did.

Jackie was probably able to bank millions through her scheme. Plus on top of that, the huge $26 million dollars settlement she received from christina. And all the other things she probably received throughout the years.

No wonder caroline is set up so nicely and doesn’t have to work or worry about $$$. Jackie made sure her kids would be straight financially. And than there’s those Kennedy trusts everyone has too.

Caroline and her children are well funded.

by Anonymous reply 169 04/28/2019

Funny, I got stuck with parents who did nicely for themselves but were like ‘fuck you kids we’ve made this money for ourselves.’ Which would be fair enough if they hadn’t taken out the bitter unhappiness of their unhappy marriage out on their children.

by Anonymous reply 170 04/28/2019

$26 million was a shit-ton of $$$ in the 70s.

by Anonymous reply 171 04/28/2019

I like to think that every time Alec Baldwin assaults a photographer, Jackie looks down and smiles.

by Anonymous reply 172 04/28/2019

Despite her fashion this broad was so hard on the eyes. Her eyes are a mile apart and she was pretty homely.

by Anonymous reply 173 04/28/2019

Even if you think her homely she was incredibly photogenic.

by Anonymous reply 174 04/28/2019
by Anonymous reply 175 04/28/2019

i don’t get people who say Jackie was ugly, homely etc. the woman certainly had something. An aristocratic bearing? Mystique? She certainly was not unattractive

by Anonymous reply 176 04/28/2019

Cecil Beaton said Lee was much prettier but not nearly as photogenic.

by Anonymous reply 177 04/28/2019

thanks to inflation calculator; $26 million in 1975 would equal $122,848,550.19 in 2019. the bitch was loaded!

by Anonymous reply 178 04/28/2019
by Anonymous reply 179 04/28/2019

Lee looks like Nancy Reagan in that pic.

by Anonymous reply 180 04/28/2019

Big Mama Janet Auchincloss – she had the quickest bitch-slap in the East.

by Anonymous reply 181 04/28/2019

Young Janet and Black Jack Bouvier

by Anonymous reply 182 04/28/2019

Jackie had strong, unusual facial features. The total result was striking and

Lee had more even, classic features. She was pretty, but not as striking.

by Anonymous reply 183 04/28/2019

Blair Brown resembled Jackie the most out of all the TV movie Jackies.

by Anonymous reply 184 04/28/2019

Jackie’s funeral would leave Lee bitter, aware of how deep the rift between her and her sister had become. This was only exacerbated by the reading of Jackie’s thirty-eight-page will the week following, leaving her nothing—not a piece of jewelry, not a trinket, not their father’s writing desk, which Lee had given to Jackie after inheriting it. What was the cause of the animus? Perhaps Jackie had never gotten over her resentment when, in 1984, Janet had bequeathed the proceeds of the sale of her Georgetown town house to Lee. Perhaps Jackie felt that Lee’s marriage to Herbert Ross had left her rich enough that she no longer needed any help from her. Or was there another reason that Jackie so completely snubbed Lee in her final hours? Gore Vidal had gotten to know and to admire Lee’s first husband, Michael Canfield, and as part of his near obsession with Jackie and—to a lesser extent—Lee, he writes that Canfield once confided in him: “There were times when . . . I think [Lee] went perhaps too far, you know? Like going to bed with Jack in the room next to mine in the south of France and then . . . boasting about it.” It’s hard to know if Vidal is telling a truth here, or passing on gossip, or is blinded by his eventual dislike of both sisters, especially Lee. But he had no problem assigning Jackie’s omission of Lee as a kind of revenge, writing, “Now, from the grave, Jackie inserts the knife.” He reports that Jackie once asked him, “Who was it who said ‘Revenge is more sweet than love’?” He goes on to argue that in his opinion, “The one person [Jackie] ever loved, if indeed she was capable of such an emotion, was Bobby Kennedy. As Lee had gone to bed with Jack, symmetry required her to do so with Bobby.” If the suggestion that Lee had had a fling with Jack Kennedy is true and Gore Vidal knew about it, then perhaps that was another reason that Lee did not want to testify against Vidal in his slander suit against Truman Capote. Perhaps he held that over her, and she had more to lose siding with her dear friend than with the contentious, sometimes vicious Gore Vidal. It seems rather churlish of Gore to have helped destroy Lee’s friendship with Truman. But perhaps at the end of the day, Vidal in some sense was family, though the connection was held together by a slender thread. In patrician, well-connected families like the Auchinclosses, the Kennedys, and the Bouviers, family matters.

