OMG look at Carol Lynley

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OMG look at Carol Lynley

by Anonymous reply 84 12/28/2012
by Anonymous reply 1 12/24/2012
by Anonymous reply 2 12/24/2012

Oh sorry. Will try again

by Anonymous reply 3 12/24/2012

Ok heres a better link. Look at the other old broads at link

by Anonymous reply 4 12/24/2012

OP ruined Christmas.

by Anonymous reply 5 12/24/2012

Is Ruta Lee the lesbian one? Or am I confusing her with some other old broad. Either way, she always seemed like fun.

Someone should tell Mamie Van Doren if she’s going to show her boobs at her age, she might want to put a little make up on them. Nobody wants to look at the veins on her tits. Still, as somebody said on that site, the boobs take attention away from the bizarre nose job.

by Anonymous reply 6 12/24/2012

Carol looks even worse than the last picture I saw of her several years ago. Even if she did something about her teeth it would help.

Ruta looks stunning.

by Anonymous reply 7 12/24/2012

Mitzi Gaynor isn’t aging too badly. She just needs to nix the tanner (or, god forbid, the sun).

by Anonymous reply 8 12/24/2012

Linley looks 90. How’d that happen? Booze or drugs?

by Anonymous reply 9 12/24/2012

I thought Stella Stevens, mother of Andrew Stevens, was the lesbian one that Kate Jackson supposedly had an affair with while she was married to Andrew.

by Anonymous reply 10 12/24/2012

I love Mitzi. I posted this link a month or so ago. I don’t give a fuck if someone shrieks because I’m posting it again.

by Anonymous reply 11 12/24/2012

What a Christmas present! THanks, OP for a link that may endure for several pages and days, though it will be hard to beat the cuntiness of the comments already under the photos.

Ruta looks exactly the same as she has for 40 or more years, give or take a few yellowed teeth. She wins!

by Anonymous reply 12 12/24/2012

Was this event for The Thalians? Wasn’t Debbie Reynolds their founder/president?

Where is she? It would be interesting to compare and contrast.

by Anonymous reply 13 12/24/2012

I could’ve sworn Mitzi Gaynor died a few years ago.

by Anonymous reply 14 12/24/2012

Stella looks good. Ruta and Mitzi have had some great work done.

Carol, OTOH, clearly has had no work done, and in addition is suffering from some illness that obviously involves the taking of steroids.

For Carol, there no longer is a morning after.

by Anonymous reply 15 12/24/2012

Her imdb picture looks better.

by Anonymous reply 16 12/24/2012

Carol should let herself go grey. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the way she looks, she’s old. But still dying her hair blonde indicates she’s unwilling to accept her current appearance, and wants to hang onto memories of her blonde hottie days.

by Anonymous reply 17 12/24/2012

Here’s a few flattering recent shots.

by Anonymous reply 18 12/24/2012
by Anonymous reply 19 12/24/2012

Damn, look at her teeth in this one. You certainly wouldn’t need a Halloween mask with that face.

by Anonymous reply 20 12/24/2012

It’s like her skin is too big for her bones. She is only a couple years than Cher😱

Why does she look so bad

by Anonymous reply 21 12/24/2012

She was just perfect looking when she was young.

by Anonymous reply 22 12/24/2012

It must be very hard to be known for your beauty and then lose it with age. I think Farrah Fawcett struggled with that.

by Anonymous reply 23 12/24/2012

I can’t imagine, R23. It’s hard enough to have been average looking and then getting old and ugly.

by Anonymous reply 24 12/24/2012

I thought Rita had the affair with Johnny Carson’s 3rd wife Joanna.

by Anonymous reply 25 12/24/2012

Sorry. Rita = Ruta Lee

by Anonymous reply 26 12/24/2012

r23 Farrah Fawcett had a very hard time as she aged and her looks no longer made her the center of attention. That’s when she really went nutty and started taking pills. When you’re celebrated for years because you are so beautiful, and all the attention that gets you, and then suddenly you’re older and it all goes away must be devastating. The whole Blanche DuBois thing.

by Anonymous reply 27 12/24/2012

I think, in part, it’s why Farrah did Playboy at 50. She still had the body if not the hair and face.

by Anonymous reply 28 12/24/2012

I remember having those same thoughts when watching some Nip/Tuck episodes. They had featured Jacqueline Bisset and Catherine Deneuve. Both frequently on any list of “the most beautiful women in the world” while they were in their prime.

As R24 mentions – I too had a tough enough time with aging and I am decidedly average. I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone elevated to that level.

