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Oh My Venus

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Current user rating: 92/100 (11406 votes)

  • Drama: Oh My Venus
  • Revised romanization: O Mai Bineoseu
  • Hangul: 오 마이 비너스
  • Director:Kim Hyung-Suk, Lee Na-Jeong
  • Writer:Kim Eun-Ji
  • Network:KBS2
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: November 16, 2015 – January 5, 2016
  • Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Kim Young-Ho (So Ji-Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness.

Kang Joo-Eun (Shin Min-A) is 33-years-old lawyer. She has struggled to support her family. Now, Kang Joo-Eun is overweight and not so attractive.

  1. Takes over the KBS2 Mon & Tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Cheer Up!” and followed by “Moorim School” January 11, 2016.
  2. First starring drama series performance by actor So Ji-Sub since 2013 SBS drama series “The Master’s Sun” and first drama series performance by actress Shin Min-A since 2012 MBC drama series “Arang and the Magistrate.”
  3. Early working title was “Oh My God” (“오 마이 갓”).
  4. First script reading took place October 10, 2015 at KBS Annex Broadcasting Station in Yeou >Cast
So Ji-Sub Shin Min-A Jung Gyu-Woon Yu In-Young Ban Hyo-Jung
Kim Young-Ho Kang Joo-Eun Im Woo-Sik Oh Soo-Jin Lee Hong-Im
Choi Il-Hwa Kim Jung-Tae Sung Hoon Henry Jin Kyung
Kim Sung-Chul Choi Nam-Chul Jang Joon-Sung Kim Ji-Woong Choi Hye-Ran
Choi Jin-Ho Song Yoo-Ha Kwon Soon-Joon Kim Jung-Pal Hong Yoon-Hwa
Min Byung-Wook PD Ko Ko Min-Joon Law Firm Representative Jo Hyun-Jung
Jo Eun-Ji Kwon Ki-Seon Ahn Ji-Hoon Lee Seung-Ho Jung Hye-Sung
Lee Hyun-Woo Kwon Ok-Boon Kang Jae-Hyuk Kim Young-Joon Jang Yi-Jin

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Episode Ratings

Date Episode TNmS AGB
Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2015-11-16 1 7.4% (19th) 8.6% (15th) NR 8.1% (19th)
2015-11-17 2 7.0% (20th) 8.7% (13th) 8.2% (18th) 9.3% (14th)
2015-11-23 3 7.4% (18th) 8.7% (15th) 8.4% (17th) 9.5% (15th)
2015-11-24 4 8.1% (18th) 9.9% (10th) 9.4% (16th) 10.5% (11th)
2015-11-30 5 7.1% (19th) 7.7% (18th) 8.8% (17th) 9.5% (16th)
2015-12-01 6 7.9% (18th) 8.8% (15th) 9.7% (15th) 10.7% (9th)
2015-12-07 7 NR 7.4% (19th) 8.2% (18th) 8.8% (16th)
2015-12-08 8 7.0% (19th) 8.5% (15th) 9.4% (16th) 10.2% (13th)
2015-12-14 9 NR 8.4% (12th) 8.7% (19th) 9.5% (18th)
2015-12-15 10 NR 7.8% (16th) 8.9% (13th) 9.8% (11th)
2015-12-21 11 NR 7.2% (20th) 8.4% (18th) 9.1% (16th)
2015-12-22 12 NR 8.0% (13th) 8.6% (17th) 9.5% (11th)
2015-12-28 13 NR 7.4% (16th) 8.7% (17th) 8.8% (18th)
2015-12-29 14 7.5% (19th) 8.5% (11th) 9.9% (13th) 10.9% (10th)
2016-01-04 15 NR NR NR 8.9% (18th)
2016-01-05 16 NR 7.4% (19th) 8.7% (17th) 9.0% (13th)
  • NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson.
  • 2015 (4th) APAN Star Awards – November 28, 2015
    • Popularity Award (Yu In-Young)
  • 2015 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2015
    • Best Actor (So Ji-Sub)
    • Excellent Actress (mini series) (Shin Min-A)
    • Best Couple Award (So Ji-Sub/Shin Min-A)

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Nads May 23 2019 1:13 am Their chemistry is no joke. This drama is just so amazing!

Jenny May 04 2019 10:54 am I love the story.? star-strucked with So ji-Sub & Shin Min-ah’s acting in S1- E13. Both are cute in their own way. Acting was so natural. Im begining to love So Ji-sub. OMG.

Anne Apr 18 2019 9:06 pm I cry non stop most of the end episode. Start from Young Ho accident. Some people said its ridiculous, he save her repeatedly so she fall in love with him. They have lots of chemistry and i love all everything in the movie. Im fat so i think its not impossible to be in love as long as u confident in yourself when i watch this movie. Good job so ji sub and shin min a.

Q Oct 20 2018 12:25 pm Cute! Seroiusly a good one. Romance, comedy and drama in one. The actors are great. ☆☆☆☆☆

L Oct 09 2018 3:02 pm Love it love it love it. bit cheesy but if you like good romantic comedy then this is the one. Shin Min a and So Ji Sub. love you both.

Jovi Sep 19 2018 11:52 pm Simple storyline but really cute.. Can’t help but re watch the drama again and again.

AJ May 26 2018 7:00 pm Both lead actors are better than the writing and directing and have done far better series than this one.

D May 24 2018 12:21 pm The only part I didn’t like about this show is the used to be fat friend with no personality whatsoever and her jerk ex-boyfriend. I didn’t even get their story at all! He saved her from embarrassment one time and somehow he’s a prince? She was jealous of her friend the whole time even though her only crime was being friendly and pretty. She tried to hook her up with a guy even though he wasn’t a “hot” guy. She didn’t know how much of a jerk that loser was. Kind of petty. Their whole storyline was awkward and with no chemistry which made it even stranger that they liked each other. I don’t know why they even gave them an ending. So many K-dramas exclude a lot of endings for extra characters. These two, I could have done without. Besides that, the rest of the cast was amazing!

unnie May 08 2018 8:19 pm i love this drama so much. i can’t get enough of it

Kayla Apr 02 2018 10:32 pm The story is rather basic and simple but I extremely loved this drama because of the two main leads. The chemistry between them is so amazing and I watched the entire drama just to see their cute and cheesy love. I never got enough of seeing romantic scenes between So Ji-Sub and Shin Min-Ah. And I was heart broken to see the pain and crying of So Ji-Sub.

If you are expecting for a creative, dramatic and complex story, this is probably not for you. But this is so good to feel the love, friendship and caring and definitely fill your heart with happiness. If you are all in to watching cute romance between the main leads with a simple story, this suits you.

ace Sep 05 2017 10:10 pm @Roman, I have to agree with you. While it has cute leads, that is about all this drama has going for it. Weak story, weak dialogue, terrible pacing and questionable directing. Full of filler and not much else.

Hello Aug 25 2017 8:04 am It was okay at the beginning but it became really tiring, very unecessary scenes tbh

Roman Aug 20 2017 2:04 pm I must be one of the few people in the comment section that actually didn’t like this drama at all. The show didn’t get good ratings in South Korea and for obvious reasons. It’s got some mediocre story with not so great performances. When I see frequent flashbacks and characters deliberately trying to act cute, it just kills me inside. Yes, the main two leads are portrayed by A-list actors, but that’s just about it. Sung Hoon (MMA fighter) is the only actor that did not look fake in Oh My Venus. I seriously cannot recommend this show even if you are a fan of either of the main leads.

Heavenlydinda Jul 27 2017 12:05 pm Oh hi, i know it’s literally late for wathcing this drama. I just finished couple months ago. I love the songs, casts, how they can play their cast well. And the chemistry between ‘daegu venus’ & ‘john kim’ really awesome. Natural and cute! My favorite part is when John kim really come back to Kang Joo Eun’s life, and she never let him go. Ah yes, and when Kim Young Ho meets Joo Eun’s mom, soo cute. And the painful scene, is when Joo Eun crying behind the hospital room. Over all this is my favorite k-drama. Rate 4.9/5. Superb!

nneka Jul 19 2017 2:39 am I love love love this drama. can’t get enough of it

Steffanie Jun 04 2017 9:08 am Very good drama. Fun story. Unsatisfactory editing.I just don’t like that there was too much flashbacks. A 5 second flashback is long enough. However in this drama, if you add all the flashbacks together, it could probably be equivalent to 1 whole episode.

Sel From Outside Your World Jun 03 2017 9:49 am I’m so happy I watched this K-Drama. I never really get disappointed in any Shin Min-ah & So Ji-sub filmography. They actually have a great chemistry. What I really love about most of the scenes with the leads is that they make it look romantic and cheesy, but it’s kind of embarrassing I guess when they were filming it because it looks too cheesy, but my Venus, I’m satisfied with the cheesyness. Nonetheless, one of the drama’s that will inspire you to live a healthy happy life with the ones you love.

Castlin May 28 2017 11:52 am 3rd time watching this. the effect is the same. Im so inlove with Shin Min Ah and So Ji sub . One of the best kdrama of KBS.

nodoubt May 09 2017 3:05 am Never interested in K drama. Start watching this drama because the attractiveness of shin mina in the poster, after finished watching it, completely fall in love with So Jisub! Came back from So Jisub fan meeting last month and i’m so glad i watched Oh My Venus! Slowly catching back So Ji Sub ‘s filmography with lots of surprises and realities.

Trisha From Philippines Apr 12 2017 5:59 am Oh My Venus is so far the best TV series I have ever watched. It gave me a roller coaster ride. Indeed an inspiring drama and a stress reliever as well, as So Ji Sub Oppa is so funny and cool xD

evanessa Jan 27 2017 4:53 pm Super drama!!I watched in 2 days..Very funny and romantic story!! I love it.

ic Jan 05 2017 3:06 pm this movie was so awesome and it also helped me from my proper diet

Candisse Oct 17 2016 1:13 am I just simply Love It, most especially the main actor/actress. They are such a great Love Team. I also love how they do not focus only to the main cast but give a story to each one of the cast. Hope to see Ms. Shin Min-a and Mr. So Ji-sub paired again in another story and many more. I LOVE YOU. Oh My Venus ! Henry your English is great. 🙂

Gabriella Aug 23 2016 5:28 am Oh my Venus is a very simple,straight to the point movie#no beating around the bush i.e some scenes were actually predictable. Funny and romantic movie I must say SmA-one of the very few Koreans with such curvy shape!she got a nice shape+ she’s Pretty SjS-he is HoOoOOoot!he was really OooZing out sexiness through out the movie. Henry-I applaud him for his accent,he look so Korean but his English accent is fabulous. I was Amazed at the kissing and smushing in “oh my venus”,lol!because all the Korean movies I have seen so far,their definition of kiss is a peck on the lips. Mr producer Nice movie,thumbs up!

Marina Aug 18 2016 8:46 am SJS and Mina.. What a gorgeous couple. Hope they will reunited again, maybe with story about married couple with some kids. comedy . Oh my venus has a weak plot but both SJS and Mina so funny and cute. Gosh my heart got flustered so much watching them, just like saw them in real life hahahah

Venus Jul 16 2016 2:12 am The chemistry between SJS AND SMA DAEBAKKKK!! why were the ratings so low? It’s so good!!

MENCHU Jul 06 2016 10:25 pm The training sessions are very informative, also Kang Joo-Eun’s diet. Thank you, now i’m inspired to lose weight, nothing is impossible!

Nita Jun 26 2016 10:52 pm I like it very much; so does my daughter and sister. We’ve watched it several times and we’ll probably see it again. It’s a serious romantic story portrayed in comedic way. We had so much fun. There are also good values that can be learned. I particularly like the monologues on life and emotions. Kudos to the writer and the actors and actresses!

Great creativity employed by the director especially in the flashback scenes.

Marrion Jun 18 2016 6:25 pm I too love this story and am glad I watch

nne Jun 11 2016 7:08 pm minah Ji sub ‘s chemistry save the series. Hope both got more good script on drama or movie. Their chemistry make me crazy in love

Elle Jun 04 2016 10:28 am Love the chemistry between the leads. Very funny and light drama, however the storyline is very predictable. Despite the predictable storyline, I would watch this drama again, due to my love for chemistry between the leads. It would be great if So Ji-Sub and Shin Min-A could feature in another romantic comedy together

DiJay Jun 02 2016 3:36 am I just finished watching this drama. Love the chemistry. Love SJS!! He is so charming! Love the sweet moments of the leads. HOWEVER. Most of the episodes does not make sense. This should have been a 12 episode series or less. They dragged the story too much. The chemistry of the leads was wasted on this series. Wish they would have another drama that would have a great plot.

