Jamie Lee Curtis s New Face

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Jamie Lee Curtis’s New Face

by Anonymous reply 220 01/19/2019

She looks good for 80

by Anonymous reply 1 01/07/2019

It’s not her face; it’s her Bride of Frankenstein hair. And there’s way too much white going on there. It’s not doing her any favors.

by Anonymous reply 2 01/07/2019

Come on, and join the living!

by Anonymous reply 3 01/07/2019

She looks like Mary Worth.

by Anonymous reply 4 01/07/2019

She’s a man, baby! Seriously, that’s the kind of PS men usually end up with. Too tight around the eyes. I think her hair takes color like men’s hair does, which is to say, not well, so she’s sticking with the white. Wear some lip color, bitch. Jesus.

by Anonymous reply 5 01/07/2019

The hair is definitely the worst thing, as for her face I think she just gained weight. I’m guessing she’s been over indulging on booze and food over the holidays. My face gets that delightfully puffy no eyes look when I do that too. She probably doesn’t care what people think .

by Anonymous reply 6 01/07/2019

omg. when did she get so fucking old!

by Anonymous reply 7 01/07/2019

I thought she looked stunning. But not in a good way.

by Anonymous reply 8 01/07/2019

those horror movies scared the life out of her!

by Anonymous reply 9 01/07/2019

She looks like Dame Edna.

by Anonymous reply 10 01/07/2019

Someone on twitter wrote that she looked like the $5,000 prize wheel on wheel of fortune.

by Anonymous reply 11 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 12 01/07/2019

Mary Worth. wow, I haven’t heard that in years.. old comic strip.

by Anonymous reply 13 01/07/2019

she looks like Chinchita!

by Anonymous reply 14 01/07/2019

She’s FUCKING with us!

by Anonymous reply 15 01/07/2019

Never thought she’d be going the Barbara Bush route, though.

by Anonymous reply 16 01/07/2019

I guess it’s empowerment of aging naturally, without any surgery.. her statement. Look at Brigitte Bardot, and many older British actresses.

by Anonymous reply 17 01/07/2019

That color and style are not at all flattering for her. She’s only 60.

by Anonymous reply 18 01/07/2019

She looks like Barbara Bush now..

by Anonymous reply 19 01/07/2019

Also we’re used to seeing her with some bangs to soften and minimize the forehead, and here it’s totally off her forehead

by Anonymous reply 20 01/07/2019

“Honey, I can’t find the Oscar invite, did you see it anywhere?”

by Anonymous reply 21 01/07/2019

On one hand it’s amazing the statement she is making by having a decidedly non-Hollywood look not full of botex, fillers, hair color, and weaves like some (looking at you Melanie Griffith and Goldie Hawn).

On the other hand, Hollywood or not it’s not necessary to look like Mary Worth at 60. That is just not a good look for anyone. Maybe she’s just over it and gave up.

by Anonymous reply 22 01/07/2019

Put a cigar in her mouth and she’s a Teamster.

by Anonymous reply 23 01/07/2019

of course she has fillers in her cheeks, are you people blind. Isn’t it rumoured that she is intersex?

by Anonymous reply 24 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 25 01/07/2019

R23- you’re going to have me laughing all day.

by Anonymous reply 26 01/07/2019

R24, it is. I believe she has androgen insensitivity disorder.

She’s aged like a man, but it a woman. Have fun, transgenders!

by Anonymous reply 27 01/07/2019

well she still looks like chinchita to me. she lived to be 125 years old too.

by Anonymous reply 28 01/07/2019

no, I’m serious, I read years ago that she has both male and female chromosomes, and characteristics of being intersex, a shallow vagina but no uterus or ovaries, and a masculinised face and body, thus why her children are adopted.

by Anonymous reply 29 01/07/2019

it’s the cut, not the colour, she needs to grow it and add a fringe ala. Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada or Carmen Dell’Orefice

by Anonymous reply 30 01/07/2019

One of the cases when 2 beautiful people conceive an average looking child. At least she was never out and out homely. Though is she racially and sexually transitioning?