At least I knew who everyone was before their names came up.

When I think of Carol Linley I picture her like she looks at the IMDB photo of her at the 63 Oscars. She was just so lovely.

Hey. At least they’re out there working it and not in some darkened room watching their old movies. Relaying anecdotes from the set to their cats, dogs and hamsters.

by Anonymous reply 29 12/24/2012

She just looks like an old smoker who hasn’t had any work done. Yellow teeth and a face full of wrinkels. Very normal looking actually.

by Anonymous reply 30 12/24/2012

[quote] Hey. At least they’re out there working it and not in some darkened room watching their old movies. Relaying anecdotes from the set to their cats, dogs and hamsters.

Are you sure about that, R29? Her imdb profile lists nothing new since 2006.

by Anonymous reply 31 12/25/2012

WTF with Mimi Van Doren? (lower down in the pics) She looks great!

by Anonymous reply 32 12/25/2012

Maybe an old smoker who drank a bit spent alot time out in the sun without sun screen and ate all the wrong foods all her life.

She still has beautiful eyes and hair.

by Anonymous reply 33 12/25/2012

I think part of the issue is an L.A./American thing. It’s not just the bad plastic surgery. Too many of these ladies’ hair is way too blonde and styled like they are 17 years old and then they’re wearing clothes that look like they were shoplifted off the Chico’s sales rack.

I also must point out that the lighting and camera angles were not helping them.

Nevertheless, compare candid photos of Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Joan PLowright and you’ll see exactly what I mean, In the UK, ladies know how to age gracefully even with a little nip and tucking.

by Anonymous reply 34 12/25/2012

[quote] Linley looks 90. How’d that happen? Booze or drugs?

Too much sun and too much pot.

by Anonymous reply 35 12/25/2012

Ruta Lee seems to be channeling her inner Joan Collins.

by Anonymous reply 36 12/25/2012

She should do a PSA for drugs. She really hasn’t worked sonce Posiden.

by Anonymous reply 37 12/25/2012

Wonder how Linely survived all these years. Sugardaddy??

by Anonymous reply 38 12/25/2012

When was the last time Linley worked? Decades ago. She doesn’t have the money to make herself look better.

I wonder if she is distantly related to Anita Pallenberg?

by Anonymous reply 39 12/25/2012

I thought that was Angie Dickinson at r39. What does she look like these days?

by Anonymous reply 40 12/25/2012

Rita Lee looks AMAZING! She should give the name of her plastic surgeon to poor Carol Lynley.

Really, that’s some of the best work I’ve ever seen. Ruta’s 76 and looks 20 years younger. Carole’s several years younger than Ruta and looks older.

by Anonymous reply 41 12/25/2012

A more recent look at Anita Pallenberg

by Anonymous reply 42 12/25/2012

Angie Dickinson isn’t so bad looking

by Anonymous reply 43 12/25/2012

I was going to say Brigitte Bardot has aged the worst until I saw Anita.

by Anonymous reply 44 12/25/2012

With some attention to makeup and hair and a really good stylist, I bet Anita would look just fine for her age.

by Anonymous reply 45 12/26/2012

Carol Lynley, hubba, hubba.

by Anonymous reply 46 12/26/2012

Carol Lynley appears to be in her prime compared to Ms Pallenberg. God I know that Italian women age horribly but damn she just fell off the cliff entirely.

For the cosmetically minded,is there a non botox/plastic surgery solution to Lynley’s facial woes? Like a dermasbrasion or something like that. I know that some troll will say that a cum facial will be perfect for her!

by Anonymous reply 47 12/26/2012

Most old ladies look like Carol Lynley. We look at her and think about how lovely she used to be. It seems sad, but maybe she doesn’t care.

And it just may be that she has other interests in life that don’t involve spending lots of time in a surgeon’s office.

by Anonymous reply 48 12/26/2012

That’s what a 70 year old woman looks like. Good for her, for not having plastic surgery.

by Anonymous reply 49 12/26/2012

In case you’re wondering, 73 year old Valerie Perrine, remains very well preserved.

by Anonymous reply 50 12/26/2012

IIRC Lynley is a long-time drunk. ALcohol dries out your skin over time. And Pallenberg was a very well known long-time junkie! NOthing like a steady diet of heroin over the years to wear your whole bocy out. You have to quit while it’s still acting as a preservative – too long at the fair and you’ll look like Pallenberg and Keith Richards.

by Anonymous reply 51 12/26/2012

your whole BODY out – sorry.

by Anonymous reply 52 12/26/2012

There are old people who don’t want to get carved up by surgeons and who, thank God, don’t give a fuck about the fact that they don’t look like they did 50 years ago.

by Anonymous reply 53 12/26/2012

Oh the Anita Pallenberg picture is heart breaking. I wasn’t around in the 60s but I think the look of those mod London girls was just breathtaking.

