Jenna Jameson’s Keto “Savage Cabbage” Recipe from Instagram, The Feast

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Instagram Is Obsessed with Jenna Jameson’s Keto “Savage Cabbage” Recipe: Here’s How to Make It

The Keto diet queen shared the exact steps to recreate the crispy snack she craves.

Jenna Jameson is still going strong on the Keto diet. After shedding about 80 pounds on the high-fat, low-carb eating plan, the former adult entertainer is still in her kitchen cooking up Keto-friendly goods. That includes batches of her “savage cabbage” that’s risen to Instagram fame. And if you’re in the market for a crispy snack, keep reading — Jameson shared exactly how she makes the vegetarian dish.

In an Instagram Story, the keto champion broke it all down. Got a cabbage, some olive oil, and a sheet pan handy? Great! Here’s what you do: “First what I do is I wedge [the cabbage],” Jameson shared. “Just cut it, plop it on a pan, drizzle it with olive oil. And when I say drizzle I mean just like rock and roll it.” Oh, and by rock and roll it, she means dump on a hefty dose of oil.

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After adding Himalayan sea salt, pepper, and perhaps a bit of paprika, Jameson bakes the cabbage until it’s “super crispy.” She can’t give an exact time, but when it’s ready, you’ll know. “Just watch it, let it get super crispy,” she shared.

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And voila! You’re ready to bite into the savage dish Instagram is obsessed with. Keep scrolling to see what Jameson’s famous “Keto cabbage” looks like:

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