by Anonymous reply 185 04/28/2019

What was up with JBKO’s ‘Flounder’ eyes. Is this the reason she preferred to hide her eyes behind huge, dark “Sunnys”?

by Anonymous reply 186 04/28/2019

Jackies good friend jayne wrightsman just died at the age of 99. Another bygone era socialite exits the world. That era is definitely closing out.

by Anonymous reply 187 04/28/2019

R186 She looks like scumbucket Ted Kennedy in that photo. Apparently she and Ted were quite chummy. Like calls out to like. Jackie was not only relentlessly greedy but also lacking in any human compassion. When Ari Onassis died in a plane crash his father was grief stricken and Jackie expressed contempt at this. She thought he should just get over it . He wound up flying to NYC to see Maria Callas, in the hopes of being consoled. I think this concerned Jackie because he hadn’t flown to NY in quite some time, she didn’t want to divorce and lose her payday when he finally kicked it.

by Anonymous reply 188 04/28/2019

I always got the impression that Jackie Kennedy Onassis was a very unhappy woman. I think her avarice and greed stemmed from that. She tried to assuage her inner emptiness by buying things, which is not an uncommon thing to do. Betty Broderick, the infamous killer who shot her former husband and his new wife to death, was like that. She shopped and shopped and bought and bought, but none of it helped relieve her depression and agitation. It possibly made her feel better briefly, but that was all. I recall a biographer of Jackie’s saying that although when married to Onassis she spent money like water but there was “no inner, spiritual happiness.” I believe that. Compulsive spenders do seem to be trying to fill a void in their lives by accumulating material things.

by Anonymous reply 189 04/28/2019

She only looked attractive when photographed from the front, and even then she was kind of homely. The profile was wretched, as were her teeth.

by Anonymous reply 190 04/28/2019

Jackie looked like Stewie Griffin.

by Anonymous reply 191 04/28/2019

R49 According to the bok Jack & Jackie, she also took diet pills like candy while pregnant.

by Anonymous reply 192 04/28/2019

The above was supposed to be a response to R59.

by Anonymous reply 193 04/28/2019

What woman didn’t take diet pills back than? Women back than wanted to be rail thin.

by Anonymous reply 194 04/28/2019

all you people suggesting she was ugly; if she were ugly she wouldn’t be remembered and we wouldn’t be talking about her, end of story. r185 Lee’s will just released suggests that in 1975 after Onassis died Janet made a trust for Lee and Jackie and that Jackie relinquished her half of the trust and gave it to Lee because she (Jackie) didn’t need the money, perhaps this is what Jackie meant by in her will that she had already helped Lee in life, In any case, anyone who ever met Lee said what a cunt she was, perhaps Jackie was right in cutting her out of her will and life.

by Anonymous reply 195 04/28/2019

I think Jackie genuinely loved her children and nieces and nephews but I would be surprised if Lee ever loved anyone.