Marriane Faithful has held up better though.

Keith said in his biography that he’d still be with Anita if she hadn’t left him. I believe him, he stayed with Patti thru the cancer, and lives quietly in CT near her parents.

by Anonymous reply 54 12/26/2012

R47 “God I know that Italian women age horribly . “

Uh . does that include Sofia Loren? Probably the only star from the 1950s that managed to hold on to her glam looks into her 70s.

Or Virna Lisa. still looking splendid at 76?

Or Gina Lollobigida in her 70s. (today 87 and still presentable)

Or how about the most beautiful of them all. Carmen dell’Orefice. at 81. and still on the catwalk.

by Anonymous reply 55 12/26/2012

RE 55 – have you seen Anita Ekberg ? She was ravishing years ago. She weighs 250 – 300 lbs. Now. Sorry, don’t have a pic.

by Anonymous reply 56 12/26/2012

Carmen dell’Orefice (a link that works)

by Anonymous reply 57 12/26/2012

Here’s Anita, looks like a scary old drag queen now. But still better than Carol’s horrifying melting waxwork face.

by Anonymous reply 58 12/26/2012

I’m # 56 – I was hoping someone would have a pic, and yet. oh dear

by Anonymous reply 59 12/26/2012

Carol, if you are reading this, you look fucking wonderful! You are alive and enjoying life when many of your peers have OD’d or committed suicide. I for one loved you back then and I love you now. So, have a drink on me and know that you are remembered and it was FUCKING GREAT to see a photo of you.

Happiness in 2013 to you and to all of us.

by Anonymous reply 60 12/26/2012

Another star from the 1960s Ekberg-Andress era. Elsa Martinelli born 1935

by Anonymous reply 61 12/27/2012

R55 Carmen has gotten silicon injections for decades now, by her very own admission. In addition her mom was Hungarian.

Sophia looks good BUT was aided by tons of plastic surgery. The typical Neapolitan woman looks 60 when they are 40! Sophia has a great surgeon.

Ditto for Virna and Gina.

Ask anyone from Italy and they’ll tell you that the women age badly and the men don’t age as badly.

by Anonymous reply 62 12/27/2012

Elsa Martinelli looks great

Anita Ekberg looks like Divine. Where are her cha cha heels?

by Anonymous reply 63 12/27/2012

Fair skinned, light eyed men and women just age worse. It has nothing to do with Nationality. And contrary to this thread, the Brits really age badly.

by Anonymous reply 64 12/27/2012

R62 I’m writing from Italy. I live here. I’ve lived half my life in the US, half in Italy.

Of European women, the Italians along with the French, age the best.

Visit Florence, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Bergamo etc.

And compared to the US, you will find a greater number of women here that maintain their weight, dress nicely and are well groomed.

BTW: it’s odd that you point out that Carmen O is half italian. well so is Pallenburg. So what’s your point?

by Anonymous reply 65 12/27/2012

Dear GOD. Anita Ekberg looks like Goering.

by Anonymous reply 66 12/27/2012

Carmen and Sean O’Pry. Go on, ol’ girl!

by Anonymous reply 67 12/27/2012

“Fair skinned, light eyed men and women just age worse”

It depends. I think in some cases fair skinned women age better, because they know they know they are sensitive to the sun so they take more care to use sunscreen, wear hats outdoors, and the like. Look at Julianne Moore.

Fair skinned people who don’t take care of their skin can look horrible, though. Lindsay Lohan looks awful and she’s not even 30. Stay away from the sun, girl.

by Anonymous reply 68 12/27/2012

R65 sorry mate Italian women do not age the best. Neither do French women. They are many beautiful women in those countries BUT they don’t age well.If you asked me who the most unique,stylish and fashionable women in Europe it would be French and Italian women. Do they look as gorgeous as a Swedish girl. hell no! In both of those countries, the women each have their own individual style.

Carmen looks more Hungarian than Italian. And she uses tons of silicon to look like the way she does.

by Anonymous reply 69 12/27/2012

[quote]And she uses tons of silicon to look like the way she does.

Well, not tons — it’s not like she’s going to a tranny to get her cheeks pumped with bathroom caulk. Legit dermatologists/plastic surgeons inject tiny amounts that stimulate collagen production and fill in wrinkles. This is called the microdroplet technique.

by Anonymous reply 70 12/27/2012

Well matey. you’re wrong.