by Anonymous reply 31 01/07/2019

She looks like Candice Bergen!

by Anonymous reply 32 01/07/2019

She had an amazing body..

by Anonymous reply 33 01/07/2019

Amazing what silicone tits can do for a figure.

by Anonymous reply 34 01/07/2019

I think she’s saying goodbye!

by Anonymous reply 35 01/07/2019

Like everything except the make up is all wrong.

by Anonymous reply 36 01/07/2019

don’t insult Candice Bergen

by Anonymous reply 37 01/07/2019

She gained a few pounds and lost her damn chin.

Return the chin, by diet or knife, and she’ll look like herself again.

by Anonymous reply 38 01/07/2019

To me it looks weird that her hair is white but her eyebrows are dark blonde. I’d like to see more color in her hair. She doesn’t have to go full brown, but a blonde color or even a brown salt-and-pepper color would look good.

She has two prominent bulges in her upper cheeks. Looks like filler or maybe implants.

by Anonymous reply 39 01/07/2019

Janet Leigh aged very harshly, too. Tony Curtis was also a very unattractive old guy. It’s in her genes anyway, and I think she was a smoker and sun-worshipper when young (not to mention the drugs).

All in all, she doesn’t look too bad for a 60-year-old with her history. I mean, she could be Melanie Griffith.

by Anonymous reply 40 01/07/2019

A nice blank canvas for a TEAM of stylists & makeup ARTISTS.

by Anonymous reply 41 01/07/2019

She has cankles

by Anonymous reply 42 01/07/2019

She lost her chin and gained Barbara Bush hair.

What a fucked up trade at “Bodies Are Us”

by Anonymous reply 43 01/07/2019

She looks like Ellen Corby.

by Anonymous reply 44 01/07/2019

Ellen Corby was much sexier.

by Anonymous reply 45 01/07/2019

Was Ellen Corby ever not old?

by Anonymous reply 46 01/07/2019

Some people have an old look, even young. I’ve seen Ellen Corby in movies from the 40’s, and she still looks like Grandma Walton, without the grey hair.

by Anonymous reply 47 01/07/2019

Looks like a resin cast with a lot of foundation.

by Anonymous reply 48 01/07/2019

She looks like Ann. Richards.

by Anonymous reply 49 01/07/2019

Remember that she was born male/female. The male part of her has taken over. It’s like one of her horror movies. but in real life.

by Anonymous reply 50 01/07/2019

Maybe she’s up for a Golden Girls film role that hasn’t been announced yet. Freida Claxton perhaps?

I remember seeing her in publicity shots for the recent Halloween sequel & I didn’t recognize her at all with this new look.

by Anonymous reply 51 01/07/2019

If she’s trying to hide from Michael Myers then she’s doing a bang up job of it. He’d pass right by her.

by Anonymous reply 52 01/07/2019

Men don’t wrinkle as soon, or as badly, as do women.

I am only 3 years younger than her and have 5% of her wrinkles. But, I never was a sun worshiper, never smoked or drank, and I’m fat, so my face is full.

by Anonymous reply 53 01/07/2019

She has fillers in her cheeks and chin. She just didn’t bother with botox. Maybe the wrinkles are too deep for that. There’s only so much botox can do. She looks ridiculous.

by Anonymous reply 54 01/07/2019

[quote]On one hand it’s amazing the statement she is making by having a decidedly non-Hollywood look not full of botex, fillers, hair color, and weaves like some

On the contrary: It appears that she’s had [bold]all[/bold] of these done – and all done wrong!

by Anonymous reply 55 01/07/2019

Here she is on Irish tv back in October 2018, she looks good here.

by Anonymous reply 56 01/07/2019

She looks a more mannish Ellen there r56 Not sure that is what I would call “looking good”.

by Anonymous reply 57 01/07/2019

She’s clearly a smoker.