Pau May 27 2016 8:10 pm Another drama added to my fave list! Their chemistry is really great but what’s greater is the way they portrayed their characters in this story that hooked me. Amazing cast who gave me good vibes and made me cry at the same time. Min a is really gorg and Ji sub is so freakin hot!

Tx May 25 2016 10:17 am Does anyone know the song at the very start of ep 1? the one sang on the bus and later on in the season.

Kristinne May 24 2016 1:32 am just finish watching the full episode..and INDEED IT WAS A GREAT ONE! i love the team up between mr.coach and ms.lawyer So Ji-Sub was oozing with much appeal and not to mention the equally confidently beautiful Shin Min-A. hope could see more of them..the chemistry between the two was sooooo perfectly fine..#FigthingFigthing #IfYouBelieveInIt #YouCanDoIt

Asta May 20 2016 3:48 am Almost didn’t watch this because of the rating. But. seriously, it’s a great drama. Recommended!

susana May 20 2016 2:20 am This is one of my favorite k-drama. I love all the cast, they done a great job. I watched this drama probably 5th times already, but still enjoy it every time.

delgotseven May 16 2016 6:39 am some scenes are predictable.. but i really enjoyed it.. SJS and SMA nailed it.. their chemistry is one of the best. overall. i really love it! the actors, the conflicts, the story. one of my recommended drama.

skyblue Apr 28 2016 10:51 pm I just finish watching it and its very fresh still. i cant get over it. i really do love this drama ever , i dont know how to say it but i do really appreciate all the cast here that did a great job . I do love you guys. so ji sub i fall in love with you ..hope more drama for you ,,romcom ..you are a great couple so ji sub and shin min ah..fighting

Xuanlinh Apr 18 2016 8:36 pm I have watched all 16 episodes over and over again. I loved it and I don’t even speak Korean. I read all the subtittles and will continue to do so. Are they going to be making any more for this series? I hope so! Much love from the U.S.A

imas Apr 17 2016 10:30 pm One of the best korean drama i ever watched.. looveee the chemistry between kang joo eun and Kim Young-Ho. i watch this drama over and over again..daebak! congratulation for the award Song ji Sub and Shin Min-A.. (best couple ever!!)

Saph Apr 10 2016 2:15 am I miss this drama so much! The actors and actresses were all great portraying their character. Recommended!!

oshi Apr 08 2016 8:16 pm One of the greatest korean dramas I have ever watched. it’s full of amazing actors..(especially so ji sub) . Shin Min Ah and So ji sub were a great couple. Hope they will become a couple in real life tooooooo. so sad that i have finished watching all the episodes

star Apr 08 2016 2:17 pm I missed Oh My Venus , it was a great drama . One of the best in the history of Korean dramas . Unforgettable drama .

Phire Apr 03 2016 8:32 am Oh My Venus was a great drama. It was really funny.

Degau Venus Mar 24 2016 2:09 am It would be nice to see a short part two of this drama. It was not only funy and romantic but also very good in showing how to loose weight Ina healthy manner and have a healthy lifestyle. Very inspirational and motivational for people who are dealing with overweight and health issues. A part two can continue with the fun and also show how to have a healthy pregnancy and how they’ll learn to balance it all. Deebak,best drama ever

Shairli Mar 22 2016 10:22 pm Enjoyed the series.. So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah has good chemistry & deliver. SJS is good doing romantic comedy (plus The Master Sun) apart from serious thriller drama-movies. SMA is so adorable when chubby then slimmer. Not for viewers who are looking for a melodramatic roller coaster thriller mystery plots whatsoever. Watched the series in 2 days. daebak to me! Went to work like zombie! Good work production team!

Shairli Mar 22 2016 10:01 pm Love it! Enjoyable! Its a romantic comedy. what do you guys expect? Melodrama? So Ji Sub.. you are good doing in romantic comedy (plus The Master Sun). Shin Min Ah is so adorable being chubby than when slimmer. Overall.. feel good! Recommended if you are not looking for roller coaster melodramatic or thriller with serious head-ache thinking.

kienomon Mar 16 2016 2:36 am i havent finish watching this yet.. despite the fact that im impressed with shi min ahs acting, i think this drama is overrated.. im still stuck at epi 6 and i cant even finish it cause it really bores me.. at the start, yeah, it was interesting but as the story goes, nothing’s happening.. the usual story which they make it worse by making too obvious..

slee Mar 14 2016 9:11 am Some interesting highlights in the 1st few episodes, but went downhill after the 8th ep. Monotonous dialogues, awkward moments, strange lapses, and no depth to some situations. The synopsis held so much promise but except for the actors and acting, Oh My Venus was. indeed uneventful.

Ria Mar 13 2016 1:29 am quite an interesting drama! had a good laugh and touching moments as well. never got bored throughout. this one for those with a great sense of humour -sure to enjoy !

Wan Mar 12 2016 3:18 am At first, I did not want to watch because of mixed review, but I am glad I made a right decision. This is the best after Oh My Ghostess in 2015. This drama is full of everything esp love, family and friendship. The chemistry for both main lead are amazing. I like So Ji Sub from Master’s Sun and this one as well. Shi Min Ah is very cute, first time I watch her drama 🙂 Love the friendship between three of them. Daebak. fully recommended. This drama is so real. the story is about life around us. and don’t give up if there is any obstacles. Great story. Love it 100 times:)

Elis Mar 11 2016 6:45 am Love it a lot. . I thought it will be boring because of mixed review here. but I absolutely love it..chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shi Min Ah are very very good. but the writer want to send us the message. The health is more important than sexiness.

Enn Mar 09 2016 9:36 am Never into any korean or kpop (?) things, my coworkers recommended me the series to got good laugh. Not an award worthy but so much worthy for entertaining and got fun with the main characters. Oh my Venus gave my way to dig more about So Ji Sub and his amazing brain and attitude, he is totally got a new fan from someone who careless anything about Korean or kpop (?)

KC Mar 07 2016 9:55 am I agree that the drama is quite boring, playing with the plot of overweight. (What did they do with my pretty Shin Min Ah!!) There was nothing much, no story and predictable. However, the last 4 episodes saved the day! After the car accident, the drama was getting more interesting and it ended well.

By the way, I think Henry should speak less English in the drama. He annoyed me sometimes but he’s kinda cute so I tried to overlook it.

Lpa Mar 07 2016 5:27 am The cast was good. About the first 10 episodes were entertaining but rest were just boring.

lpa Mar 07 2016 4:13 am The first half of it was entertaining. The cast was good but rest just bored me.

sanju Mar 04 2016 3:55 am I really really loved this drama veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much. both the main lead actors played verrry wel. they r superb. no words to explain their action. i just became fan of them. love u guys. i hope to see u both in one more drama. ALL D BEST.

ian Mar 01 2016 10:46 pm well finally was able to finish the series today , and I never liked min ah ever since but I admit she was cute here hehe and credit to that Korean snake and that cf queen , I was thrilled with their share of charm . jisub , you always get me eh ? I have loved you since cain and abel , you always are a great actor indeed , so much charming here .. and dunno if it is just me but I don’t really like that guy always calling min ah “Ma’am” he is so irritating , I think he went over hi role pretty much than what is needed .. this is just on me tho 😀 we’ll generally speaking , I still think Hong sister’s prev. series Warm and Cozy and Master’s Sun way better than this ..

Vin Feb 27 2016 8:54 am This was sooo overrated. I really loved the actors and characters, but the story just never gripped me (except one episode involving an accident). A looot of repeating lines between the main couple, it gets a little samey. I also felt a lot of the characters weren’t developed enough. There’s literally sooo many scenes between the main couple. Would’ve liked to see Jung Hye Seong developed more, and not to just come across as a fangirl. HOWEVER, the original soundtrack was absolutely beautiful. Best I’ve heard and I really wish they’d release the songs somewhere, as the music done by the other artists is alright but nothing compared to the beautiful piano music. My favorite character was actually Yu In-Young’s, she’s so beautiful and her character was more interesting than most of the others.

Jovymar Juan Feb 26 2016 9:11 am Its a very relaxing movie. Perfect chemistry. They have good characters. No dull moments.Love it.”:) i hope it will seen on t.v in the Philippines on AbsCbn.We love Korean Series.

magda Feb 22 2016 12:14 am Great drama, Great plot, Great chemistry. Congrats to So Ji Sub and Shinh Minh Ah.. Amazing chemistry. both of you should become a real couple in screen and in real life. Henry and Sung Hoon also perfect. Love to watch this drama from the beginning to the end. Daebak. Congratulation to directors and all crews.

OMV Fan Feb 14 2016 6:34 pm This drama is very awesome! I finished watching this without hesitation to stop. Tge plot or the story is not focus on conflicts/twists. It focus how true love works! OMV Fighting. Shin Min Ah “Maam” Fighting Henry Fighting

Gen Feb 14 2016 8:12 am Guess the hot lovely leads and male supports saved this drama from going down the drain with its boring plot.

Tilda Feb 14 2016 5:12 am I hate this drama. not what I expected .. It only had like 2 to 3 episodes that were tension holders. I only like the ost . This movie had no base or story **HISS**

Nuyol Feb 11 2016 9:51 am I really really really love this drama Hana Feb 07 2016 9:57 pm Are they ever going to release the instrumentals ost. Still waiting.

Hotelier Feb 07 2016 11:20 am I loveeeee this drama. Usually I quit watching romantic korean drama in the middle, or at least I will watch it fast forward when it comes to romance part (for example. She was pretty and Secret Garden). But in this case, I think the chemistry between So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah is awesome. They are so good and funny together without being too cheesy. As for the other character, I think Sung Hoon and Henry are cool entourage for Ji Sub, it’s like they are Ji Sub’s younger brother. Henry you are cute. Lol, I loved it when he called “Ma’am ma’am” to Kang Jo Eun. There are so many funny scenes when it comes to Young Hoo and Jo Eun with Joon Sung and Ji Woong. For those who haven’t watch it, I really recommend this drama. I though So Ji Sub have the best chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin in Master’s sun. But it turns out that he also do an awesome job with Min Ah in Oh My Venus.

Dera Feb 04 2016 7:45 pm Great drama one of the best every second counts .everyone was awesome

dokica Feb 04 2016 1:22 pm This drama was sooooo wonderful, light , funny , with real emotions and love that is beyond looks. The love between characters is strong and real. It is the best drama i have ever watched rellaj Jan 31 2016 4:35 pm Loved almost all of this drama! Main lead is so HOT! Didn’t like the constant flash backs but overall good. 4.5 out of 5 ☆s

Virzhania 09 Jan 30 2016 2:55 am Not bad drama and the story line is not that really good.. but i don’t know i am watching this for 3times.. i watch this drama over again..oh man i like both of themSMA and so ji sub and henry.. never gonna bored to watch it..

Saltanat Jan 29 2016 12:37 pm @Ang-ang I absolutely agree with you, we need more dramas like this which portray relationship that have parties that are mature in age and mind. Kill me Heal me was also one of them and I believe the upcoming new drama Descendant of the Sun will be great as well

Ang-ang Jan 28 2016 12:43 pm for someone who rarely watch k drama, i rather enjoyed this shows. I did not take a look at the rating before deciding to watch it. However, I do realised the k drama i enjoyed are the one that portrays relationship that have parties that are mature in age and mind like a gentleman’s dignity and kill me heal me. There are less of the damsel in distress and self-pity and concentrates more on making the story flow (without having every single characters need to be insecure all the time).

However, this is all just my personal opinions. I do suggest watching it without depending too much on rating as highly rated drama does not equal for it to be superb 🙂

pixy Jan 27 2016 5:37 am SJS. gosh. cuteness, sexiness & handsomeness all over the place. hahahahaha SMA. she’s practically a goddess, soooo pretty.

