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Anti-aging, Family & Metabolic Wellness

Natalie Kather Cherniske, MD is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, with a Metabolic Medicine approach that offers clients a path to greater energy & strength.

If you feel achy and fatigued, your memory is failing, and your zest for living is declining, you may think these conditions are just a result of getting old.” It’s time to think again.

Chronological aging and biological aging are two different things. A myriad of choices you make every day about your life, diet, activity, and health care alter the way you experience the aging process. After all, biological aging is the result of metabolic deficiencies and imbalances. Whether you’re 33 or 83, you may be able to feel younger each day, instead of older, by improving your metabolism. Our mission at Advanced Family Wellness, PS is to help you better regulate your hormones and metabolism so that you can experience life more fully.

Advanced Family Wellness, PS is a unique medical clinic located in the city of Olympia, Washington. We specialize in bioidentical hormone, metabolic, and functional medicine. Our team of physicians and health professionals provide advanced preventive medical care. We address the underlying causes of health concerns; we do not just treat the symptoms.

Our approach to health care is different from that of many doctors and medical clinics. We believe that health is fostered not only through proper diet and exercise, but also by optimizing cell signaling, hormone balancing, and ongoing cellular renewal. When you integrate these therapies into a healthy lifestyle, you give your body a better capability to heal itself.

Optimizing quality of life and minimizing the risk of disease are fundamental in our patient care. We bring together the best of:

  • Diet & Exercise
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Vitamins
  • Herbs
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Bioidentical hormones
    to help our patients achieve the best possible metabolic health.

In addition, we advocate a partnership in health care between doctors and patients. Our patients receive copies of all their data for their own personal medical records and for comparisons. We want health care to be effective and efficient, and we believe that such a partnership is essential for this.

Overlooking the waters of Budd Inlet, Advanced Family Wellness, PS offers beauty, comfort, and a connection to the natural environment.

It is a fragrance-free & gun-free facility.

In other words, fragrances and firearms are banned from our clinic. Please DO NOT wear these into the facility, as you will be asked to leave and reschedule. Dr. Kather has severe allergies and these distractions make it difficult for her to deliver optimal care when she is suffering.

This is the book that tells you how Dr Kather approaches health! Every client or person anticipating becoming a client should own and read a copy of this book!

In the Metabolic Makeover, best-selling author and biochemist Stephen Cherniske partners with his wife Dr. Natalie Kather. They describe a clinically tested program that produces dramatic results; greater and more consistent energy, easier weight loss and improved overall health.

Purchase on amazon.com, at the clinic or receive a 24% book club discount on packs of 10 or more at www.TheMetabolicMakeover.com

Prescription Refill Policy


If the client requests a refill or asks the pharmacy to give them a refill outside of a medical visit, then the client understands and accepts a charge of $10 per medication or other prescription. This is wise as the more pharmaceutical drugs a client uses, the greater the risk for adverse events/ side effects/harm. Thank you for your attention to this policy and helping us to better manage prescription drug use. This fee of $10 per prescription begins December 1, 2018.

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