by Anonymous reply 58 01/07/2019

Gasp, she aged. Why would she do that? Doesn’t she know remaining young and beautiful forever would’ve been the best way to remain a star in Hollywood? Fucking idiot.

by Anonymous reply 59 01/07/2019

That’s actually not true R53. My parents are the same age and my father is wrinkled but my mother isn’t. The difference is that my father is a sun worshipper and a smoker.

by Anonymous reply 60 01/07/2019

R16 – literally made me laugh out loud. I knew there was someone she resembled. Now that’s all I can see.

by Anonymous reply 61 01/07/2019

She looked fierce in the white gown. But that hair didn’t do her any favors. She looks 80. But I think Jamie passed up giving a fuck years ago.

by Anonymous reply 62 01/07/2019

Looks like a zombie version of DL fave Mitzi Gaynor.

by Anonymous reply 63 01/07/2019

With the snowflake earrings & winter outfit, she can now be Snow Miser’s latest beard. He ain’t gay folks.

by Anonymous reply 64 01/07/2019

There is a Yoda-like look to the face. needs steaming.

by Anonymous reply 65 01/07/2019

The monochromatic bronze/beige makeup is awful, and the televangelist hair didn’t help matters.

by Anonymous reply 66 01/07/2019

Why in the world are people here so worked up? She looks like a 60 year old person looks.

by Anonymous reply 67 01/07/2019

r61-When she came onscreen, I gasped- “She’s the younger, sexier, thinner Barbara Bush”. EVERYONE laughed because it’s true.

by Anonymous reply 68 01/07/2019

R67 Hi Jamie! Loved your latest thriller!

P.S. You do look like an 80 year old slimmed down Barbara Bush.

Was that the look you were going for?

by Anonymous reply 69 01/07/2019

She should have been chased down the street with paintball guns!

by Anonymous reply 70 01/07/2019

cunting never dies

by Anonymous reply 71 01/07/2019

I thought that it was a photoshop until I googled it. her face is wrecked

by Anonymous reply 72 01/07/2019

She looks just fine- good in fact. It’s called aging and it will happen to all of you. And you will probably not age as well as she has.

by Anonymous reply 73 01/07/2019

It looks like she was sitting in front a giant stereo and it blew her hair and face back.

by Anonymous reply 74 01/07/2019

She looks good, she looks natural. Wrinkling runs in her family if you look up her mother. Her hair is great and I don’t think she smokes either. What a bunch of evil queens if these posts aren’t posts of straight people pretending to be down and out sour queens.

by Anonymous reply 75 01/07/2019

Makes me nostalgic for the old MadTV sketches where Mo Collins did Barbara Bush.

by Anonymous reply 76 01/07/2019

Yeah r76, doing Vagina Monologues, that was hilarious.

by Anonymous reply 77 01/07/2019

I applaud her for looking like a real 60 year old woman, but man that’s a rough 60.

by Anonymous reply 78 01/07/2019

The hair is awful, idk what the fuck her stylist was thinking. The dress is fine if a bit costumey.

by Anonymous reply 79 01/07/2019

Does she still have diarrhea, the reason for her promoting Activia yogurt?

by Anonymous reply 80 01/07/2019

She looks like Rachel Maddow’s grandma.

by Anonymous reply 81 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 82 01/07/2019

That’s her Baroness Haden-Guest face

by Anonymous reply 83 01/07/2019

Do she and Baron Haden-Guest live in UK, at least part of the time?

by Anonymous reply 84 01/07/2019

Now I know where I have seen her look before.

by Anonymous reply 85 01/07/2019

Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Jamie Lee walked out on stage to present the award with her original Halloween co-stars, PJ Soles and Nancy Loomis. All of them dressed in similar long gowns with their hair all done up. I don’t know why she was presenting with Ben Stiller.

by Anonymous reply 86 01/07/2019

Her new look makes me think of Gary Oldman in Dracula.

by Anonymous reply 87 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 88 01/07/2019

I guess I do look great for 60.

by Anonymous reply 89 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 90 01/07/2019