When Alexander died I’m sure Callas felt nothing for the boy as he detested her and made sure she knew it but she was distraught as she saw the affect it had on his father. Onassis knew at the death of his son his entire life had been for nothing and went into a steep decline overnight. I don’t think he even loved poor Christina whose fate in life was to fall in love with worthless gigolos and in spite of constantly popping all kinds of diet pills still look like a middle aged, stout, homely greek peasant woman. All the money in the world couldn’t make her loveable. Her daughter is fortunate that she resembles her attractive grifter father who I believe she cut out of her life.

by Anonymous reply 196 04/28/2019

Interesting article from DM

by Anonymous reply 197 04/28/2019
by Anonymous reply 198 04/28/2019

I didn’t know Jayne Wrightsman died.

by Anonymous reply 199 04/28/2019

Jackie must have REALLY been stupid to go sunbathing in the nude. Photographers were always after her; did she think they would respect her privacy if they saw her sunbathing naked? What an idiot.

by Anonymous reply 200 04/28/2019

R200 Jackie was incredibly arrogant. Her own husband Aristotle hated her so much that he tipped the photographers off . He had reportedly grown weary of her constant demands for him to sue everyone who ever said a word about her. Tabloids went crazy over the photos, referred to as “Jackie’s billion dollar Bush “.

by Anonymous reply 201 04/28/2019

Well allegedly John Jr went naked at a nude beach where some woman managed to take either film or photos of him and sold them to the Kennedy family for a bit of money. Don’t know if it’s true or not but I think if he had wanted to go swimming naked he certainly could have found places to do it privately. Of course then you would miss the whole scene of a nude beach.

by Anonymous reply 202 04/28/2019

R199 Yes jayne wrightsman died on April 20th. There’s a thread for JW.

by Anonymous reply 203 04/28/2019

Athina Roussel married and eventually dumped a Brazilian pussyhound who cheated on her with a call girl for most of their marriage. She didn’t find out until her security staff caught them in bed at her house in Florida. Then, of course, he had the temerity to fight her for alimony.

by Anonymous reply 204 04/28/2019

Of course I’ve read other accounts before as well, but I’m currently reading “Jackie, Janet, and Lee.” This read, along with the others I’ve read (Janet and Jackie) gives me pause to make an unpopular statement. Janet Auchincloss was actually an exceptionally good mother in so many regards. She was very involved in the course of her children’s lives, steering them in the appropriate direction acceptable with their station in life. So smart mouths were slapped here an there. So what? She was decisive and always ready to act when necessary. She even withheld boarding school from the girls until their junior/senior years, and then as a means to jump start their sense of independence. Leverage that fact with Rose Kennedy shipping Jean and Ted off to God knows where at the age of SEVEN!

Janet “Mama Don’t Take No Mess” Auchincloss

by Anonymous reply 205 04/29/2019

I don’t find Janet to be attractive at all, even when younger. Since her father was a wealthy developer, that must have been what Jack Bouvier saw in her.

by Anonymous reply 206 04/29/2019
by Anonymous reply 207 04/29/2019

What’s up with Athina Onassis? Any gossip there? She’s the epitome of “poor little rich girl”. No one is left from her immediate family, and she doesn’t have kids.

by Anonymous reply 208 04/29/2019

Janet wasn’t great looking, I can see the appeal in Black Jack, both Jackie’s parents dressed impeccably and knew how to wear clothes.

by Anonymous reply 209 04/29/2019

She got rid of her wretched but at one time very cute father(if he hadn’t been such a fortune hunter she would have never existed) with 100 million and I’m sure her husband got a nice settlement to make himself scarce after boinking for years the woman he was really attracted to.

Yeah she’s pretty much permanently alone. But she’s got her horses and great homes all over the place with a staff to take care of them. That’s something.

by Anonymous reply 210 04/29/2019

Fast forward to 06:25. A Royal procession to the State Dinner table. The Queen Mum is no doubt a bit “indisposed,” and slightly annoyed to be walking behind a black woman. Who knew that Gary Coleman visited Buckingham Palace? Princess Michael of Cunt is caught doing the Meghan Markle thing.

by Anonymous reply 211 04/29/2019

^^^and yet Jackie Onassis is nowhere to be seen! ??

by Anonymous reply 212 04/29/2019

Sorry, my very first wrong thread post mistake – I was wondering where the hell it went!