BUT, what can I do? I don’t know if it’s just my taste or what, this drama just didn’t work for me. I mean, it doesn’t funny enough nor touchy enough. Joke and romanticism both FAILED. I was hoping I will enjoy this drama as much as I enjoyed Oh My Ghost. But I think my expectations are too high. The first 4 episodes were draggy, so I thought, okay maybe all I need is just to endure it a little bit. Sadly, along the way, things are just getting more and more boring. Not to mention the second leading actors. I don’t understand why Woo Sik dates Soo Jin if he doesn’t love her enough. So why break up with Joo Eun in the first place?? Woo Sik and Soo Jin expression also boring like hell. For me the reason of why “this and that” happened are too shallow.

Sorry for saying all this. I do hope SJS and SMA will get a lot better drama next time since I love them both.

ladeh Jan 26 2016 8:53 pm well. the drama is cool and i love every episodes. its not too tormenting but you wud feel d suspense . thanks to d director for carrying the viewers along.. a job well done to all the actors and actresses

HS KL Jan 25 2016 5:24 pm The plot and the story was not strong but there were many good points in the story. I liked that the writer portrayed a love that was mature for example she was willing to give him time to be away and not be insecure about his love for her. Another thing what I liked about this drama were the two main leads. The script was different and unusual but the two leads make it worked so well. It was amazing to see how they make this drama worked. If this drama was given to other actors, it would have flopped immediately. For me, just watching the two leads was entertaining and they managed to convey a love which was deep and with patience and respect of each other.

okoy Jan 25 2016 1:53 pm got great actors and actresses in this drama but no plot, no story, the love has no feel, very boring..

Veronica Jan 25 2016 10:08 am Such a wonderful drama. it was light and touching. soo beautiful. loved every episode. and henry was my main reason to watch this but I loved all the characters. all were wonderful. thanks to henry oppa and sung hoon oppa for making my laugh so many times. waiting to see u in more dramas:)

arina Jan 25 2016 9:06 am One of the best. the healthiest emotional Intelligence couple..n straight n honest conversation ever in Korean dramas..I enjoy watching esp the sizzling chemistry BTW the top..SMA character rocks..no victim mentality here.

poor ratings Jan 25 2016 12:57 am wanna watch this but when i saw the ratings. no waaaaay. I dont like SMA.

Hannah-ya Jan 24 2016 5:30 pm Best drama I’ve ever seen so far. SJS and SMA both rocked the show. There’s a lot of chemistry there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up together. He also mentioned in an interview that she is the most beautiful Korean actress he ever played with local. I enjoyed it very much and I would also recommend it. Watch all you single ladies out there. ( ^ u * )

shin Jan 22 2016 11:27 am this is the best korean drama i have ever watched. So ji sub was super amazing

Aj Jan 21 2016 7:01 am My two favorite actors, adorable and delightful together. But there are plot gaps and writing lapses: the friends would have called her, for pete’s sake; production team apparently didn’t know what to do with the conclusion; and the second leads are annoying and boring. But even the weaknesses cannot distract from SJS and SMA. I could have happily watched them and their friends only and skipped everyone else.

Mabel Jan 20 2016 7:01 pm I can’t believe when Oh My Venus just finished, I already starts to watch Master’s Sun the 4/5th time. OMV is good, but I still like Master’s Sun better. I can see and feel in Master’s Sun that they progress in feeling but in Oh My Venus I can’t feel how suddenly SJS would suddenly skiss SMA under the umberlla. I can’t help to think how it will be if the actress is Gong Hyo Jin. With the heat they stirred and the cozy chemistry under the Master’s Sun, I think it would have created another peak. Gong Hyo Jin is so good in comedy, it may have bring out a different result with her cute & dumb expression – it’s just my thought

Ratu Jan 20 2016 6:27 pm For me, this drama is not recomennded at all. Boring.

okikiwealth Jan 20 2016 12:03 pm This is one of the best drama ever, love you guys great job. So ji sub and shin min ah u guys are really good and compatible, hope to see u cast together, love u.

Maggie Jan 20 2016 6:10 am One of the best drama I have watched so far.awesome chemistry between costars. OST is awesome. story is good. after many days watched good Korean drama. expecting like these romantic roles from so ji sub. I have totally enjoyed watching this drama. Still unable to come out of these drama . Very cute drama . A fan from India 🙂

shabnam Jan 19 2016 5:34 pm to me this is one of the worse drama.very weak story,script and what not.the only worth of watching is makeup of shin min a.incredible work which really makes her fat to fit.

janet Jan 18 2016 8:31 pm This drama is one of the best. the cute and refreshing one. if you had a hectic day and need a drama to recharge and simply get a fresh air, this is the one. during the whole one hour of each episode you really need not to think what happens next because you know it is gonna be fine in the end. SJS as well as SMA both did a great job. and kudos and huge thanks to the rest of the cast and crew. bless you.

Dave Jan 18 2016 10:29 am hey! i’m not just the only one who really disliked this drama. oh goodness! you’re really dropping my name hard! i did try to understand your previous comment but something is telling me to brush it off.

To all you people. really sorry if I made a comment that really hurt your feelings. but i was just all expressing my right as we’re all living in a free world.

Berry Jan 18 2016 9:51 am Great hilarious drama, read some of the comments but this drama doesn’t require unnecessary tension n all those other people are mentioning, natural acting, simple beautiful story that more realistic, dealing with issues of obesity, pain. I don’t get t, don’t these stories have a right to b written for dramas, who says that things are always that complicated in life, for me, this drama is way too realistic.. n this one to watch at the end of a very bad day

Queenly Jan 18 2016 5:12 am TO DAVE; WHAT. CRAP. SJS’s line is a crap. haha maybe yourself is a crap dude. What do you want for SJS, always action?? lol .. An actor must be given versatile role and SJS nailed it here. The smiles, etc was shown! Yeah right! Life is too short specially if you don’t understand things why it is given and happened!

Taptap Jan 17 2016 8:57 pm Wonderful drama very natural acting, a great story, original and with lots of heart. To me this show is like a breath of fresh air from beginning to end. You can see that finally SJS is enjoying the show, I have not seen him smile this much in any of his other previous dramas.The love faces he makes when he looks at SMA are very natural ( Is he really in love?) and of course SMA reciprocate as well. Even during the moments of pain, you can see that love is what moves them. When I watch dramas I am always looking for something that will remove my stress, and OMV is it. Even when you re-watch it, and you pay attention to actors faces and reactions, it make more sense why the acted the way they did, knowing the whole story and where it comes from. I am sorry for the people that did not like the original script and missed all the typical stereotype of a Kdrama and soap-like that was not present in this one. I guess you will have 10+ scripts of those in 2016 to make up for.( I will definitely won’t be watching). I love originals.

randomness02 Jan 16 2016 10:53 am loved this drama from start to finish. i especially like that scene at the very end.

Buttrrfly Jan 16 2016 9:08 am Though the plot is simple and not packed with all the tensions,actions, love triangle and whatsoever things that are common in most korean drama, but this drama show us a very beautiful story of human They teach us life is so beautiful and it teaches us to not eaily give up in life and not to judge people by its cover. For me, it is a light and heartwarming drama for 2015. It is for people that want to sit back and relax and just enjoy the drama without the need to rhink much. It is simple yet enjoyable. It is uncommon in dramaland which is a good try to shows variability in dramaland.

bingle Jan 16 2016 1:26 am i tried watching this for the sake of so ji sub & shin min ah. i went through 8 boring episodes and i still couldnt find the hype in this drama! so if you’re looking for a kdrama to watch, this is NOT recommended at all.

Hana Jan 15 2016 1:58 pm Haters gonna hate hate hate. Well back off! For those who are bashing about OMV. Express your anger and whatever your emotions are to yourself or someone and not here. “Kkeojyeo” – Master Sun

justme Jan 15 2016 1:49 pm I can’t believe people are badmouthing this drama. This is the best natural acting drama i came across in 2015. It is not de normal stiff, too much humor, one sided love and money battling with love, line of stories that seem to reflect in most K dramas. This drama is super best. More realistic than most K dramas. So please stop hating and accept the change in trend.

Phoebe Jan 15 2016 10:27 am This drama is terrible, terribly ugly. Why is this happening to korean dramas. All korean dramas I have watched lately are crap. I enjoy US and UK dramas more. Me too, I’m beginning to lose hope in korean dramas. Bring back the glory of korean dramas! Improve your storyline! Stop casting idols! Cast REAL actors and actresses.

wint Jan 14 2016 8:05 am I thought I am the only one who does not like Oh My Venus. The drama is seriously bad. I agree even So Jisub and Shin Min A cannot save the drama. Please do not export this to other countries, else you will make the foreigners lose more interest in South Korean dramas. Please do good dramas next time. I watched some Chinese dramas last year, and most of them are better than korean dramas. Stop casting idols who cannot act.

Ajumma fan Jan 14 2016 6:33 am There is always a reason why we make certain decisions in life. I found this out and I want to share it in the hope that it will clear things up.

This is from a translated article and this is what SJS said regarding to why he took OMV: “We need to bring up rookie writers, if we want the drama industry to grow. I want to empower them, and give them an opportunity. That’s how a star can come to help, isn’t it? OMV is a rookie writer’s work, that makes me wanna do it even more.”

Despite all the criticisms, thank you SJS for taking on OMV and giving rookie writer, Kim Eunji a chance to succeed in this fierceless and competitive world of kdramas. It can be pretty ruthless ( just read the comments below. )

I have rewatched it twice and enjoyed it even more second time round with the excellent acting skills of all the characters in OMV. FIghting.

isminurina Jan 14 2016 1:03 am I hate storyline it doesn’t mean I hate the actor/actress. Just opinion about drama i was watching. You can’t force people to like what u like. Calm please not war. We have the same Freedom

Dave Jan 13 2016 9:24 am @ Queenly, don’t get mad my dear. life is too short to be mad to someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. PEACE! just want to share my perspective in this drama since we’re living in a free world. AM I right? if you have to understand my previous comment, ‘ the most uninteresting drama of So Ji SUb’, if you’re a fan of SJS you really know what it means. So Ji Sub deserves to be given exciting, new story lines. not this crap! sorry again. peace to you all.

MICHAELA Jan 13 2016 5:56 am No wonder this drama has been delayed. It is boring from start to end. If not for So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, I will abandon this drama after watching first episode. Very stupid and boring. Please please please choose BETTER DRAMA next time. I hope this ugly drama serve them a lesson. And why are people here saying bad things to those criticizing the drama. These are not hate comments but criticisms. We just want the korean dramas to improve, like how they used to be.

Dave Jan 13 2016 3:48 am sorry. but this is the most uninteresting drama of So Ji Sub.

cotton Jan 12 2016 2:14 pm Chill guys. This is a fun, sweet, and simple drama. No need for complicated plot and melodramatic turn of events.

I do recognize that there are some plot holes and some other strange developments. Maybe that’s why some did not like it that much. And the last two episodes were a bit of a stretch for me to be honest.

However, this was a fun drama. Love Love LOVE the pair’s chemistry. It’s a cute show that is perfectly timed on the holiday season in which people are generally in a festive mood and just simply happy.

So, thanks KBS and to all the people involved in making this drama!

QUEENLY Jan 12 2016 6:03 am To those people who did not like this drama to tell you, you are such a moron! THIS DRAMA IS BEYOND AMAZING! period!

Yuka Jan 12 2016 1:45 am i really love this drama. btw henry so funny. i laughed so hard coz him haha

Debora Irene Christine Jan 11 2016 10:47 am I like this drama so much. The storyline is not cheap, reminding us that not all love stories are like The Heirs or Boys Before Flowers in which the rich are against the middle to low class. The story is mature and the moral story is great. And the most significant contributor to the drama quality is So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s chemistry. They’re so real.

ekay Jan 11 2016 10:05 am waww . I so interest for this drama

paper town Jan 11 2016 6:56 am I agree. This drama is the worst korean drama I have watched last year. The story is stupid and boring.