After the yogurt commercials go down the drain, she’s going for Polident $$$

by Anonymous reply 91 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 92 01/07/2019

Think I’m going to pick the wrinkles over the options at R53.

by Anonymous reply 93 01/07/2019

I think both Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis aged well. They got old looking which is sad because they were both beautiful but they didn’t look scary like their daughter.

by Anonymous reply 94 01/07/2019

She needs to do the Ann Richards story pronto and get that Oscar she got robbed for in “Fish Called Wanda” long ago.

by Anonymous reply 95 01/07/2019

R94 please no one hate me, but. I just watched an episode of ‘The Love Boat!’ Yes, it’s true! Janet Leigh’s character was playing Jamie’s characters mom.

by Anonymous reply 96 01/07/2019

Everyone Is Going Crazy for Jamie Lee Curtis’s Golden Globe Look Caroline Picard Town & CountryJanuary 7, 2019, 1:09 AM GMT

Jamie Lee Curtis showed up at the 2019 Golden Globes tonight looking like an ice queen – and Twitter is absolutely loving it.

by Anonymous reply 97 01/07/2019

She gives me a boner. Foxy!

by Anonymous reply 98 01/07/2019

Boy George had the same look over 30 years ago!

by Anonymous reply 99 01/07/2019

As bizarre as Jamie Lee looked last night I still love her. I have a feeling she’s not taking this look too seriously and was probably just having fun being glamorous on Golden Globe night. She doesn’t seem as vain as most actresses.

by Anonymous reply 100 01/07/2019

She might be on steroids for arthritis or some other illness. Her make up is terrible, and her hair color is too severe. I’d tone everything down. Candice Bergen looks great, but was on drugs for health issues which bulked her up but she seems to be slimming down. Jamie’s full sister Kelly is actually beautiful. I went to school with her.

by Anonymous reply 101 01/07/2019

Her breasts looked strange under that dress, too.

by Anonymous reply 102 01/07/2019

Face has been stretched and powdered.

by Anonymous reply 103 01/07/2019

‘Men don’t wrinkle as soon, or as badly, as do women.”

Total and utter nonsense. Viggo, 60, every bit as wrinkly.

by Anonymous reply 104 01/07/2019

She has a horrible stylist. Her face isn’t pretty enough to get away with that hairstyle. She also looks like she has too many fillers and much to much makeup. She needs to wear bold colors if she’s going to go with white hair. White washes her out. She doesn’t look great for her age, but not terrible either.

by Anonymous reply 105 01/07/2019

What would have made it more modern, is if they did a faux-hawk to go with the strong squared shoulders.

by Anonymous reply 106 01/07/2019

Just saw her in Columbo.

by Anonymous reply 107 01/07/2019

This is what a Power Face looks like bitches. Stretching and injecting is for slaves.

by Anonymous reply 108 01/07/2019

Christmas With the Crinkled.

by Anonymous reply 109 01/07/2019

I’m surprised OP didn’t title the thread “Last Sad Old Days of .

by Anonymous reply 110 01/07/2019
by Anonymous reply 111 01/07/2019

No r93, I lead a very interesting life, particularly in my youth. I had experiences I can assure you, no one here has had. But never enjoyed sitting in the sun, nor did I drink more than the occasional glass of wine. I believe Jamie Lee Curtis was a drug addict. That would account for being more wrinkled than my 77 year old mother.

by Anonymous reply 112 01/07/2019

I’m not sold that she has fillers. Here’s a picture from the recent past.

by Anonymous reply 113 01/07/2019

A different comparison.

by Anonymous reply 114 01/07/2019

And one from her young days. Obviously, her cheeks and chin look pretty full, that’s why I’m thinking maybe no fillers? I’m not an expert though.

by Anonymous reply 115 01/07/2019

Her cheeks look extra-puffy in OP’s photo. Here’s a photo of dad Tony Curtis in the later part of his life.

