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Mycoplasma pneumoniae


I have 4 of Stephen’s books including Mycoplasma and Bartonella co infections with Lyme. If you do not have the energy, or supplies to put the tinctures together- buy the products pre made. Very effective and way cheaper to put it together yourself. At least way cheaper than what my doc recommends (and of course sells). If you do have the energy to put it together- I bought small lab supplies (cheap on amazon) so I can use ML measurements for both combining my tinctures and for daily dosing. Simplified my life a lot. I hope you eat fermented foods to grow more good bacteria. LOVE that Stephen gives us the recipes and how to’s for making our medicines. I think the most recent Buhner book I got was from 1st chinese herbs along with an order- cheaper than Amazon.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Patti! If you check our website, there is a discount code for 1stChineseHerbs. They are the bulk supplier Stephen recommends for his protocol. Glad to hear it was cost effective for you! Best, Julie

Are the lyme herbs also effective to cure african trypanosomiasis and chagas disease or kissing bug disease?

we r not making much progress with lyme it appears. do u have any ideas for us–we use Ryfe Machines, supplements, herbals, sugar free foods

Hi Oliver,
Have you tried the Buhner Healing Lyme protocol?

When you say you use sugar free foods, you do mean that you use anything with artificial sweeteners? If so, that could be why you aren’t getting better. They are terrible for you. I hope you feel better soon!

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae often is a co infection of Chlamydia Pneumoniae.I have had both but it seems Cpn is the most troublesome right now. Have you been tested for it? I tried the herbs in his Healing Lyme second edition and they work! I’ve asked my doc to read the book and he is going to. There are several people using Stephen’s protocols on this site for Cpn and you can talk to them about it.

Hi Teri,
Thank you so much for writing to share this info. Good to know! Love hearing feedback that Buhner’s Chlamydia pneumonaie herbal protocol works! Best, Julie

What tests are used for diagnosing/monitoring chlamydial pneumonia? I have had a nasopharyngeal swab and bloods for IgA, IgG and IgM.

I have brain fog. Can you please point me to where I will find Stephen’s recommendations for treating the above?

Are you still doing well?

Hi Julie,
Can you tell me if the protocol given on this site for mycoplasma is the most current? It begins with serrapeptase and gives entirely different herbs than given in the 2013 book on mycoplasma (Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections). Just bought the book but now I’m not sure which protocol to follow. Thanks for your help with this.

Hi Patti,
All my books are packed up in preparation for a move so I cannot check what is in the book. But I believe he gave me the abbreviated protocols for the website after the book was published. In other words, he does not provide the entire protocol here because he really wants you to read the book to get the full protocol. I thought he gave me a shortened protocol for the co-infections to share on the site so people would have a starting place. Are the recommendations on the site at least included in the book? If not I will have to double check with him directly. Let me know, otherwise it will be a while before I can access my books. But this is a good reminder, I will make a note on the protocol page that it is an abbreviated protocol as soon as I can sort it out.

Thanks so much for your reply – really do appreciate it. The basic protocol in the book (p. 109-110) gives this list:
Cordyceps, Chinese skullcap, Isatis, Houttuynia, Sida Acuta, N-acetylcysteine, Vit E, Olive oil, tincture combo of schisandra, eutherococcus and rhodiola, food recommendations(eggs, avacado, spirulina…)
This website protocol gives serrapeptase, cryptolepis, gluten free diet, bee pollen, woodland essence muscle tone formulation, eleutherococcus, and vitamin recommendations.
So they don’t line up with each other. I’m sure it’s always ongoing research, just need to know which basic protocol to follow for mycoplasma pneumonia bacteria.
Thanks again!

I have the same question regarding the current recommendation for Mycoplasma. The protocols online and in the book are really not even similar. Cryptolepis seems to be the only antimicrobial listed on website, but is not even listed as part of the basic protocol in the book. Would love to know which is the most updated recommendation. Thank you!!

That is weird. I will check with Stephen. Thanks for the heads up.

i had the same question – i think we all appreciate the protocols will evolve as we learn more – and that everyone should be prepared to adjust for their own circumstances and responses – but an update clarifying the most up to date thinking on the best place to start would be great

there is another slight anomaly in one of the other posts one the same subject here, where Stephen kindly listed the basic Mycoplasma protocol. here:

the protocol is very similar to the book so thats clear – but In that post he goes on to say that some people experience issues with Sida in the protocol making the symptoms worse – and may wish to take it separately and build up slowly.
which is great and additional information
The only odd bit is that he recommends the separate sida tincture dosage to be 30 drops 3x day.
But unless i have misunderstood – 1tspn (5ml) of the combined tincture mixture would contain only about 11 drops of sida acuta tincture 3 x a day – so only 1/3 of the amount
my partner and i are currently preparing to try this approach so it would just be really helpful to know the best start point.

finally i would like to pass on our sincere thanks for running this site and to Stephen for all his work and contributions.

Hi Ben,
Stephen says that 1 tspn is equivalent to 100 drops. So that would make sense then…

hello healing Lyme admin – were you able to obtain any clarification on this topic per Steve & Patti’s comments above please?

I am wondering also. I have his books on lyme (updated version), on mycoplasma, and bartonella etc. And I am also wondering if there is new information or if it’s simply a mistake on the site.

hello Healing Lyme Admin any news on this topic?

Hello Administration,
is it possible to get information on the current protocol for mycoplasma? Thank you.

I have the return of severe asthma like symptoms after a ‘cold’

I am suspecting chlamydial/mycoplasma pneumoniae.

I want to take a natural route.

Where can I find info about treatment for this using Stephen’s protocols?