Fuyuko Jan 11 2016 5:32 am “Dating sure is stupid and uneconomical.” – Kim Young-ho

Oh My Mars! *rofl*

Acuw26 Jan 11 2016 12:21 am like this drama because it simple and can be consider as healing drama.the chemistry btween the two leads is awesome. thumb up for this drama.

out of topic:not all drama need to be prefect because in reality anything can’t be prefect.(to haters)

김 체 란 Jan 10 2016 9:44 pm Daebaakk, this drama make me cry, laugh and remember when Kang Joo Eun sent her smile and kiss for Young Ho. Good chemistry but sometimes story about the heirs or chaebol is so boring. But after all love the ost and cast. Joon Sung and Ji Woong so cute too. And lucky Joo Eun to have three cute guys around her.

isminurina Jan 10 2016 7:19 pm Worst story line after YongPal. I have more expectation to actor/actress but is disappointed

Saltanat Jan 10 2016 1:42 pm some people find this drama boring, it must be because they like complicated plots with a lot of intruiges and struggle and bad characters etc. but i enjoy relaxing simple romantic dramas without all the tensions. and i like mature actors like So Ji Sub

Saltanat Jan 10 2016 12:27 pm Awesome grown-up drama! Not like those teen dramas with naive girls, without any annoying intruiges, simple but interesting. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are great together, drama for mature vewiers

Crystie Jan 10 2016 12:01 pm I love this drama! The chemistry was good but I just didn’t like the ending, I was hoping for a better ending but it’s great! LOVED IT. LOVE THE CASTING TOOO. lynn Jan 10 2016 11:26 am I love this drama.

happy Jan 10 2016 9:18 am Watched it 3 times already and still enjoying it. I like this drama because the storyline is simple. but it gives you more information about health. This drama teaches us to live a healthy live trough SJS advice for SMA.

Chow Jan 10 2016 5:42 am @shamm . yeahhhh me too! i was expecting too much of this drama, sadly the story and the chemistry turned me down. hope 2016 will bring some good and exciting dramas to watch for. but I still want SJS to have another drama, drama not mainly focus on romance. Suspense is better focusing on a brotherly love to a younger sister/brother. As for SMA let her pair with her hubby. Come on Korean writers. you can do better!

Khumuu Jan 10 2016 2:17 am I thoroughly enjoyed watching this drama, and i especially loved So Ji Sub’s acting because he did the right kind of acting at the right timings. Oh he is a GOD! Nevertheless, the last few episodes kind of felt dry to me because it appeared as if the producers/writers had ran out of ideas to add content in the drama.

a very fun watch tho ^__^

shamm Jan 10 2016 2:10 am I’ll give it a 5 out of ten the movie drags. I cant find a good drama these days. hopefully 2016 will change it.

supsup Jan 09 2016 7:37 pm The drama is so flat. No special about it. I cannot stand watching some scenes, some scenes are hilariously childish. They wasted Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. Pick a better drama with good script next time.

E.A.M. Jan 09 2016 1:49 pm I really have to say it was an amazing drama. I was looking forward to the next episode every time. I love how it was completely different from other dramas out there. The focus was health and love. Not beauty on the outside but the inner person and how they should loose the extra weight for their own health benefit. They made a great couple too.

Jam Jan 09 2016 11:08 am All episodes are boring. I tried my best to finish the series to see if there will be something special. Sadly, none. 🙁

W Jan 09 2016 6:03 am I really love the supporting characters . I think Henry and Sung Hoon were great. Unfortunately, the main couple, and the story was somewhat below average . this drama wasn’t waste of time only because of the supporting characters, they were everything.

Faye Jan 08 2016 5:40 pm Omg. what a series. I’d like to thank you KBS for this drama. It is one of the most excellent drama I’ve ever seen. I cried, I laughed and I felt hard for this drama it was not funny. Both leads played their part to the kilt. I love the chemistry between them it was surreal. They look good together and sometimes when I watch, I forget is not real because I get lost in their performance. I live in California USA, and I tell you, Oh my Venus is the talk of our office lunchtime topic. I especially love the young guy in there from Harvard. he’s such a darling character. My goodness, I just can’t get over this drama can’t wait everyday after work to go home and watch. thank you so much for such a wonderful show.

Hanso Jan 08 2016 5:21 pm If not for So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, I will never watch this drama. Very stupid. Waste of time. Instead of focusing on starpower, I hope korean dramas focus more on script and production. Older korean dramas are daebak because the story is very good, even if the lead stars are not famous and not good looking.

kester Jan 08 2016 9:25 am One of the worst korean drama ever. The story has no sense at all. The scriptwriters are idiot. Even SJS and SMA cannot save this ugly drama. Choose better drama next time please.

Melanie Jan 08 2016 7:58 am Wow. Let me say how glad I am I watched Oh my Venus. What an OST. What a cast. Shin Minah was awesome. Especially when I watched her crying when So Ji Sub is hurt. So Ji Sub was so authentic and aristocratic. This is a mature drama, not for shallow minds. Thank you for making my end of 2015, and beginning of 2016 so unforgettable. I loved this drama.

James Jan 08 2016 3:52 am First worst drama of SJS and SMA. I didn’t see any chemistry. And their story is so flat. The second leads have better story that at least gave me a little interest to continue watching it. SJS and SMA. i know they can do better. Just pair them with other stars and boom! surely the drama is a hit i.e. SMA and Ju Ji-Hoon they’re so hot together; SJS and HJM i’m sure girls will giggle again.

gemboku Jan 08 2016 3:45 am love the chemistry of the lead, so GREAT and RECOMENDED for those who bored from some intrique and such a plot, this light romantic comedy is just the BEST.

great job for shin mina an so jisub in here, make a good couple (^^)/

Yanti Jan 08 2016 2:15 am I really like this drama. So romantic! Hidding the ring inside the thread wool so genius idea The way young ho pull the thread, so. wow

Hana Jan 07 2016 11:49 pm No more looking forward to Mon/Tues until another drama catches my eyes. One of the best 2015-2016 drama! So Ji Sub is Love. Please do a season 2. Perfect chemistry! Absolutely no complains about OMV! There’s no 2nd lead syndrome, no b*tchy lady, no major family drama, no rich and poor or I left you cause your rich and your mom disapprove of us type of deal and so on.

DCD KdramaManiac Jan 07 2016 9:34 pm I really enjoy watching this drama. this is one of my top romantic comedy drama. i love the chemistry of both main lead, i wish that it didn’t end, i was cried at the last episodes because of their love for each other. This is a recommended drama for those who want to watch romantic scenes, good vibes and tears of joy. This is one of the best K Drama..

Earthling Jan 07 2016 6:20 pm This was really not well written, might have been a good drama if it was whittled down to 10 episodes. Great cast, good concept, too much repetition, not enough story. all in all a bore.

Patch Veronica Jan 07 2016 12:41 pm I LOVE THIS DRAMA!! WATCH IT YOU WON’T REGRET IT! The ending was perfect and the cast was great!! The last time i cried this much was when i watched It’s Okay It’s Love, did not expect this drama to make me cry so much!!

After healer, this drama is my favorite!!

amani Jan 07 2016 12:34 pm The best drama ever I really enjoyed every single minutes the main characters were perfect wish them all the best ❤❤❤❤

Atika_tika Jan 07 2016 11:19 am Best drama ever, I think.. The lead actor and actress act naturally.. The story makes me laughed and smiled.. Most of all, I love every soundtrack in every characters. Like whistle for Kim Young Ho and sound of piano and orchestra for Kang Joo Eun when she found out who KYH is.. I really love that music. Perhaps will upload and let me know what title that musics are.. Good job for everybody who involved for this productions.

Alisha lyne Jan 07 2016 10:06 am Love..this drama so much..the chemistry between sjs and sma..was so sizzling.. and lovely..love the scripts..the line..especially the ” gesture” between Kim young ho and kang ju eun..sjs..act brilliantly ..begin with cold/hard/so strictly following the rules..working out..dieting( no fast food) and never taking a “nap”or no leisure time..his life so dull and lifeless.. Until he met KJE..he begun to slowly adapted to colourful life.Since” kang ju eun day”..from robotic life..always follow the rules.and because of cancer . he spend most of his time in hospital since childhood..that why his opinion ” healthy more sexier”..his character was expressionless bc ..he lack of Love from his father .hard,cold,stiff,expressionless..the only person he ever closed to was chief min..jun seong and Ji young.(bromance) their relationships so special and sooo..touching. and Kang ju eun was the best that ever happened to them..there so much to say about this drama..but the summary ..IMO. OMV is one of best i ever watched bes >

raiza Jan 07 2016 2:52 am Not satisfied with the ending. Please make a part 2 of oh my venus. I so love this drama ..so ji sub oppa

Madonna Jan 06 2016 12:49 pm Best movie ever, I so loved this, all actors and actresses were great, I cried, laughed, smiled, felt every emotion to be felt. Im so happy. LOVE YOU GUYS

Vv Jan 06 2016 12:44 pm There’s no denying that there is chemistry between the leads. HOWEVER, the plot started to weaken halfway through and failed to keep me entertained. It started off as an original series but ended up being too generic. I finished it because of them mainly. I did start to like the secondary leads (Woo Shik and Soo Jin) and I wanted to see where it was going to end.

Fatima Jan 06 2016 11:53 am it was great except its end! what was that?! babies.

Josh Jan 06 2016 7:29 am . the only thing that keeps me hanging on in this drama is Oh Soo-Jin & Im Woo-sik. wonder they have great scenes together compare with the leads.

Josh Jan 06 2016 7:11 am Sorry guys. the leads don’t have any chemistry. SJS just plainly act with SMA no giggles at all. His eyes tells it all that it’s just a brotherly or friendly act maybe because he respected her. As for SMA, i know she’s a good actress, i’ve seen some of her movies and really i was entertained but here she was just all playing. They were so touchy to each other but first time in a drama though that i feel no fluttery. sorry guys it wasn’t great in my opinion. i skipped a lot and i was not entertained.

Jade Jan 06 2016 4:55 am jumped to episode 14. i did try to like this drama for best actors are there, but no matter how hard i open my eyes lots of spices were missing. There’s no what ifs i’ve seen. just telling the truth i can feel no excitement. Anyway, may it interesting or not in my views, i still go for SJS.

Dyasar901 Jan 06 2016 4:35 am oh my .. oh my . this story is really a masterpiece .. full of emotions, happy and sad yet so light that keep me eyes smiling hahaha .. really unexpected ending, as if want to say much in little time left and 26 extra kilo for 1st trimester pregnancy is a little too much hihi .. SJS and SMA; please work together again cause you both look so damn real on screen !!

Mysin Jan 06 2016 1:00 am Love it to the bit, ROTFL all the way through episode finale, the only drama that have different types of ending, such an entertaining, LOVE you whoever you are that making this drama ever existed, Gomawo

Rosemary Ong Jan 05 2016 11:51 pm Best romantic drama ever. Olalala. Love you So Ji-sub & Shin Min-ah.

Bouchra Siroua Jan 05 2016 10:44 pm What an enjoyable and sweet drama ! First time watching a drama without getting stressed about the villains and all the bad caracters in it . I especially love the ending, who could have imagined that they met long time ago and that they have take different paths to finally be together to the very end!! Thank you team “oh my venus” for this unforgettable drama! So ji sub and Shin min-a you guys deserve the best for making us laugh as hard as you made us cry during the 16 episodes. Bravo

Bphil Jan 05 2016 10:15 pm Love all dramas of So Ji-sub. Looking forward to a new drama opposite Ha Ji-won.

Shandy Jan 05 2016 10:14 pm OMO! Im done watching Oh my venus! :3 Im going to miss Shin Min Ah, So Ji Sub, Sung Hoon and Henry :/ they are all AMAZING actor and actress. love them hope to see them more in kdrama. ♥ Thank you!

Bouchra Siroua Jan 05 2016 10:11 pm What an enjoyable and sweet drama!! First time watching a drama without getting stressed about the villains and all the bad caracters in it. Love the ending so much, who could have imagined that they met long time ago and that they had took different paths to finally be together to the very end Thank you team “oh my venus” for the unforgettable drama!! So ji sub and Shin min-a you guys deserve the best for making us laugh as hard as you made us cry during 16 episodes. Bravo

V Jan 05 2016 8:07 pm This drama always made me laugh and stupidly smile. SJS and SMA have such great chemistry. Seriously loved their relationship together. They are amazing actors who portray their characters so nicely. This drama always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside after watching Viv Jan 05 2016 7:50 pm I really enjoyed this drama. It was very refreshing to me and I looked forward each week to every episode. SJS and SMA have such a great chemistry together and are talented actors! this drama made me laugh and stupidly smile all the time with its cute and funny moments. Kang Joo Eun and Kim Young Ho jandi Jan 05 2016 4:25 pm Worst So Ji Sub drama. Worst Shin Min Ah drama. Worst drama.