by Anonymous reply 213 04/29/2019

Thierry Roussel came from money, including ABORTION drug money and Christina was certainly richer but I wouldn’t say Roussel was exclusively a gigolo.

by Anonymous reply 214 04/29/2019

What the hell is abortion drug money, r214? And why all caps? Abortion is legal.

by Anonymous reply 215 04/29/2019

French family that brought the world an essential drug for chemical abortion – so I put it in CAPS because one assumes they made a huge fortune on it. Not because abortion is scandalous, so calm down you FRAU.

by Anonymous reply 216 04/29/2019

Well, thanks for the clarification r216.. and pardon me for wondering what the hell you meant. we’re no mind readers, even the fraus.

by Anonymous reply 217 04/29/2019

Then why did he go with Christina if he was already rich? Sleeping with her was heavy lifting and only a practiced gigolo could do it. And why did he grab 100 million from his own daughter to leave her alone?

by Anonymous reply 218 04/29/2019

How fucked up for your father to take $100 million dollars from his own child. Some people just can’t help themselves.

by Anonymous reply 219 04/29/2019

He knew how to use a razor. There’s only hair in the right places.

by Anonymous reply 220 04/30/2019

Nice body jr had there.

by Anonymous reply 221 04/30/2019

Something’s not right with the face there. Some plastic surgery? Teeth fixed? Very Italian looking. Like from Queens or Staten Island.

by Anonymous reply 222 05/01/2019

Just finishing up the J Randy Taraborelli book “Jackie, Janet, and Lee.” Concerning Jackie’s omission of a bequest to Lee at her birth, I read that Jackie regularly “helped” Lee financially. Also, it was reported in other publications that Lee was “fobbed off with a million dollars” from Ari Onassis when he traded Lee in for her sister. By the late 70s when Hammersmith Farms was being sold, there was a family meeting called with most children/siblings attending. It was a last ditch effort to keep the estate in the family. Unfortunately, they all looked directly to Jackie to save the property all on her own. Though worth around 100 million dollars by that time (Maurice had made an eight-fold return killing for Jackie via gold futures), Jackie was no fool. She advised that she would be willing to chip in among the others to come up with the $850k Janet and Hughdie needed, but she would not shoulder the burden alone. Bear in mind that although she was raised in the man’s homes, it had always been made perfectly clear to her and Lee that they would NEVER receive any money from him through trust or outright inheritance. Finally, as Janet had been suffering for years with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Lee took advantage of her illness by “helping” Janet to decide to sell her Washington, DC property for $650k. Furthermore, the neurologically ill Janet gave every penny of it to Lee. No one else in the family knew what had transpired between the two until it was over and done with. Jackie found the occurrence to be “highly suspect” on Lee’s part. Lee had grifted from her own Alzheimer’s suffering mother.

by Anonymous reply 223 05/14/2019
by Anonymous reply 224 05/14/2019

Vintage gossip: “Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy. Had a “world-class spending fetish.” Linked with Gianni Agnelli, Warren Beatty, Marlon Brando, Pete Hamill, William Holden, JFK, RFK, Ari Onassis, and Frank Sinatra.”

by Anonymous reply 225 05/14/2019

^ She was a little more than “linked with” JFK and Onassis.

by Anonymous reply 226 05/14/2019

R223 Jackie was very smart not to be the only person to shell out $850K dollars to help save an estate she wasn’t going to inherit from.

I wouldn’t either. Even if I had $26 billion dollars in cash. I’d chip in, but not shoulder the entire burden especially where the stepfather made it perfectly clear that me and my sister weren’t going to receive a dime from the estate.

He should’ve been looking at his own children to help save the family estate. Not his former first lady step daughter. Or was Mr already dead by that point?

by Anonymous reply 227 05/16/2019

And jackie never had $100 million dollars. When she died, her estate was actually valued at $43.7 million dollars. Much more than the $26 million she received in the 1970s. Still a lot of $$ but not $100 million dollars.

