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Leakage After Bowel Movements

I have this exact problem. Never had it before I took cefuroxime for a stubborn lung infection. The diarrhea with cefuroxime was so severe it caused bleeding and uncontrollable bowels. A colonoscopy showed nothing. Now what?

I can help. I saw the comment asking if anyone ever helps on these forums. I just happened on here so I doubt I will be able to answer any questions as I probably won’t come back here but I can definitely put most if not all of you on the right track. This is especially true for those who were taking antibiotics. I spent a year with gastroenterologist and MDs to no avail. I discovered my issue with massive study and help from a holistic practitioner. It is VERY common. For the issue being discussed you likely have an overgrowth of Candida, and likely resulting gut issues and SIBO. research it. There’s tons of information on it out there. Google it. I’m sure you have other symptoms such as abdominal issues, insomnia, brain fog, and on and on.

Now here’s what to do. You will start feeling better almost immediately and your Simpsons will start to disappear over the next few days and weeks. Stop eating sugar and simple carbohydrates that turn to sugar right NOW. No candy, cookies, pasta, bread, etc. No sodas. Or any fake sweeteners either. No fruit. No grains. Starting right now eat only preferably organic meats vegetables nuts and seeds. That’s it. There are numerous anti candida diets to choose from. Pick one that uses the above criteria and stick to it. Go fruit free paleo, GAPS or SCD. You will start feeling better almost immediately. The leakage thing will subside within a week or two. If it doesn’t you’re either not sticking to the diet, or may have something more going on.
Then get yourself some unrefined coconut oil and eat a coupe or more tablespoons of that a day. You can sprinkle stevia or xylitol on it for taste. These are the only sweeteners allowed. Then consider other relevant supplements such as pau de arco, oregano oil, etc. You will learn about these through your research. AFTER starting the diet find yourself a good holistic practitioner. They can get you the proper testing etc that will help. You may have other issues contributing such as heavy metals. Etc. You may want to use meds such as Nystatin to speed things up.
START THE DIET NOW. If you’re eating a candy bar while you read this. Spit it out. Take charge of your health. Candida overgrowth is serious and can kill. You have nothing to lose by at least starting the diet and see how you feel. It’s the healthiest thing you can do. Sugar, dairy (oh yah no dairy) and grains are poison. Organic eggs are ok if you haven’t developed a sensitivity to them yet. With candida you may. Drinks lots of clean water. NO TAP! chlorine. Fluoride. Etc. I could go on and on but you can and should learn the rest for yourself. Be tough and do this. Pray for help and strength. You will get better but it’s up to you. Not a doctor. I do this. I’m much better. You will be too. I would say good luck but you don’t need it. You need guts. But you won’t do it just for you. So do it so you can be there for your family who needs you. Do it for God who needs you to do some good on this earth. You can do it. Be strong.

Hi all, can see the question is six years old but answers still coming in so thought it’s worth posting. I have the same issue. For me it started immediately after a 14 day course of anti-biotics (Ciprofloxacin). Same symptoms as everyone here. Had this for two years now. Have seen a long line-up of doctors and specialists. Done a colonoscopy (came back normal), done tons of blood and stool tests (all came back normal), seen a gastroenterologist (all normal), seen two surgeons (all normal but they removed three small hemmorojds with rubber bands, no improvement). Seen a specialist on the sphincter muscles (all normal, no problem with pressure, strength etc).

After meeting with up towards ten different doctors and specialists, doing a colonoscopy (that included a microscopic sample study), the final conclusion of the final doctor I saw was that my issues are caused by a disturbance in the micro-biota (bacteria). Caused by the anti-biotics. I’ve tried several probiotics. The only one that caused a change was saccharomyces boulardii. It removed the itching somewhat but not the leakage. Apparently it binds to toxins produced by some bad bacteria.

What I do now to keep symptoms at bay is: I eat a table spoon of Phyllium Husk every morning and evening, mixed with water and then a glass of water after that. When I need to feel 100% clean, for example for an important event, I use a small water enema that the last doctor gave me. It’s just a small rubber ball that you can add water to with a very small tube. Easy to use. Can’t say I like having to do it but it beats the alternative of having to go back to the toilet for several hours.

I’m 100% convinced, after seeing all doctors and doing all tests, that the problem is caused by a disturbance in my microbiota. Some good bugs were killed by the Ciprofloxacin I took and now the new microbiota is not as good as the one I had before. I think the cause of leakage is a change in stool consistency, caused by a change in microbiota. This causes an incomplete bowel movement that comes out slowly afterwards. Try a small enema and you will see that there is no leakage after that. The stuff that’s coming out is what is left in the sphincter I think.

The path I’m going now is to try to restore my microbiota. I’ve volunteered for a research study on fecal transplants but was denied as I don’t have IBS. Hopefully fecal transplants will become available for everyone in the future. I think that’s the only way to get a proper biota back. Problem with probiotics is that 1) most of the bacteria die on the way to the bowel and 2) many of the good bacteria don’t survive in oxygen.

If you’ve ever given an option to take ciprofloxacin. Think twice. You get rid of one problem and could develop a very nasty other problem. I’ll only take anti-biotics again as a last option.

FINALLY THE SOLUTION. Doctors WILL NOT be able to help you. They don’t know how to solve this. I will spare you all of the dozens of different solutions that I tried to get to this final solution.

Background: I took Cipro 2 years ago and couldn’t even get halfway through the month long course of it without tremendous lower gut pain. After that, the stomach pains started along with terrible burning during BM. The Gastroenterologists only know about prescription drugs so they got me onto Omiprazole and told me I may have to take for the rest of my life. It stopped the burning but I still leaked after BM. I wanted a better solution.

Here is what works-
To get off Omeprazole or any of its derivatives you want to start taking Bio K Plus a FERMENTED Probiotic. I drank 1 bottle a day for 6 months while weaning myself off Nexium. Just probiotics DO NOT WORK! It has to be fermented probiotic like Bio K Plus available at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage.

To solve anal leakage after BM-
I do not know how long after or during taking Bio K Plus you should add this probiotic. You might be able to take it at the same time as the Bio K Plus. I’m just not sure. It took me 2 years of trying different products before I started taking Kroger 4X Probiotic. It consists of Bifidobacterium infantis, lactis, longum and bifidum probiotic blends. The next day, my anal leakage started to slow down and in over 2 weeks, I’ve not experienced any more leakage. FINALLY THE SOLUTION!!

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