Bahadir iskender erdogan Jan 05 2016 1:30 pm Definately i love this drama. Dont ask why i dont know eighter. Simply beauty and different. Keep on good work and pls do not finish in a short period. I love you all. Thanks for your good effort.

Hayli Jan 05 2016 7:35 am Thanks to the writer, director, producer n actors n actresses. This drama is a new year gift for me. I have great time watching this. Main actor n actress are fantastic, great chemistry n they act so naturally. The plot are simple and enjoyable. This drama make me happy and young. It is so sad that it ends so fast. I rate for this drama 100 % and this is my no.1 favorite drama. Finally I love mr.so ji sub and shin min ah. May god bless them.

Nikkie Jan 05 2016 2:48 am I absolutely love this drama. I love all of the actors and actresses in this drama especially the leads. I was happy to finally watch a drama without so much conflict. It was cool, sexy, funny and some scenes made me cry. Issues didn’t drag out for more than one episode. To me that very refreshing to watch a happy drama. Things don’t always have to be so damn complicated. A Must watch for me. you will love it

Ceejay Jan 04 2016 11:49 pm Oh my Venus.. drama has it’s own wits. simple & elegance on it’s own way. Not too much of the mellow but a drama of it’s own and enough for entertainment. I really enjoyed it 🙂

Jan Jan 04 2016 6:42 pm This drama is fantastic! Excellent acting and well placed humor. The leads have great timing and chemistry. Great drama, wish it was 20 episodes.

MN Jan 04 2016 12:03 pm Don’t listen to all the haters; they’re probably people who prefer stuff high school sramas. This drama is really funny with high class acting skills. So much chemistry and all the characters have an impact in the show. I’ve watched many, many dramas & this is definitely on my top 10 list. Just watch the first episode & you will know why it’s so loved! No regrets with this drama Vici Jan 04 2016 11:31 am After all it’s all about our perspectives, maybe who thinks that this plot is kinda boring or even has no conflict at all is someone who likes complicated movies. But some of we are like to watch lightlove movie. And i think this is a very good drama with not much dramatic scenes like all korean dramas does. I like it better when everything is going on smoothly. Just my opinion:)

Bony Jan 04 2016 6:55 am Interesting drama. i hope KBS2 would have dramas like this in 2016.

Pam Jan 04 2016 12:14 am I love this drama. Great acting from So Ji sub. Where have you been hiding? Why I only discover you now.

This is the best KBS drama for 2015.

Kdramaent Jan 03 2016 7:57 pm I love this drama. It is not your typical kdrama with over the top plot. There are conflicts just like in the real world but good thing there are no frustrating and unrealistic dramas which give you a fresh impression about kdrama.

Kdramaent Jan 03 2016 7:49 pm Best KBS drama of 2015. Great acting from So Ji Sub. What an outstanding performance. Amazing how he immersed into the character and his interpretation of the role is brilliant. Definitely he is one of the best actors Korea has produced.

This teaches a lot about real beauty, true wealth which is health and how to build self-esteem with good and genuine foundation.

I look forward to his future projects. Wishing for more international exposure of him.

Hana Jan 03 2016 6:31 pm In love with SJS all over again. Highly recommended!

susanti Jan 03 2016 6:20 am The best Korean drama everrrrr.I love to watch So Jisub.He is so cool and drives me crazy really oh MY Goshhhhh

evilhomer450 Jan 03 2016 5:02 am I watched until episode 12 but i couldn’t take it anymore. The lead relationship makes no sense, i mean he confessed way too early in the series and they literally became a couple without any form of struggle.There is zero plot driving this drama except for some corporate handover with it uninteresting and the Korean snake’s mother issue. There is zero characterization, the characters literally do not change emotionally.

Agnes Jan 03 2016 3:41 am Me and My husband love watching them. They sure are great actors and actress since they both made me burst in tears and made us laugh in tears too. A very commendable drama to watch.

PoeticBeauty Jan 02 2016 8:58 am The chemistry between So Jisub and Shin Mina is impeccable. They make it appear that they are really in a relationship. This romance comedy gives me the quiver. The sexual innuendos between YoungHo and Jueun especially in the room scene in episode 11 made me smile from ear to ear. I cannot get enough of these two. I love the script its current and the conversations are funny. Congratulations to the writer, Kim Eun-Ji to me this is a masterpiece.

kai Jan 02 2016 4:45 am @Tiana me too!! I used Shazam but still can’t find anything..

Elvie Jan 01 2016 9:24 am This drama makes me fall in love again and again. Feeling can’t express every time so ji sub will open his mouth. it’s really Oh MY GOD.

Sandra Jan 01 2016 8:23 am Love this drama. The chemistry between SJS/SMA is amazing. Will watch again and add to favorites. SJS is so adorable and charming.

judith Jan 01 2016 8:10 am I love this drama, its driving me crazy

SoJiSub_awesome Dec 31 2015 6:33 am Forget about the plot. Why do people want shows with complicated stories? This show offers simple and light love story. No villain, no 3rd party, no amnesia girl, or what not. I like it because it’s not too heavy drama. I like to commend both stars, SJS and SMA, they are both wonderful and they play their characters well! especially SJS, damn he’s too hot! but when he cries, everyone cries. He’s a very good actor. I like SMA too, I agree that she is one of the prettiest girl in South Korea! lucky Kim woo bin! They made the story easy for us to believe that they really love each other. The story evolves only the two of them, with the little bit side story of the other characters as well. But what can we do? The skinship in this drama is way too sweet, and that make the show awesome than any other shows! need i say more?!

guts Dec 31 2015 3:50 am The story does not make sense. All they did was display their body and show skinship. Waste of time.

MikeyC Dec 31 2015 1:25 am I’m disappointed in this drama choice by So Ji Sub. It is a Romantic Comedy with zero substance. I enjoyed Master’s Sun because there was an actual story along with the romance. This drama, however, has an extremely weak plot with even weaker subplots. It’s currently on episode 14 but one could have mistaken it for the final episode because there is no story. Only watch this if you don’t mind endless scenes of the two leads being happy then sad then happy again. Once Shin Min Ah loses the weight, the drama really has nothing left to offer besides the romance scenes. The other plots such as corporate life, family issues, ex-relationships, etc are not really explored deeply or explained properly.

Nas Dec 31 2015 12:56 am at first, it was very interesting suddenly it slowly turns into a typical k-drama plot. im a bit disappointed because i expected something different. but oh well, i admit i weeped a lot especially episode 13. thanks to ji sub’s and min ah’s A+ acting. that’s the only thing that keep me going lol

Hana Dec 30 2015 11:43 pm Oh gosh! In love with SJS! He appears so strong but so fragile as well. Lovely SMA is so adorable! Perfect chemistry! Drama is so funny and yet so heart breaking as well!! Added to my favorites.

toniab Dec 30 2015 5:18 pm i love ji sub and min ah together so much that i feel almost sorry for kim won bin,lol,its not easy dating an actor.

Jasmine Dec 30 2015 12:22 pm I started to love these two actor & actress. The rest of the actors & actresses are good too.They acted naturally as i used to like hk drama now i like korea drama. The story is very interesting and nice.

Jasmine Dec 30 2015 12:20 pm I started to love these two actor & actress. They acted naturally as i used to like hk drama now i like korea drama

hellyufan Dec 30 2015 10:17 am I am in love with this drama i love hthe story and the actors are perfect for eachother. Also i never noen that i had Hypothyroidism i justrecognized later and they are etting you know how to lose way and the way she is suppoting her man its Incredible it gives me goose bumbs. How they are recove from they wounds. wooow amazing

Rc137 Dec 30 2015 4:42 am It seems like the average weight for a female idol (published) is just over 45kg. For a Korean female (168cm), normal range would be something like 45kg – 58kg. 70kg (154lbs) seems kind of heavy (unless big boned and/or have lots of muscle). Asians tend to be thinner and have higher metabolism. My perception of what is normal derived from published height and weight of Korean female idols and actresses (and my personal experience. I start to feel fat when my BMI gets above 22).

Rangana Dec 30 2015 12:19 am I love this drama.. It’s the best.. Though there are some Inappropriate scenes.. But why why did you guys had to create an accident. I love this drama very very much . :*:) – _ –

Philip Dec 29 2015 10:21 pm Why do I feel like ep 14 is the ending. All good things happen on that episode and I cannot imagine how can they play the last two ep.

Mikee Dec 29 2015 7:26 pm I just love the flow of the stories, there are some downs in the story but what I like most, it recovers immediately like lawyer kang finds out who is john kim as a chaebol but after she just accept him, unlike other stories it will goes a long process to accept the person. But it sads me because its only up to 16 ep but im pretty much sure it will end up a very very nice story and im looking forward.

Mimi Dec 29 2015 3:38 pm @ calandra you’re not fat, she wasn’t that fat in the drama either, she was more like chubby, but they were all acting like she was obese or something.

but you’re quite right, people who have no idea how weight is calculated might develop body issues because of all of this.

woop Dec 29 2015 2:38 pm for the whistling song: do you guys mean “Darling U”? It’s such a cute song, perfect for the drama XD You can find it when you search Oh My Venus OST 🙂

toubi Dec 29 2015 2:10 pm Calandra you’re not fat honey don’t worry! and Daebaaaak for this Drama! Sumir3 Dec 29 2015 12:01 pm Can you please help to give the song name in Ep 13 where they hug each other at the end of the episode.

And one more anyone know the whistle song?

Mini Dec 29 2015 9:46 am I need to know that whistling songgggggg TT____TT Been searching for that song ages ago urghhhh.

Calandra Dec 29 2015 6:49 am Really like this drama Ashley Dec 29 2015 1:21 am Hey do you know that henry was really funny in the drama. First I watched the one when Henry and Sung Hoon was In the locker room and then Henry just Hugged Sung Hoon. Then i watched the Episode when Kang Joo-Eun came home She asked Henry that “How did the paper shoot go for Sung Hoon?” Then he said Something funny . I laughed so hard. Henry is so funny!

Tiana Dec 28 2015 11:58 pm Ok quick question. Does ANYBODY, ANYBODY know the whistling song that’s played in this drama? I’ve been searching since ep 3 but I never found it. Please it would be such a big help, even if it’s not a song I would like to know the name of the melody atleast.

jasmine Dec 28 2015 11:37 pm Jang Il Jin is not matched with Korean Snake, Hyeonu (Jueun’s friend) would be more fun, the two of them is just perfect. only my opinion

hana Dec 28 2015 9:19 pm all what i can say is that i loved it just_me Dec 28 2015 12:05 pm This drama is way too amazing to deserve the ratings that it’s been getting to be honest. OMG. this drama is just to great! I’ve fallen in love with it!! I’ll watch it in the future many times to come. Even though it’s not done. Episode 13 is killing me. 🙁

Siri Dec 28 2015 11:39 am i just started watching it just because i had nothing to watch. Now I am a Fan! Both So Ji Sub and Shin_Min-A very very excellent JOB! You make it seem so believable that you guys are so in love. So ji sub you are ultimately SEXY! I cannot believe i didnt watch your movies before. You both are so good together. Only thing is i Know shin Min Ah is with Kim Woo Bin. I wish and ship the teo main cast!

dita Dec 28 2015 12:31 am i think this movie is better than similar drama before, coz in this drama there is a ‘progress’ if you want something, you have work hard. and 2nd reason in this drama full off education moral and caring people

but the best thing is I LOVE character for both them shin min A and so ji sub, the have own chemistry so its looks natural acting, bravo .

Anna Dec 27 2015 10:22 pm Omygod I love this drama. It might be my new fav drama. How can ppl say this is boring? I mean CMON THEY ARE SO CUTE LIKE WTF ARE YOU DOING TO ME GUYS. The main couple is so cute and adorable with just enough comedy to make you die.

ayo Dec 27 2015 8:34 pm disappointed. too much dragging. only using star power.No intelligent progressions in the plot,

SJSFANS Dec 27 2015 8:15 pm Among all so ji sub drama this one probably the most simple story. Seriously nothing special about the story except for youngho post-trauma symptom. there is so many stories that you can dig. Shin min ah character is a lawyer but yet he never attend a case. with high quality actor and actress, the director and the writer are quite dissapointed. The only good about this drama is the hot and sexy sojisub and sung hoon.

yupx Dec 27 2015 8:18 am What are the ratings for episodes 11 and 12?

ash Dec 27 2015 4:36 am Drama is not so extra ordinary it is an average drama the story is almost as same ‘Birth of beauty’ fatty heroine reducing weight and falling in love with her trainer .