Most Northern European women look like old lesbians with age.

And outside of London, the British women are dumpy when they’re young and even dumpier when they’re older. Ratty hair and shapeless clothes seem to be the norm and don’t help with age.

The statistics don’t lie: Italy has a longer life span and lower obesity than Northern Europe. Those are prime signs of aging well. Italy’s Mediterranean diet is a standard for healthy eating.

But simply walk the streets here. You will see a greater number of youthful chic older women rivaled only by France.

Of course dell’Orefice has work done. She’s in her 80s. But like Sophia Loren. you need to have healthy skin and a natural radiance to make it work. That’s why so many women who get work done look mummified.

BTW in interviews dell’Orefice does mention her Hungarian mother but as far as her heritage goes. she identifies herself as Italian.

by Anonymous reply 71 12/27/2012

“The statistics don’t lie: Italy has a longer life span and lower obesity than Northern Europe. Those are prime signs of aging well.”

You can be very thin and still look like shit -Joan Van Ark, anyone? She looks like a zombie.

by Anonymous reply 72 12/27/2012

R72 You’re dead on with your assessment. They might be skinny BUT they don’t age well.Skinny and pretty can be two mutually exclusive concepts.

R70 You are dead wrong once again.Carmen’s been doing it for so long that it has been tons darling! I think she’s fabulous but she’s starting to look like an alien,deary. It’s a miracle that her health hasn’t been adversely effected.Carmen can call herself Martian if she wants BUT ethnically she’s half Hungarian! The Hungarians genetics or looks don’t disappear just because she identifies as Italian!

A good plastic surgeon or dermatologist can help you with your skin. La Loren still looks good BUT if she was a regular older woman from Naples and not Loren would she look like that or have skin like that? Hell no!

French and Italian older women might be chic BUT they don’t age well. What about Southern Italian women? They eat an even more Mediterranean diet than Northerners do(much less butter,cream and red meat consumed there). They are pretty fat for Europeans.And the women don’t age well at all down there.Mediterrean women in general don’t age that well.

You know, I’ve seen so many beautiful older women in Sweden it’s not even funny.Scandinavian women don’t age as badly as French or Italian women.

by Anonymous reply 73 12/27/2012

She has tissue paper skin and no work done. We are so used to looking at people her age in Hollywood with injections, fillers and small nips.

by Anonymous reply 74 12/27/2012

R58: She looks like Ursula the sea witch in your link.

by Anonymous reply 75 12/27/2012

R73 right. Carmen Dell’Orefice looks “dreary”.

(Well, so much for your judgement.)

Moving right along:

Another star from yesteryear: Liv Ullman.

by Anonymous reply 76 12/27/2012

I can guarantee you that ANY of the lovely women mentioned in this thread, like Sophia, Carmen, Elsa, Gina, et. al. would also look pretty horrifying had they been photographed under those same conditions at that event with Lynley, Van Doren and Gaynor.

It really is a testament to Ruta Lee that she looks that good with no support from lighting or trick photography.

by Anonymous reply 77 12/27/2012

Aging aint for sissies

by Anonymous reply 78 12/27/2012

Now we know where Bunny Lake went missing: into the folds of Carol Lynley’s turkey wattle.

by Anonymous reply 79 12/28/2012

R76 you need to wear your Eldergay Great Grandpa glasses, I didn’t say dreary BUT deary!

by Anonymous reply 80 12/28/2012

Liv Ullman, unlike Carol Lynley or any of these other women, looks like a healthy age-appropriate woman with no plastic surgery.

True, she’s not glamorous or sexy but she looks real.

by Anonymous reply 81 12/28/2012

[quote]Is Ruta Lee the lesbian one?

[quote]Is Ruta Lee bi?

Y’all must be thinking of when she played Bev’s girlfriend on [italic]Roseanne.[/italic]

by Anonymous reply 82 12/28/2012

What does aging well mean? If it means looking as you once did, or a very close facsimile, it requires much effort, including the labor of many surgeons and aestheticians, plus good genes.

I think aging well encompasses positive emotions and feeding your mind and spirit as well as your body. If one can combine that with health,good grooming, and productivity that person will always maintain attractiveness. Not youth, attractiveness.

by Anonymous reply 83 12/28/2012

Anne Jeffreys is another good example of someone who’s had work done but not gone overboard with it, took good care of herself, and had good genes/bone structure to begin with. She’s 89 and looks a helluva lot younger than Carol Lynley!

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