by Anonymous reply 116 01/07/2019

As she ages, she’s looking more like her dad and less like her mom. Yes, the hairstyle is unfortunate- something less severe to soften the facial structure would probably be advantageous.

by Anonymous reply 117 01/07/2019

She looks like a mob wife.

by Anonymous reply 118 01/07/2019

She’s only 60 but looks like 85

by Anonymous reply 119 01/07/2019

She’s embracing aging but damn, she’s overdoing it. That white hair and outfit made her 20 years older. She needs to see Helen Mirren’s people.

by Anonymous reply 120 01/07/2019

That’s a rough looking 60 who never used sunscreen. and who smoked and smiled way too much. Stop smiling!

by Anonymous reply 121 01/07/2019

She turned 60 on Nov 22nd. She looks a lot older than “just turned 60.” At least in OP link photo she does. I don’t know if she’s a smoker but she sure looks like one. Anyway, I always liked her.

by Anonymous reply 122 01/07/2019

Didn’t see your post before I posted R121.

by Anonymous reply 123 01/07/2019

She should have shot whoever talked her into going with that look.

by Anonymous reply 124 01/07/2019

She’s an older woman and unfortunately that means she is less photogenic than she used to be. It happens to everyone at some point. That, combined with a bad angle, are not doing her too many favors but I do think people are being hard on her for being what she is – an older woman.

by Anonymous reply 125 01/07/2019

And all the bullshit idiots keep telling others to age gracefully. Well she does and she looks like shit 😂

by Anonymous reply 126 01/07/2019

She looks so smug when she should be embarrassed. Isn’t her husband gay?

by Anonymous reply 127 01/08/2019

Always liked Jamie. She puts a smile on my face.

by Anonymous reply 128 01/08/2019

She looks a lot older than 60. It’s the hair, it’s too harsh for her age. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is only 3 years younger and looks fantastic, even after having had cancer. Jamie-lee needs a softer look and she’ll look fine.

by Anonymous reply 129 01/08/2019

I am [italic]gone[/italic] thanks to R11 and R87.

by Anonymous reply 130 01/08/2019

Jaime always exudes supreme confidence. I wonder if it’s real, or acting.

by Anonymous reply 131 01/08/2019

You’re all so mean to my Jamie. I hope she whips her dick out and smacks you all with it.

by Anonymous reply 132 01/08/2019

I still think it’s just weight gain or water retention puffing her up, especially given her puffy ankles. I hope she’s not having heart issues, that can cause that too.

by Anonymous reply 133 01/08/2019

She does R131. I’ve always loved that about her. It doesn’t exclude, either. It’s a very open kind of confidence, personally it gives me self-confidence too, although I am a very different person from Jamie. It’s as if she’s saying: “You are who you are, honey. It’s ok. Now what is it you wanna do? Just do it”.

by Anonymous reply 134 01/08/2019

Looks like a normal aging face to me. I want to see her whole dress, it looks pretty.

by Anonymous reply 135 01/08/2019

I thought she looked good in her short grey cut. Honestly, she’s looked like a glam butch lesbian always. But this is a travesty. Hopefully she went home later and got shook out and back to normal.

But then she’d be great in a remake as a female version of Vlad Dracula, and they wouldn’t even have spend much on makeup.

by Anonymous reply 136 01/08/2019

Obviously the plastic surgery addicts are here, insisting that JLC had bad plastic surgery. No, she doesn’t give a fuck what you morons say. When she feels like she needs some surgery., she will get it. I don’t think she will let you dimwits make her decision for her.

by Anonymous reply 137 01/08/2019

[quote]Amazing what silicone tits can do for a figure.