So a time pass series with repetitive story line Still loved Shin min a she is super damn cuteee.

Ugandakdrama Dec 27 2015 4:21 am I really love this drama . I have rewatched the episodes six times. when you reach ep 7 everything starts to change and you start wanting to know what is to happen next am enjoying it I can’t wait for the next episode

Mhain Dec 27 2015 1:48 am Waste of time? You have watched until episode 12 yet you find it disappointing? I must agree that this is not heavy drama compared to previous dramas that were released earlier but let’s try to enjoy a bit, the drama offered a great cast and funny scenes.

whif Dec 26 2015 6:53 pm Korean dramas are hopeless. I miss the good old days when every korean dramas that I watched are all damn good. Now they are all trash. STOP CASTING IDOLS!

Sonsarae Dec 26 2015 11:40 am This drama is so much fun, The actors/actresses are soamazing. Don’t go by the ratings for this one, it really is good!!

Yuu Dec 26 2015 8:20 am Well. this plot. is simple. sad to say, IT IS too simple. Agree with Maximus. It’ll be better if they release this drama couple years ago. But the problem is. WHYYYYYYY! WHHYYY I CAN’T GET THESE BUTTERFLIES OUT OF MY STOMACH!! OMMOOO!! I keep watching it over n over again while waiting for next Monday!!

Uuuuuhhh BUTTERFLIES fly away please. i can’t work with you guys in there.


Shir Dec 25 2015 10:04 pm Love this drama sooo much. One of the best ever. Chemistry is super dooooper great.

Cha Do Hyun Dec 25 2015 10:00 pm @Maximus I totally agree. I’m currently on episode 7 I would definitely add this on my list of ovr8d dramas (which include BoF and Playful Kiss)

Alexa Dec 25 2015 9:48 pm @ Maximus, you find it disappointing and waste of time. Then why are you watching it?? And you already reach ep 12 and you still waiting until it ends. You should stop then if its not your taste of drama. But for me. Its one of the best kdrama Ive ever watched. Its NOT boring though the story is not that intriguing. Every episode is sweet and warmth to the heart. CHEMISTRY is sooooo great.. I love this drama soooo much. Its my stress reliever. SO JI SUB is soooooo handsome.

Maximus Dec 25 2015 1:25 pm This drama is disappointing. Based on the comments here, you would think it is not. However don’t be fooled. Although the cast is talented, the plot is lacking a lottt. It is so cheesy. No wonder why it doesn’t have great ratings. If this was aired a couple years ago, it would have been fine. But nowadays, k-dramas are more intriguing and interesting. I’m at ep 12. Hopefully, by the end of it, it gets better. Such a waste of time.

Tata Dec 25 2015 7:19 am i love this drama its so natural acting and living. And chemistry both of them so ji sub and shin min A just like real couple .. two tumbs up 2nd reason love this drama cause they put education learn and caring people, not only publish body and make up. Good job for writer, director and all of crew.

JIHAD RAFIA Dec 23 2015 4:51 pm i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this Drama i found it refreshing the story is new the chemestry between the leads is fantastic thesoundtracks are amasing the acting is good and it’s really a warm funny and somhow cute drama i don’t know why people don’t love it ? well i think people’s tast is really at the bottom right now

Dreamhigh Dec 23 2015 1:50 pm I watching this drama because of So Ji Sub, I like him a lot and he has been off drama for so long. but in this drama, he isn’t worth to act.

neea Dec 23 2015 12:02 pm love So Ji Sub and Shin Min A. Not sure if it’s the aftereffect of Master Sun or it is just me, but I feel something missing here between Kim Young Ho and Kang Joo Eun. They are both very good, both played their respective roles very well, just .

nuldeh Dec 22 2015 11:16 pm more flabbergasted than disappointed, how can shin minah and so jisub get themselves involved with this schlock, did their respective parent companies forced them into this drama because of money? really hope they get some quality scripts for their next projects.

Kika Dec 22 2015 11:08 pm OMG episode 12 is amazing!! Just hope he’s ok and please no memory loss. Lol wish I lived in Korea. I’d call text email tweet and ig all my people to watch this show just to get the ratings up

star Dec 22 2015 1:07 pm Excellent story with a great storylines between the lead couple . both shin min ah & so ji sub are doing a wonderful job . sharing a beautiful chemistry that captured the hearts of their fans worldwide with their love story . Without any doubt it is one of the best drama for 2015 .

Elz Dec 22 2015 11:26 am This drama has refreshing story line and sense of humor. Really like this drama and very recommended to watch. So ji sub and Shin min ah also potray a strong character and chemistry. Can’t wait to find out the end of this drama, hope it will a happy ending.

Daren Dec 22 2015 8:48 am I like this drama. Jo Eun’s acting is natural. She is very pretty and has good natural look. Min-A plays her character very well. Min-A, I am not tired watching you whether before you lose weight or after, when you have a slender body.

This drama should have a good rating. A clever character and a brainy lawyer.

KyleM Dec 22 2015 3:39 am now waiting for ep 12.. love both the main characters. favorite drama this year.

a fan Dec 21 2015 6:36 pm Ah, and this is definitely one of my favorite dramas of all time! 🙂

a fan Dec 21 2015 6:34 pm I don’t understand why this drama doesn’t have better ratings. I personally love it!! Main couple’s chemistry is fantastic and the plot is not only about her weight loss. Yeah, there are those mainstream kdrama moments, but they suit this drama. You have no idea how many times I have giggled when watching this!

K-fan Dec 20 2015 10:16 pm Plot is nothing new and exciting but good thing Soh Ji-Sub is so man and cool. The part where the model wooing the handsome guy part makes me puke. Min ah is so refreshing and pretty in ‘Volcano High School’ , and that was 12 years ago.

Krista fale Dec 19 2015 8:52 am Idc what the ratings are in Korea, I rate this as one of my favorites and in my top 3 love story kdramas. The leads are amazing actors. The plot is similar to she was pretty and bof, but who cares all kdramas have cheesy love stories lol. But these are my top 3 cause the leads are mesmerizing.

jina0919 Dec 19 2015 5:42 am I personally think that this is a very good drama. the plot tells us the story about daily live most people can have, it does have a healing vibes when you watch the drama. You know most of dramas tell stories that usually wouldn’t happen in real life, but this one feels really real. it’s easy to understand from normal person’s point of view. you know drama doesn’t have to be filled up with those complicated stories full of betrayal, deceiving, murder, revenge, or so. It’s really nice seeing people who had been hurt in the past grown up as a loving beings here, unlike most of other dramas that show people who have scars from their previous bad experience became blood thirst human, etc. This drama gives me warmth everytime I watch it. There are so many cute and funny scenes that would be such a great waste to not watch! I scream a lot during watching this because SJS and SMA are just too cute together! the character played by SJS in this drama is the best one among his roles I personally think. there’s this line that KYH tells KJE that healthy person is the prettiest, so it tells that losing weight not only to pursue look that everyone may think, it’s also to pursue health. It’s really an easy story and healing story! I love seeing the jjang chemistry between the actors too, especially SJS and SMA! I hope this drama’s rating will continue to go up and many more people will keep watching this drama! I hope this drama will continue to receive love from viewers. I hope SJS and SMA will be paired up again in dramas in the future!

Hanys Dec 19 2015 12:50 am I love ep 9 most! So cute! I can see another side of jisub! Min ah is such a refreshing girl! Lovable!

Kdramafans Dec 19 2015 12:30 am This drama really hav the funny scene all the time and I personally really enjoy this drama!! It is soooo sweet between so ji-sub and shin min-A 🙂 i used 24hrs to watch this drama from ep1 to 10 😉 watch till 5am . Hope it is a happy ending ! Fighting.

wolverine Dec 18 2015 2:31 pm I don’t about you guys, but I love love this drama so much. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

josi Dec 17 2015 3:34 pm I really enjoy this Drama. of Course it may not be for everyone but I really really enjoy every Episode until now.It has an inspiring plot,funny,comforting way that touches me personally. so Im excitedand looking Forward to the rest of it.Well done writer for making something that I could look Forward to after work

Malak Dec 17 2015 1:14 pm I was exited with this drama at the beginning but it is really there is no story they started good but later it becomes some collection of very expected lines.

no rational line in the story. I stopped watching it and I recommend you to watch “Remember” drama.

yess Dec 17 2015 1:23 am i love this drama, I’m so sick of so “telenovela” drama these days, this one is light and romantic, just like our ordinary life, life is not that f***ing complicated and full of tension as usually Kdrama did. This is a good drama for me, while sometimes they make the plot looks like hanging in the air, but maybe, there will be a twist in the end! But still i love this drama!

Laura Dec 16 2015 10:42 am one of the best things about this drama? they really showed us that there’s no shortcut in life. we need to work hard for us to get to somewhere. they didn’t fast forward. it isn’t about revenge. it’s about self actualization and finally, falling for the right person who’ll be your better half. thus, this motivates me to get healthier. 😉 yes, maybe try to change your point of view and dig deeper as mentioned by some here. but welps, if you’re not really into life lessons, then move along. sure sure, this drama’s boring to you. just sayin’

biyeak Dec 16 2015 10:41 am No matter how star-studded the cast is, if the plot is boring and not progressing I will not watch it. The Cinderella plot of this drama is so obvious, no mystery effect. Unless they change the storyline and make Shin Min Ah fat until the end.. I also cannot see any sexual tension between SJS and SMA. No wonder the production of this drama has been delayed several times, maybe the producers are hesitant to even start this crap.

elle Dec 16 2015 10:31 am Yes, this drama is light but it doesn’t mean that there’s no depth within the characters and the plot itself. Maybe start looking at things differently, not just the things that are really obvious. Not everything should be explained, that’s how we learn, yes? The plot isn’t really as heavy and complicated like the usual Kdrama’s and that’s one thing I like about it. Also, no obvious awkwardness between the lead characters. They’re so cute together. Really lovely! I’ve been watching more KBS dramas lately since they’re not really afraid to experiment, i.e. Healer, Blood. I’m mostly baffled how people can watch until the end (or latest ep) and say it’s boring from the start.

werawata Dec 15 2015 11:16 pm an aside. whenever they show a gazillion man servants following chaebol, i think about the korean air heiress ridiculous demand and the korean need for ostentatiousness, not something one sees in other asian countries to the same extent.

katt Dec 15 2015 10:13 pm lets just all lower our expectations and enjoy the show as a super long Giordano cf.

lika Dec 15 2015 10:03 pm the very average ratings of this drama are very understandable for it lacks any real intriguing plot and the acting of the leads is very mediocre in this..plus the supposed to be humor elements are not at all humorous plus the acting of henry looks overdone..n these three guys leaving their priorities to make this lady( who is a complete stranger) go thru weight reduction is very much impractical

Sinta Amelia Dec 15 2015 8:17 pm what i like most about this drama is how the chemistry between the two leads .it really goes with the flow

their feeling developed . that’s what we call mature love. maybe it seems boring for some people , but for me it’s really sweet and i love how they overcome the feeling

and this drama is so real

not too much dramas like usual kdrama stereotypes

AnnieD Dec 15 2015 8:10 pm This drama is GREAT–incredibly good!! So Ji Sub and Shin Min A are marvelous together; I LOVE their scenes.

In fact, the entire cast is first-rate throughout. I’m so impressed with Jung Gyu-Woon (former boyfriend) and Yu In-Young (former friend, current manager), who are perfect in their roles. His scene in the coffee shop as he struggles to express his post-breakup feelings is superb: beautifully nuanced and absolutely convincing. (And Min A was heart-achingly real in her reactions.) Yu In-Young is wonderfully complex and compelling in her role, and her delicate but stinging cruelties are breathtaking.