And plenty for her to live in peace and have a financial peace of mind.

by Anonymous reply 228 05/16/2019

Isn’t it about time for all of the JFK jr mass hysteria since where approaching the 20 year anniversary of his death along with his wife and sister in law?

I’m sure network tv will have many specials to mark the occasion. Should be interesting.

by Anonymous reply 229 05/16/2019

Couldn’t Jackie have simply bought the estate outright? Then allowed her mother to live there with nurses and then sold it when her mother died? I thought that was the whole idea, to hold onto it for her mother to keep her in her home until she died. Maybe somebody could clear this up for me?

by Anonymous reply 230 05/16/2019

according to the inflation calculator $43 000, 000 in 1994 is equal to $74,146,855.60 today. While Jackie was rich compared to mere mortals, compared to wealthy people of the day, and certainly by todays standards, she wasn’t nearly as wealthy as she appeared. I guess being married to a Kennedy and to Onassis, along with having good taste and manners, made her appear to be wealthier than she was.

by Anonymous reply 231 05/16/2019

I beg to differ. That woman had a hell of a lot more than 43 million. That’s just my opinion

by Anonymous reply 232 05/16/2019

Perhaps Jackie had no interest in saving Hammersmith Farm, clearly she didn’t. Perhaps she associated the place with bad memories? By all accounts Janet was a difficult woman and a critical mother, who knows what their relationship really was? After all Jackie had gone through I think her number one goal in life was self preservation through money. The cost of the upkeep of those kind of houses can be enormous, I don’t blame Jackie for not buying the house just to appease her mother even though she could well afford it, if she had no vested emotional interest in the estate and Janet had always been cold and aloof, why bother? Hammersmith Farm probably represented a painful past for Jackie that she didn’t want to revisit, so she moved on.

by Anonymous reply 233 05/16/2019

I beg to differ. That woman had a hell of a lot more than 43 million. That’s just my opinion

I agree. She probably had clever accountants and lawyers, along with Tempelsman, conceal and hide assets and money in trusts and offshore accounts, a tricky estate plan, selling property to her children for a small nominal fee to avoid death taxes etc. She probably had 43 million in cash and 100 million in assets

by Anonymous reply 234 05/16/2019

I just thought Jackie had loved her mother enough to do it. Clearly then she had very ambivalent feelings about her.

by Anonymous reply 235 05/16/2019

Janet Lee Bouvier Auchincloss was by all accounts a nasty, ice-cold bitch. Nobody liked her. She was not a good mother to Jackie or Lee. She was lucky they helped her at all in her old age.

by Anonymous reply 236 05/16/2019

So basically Lee was completely broke? And she needed jackie and her mother to help keep her in the money? She was basically keeping up appearances and her entire wealthy socialite persona was just smoke and mirrors?

If so, she played it well.

by Anonymous reply 237 05/16/2019

reading between the lines I think Janet was the cause of most of her daughters insecurities. Her snobbery, obsession with appearances and money and status ruined both Jackie and Lee’s lives. It turned them into shallow, superficial bitches, Jackie had the intelligence and insight to somewhat rise above and overcome her mothers petty snobbery, later in life, Lee never did. Black Jack seemed to be the nurturer in the family but he too had his problems. You could also argue that Janet’s snobbery propelled Jackie’s ambition, but was it all worth it? Lee became her nasty, pretentious, shallow mother in the end, though probably not all of her own making. Lee seemed to be very unhappy most of her life, and very bitter, she never fulfilled the expectations their mother drilled into them from birth, and it destroyed her.

by Anonymous reply 238 05/16/2019

R126 – one of Edward Klein’s books, Just Jackie, has a chapter in which an unnamed source claims to have seen Jackie and Clint kissing at a restaurant in 1964. That being said, I would take anything Klein writes with a pinch of salt. (For example, the book also features a description of Jackie at baby Patrick’s funeral – which she didn’t actually attend, as she was still in hospital.)