They are real. Just google and see, though I’m sure you an expert on the matter.

by Anonymous reply 138 01/08/2019

She’s 60, but has the facial lines of someone eighty. Or even ninety.

by Anonymous reply 139 01/08/2019

No, r135. I’m 69 and my best friend is 71, and we have almost zero lines and wrinkles.

by Anonymous reply 140 01/08/2019

Jamie Lee Curtis is a LESBIAN.

by Anonymous reply 141 01/08/2019

She looks good. She’s transitioned successfully into her matron look.

by Anonymous reply 142 01/08/2019

I mean. she’s 100 years old AND looks good, OP.

by Anonymous reply 143 01/08/2019

What fillers do you and your best friend use R140?

by Anonymous reply 144 01/08/2019

I’m 50 and she looks like she could be my grandmother

by Anonymous reply 145 01/08/2019
by Anonymous reply 146 01/08/2019

I take that back. Her dress is slit up to her crotch. No respectable matron would do something that age inappropriate.

by Anonymous reply 147 01/08/2019

Did you notice how Patricia Arquette completely ignored Jamie Lee when she went up to receive her award?

by Anonymous reply 148 01/08/2019

R148 is there a feud between them or something?

by Anonymous reply 149 01/08/2019

Jamie’s job now is portraying old women, why can’t sure look like one? She’s a character actress now.

by Anonymous reply 150 01/08/2019

Did Ann Richards and Elaine Stritch make a baby?

by Anonymous reply 151 01/08/2019

R149 I don’t know. I just noticed that she completely ignored her and gave Ben Stiller all the attention. Maybe she is jealous over Halloween.

by Anonymous reply 152 01/08/2019

There’s nothing wrong with that R150. As a young (relatively attractive) woman I toyed with the idea of acting, character acting being the draw. Preferably comedy. Young or old, those are the most interesting and sometimes memorable parts. I basically wanted to be Julie Walters as The Tea Lady.

by Anonymous reply 153 01/08/2019

Oops, meant The waitress.

by Anonymous reply 154 01/08/2019

Always thought of Jamie as a character actress anyway. Those are my favourite and the ones that make my movie enjoyable.

by Anonymous reply 155 01/08/2019

R147 Give her a break, she just wanted everyone to see her juicy cunt.

by Anonymous reply 156 01/08/2019

Looks like she hopes to be taking over Jeane Cooper’s role in Young and Restless

by Anonymous reply 157 01/08/2019

I can give her my beauty tips.

by Anonymous reply 158 01/08/2019

Not just drugs but meth or something like that, right? Base? Julia Philips wrote years ago of seeing her at a party and Jamie Lee thanking her for saving her life (when Julia thought she was giving advice for her father).

by Anonymous reply 159 01/08/2019
by Anonymous reply 160 01/08/2019

Wth? She looked fine when she was promoting Halloween in October.

As full of herself as always, but she looked fine.

by Anonymous reply 161 01/08/2019

I think she looks rather elegant. Seriously, she looks like a secure, aging woman, and I applaud her.

by Anonymous reply 162 01/08/2019

I want to suck her 10 inch shenis.

by Anonymous reply 163 01/08/2019

I think she looks fab

by Anonymous reply 164 01/08/2019

Stop shitting all over her.

by Anonymous reply 165 01/08/2019

[quote]I just noticed that she (Patricia Arquette) completely ignored her and gave Ben Stiller all the attention.

She owes her Golden Globe to Ben Stiller, that’s why.

by Anonymous reply 166 01/08/2019

As much as I love her and the HALLOWEEN franchise, it doesn’t have a choreographed disco routine 2/3rds of the way through as she was camptastic in the original Prom Night.

by Anonymous reply 167 01/08/2019

And then she went home, scrubbed off the make up, yanked off the wig, lit a cigar, and relaxed.

by Anonymous reply 168 01/08/2019

Something really changed in her face between the picture at r56 and the Golden Globes. It’s not just the hair color and bad styling.