Of course “the boys” are adorable. But they’re more than that. Sung Hoon shows poignant depth, and Henry is flat-out hilarious and very refreshing. Their relationships with hyung and ma’am are heart-warming, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m also liking Chief Min quite a lot. And, finally, Jo Eun-Ji is lovely and pitch-perfect as the best friend of Kang Joo Eun. Very entertaining and lovable character. (She’s not included in the main cast list above, which is strange, as she’s far more pivotal a character than Kang Joo Eun’s office assistant.)

In any event, the whole cast is stellar. The camera work, music, direction snd script are excellent. So far this drama gets top marks from me.

nour Dec 15 2015 7:34 pm Really exciting and well written:) I love the chemistry between the 2 leads they don’t feel awkward like other dramas i’ve seen.. I saw some comments saying it’s boring and slow but honestly for someone who’s watching k-drama for many years now I can tell you it’s not, but at the end it depends on your personal preference

yizzuh Dec 15 2015 4:57 pm So disappointed with this drama. I hope So Ji Sub chose a better drama next time. The drama is boring and unwatchable.

snowlay Dec 15 2015 11:40 am love this drama . SJS and SMA their action is amazing ,

Potato Dec 14 2015 11:25 pm Haha a few people are questioning why SJS fell in love with her. But honestly that’s just how love works, you’re not really sure why, but you can fall in love with someone for no reason at all. It just happens. Anyway he started liking her because of her honesty and her fighting spirit, and he enjoyed the times he spent with her. The storyline is going great in my opinion, I like that Woo Shik is actually being a pretty nice character, was expecting him to be like his character in BOAB. What I really do like about this drama so far is that it’s not delving too deep into politics, mystery, etc. because it’s nice that everything is out in the open, so I can just relax when watching this without having to worry about evil mothers, amnesia etc like with other dramas. But honestly though the fat suit hahaha it looks really realistic, but how come they made her face and stomach so big but the legs so small? Especially the calves man my face and stomach are smaller than hers but her legs look way smaller :’)

nevermindthebuzzcockz Dec 14 2015 10:52 pm Sad that this drama isn’t getting much higher ratings. I can see why though, it doesn’t have much ‘drama’ in it. This is a quality of this series that I like actually. We all know the leads are going to end up together anyways with every kdrama, so it’s nice that this isn’t as much of a roller coaster ride as others are. There doesn’t seem to be huge unnecessary plot points that makes the viewers frustrated even though we all know it will be a happy ending.

This is a really easy going story and it isn’t as heavy as other romantic comedies tend to get at some point. (Often times I stop watching RomCom Korean dramas when it suddenly gets too “twisty” and it’s just frustrating to continue watching) I actually really like this better than most other dramas, it’s already one of my favorites because it’s not too complicated and frustrating so I can just sit back and watch. So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah have a great chemistry in my opinion and I can’t get enough of their interactions.

Perhaps korean viewers are more used to their dramas having more twists and turns, while this one is pretty straightforward.

The best thing about this drama is that I don’t really hate anyone other than one character. I don’t even hate the second lead girl because I can sympathize with her, and that’s rare with these dramas.

The drama isn’t that original or particularly clever, but I still LOVE it because it’s a breath of fresh air and it’s just a feel good story basically.

dongdong Dec 14 2015 7:01 pm would have thought the star power of the leads would be enough to boost the show’s rating within their country regardless of the quality of the script. guess most people do have better things to do than to sit through another humdrum drama. must learn from them.

Jeni Dec 14 2015 4:36 pm does anybody know the piano soundtrack on episode 7 when Joo eun and young ho see eachother at meeting room? 🙂

anonymous Dec 14 2015 9:45 am disappointed. sometimes story moves very slow.No intelligent progression in the story line. exaggeration.

lolla Dec 14 2015 9:14 am This drama makes me loose 2 pounds till episode 8 ^ ^ I am so thankful , this drama motivates me so much

Hanys Dec 13 2015 7:49 am Watch this accidently in ep 4.. for me the couple such an interesting one. Despite sma with woo bin.. i dont care. Just worship them in the drama. Hope the ratings turn out better. Theres a lot of secret to figures out. Hwaiting

Giselle Dec 12 2015 11:24 am Actually i watched this by accidentally. I consume the protein herbalife which is on of the sponsor of this movie. I like both actors and actress they have chemistry and the soundtrack also the music background give “feeling” in this movie. the more i watch it i can’t stop and waiting again. And i also like the caracter of Yu in Young ( she is totally b*atch) hahaha sorry my language.. But it means shes acting is so good.. Can’t wait more episode to come

Andreaaaaaa Dec 12 2015 7:39 am I think the reason for the low ratings is the lack of chemistry between SJS and SMA. We all know that those two are already in a relationship with other people, the can only have REEL relationship, unless of course they break up with their respective partners. That’s why actors and actress rarely admit relationship, unless they are caught by Dispatch .. The drama will only sell if the storyline is really GOOD, UNIQUE, UNPREDICTABLE.. The only thing that’s hyping the drama right now is SJS’s frequent taking off his clothes, which will turn boring if he does it EVERY FREAKING EPISODE.. I will stop watching the drama for now, will go back if I heard the storyline turns out good..

JiSub-stan Dec 11 2015 8:06 am Oh my god me too guys. I am obsessed with that whistling soundtrack :))) I have been searching for the film OST but there are only 4 tracks excluding that whistling one, so maybe theyll release it soon in the future

titi Dec 11 2015 6:51 am i am also looking for that whistling song. any idea anyone?

Kika fale Dec 10 2015 9:16 pm My favorite drama of 2015. Amazing cast!! Exciting, invigorating heartwarming and most of romanticaly sexy leads that keep you glued to your iPhone

Mini Dec 10 2015 2:02 pm Can someone tell me the song ( that got whistling in it) on ep 8 when kim young ho enter the office (51:34). Thankyouuuu!

jyj Dec 10 2015 8:34 am I love So Jisub and I was waiting for his new project. Honestly, I still don’t understand the storyline and how he fell in love with Shi Min Ah. There is no story at all. But atleast the drama encouraged me to lose weight and challenging myself that before this drama ends I will lose 10kg hahaha. Been exercising lately. I’m still watching it even if I don’t understand their characters. all of them. but since Jisub is there.. it is more that enough reason to watch it. Hope better storyline in the next episodes..

HS KL Dec 09 2015 9:19 pm I agree with Chow. I too was disappointed with the first few episodes. I can’t figure out Kim Young Ho’s (SJS) expressions. What’s with that look? The good news is that it got better in the later episodes. I enjoyed the vibrant and ever cheerful Kim Ji Woong (Henry) and his interactions with Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min A). Shin Min A is delightful to watch as she is a natural. This drama is not iconic but still enjoyable to watch so far.

Nan Dec 09 2015 9:29 am I love this serial. Actually, cant wait every chapter.

Chow Dec 09 2015 9:08 am I love So Ji Sub. I have watched his 3 dramas (Cain and Abel, Master Sun, and Phantom). I tried to watch the first episode of this drama (Oh My Venus!) but I can’t just get myself to even finish the episode. Wish someday somehow I’ll get hooked again with his projects especially this one just like what everyone is talking about. Don’t mind me still I want to rate 5 out of 10 for this show, sadly because I wasn’t amazed at the first few scenes.

Yeahyeah Dec 09 2015 4:04 am @Mae if you’re bored and don’t like the story line then feel free not to watch 🙂

mae Dec 09 2015 2:52 am why he fall in love by no reason.. just because they stay in same house.. i want min ah caracter more than her beauty.. its boring storyline

Ina Dec 09 2015 12:39 am I really like the story! Its getting exciting eachtime! Keep it up! This drama is complete! There’s romance comedy drama action ( iv’e seen shi minah in gumiho) doing action movie she is truly a beautiful talented actress! She and so ji sub really blends very well! They’re truly a pair that makes us want to see their romantic side eachtime. So with the other actors and actress they are amazing as well! Make us wait in agony cant wait to see the next episode! Congratz in advance probably best actor actress and tv drama for 2015.

sofiyaa Dec 08 2015 7:52 pm wow! vvvv nice drama.. can’t wait for next episode.❤️

jiwu Dec 08 2015 2:03 pm omg. cutest drama ever i love so ji sub so much deff recommend this drama to everyone. ep 1 is slow but it gets a lot better!!

Fatma Dec 08 2015 11:39 am I love this drama , I can’t wait ep 8 ‘ too exicting to watch it

Ishara Dec 08 2015 5:22 am This drama is so good. I am actually loving this.

Ishara Dec 08 2015 5:20 am A really good drama..I actually love this 🙂

just_me Dec 07 2015 4:47 pm Why are the ratings so low?! This drama is so great.

purple Dec 07 2015 10:01 am i’m so addicted to so ji sub smile. fangirling now.. can they be together in real life. chemistry overloaded

star Dec 07 2015 9:00 am Wonderful drama . There is no words to describe how wonderful is ( Oh My Venus ) lovely romantic comedy . Totally in love with the show .

something Dec 07 2015 5:23 am @androuchka the rating is considerably good compare to the past drama in this time slot .

the drama is pretty good but until ep.6 the problem is still considerably weak, but still i love shin min a and her chemistry with so ji sub is good ..

androuchka Dec 06 2015 7:28 pm What with the ratings?? this drama is really good do!

lolla Dec 06 2015 9:43 am In this drama why i expect im woo sik come on the screen more often ^ ^ he is so damn sexy man. Of course soo ji sub too

Jessica Dec 05 2015 2:41 pm I am so addicted to this show and also to that whistle song . Does someone know how is it called . Please tell me .

Rae Dec 05 2015 5:57 am Omg, this drama is so wonderful! I love makeover montages and this is the best so far! I mean, most of the time (like within 2 eps), I think “Show her transformed self already!” But in this drama, I actually like how they took it slow. Like really showing the struggle per se! I adore the characters and their roles here. Refreshing drama indeed!

Vv Dec 04 2015 9:53 am So far in LOVE with this drama! First, She Was Pretty and now this one. It has been a great year for Kdramas indeed. I love love LOVE Shin Min A so I had to watch this and first time I watch the stud So Ji Sub act despite knowing about him since The Master’s Sun hit. Can’t wait for the next eps and hopefully they will collab again in the future since the chemistry is unreal!

venusjane Dec 04 2015 5:32 am i like this drama, i like Henry because i don’t need to read the english sub because he speaks english, hehe

sprinkleshine Dec 03 2015 10:56 pm really really recommend it! oh my god! it was so good! an excellent drama! im addicted to it! henry character was so cheerful! i love it! it give me motivation too! cheer up! fighting oh my venus!! ^^

eren Dec 03 2015 8:34 pm I love everything about this drama exept Henry and his portrayal of his character. I like Henry, but his energy does not fit in the context of the show for me. It makes me cringe when he’s in a scene. If he toned it down a little it would work a lot better, but it’s so over the top. His english is great, but when he speaks it in the show it’s so out of place and awkward- all the other actors seem to fit the tone and scene, but he just stands out too much and puts me off. I’m a fan of Henry’s but I can’t give him a pass on this- am I the only one feeling this way? It seems a lot of people love him in this and I just can’t quite get it.

Hirashi Dec 03 2015 6:37 pm can we find a Personal Trainer like John Kim i swear i will work hard xD its hard to wait a week i love this Drama since the first scene its an another level of Be the baddest a**hole in a charismatic way YEAAAAAAAH . Jo JiSub is really a high level actor SUNBAE Arl68 Dec 03 2015 7:27 am Amazing story! Wanting us to keep watching the next epsiode which we cant wait! Keeping the storyline exciting eachtime makes it great! I like the chemistry of the main characters sjs and sma portrayed their roles greatly i like their facial expressions and emotions- its awsome! Henry keeps the set alive too and great to hear koreans speaks very well in English through him! It will be an international hit. The storyline set up is exremely internationally like and viewed! The woman here is strong and i like that, promotes good and healthy lifestyle! There’s action, hilariously sexiness, romance, power and complete story among the characters (family, friendship, health, couple, ambition, etc and etc) great internationally infused korean concept! Keep up the good works!

androuchka Dec 02 2015 5:49 pm So Ji Sub can you give me some Jiu Jitsiu lessons please.

romy Dec 02 2015 2:24 pm This drama is really fabulously FANTASTIC . I LOVE every episode of it and it is truly very entertaining! I love all the casts too! but why is the rating not good. anyways, for me it’s one of the BEST . . . .