by Anonymous reply 239 05/16/2019

Read the book, R236. You’ll be surprised to find out just how wrong you are. Janet Auchincloss was actually a very good mother to her children. She was fiercely protective of them, especially her daughters. Jackie loved her mother very much. Though the big house and 90 of the 100 acres were sold to outside investors, Janet still retained two homes on the property and 10 acres. The Lighthouse was sort of a small bachelor’s pad. She moved into The Castle which is a big house on the property and she still required live in help including a majordomo, a few maids, and a cook – a groundskeeper too. Hughdie died a few years later, so Jackie probably had the foresight that it would be time for her mother to downsize a bit.

by Anonymous reply 240 05/16/2019

^^^children cant help but to love their parents, even when they’re monsters

by Anonymous reply 241 05/16/2019

All of these people are endlessly fascinating to me. Let’s keep this going.

by Anonymous reply 242 05/16/2019

I bet that alligator skin bag Janet has in the R240 picture coast an arm and a leg. Wonder what brand it was.

by Anonymous reply 243 05/16/2019

You could buy an excellent new car with what a label alligator bag would cost you.

While I object to fur alligator is worth it. God I hate those monsters but their skin makes a wonderful material.

by Anonymous reply 244 05/16/2019

Her hair, under the bouffants and the falls, was a concern.

by Anonymous reply 245 05/16/2019

I’ve often noticed that, for the first year or two her marriage to Ari, Jackie was RADIANT. She looked so sexualized it was almost embarrassing. I’m sure sex with Jack was wham/bam.

by Anonymous reply 246 05/16/2019

Ari looks so repulsive but he seems to have had no problems keeping women in his thrall.

by Anonymous reply 247 05/16/2019

r240 Janet Auchincloss being a nasty bitch has been verified in numerous sources. She was rather imperious with Jackie and Lee and they had lots of issues.

by Anonymous reply 248 05/16/2019

Sorry I meant cost.

by Anonymous reply 249 05/16/2019

exactly r248, r240 was the first time I’ve heard anything nice said about Janet.

by Anonymous reply 250 05/16/2019
by Anonymous reply 251 05/16/2019

Clint Hill is still around in his late 80s. Recently active on instagram.

by Anonymous reply 252 05/17/2019

A society debutante marrying well was the whole point back in time. It’s a bit quaint and no longer a given for women of that “class”. Perhaps not a lot to be admired but definitely what many women were raised to do at in days gone by. “Escorts/models” who hang in certain watering holes in Manhattan looking for johns are another matter- particularly those who put up web sites that are all lies (graduate with an architectural degree (lol) that later have to be taken down- once she’s made her best john her husband. THAT is what our First Lady was- she certainly has up graded her style and presentation- although when she opens her mouth out comes other peoples words (plagiarism) or just stupidity as level that astonishes. I wonder what her technical skills were as an immigrant that justified her citizenship? Tee hee. In my lifetime I never thought I would see the circus at the top of our gov’t that is going on now. And this buffoon con man who all serious NYers avoided as best they could for decades (think Roy Cohn, John Gotti etc) bullshits his way to reality TV and POTUS.

by Anonymous reply 253 05/17/2019

Did you meet Jackie or Lee or any of the other Bouvier/Kennedy/Onassis family, Charlie?

by Anonymous reply 254 05/17/2019

[quote] Boys are not fully formed at 16, not physically, emotionally or intellectually,

My ass would say otherwise

by Anonymous reply 255 05/17/2019

R254-,yes, both Mrs O and the Princess. Lee, far as I could tell, was a brittle not particularly nice woman- she definitely had substance abuse problems on and off. Mrs O was very nice (to everyone), bright, funny and all together lovely person- from my perspective. My Mom knew Jackie (same clubs in NYC). And a couple of my siblings knew Caroline (younger brother who was at Harvard sane time as Caroline) and Joe (Bobby’s eldest) quite well. One of my brothers in-law was Joes roommate at Milton Academy. My sister went to Milton as well- sweet hearts- married that brother in law. Met JFK Jr at the NYU Cole gym- a very nice guy and as handsome a fellow as I ever met. We had enough in common background wise to make small talk. My Mom liked Mrs O, but could not stand the Kennedy brothers. I recall her pointing out to me a town house Beekman Place when I was a teenager and saying it was where Joe Sr and his sons housed and caroused with women.

