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Metabolic Renewal Review – Is Dr. Jade Teta Con Artist?

The beauty of a woman lies in the figure she carries and not just the face. Some people may be facially beautiful but if they are fat, forget it, no one will notice the face but the excess weight. So you see, women try as much as they can to look trim and slim but believe me, it is not always easy. This is why many weight loss experts are coming up with different approaches to losing weight. But unfortunately, none of them is like Metabolic Renewal which is specifically for women.

Yes! We have discovered the right program to help you burn off the stubborn fat that has defied other weight loss plans. Well, I am boldly presenting the Metabolic Renewal program created by Dr. Jade Teta because this is all you need as a woman to get your shape back. It is an “all-woman” program, and this should tell you that Dr. Jade put so much time and research into this product just for you.

The idea behind the Metabolic Renewal program is that women’s metabolism regularly decreases as they advance in age. This decrease is why older women need a little quantity of food for energy, or the excess food will store as fat around the hips, thighs, arms, and butt. This is why Dr. Teta developed this program to show women how they can eat the right quantity of protein and carbohydrates in addition to regular but easy exercises for a trim figure.

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Metabolic Renewal program is a program which focuses on optimizing the female metabolism. It helps women to work with their hormones at every stage of their lives. With this program, ladies can burn stubborn fat, rejuvenate their body and also tone their muscles. You can achieve this by using the tools and wisdom which is part of what Metabolic Renewal offer.

Go ahead and find out how this program will change your life in our Metabolic Renewal review.

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Features of Metabolic Renewal:

Metabolic Renewal is a very encompassing program which covers every aspect of metabolic health. It comprises of easy workouts, nutrition, healthy living, and mindset. This program equips users with every knowledge and tools which they can use to get the best results. So by investing in the Metabolic Renewal program, you will get the following:

  • The Startup guide

This is a summary of the whole program which will help you to grasp everything that you need to know about the Metabolic Renewal program. It is only two pages, but it will get you started.

  • The 12-week workout plan

Don’t panic because even though it sounds like hard work, there is nothing hard about any of it. The program comes in four videos representing the four phases of the workout plan. The total amount of time for the four videos is fifteen minutes, and afterward, you will feel the difference.

These fifteen minutes exercises will not change your routine because they are effective, efficient, and convenient. They are also very easy, and you can even customize them based on your energy level.

The four phases of the workout plans are divided into three weeks each, and each stage has a target of what you will accomplish.

  • A detailed “Metabolic Renewal Roadmap.”

This is another feature of the Metabolic Renewal program, which comes as a book. It is like an instructional manual which will tell you what to do so that you can adapt to the changes in your body. In the program Roadmap, you will find Hormone 101, 4M Framework, Hormone Type, Metabolic Toggles, AIM Protocol and Weight Loss Acceleration. This book will equip you with enough information that will empower you.

  • The 12-Week Meals Plan

This is part of what you will gain by investing in the Metabolic Renewal program. This meals plan is what will help you to eat the right foods that are suitable for your hormone. You will get access to Mouth-watering delicious recipes that are very simple and easy to prepare.

Shopping lists of the ingredients you need and the quantity for each one so that you won’t have to waste your time in the grocery store.

Weekly plans that will guide you on the foods to eat, when to eat them, and a guide on how to prepare them.

Customization options for the different hormonal stages in your life.

  • A Transformation Tracker

This is a feature that will enable you to monitor your results as you use the Metabolic Renewal program. You will be able to track the pattern of the changes and know what to continue and what to drop. This tracker will motivate you to put more effort as you notice the positive changes occurring in your life.

With this tracker, you can monitor things like Metabolic Score, PMS Score, Vitality Score, Body Weight and Shape and Menopause Score

Apart from the main features, there are other bonuses which you will get with your purchase. You will get the 5-minute burnout session for further weight loss and the 5-step formula for a flat belly.

Pros & Cons Of Metabolic Renewal Program

Pros Of Metabolic Renewal:

We have good reasons to recommend the Metabolic Renewal program, for every woman. There are so many excellent advantages of using this particular program.

  • It offers a lasting solution

Metabolic Renewal program makes sure that stubborn fat stays away for good. It is not like other plans that will seem to work initially, but after some time, you will add weight like before. The program follows a natural and healthy method of weight loss that will give a lasting result.

  • The program transforms your metabolism

As you age, your metabolism slows down steadily, and you will gain excess fat all over your body. The Metabolic Renewal method will show you how to make your body function like when you were young. You will learn how to eat your food healthily to improve your metabolism.

  • The workout plan is simple

I know you may not like to stress yourself with a stressful exercise regime and this why the Metabolic Renewal program is very suitable for you. It involves easy-to-do and straightforward exercises that last only fifteen minutes tops. So you don’t need to worry at all.

  • Metabolic Renewal has positive side effects

I know we usually interpret side effects as negative outcomes of a particular action or food etc. Well, the side effects of this program is a positive one which you will aim for as you progress. One of such effects of Metabolic Renewal is that it will cause all your digestive problem and abdominal cramps to disappear. The incessant wind, discomfort and bloating will stop, and you will feel very relieved.

Cons Of Metabolic Renewal:

  • It needs concentration

Metabolic Renewal requires your full attention so that you will achieve your aim. This may seem simple, but you need to follow the workout and meal plan so that it will work for you.

Anyway, I don’t think that mustering enough courage to follow the program will be such a hard thing especially when you use your tracker to monitor the changes that are going on in your body. I am sure that your energy level will rise.

How Metabolic Renewal Product Works?

The program rests on Dr. Teta’s 4M framework to optimize the female metabolism so that excess fat can be burnt out from the body. It follows a 4-level pyramid which starts from “Mindset,” “Movement” “Meals” (diet) and “Metabolic” (exercise)

The first target of the program is correct the Mindset of women through rest, relaxation, and recovery. The aim here is to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol which increases, cravings and appetite.

The second target is to increase Movement as a means of burning excess weight faster than exercise. Apart from increasing your level of movement, you will get simple and effective Meals plan that will normalize your hormones. Then, there is the Metabolic (workouts) that will help to give you that shape you are admiring every day.

Is Metabolic Renewal Product A Scam?

This program is not a scam. It is created by a doctor who is a professional in fitness, body transformation, and natural health. He is a well-known personality with many qualifications. Dr. Teta is a respected figure in the field of weight loss and naturopathic training, and right now, he is concentrating on functional medicine and hormonal weight loss.

Apart from the owner of this program, many people have used the Metabolic Renewal and have so many good things to say about it. The program is very effective, but you have to follow it steadily so that it can work for you. Also, all the principle surrounding the program has been clinically tested and proven to be effective. The 90-day money back guarantee should also assure you that Metabolic Renewal is not a joke.

How to Download Metabolic Renewal Product:

If you want your package of the Metabolic Renewal program, you can get it on the official website ( When you visit the site; you have two options which are downloading an online version or having the DVD and printed material sent to you within 3 to 8 days tops!

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Final Verdict

I know you are already impressed with this program as I was when I came across it. It is an “all-female” program from a professional in the field. It will give you the shape you desire and normalize your hormones for a lasting result.

The Metabolic Renewal program is unique because you can get an online version or a physical package. You can also get your money back if you didn’t get a good result after 90 days. I hope this Metabolic Renewal Program helped you in taking right decision.

You don’t have to worry about any negative outcome because the principles are safe and effective.

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