Does Stephen off consultations remotely? I am Australian.

Hi Deb,
You can find the protocol in his book on mycoplasma pneumonaie in our bookstore. We do not sell herbs but we do have a list of herb sources that you can check: Stephen does not do personal consults. Best, Julie

Medi -herb is made in Australia and has some of the herbs on the protocols.

Also, if i follow Stephen’s protocols, do you have an online shop where I can buy the herbs because I think I may have trouble sourcing them from Australia?

Wondering if it is possible to get a response to the questions above? I have the same ones. What is the correct Sida dosage – 30 drops total in a day or 30 drops three times a day? thank you.

Patti H, Steve, Ben and Renee

My deep apologies, it seems I dropped the ball on this one. I thought I wrote Stephen months ago but I can’t find the email so I am writing to him again right now. We get so many comments on this site and the site is no longer active so I missed all your questions over the past few months. Although the Q & A is no longer open, I keep the comments active so readers can answer each others questions and share information. But I am unable to monitor all comments myself due to my own life circumstances. I hope to have a response for you in the next few days. Best, Julie

Dear Patti H, Steve, Ben and Renee

Stephen has replied “The book is right, the site wrong. The site has the earliest protocol, a very tentative one that I came up with before I did all the depth work that ended up in the book.” I apologize for the oversight. This was the info I was given for the site. I will put a note on it immediately referring people to the book.

Thank you Julie!

Which is Buhner’s most RECENT book (and where can it be purchased) that covers the Mycoplasma Pneumonaie protocol. This thread has been confusing.

The most recent book to be found on Amazon is the FIRST edition of “Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma”.

As far as I am aware, there is only one version of the book HEALING LYME DISEASE COINFECTIONS: COMPLEMENTARY HOLISTIC TREATMENTS FOR BARTONELLA AND MYCOPLASMA. There are two editions of the original book Healing Lyme. Maybe that is your confusion. You can find it on Amazon. Unfortunately, all the book links on our website are out of date as Amazon discontinued their a-store feature this past year. I have’t updated them yet. You can just go direct to Amazon and purchase.

Thank you soooo much for keeping this site active and for everyone’s questions and answers. They are really helping my learn what to do…

It’s difficult to know where to begin…
I am starting on low dose KPU and Buhner protocols, very scary as I took 3 tabs each of Cordyceps, Chinese Skullcap and Anamu last week, after being off them for 2 weeks, following a 3 week course of once per day (not the protocol of 3 x daily). The Herxing was severe the next day: uncontrollable shaking that finally resulted in a temp of 104+ which took 3 hours to break. Then intestinal toxin dumping from liver after a meal w/ fats 2 days later. I clearly have a severe toxin and bacterial load.
This recent infection was from 3 dog ticks deeply attached in May this year, have had late stage lesions show up x2 in last decade. My county is an endemic Lyme & co region.
Titers were neg. but as an RN, I was able to persuade my non-LLMD to give me a 3 week Rx of Doxy.
I am disabled w/ Meniere’s (for 16 yrs, inner ear balance/vertigo disorder) for which I’ve had 3 intra-cranial surgeries. Also have a spinal cord stim implanted for crippling spine injury and chronic back & leg pain; I use CBD and ________ for the pain.
This summer and fall, Lyme & co-infections caused severe vertigo that landed me in the ER and 2 long courses of high dose corticosteroids got me back – albeit unsteadily – on my feet.
My eyes are irritated; using med drops to treat and keep mast cell and histamine response down.
My pain, now in every joint in my body, is exacerbated horribly. Brain fog, memory issues, extreme fatigue, symptoms of interstitial cystitis, insomnia, increased belly girth, weight gain, and bloating, transient target lesions, papule rashes, blurred vision, etc., etc. And my MD wants to go on the hunt for autoimmune diseases – looking for some zebra while I hear the clomping of horse hooves…
Anyone out there have any guidance on any similarly complex issues? I am, rather bravely I think, starting on the low dose of two protocols and don’t know what to expect.
Any responses are appreciated.

Hi Natalie,
The endless list of symptoms point out to systemic Bartonella infection: bladder inflammation, blurred vision, insomnia, memory issues are caused by disseminated Bartonella infection. Should be treated with systemic intracellular and cellular antibiotics. Bartonella is sensitive to Cipro, Doxy, Minocycline, Zithromax, Tetracycline. There are different Bartonella species: Henselae, Quintana, Bacilliformis, Vinsonii.

Hi… I was diagnosed with the mycoplasma last winter and given 4 rounds of antibiotics. I have 3 aortic aneurysms. Is Dr Stephen’s mycoplasma protocol safe for cardio issues? I think I’ve been sick for years… the past 10 years have been a blur. I’m so weary of fighting. But willing try another thing… just want to make sure it’s safe with heart issues and also with sulfur issues (homozygous CBS mutation). Im not supposed to have sulfur. Please advise and God bless you!

Does anyone know if mycoplasma cause yeast Infections I also been diagnosed with unexplained vulvodynia no STDs I’m baffles seems to get worse with sex almost like an allergic reaction I’m thinking mycoplasma also have kidney pain cloudy urine with neg UTI tests.

hi Alysia,
yes, mycoplasma infection can cause yeast infection and mycoplasma is sexual transmitted disease. you can have have kidney pain/infection caused by mycoplasma. should be treated as soon as possible, otherwise can become systemic and difficult to cure.

I’ve heard of many people using the herb oils and taking a few drops to rub on vagina which oils can I use do I need to mix it with something and had anyone tried this? What oils are best for mycoplasma I heard anamu is great.

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