I’m thinking maybe too much filler and/or recent plastic surgery.

by Anonymous reply 169 01/08/2019
by Anonymous reply 170 01/08/2019

R170 lmao, spot on. Burst out laughing. 😂😂😂😂

by Anonymous reply 171 01/08/2019
by Anonymous reply 172 01/08/2019

Perhaps if she’d worn a contrasting color instead of the white that, combined with the exact same shade of her hair, made her look like a tampon.

by Anonymous reply 173 01/08/2019
by Anonymous reply 174 01/08/2019

Damn, she starting to look like Mac’s mom.

by Anonymous reply 175 01/09/2019

She could have had the same hair and makeup, as wrong headed as they were, and a different outfit with some color, and it would have made a world of difference. Or, kept the outfit and had different makeup and (especially) hair.

The combination of all three was disastrous. Her wrinkles are fine, and good for her for not having work done, but that complete “look” was dreadful.

by Anonymous reply 176 01/09/2019

Here Jamie is some hairstyle advice so take your pick =

by Anonymous reply 177 01/09/2019

The problem is she looks 80 not 60.

by Anonymous reply 178 01/09/2019
by Anonymous reply 179 01/09/2019

I don’t know if there wil be another Halloween sequel, but I would love to see her battle Michael Myers with this new look. Laurie Strode becomes an heir to billions and that is what she would look like. Michael Myers would kill off her wealthy friends.

by Anonymous reply 180 01/10/2019

She looks like Irene Ryan when she was out of costume as Granny and all glammed up.

by Anonymous reply 181 01/10/2019

Why was she so cunty to Ben Stiller at the GGs?

He pointed out the Halloween ’18 was the biggest opener for a movie starring a woman over 55 and she was like, “Okay.” And seemed offended. No thank you.

Yet she tweeted/instagrammed about this after Halloween’s opening weekend.

Was she pissed she didn’t get to toot her own horn?

by Anonymous reply 182 01/11/2019

I love Jamie but she can be a bitch.

by Anonymous reply 183 01/12/2019

Bring back the Peter Pan hair, girl. Bangs conceal male pattern baldness.

by Anonymous reply 184 01/12/2019

[Quote] I don’t know if there wil be another Halloween sequel, but I would love to see her battle Michael Myers with this new look.

I think a sequel was confirmed. And she was pretty badass in her fight scene on Scream Queens.

by Anonymous reply 185 01/12/2019

The shocker is that she looked like this just four years ago. It’s a huge change in a short time.

by Anonymous reply 186 01/12/2019

Four years, look wise, is a long time, especially when you are older R186. You are not going to see much difference between someone at 28 and 32 year old, but when they are in their fifties the difference of four years can be startling.

by Anonymous reply 187 01/12/2019

I watched one of the interviews with her on the original Halloween blu-ray and she came off as kind of arrogant. She seemed to be putting down doing horror films in the past and acting like she was too good to be doing them anymore. She even said “I live a full life now” in response to a question about her interest in horror. Now here she is doing Halloween (2018) which landed her a presenter gig at the Oscars.

by Anonymous reply 188 01/12/2019

I think she gave up on trying to look youthful once Scream Queens was cancelled and she had Halloween in the can. She’s at the age now where it takes a lot of work(surgery) to look good. Surgery comes with some pain, complications and uncertain results. Just look at all the unfortunate plastic surgery out there, like Faye Dunaway and Lee Grant.

by Anonymous reply 189 01/12/2019

I wonder if she ever gets together with her original Halloween co-stars, PJ Soles and Nancy Loomis.

by Anonymous reply 190 01/12/2019

Was she really trying to look youthful before Scream Queens, though?

She could have kept dying her hair but didn’t. I do love her silver hair. That white fright is not working for her, though.

by Anonymous reply 191 01/12/2019

There is a point where if you have any plastic surgery or help, you’re damned by the people who think it’s so terrible and so fake looking to have anything done. So we get some celebrities who decide to do nothing, and are damned for aging naturally (it’s different for everyone).

by Anonymous reply 192 01/12/2019

I applaud Jamie Lee for aging naturally. It’s just that that look does not suit her and ages her 20 years.

by Anonymous reply 193 01/12/2019

She should have left her nose alone, not messing it up with plastic surgery.