by Anonymous reply 256 05/17/2019

RE Janet Auchincloss

Okay. Imagine you have a boss at work who no one seems to like very much because he/she makes you do you work. He/she sees to it that you and all the other workers he/she is responsible for have everything you all need to perform your work to the best of your ability. This boss is no nonsense, and not the talkative personable type. He/she is all about taking care of business. Therefore, you will also be taking care of business at all times. You come to work one morning to find there are people cleaning out their desks – some of them are crying, and some of them are pissed off. They’ve just gotten the boot for productivity issues. A whole bunch of them are fired that day as the company takes the opportunity to “right size.” Lo and behold, neither YOU nor any of the folks on your team working under that boss which no one seems to like have been booted. You’re safe – your jobs are secure. Why? Because though on the surface your boss seemed like a real shit, but underneath he/she was only navigating his tight ship with the foresight to understand that his approach would make all the difference at some point. He cared, and YOU had a damned good boss even if you never knew it.

This is Janet Auchincloss. She took care of business where her daughters were concerned. She made sure that they did all the things that were expected of them to perpetuate success in various areas of their young lives. She set the bar and instilled in them the necessity for meeting the goal. This woman knew through her own experience that a life with money and advantages were far more preferable than a life without. She knew that her husband would not provide for her adult daughters in the same way he would for his own adult children. The burden of responsibility for ensuring her daughters’ financial well-being rested squarely on HER shoulders, alone. Just as her husband, Hugh Dudley Auchincloss, would not provide for her daughters, neither would her father – their grandfather – James T Lee. Janet suffered a lot of emotional and verbal abuse from the men in her life. Her father did not mince words with her, and he was always telling her that she was stupid, worthless, a liability etc. He was distant. Need we go into her suffering as a result of her marriage to Black Jack Bouvier? It was the men in this woman’s life who made her tough, being described by more than once source as “the formidable Janet.” From what I’ve read, and I’ve read a lot more books besides the one I’ve just finished, I deduce that she was simply a very strong character who knew what had to be done and did it.

Janet Auchincloss had lots of good friends, and there were many who thought and spoke highly of her. So she pulled a kitchen knife on a particularly insubordinate maid – it only demonstrated that she was ready to tango if the maid wanted to take it that far. Her servants regarded her very well, indeed. She left $30k each to the two daughters of her groundskeeper for college. She only left $25k to her last husband, Bingham “Booch” Morris. Booch. Jackie hated him with a passion because she believed that he mistreated her mother regularly. There was one occasion where one of Jackie’s colleagues at Double Day walked into her office to find her frustrated and in the midst of a crying jag. She had just gotten off the phone, and was gathering her things to leave the office post haste. Per the colleague’s recollection, Jackie was traveling directly to Newport so that she could rescue her mother because of something awful Booch had done to her. Her worry for her mother’s welfare was great and never diminished. Furthermore, it was noted that at her mother’s funeral, Jackie had been inconsolable as she went off to a corner to cry alone. Janet’s good friend Oatsie Charles went to her and hugged her to find that “. she went stiff as a board in my arms and then looked at me as if she had never seen me before in her life.” Jackie was 60 years old at that time. She composed herself when she had to leave the funeral home.

by Anonymous reply 257 05/17/2019

Hi, I just heard about this lady from the olden days. I don’t see what the big deal is about her. But it must have been horrible to have the presidents brains blown all over her. Our teacher told us she didn’t even change her clothes. Gross!

by Anonymous reply 258 05/17/2019

A mutually devoted mother/daughter duo as any other

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