Aubrey-sshi Dec 02 2015 10:16 am I know Henry speaks English fluently and his pronunciation is on point. But still that doesnt mean he has to show off all the time. Tbh it bothers me a lot,oh well.

Aubrey-sshi Dec 02 2015 10:12 am I know henry speaks English well and his pronunciation is on point. But still, that doesnt mean he has to show it off all the time. That strangely bothers and annoyed me a lot,ugh well.

Noyin Dec 02 2015 9:35 am Soundtrack of the song played on the last part of episode 6 please? Thank you.

Twinkletata Dec 02 2015 3:44 am The story of this drama is quite similar to She was Pretty. It tells about a girl who used to be pretty. But I like this one better. Keep up the good work!

Yu Ieda Dec 02 2015 2:06 am Really love this drama. 5star i give to all cast. Everything about this movie really good. shin min ah is very good actress. so ji-sub you are awesome oppa, Henry character was so hell funny. hahaha wish Oh My Venus get good rating.

Yanti Dec 02 2015 12:29 am I love this drama, so far, airing ep 5 in indonesia, it motivate me to get skinny. Pemerannya sangat ok. I cannt wait to see next episode

androuchka Dec 01 2015 11:51 pm Script on point. wrestling lesson ( ji juan?) in episode 5 was just amazing, you can feel butterflies in your stomach when watching them, So ji sub is from another planet. melting

Mariam Dec 01 2015 9:26 am I’m sooooo happy to see this couple together ♥♥ Really it’s my first time to see korean drama in the same time to display in korea .. congratulat to * shin min & ji sub * & *KBS2 * for the hard work ☺☺

Lina Dec 01 2015 4:05 am Pleasantly surprised at this drama. It gave the impression of a regular rom-com drama with cliche plot where boy meets girl and girl goes through some transformation and emerges as a beauty and boy falls for girl etc. This drama is far from that.

It’s about how we lose ourselves in chasing our dreams, where the protagonist achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer but does not live the life she thought she could have. Being a lawyer while having to abide by a flawed legal system, a system that fails to protect its own people. Isn’t that what we are facing today? It also talks about the struggles of a single mum, Ko min jun, and covers little areas of domestic abuse. This drama is about life and has successfully captured the realistic issues people face in little profound moments.

But all this is only made possible by Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. They have great chemistry on set that they just set the plot on fire. It’s fantastic.

Suzy Dec 01 2015 1:20 am I enjoy watching this drama. so far the story is good and the cast is spot on (especially Shin Min Ah and Henry, I like their character the most). At first, the story remind me of “Birth of Beauty” but only at the beginning. OMV gave “realistic” vibe and convey good message of how to loose weight through healthy lifestyle (not through plastic surgery). SJS so cool and handsome as always, I hope Soganzi oppa didnt give up the company position for his brother 🙁 Shin Min Ah character portray a strong optimistic woman, not typical weak drama character. OMG I Love the trio. SJS-Henry-Sunghoon, even though there are age gap but somehow they fit together and not awkward at all. Sunghoon is HOT HOT HOT, that body, need more eps to know the character. Henry is sooo adorable, who would’ve hate this puppy, he only a child LOL. I’M GLAD THEY CAST HENRY, and who knew that he compose the OST too, so talented. I hope more story on Sunghoon and Henry, like how they met SJS and ended up living together.

nadeem Nov 30 2015 10:26 pm we enjoy the show for the humour and the romance, but in a way, it is also quite sad. it exemplifies the korean attitude towards appearance, even the police asks why a man would stalk a woman like her. we know what he implies. this culture is like candy, we know it is bad, but we enjoy it anyways.

Wozi Nov 30 2015 6:05 pm @Cammy I disagree! I think it’s hilarious and adorable cx!

Rowanda Nov 30 2015 4:22 pm I feel like everything and everyone’s questions will be answered as soon as the drama comes to a conclusion. Do lets fight past all the questions and issues and enjoy the drama together! ^.^

shinmina-sojisub Nov 30 2015 2:57 am So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah! My favourites Saltanat Nov 29 2015 2:16 pm I prefer Korean dramas when they cast mature actors like So Ji Sub or Ji Sung or even elder actors and actresses. Dont really like teen dramas. This drama is awesome! So Ji Sub is so sexy, I like him in this drama more than in Masters sun

ande Nov 28 2015 9:51 pm Cammy. casting henry is fine. He makes me laugh all the time. he lifts up the mood. -_-

Cammy Nov 28 2015 2:11 pm I wish they didn’t cast Henry, he tries too hard and is such a distraction from the main cast. Too much English and jerky movements and why does he need to wear that Harvard tshirt??

Rosemary Ong Nov 28 2015 9:59 am Shin Min-A as usual always funny & the best! Pretty lady i love you! So Ji Sub you look worn out but your work has been good! Take care of yourself! Love you both! Do you know that both you & Kim Hyun Joo have a good chemistry hehehe. Another drama together soon i hope!

shinelee Nov 28 2015 8:38 am I LOVE THIS DRAMA! great couple Shin Min A and So Ji Sub! be real ha ha. Also so surprising Henry acting so good.

Henry,u’re so cute. By the way,I dont like the other couple (soo jin and woo sik) What kind of of boyfriend is woo sik !! Just because Joo Eun is kinda overweight doesnt mean he had to treat her that way. Plus,I cant believe Soo Jin could do such thing to Joo Eun.. She stab Joo Eun from behind just because her heart is full of jealousy.. Still,I love this drama. Keep it up ♡

Orl Nov 26 2015 12:52 pm Oh man, John Kim and Kang Joon’s characters are tremendously down to earth. And, that is one of the reasons I appreciate them this much.

They have a lot of issues individually, but I gotta say, they’re PERFECT for each other.

So ji Sub, I just hope you are similar to John Kim in you real life, as well. Based on some interviews, I am pretty sure you are.

You’re, just, too awesome to be true.

CC Nov 26 2015 9:05 am I love this drama, can’t wait for the next espisode. So Ji-Sub & Shin Min-A are doing good job in their roles, they are so beautiful couple, hope they will win best couple award! Kim Ji-Woong is funny & good in speaking English.

maygohh Nov 26 2015 8:01 am Great storyline and great couple! be real! waiting for romance moment. And Henry surprising, good acting.

Mstania25 Nov 26 2015 4:28 am I really love watching it,, well I’m a super fan of Sunghoon

Dion Boediono Nov 25 2015 5:53 am I’m suprised how about the methode to change shin min ah and yu in young become a fat woman?? Is it only graphical editing?or a costume? or they must change their real shape to become the fat woman? Their acting is really good

But the concept the drama is good, a woman must prov >

and I’m to Huiwen, ” i will learn how john kim to make jeuen have beautiful body cut!! ” I hope the drama will give us the real and detail methode how to build shape an ideal body

Vee Nov 25 2015 5:46 am So Ji Sub, I looooove your character in this drama. The same goes to Shin Min-A.

I wish this drama was longer than 16 episodes:(. Shin Min-A and So Ji Sub make a great couple. Way to go, guys!

Huiwen Nov 24 2015 11:01 pm hiii. i like drama because i also have a problem about body..i will learn how john kim to make jeuen have beautiful body cut

jesse Nov 24 2015 10:38 pm i hope the rating is getting higher. this drama should be awarded with a good rating

Lexie Nov 24 2015 8:45 pm The title of this drama series should be Oh My Savior. Yong Ho always saves Joo Eun every time she says “Please save me.”. Haha

Jasmine Nov 24 2015 3:09 am Yesterday was the 1st eps in Indonesia Merdeka Selamanya Jaya, and tonight is going to be the 2nd, jjoaaa! Shin Min Ah-ssi is soooo kyowo, adorable chubby, saranghae. 100 eps pleaseeee. 🙂

Nanu Nov 24 2015 1:48 am I freaking love this drama it’s amazing and plus I adore so ji sub am such a fun of his he’s an amazing actor and this drama is such well written and an amazing cast as well

neea Nov 24 2015 1:28 am Henry so adorable, so cute, so lovable.

Love the entire cast, villains included

Fighting Oh My Venus crew!

androuchka Nov 23 2015 11:27 pm i like the drama so far, aldo it has approximatively the same plot as Birth of a beauty, it is better written and surely better directed.So ji sub my yummy man with his calm presence(i am in love).if by any chance you read my comment handsome, consider doing a drama where you’ll be a surgeon, i can really picture you saying:scissors, scalpel, knife. what is the blood pressure etc with hwang jung eum unnie.

Shin min ah i’m enjoying so much your acting in this, your energy n enthousiam are bringing life to your character, you are reminding me the cheon song yi from my love from the stars. n you really are pretty even overweight.

jesse Nov 23 2015 8:08 pm i super love this drama! it’s well written!!both first lead actor and actress is so well-act

wenwen Nov 23 2015 7:31 pm who else feels bad for henry, he has to take on such an idiotic role, acting like some one day old puppy.

Tabita Nov 23 2015 6:59 am dong I’m agree with you. I love Master’s sun dong Nov 23 2015 1:55 am I second Vee’s suggestion. Yes, pls make another drama with Gong Hyo Jin, these two are just perfect for each other, well, on screen at least.

Heonie Nov 22 2015 11:15 pm this drama is simliar to birth of a beauty, and the cheating boyfriend is the same actor as the cheating husband in birth of a beauty too 😀

Chantel Nov 22 2015 10:40 pm I’ve only watched the first two episodes but I’m loving it so far! It’s going to be a great drama!

Chandrika Chowdhury Nov 22 2015 2:43 am Superb . I like this drama and waiting eagerly for the upcoming episodes.Best wishes to you all and thank you gues.

Lenar Nov 21 2015 12:26 am Omg when they said he hasn’t make an appearance since Masters Sun in 2013, I was like: It’s been two years. Like for real?? Lol I haven’t seen this yet but I’ll soon do

Vee Nov 20 2015 5:23 pm Ohh c’mon, So ji sub already has a soulmate, and she is Gong Hyo Jin. Both of you should play in another drama together. Your chemistry is painfully real.

Both of you rock!

Keep up the good work.

P.s. The Hong Sisters, please consider my above statement, and take those two as the lead cast on one of your upcoming dramas:)!

kdrama jjang Nov 20 2015 1:52 pm I cant wait to watch this.. it will be broadcast on my country on 23rd nov. Only 2days to goooo. Yipppppeeeee.

rael Nov 20 2015 12:42 pm I’ll be supporting this drama all the way. Just two episodes and this:1) Kind people are kind. 2) We judge too quickly. 3) Strong mind is always what keeps us going, really. 3) Help comes when we least expect it. Or charge it to destiny! 😀 And a lot. Really refreshing! And of course, Jisub and Shin Mina! 😀 Also, the concept of it is similar to Birth of A Beauty, but not close to the characters and plot I think (so far). I have a strong feeling this won’t be all about revenge! Now I’m just blabbering. 😀

Nami Nov 20 2015 9:41 am I really love this drama because the lead girl is not portrayed like the typical “fat” girl who is not confidence wallow in selfpity and is antisocial. Second she is going to loose wait through excersice and not plastic surgery.

Malak Nov 19 2015 2:16 pm it is very similar to birth of beauty and they casted the same actor who played her husband as the boy friend in this drama 😀

I wish they have different scenario , birth of beauty became boring at the end of series

Sheila Nov 18 2015 7:19 pm I soo love this Series, even though ive only seen the first 2 episodes. I really like Shin min ah! cant wait for the next episodes. 🙂 Fighting!

Tabita Nov 18 2015 8:26 am Jung Gyu-Woon has the same rol like in Birth of Beauty.

madam Nov 18 2015 7:41 am Luv it..fighting oh my venus.. Henry oppa jinja cute. madam madam..lol

Safadi Nov 18 2015 5:47 am The story is so close to birth of a beauty but i like it though

Jasmine Nov 18 2015 2:56 am Waiting impatiently, it’ll be on nov 14th in my country. Oh no, only 16 eps? Hundred pleaseeeee. Merdeka Indonesia!!

Critix T Nov 18 2015 2:20 am ok , the 1st and 2nd episode rlly awesome

rlly worth to watch , FIGHTING .

Annandale Nov 17 2015 8:42 pm Did shin min really put on weight for this drama?? Or its it make up??

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