The space between the tip of her new nose and her upper lip (OP’s photo) can now accompany a double-wide trailer there.

by Anonymous reply 194 01/12/2019

As we age R194 the space between our upper lip and nose widens.

by Anonymous reply 195 01/12/2019
by Anonymous reply 196 01/12/2019

She could play the George Peppard role if they ever reboot The A-Team again.

by Anonymous reply 197 01/12/2019

She looks good, IMO.

by Anonymous reply 198 01/12/2019

You’re an idiot if you don’t know that R196.

by Anonymous reply 199 01/12/2019

Jamie Lee’s style icon is Pat Butcher, now sadly departed from British Soap Opera ‘Eastenders’. RIP Pat! Sob.

by Anonymous reply 200 01/12/2019

She looks better than her mother did when she got older.

by Anonymous reply 201 01/12/2019

I don’t believe that’s Janet Leigh as an older woman, R201.

by Anonymous reply 202 01/12/2019

Yeah, that is not Janet Leigh.

by Anonymous reply 203 01/12/2019

That’s Macaulay Culkin in R201 not Janet Leigh.

by Anonymous reply 204 01/12/2019

Jamie lee Curtis here, how’s you’re pooping going ?

by Anonymous reply 205 01/12/2019

Of course that’s Janet Leigh. Why are you saying it’s not?

by Anonymous reply 206 01/12/2019

She does look A LOT older than ‘just turned sixty.’

I just wanted to mention that the aging process really kicks in around late 50s, usually age 57/58. If you didn’t see someone since they were 55 and then saw them again only 5 years later at age 60 you’d think they aged 10-12 years, not 5 years.

I don’t know what causes this rapid and sudden age acceleration in the late 50s but I’ve noticed it consistently with all of my many relatives (mostly the women but the men too) and my own parents and their friends as well. No exceptions.

by Anonymous reply 207 01/12/2019

It’s Marli Renfro, dipshit R206.

by Anonymous reply 208 01/13/2019

[Quote] I just wanted to mention that the aging process really kicks in around late 50s, usually age 57/58. If you didn’t see someone since they were 55 and then saw them again only 5 years later at age 60 you’d think they aged 10-12 years, not 5 years.

I’d prefer to age this way.

by Anonymous reply 209 01/13/2019

I mentioned that up-thread R209 and you seem to be the only one that gets it. Even if the person is wrinkle free or very few wrinkles their face has changed. Your nose has continued to grow and your lips are thinner and your bones are shifting downwards. Even if you get a facelift you are still going to look a little bit difference than your younger self.

by Anonymous reply 210 01/13/2019

Sorry, should be R207, not R209.

by Anonymous reply 211 01/13/2019

R207 That’s so true. I wonder what it is. I saw my parents neighbor (61) at Christmas having not seen him in 4 years and I thought he was ill. Massive change.

My father’s cousin was stunningly beautiful all her life, even at 54 she was attracting men in their 30s and still had a slim figure. I went away to college and saw her after graduation when she was around 58 and she was a different woman. Her face had changed and even though she had no wrinkles she looked old.

A lot of people can look great in their 40s but I don’t know anyone who has gotten through 55-60 without their looks taking a beating.

by Anonymous reply 212 01/17/2019

I really like the ice queen look in the OP pic. I was never a fan of her younger looks, but this works for me. Finally, she presents with sophistication!

by Anonymous reply 213 01/17/2019

She looks wonderful! She appears as distinguished and sophisticated with strength. She’s comfortable with herself and yes, she’s a very handsome woman.

by Anonymous reply 214 01/17/2019

R214 here again. She can have a whole new career as character actress. She certainly has the talent and she can specialize in strong, female character roles.

by Anonymous reply 215 01/17/2019

I was stopped at a red light on Sunset and Alta Loma beside Jamie. She drives a Tesla.

by Anonymous reply 216 01/17/2019

I’m too lazy to look, but did anyone give OP an “oh dear” for “Curtis’s”?

by Anonymous reply 217 01/19/2019

It must be a good wig. It is much too thick to be Jamie’s hair.

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