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Aquarium Fish – Exotic Fish

Also known as colossoma macropomum, Pacu fish has a frightening exterior and has impressively brilliant looking teeth. Despite the dangerous appearance induced by their resemblance with the piranha fish they eat, apricot juice fibers instead of blood. We could say it’s fruit-eating piranha fish…! However, I would advise you to not put your hand in the aquarium!

The fruit eating Piranha fish is best known by the Pacu name; he comes from South America and because of its size, the interesting model and easy care, is increasingly popular in the aquarists circle. Looks very much like a piranha predator, but if you look closer, you notice that the body is pressed, Pacu’s fish lateral eyes are larger, the jaws are placed upper and his back is more arched then those of a regular piranha.

What helps to distinguish them is the fact that Pacu fish is a vegetarian. If you buy a Pacu fish but notice that he eats smaller fish around it, then that means he was mislabeled in the trade of the animals.

Pacu is a big fish …

Growing up to 150 centimeters, the Pacu fish is a big fish so it needs a large aquarium (300-1000 liters) or, if you can afford, you can grow them in a lake or pond in the garden. This fish likes to hide; therefore their living environment must have rich vegetation.

If you want to strengthen his feeling of security, install swimming plants in the aquarium water. Water temperature between 23-28 ° C to be, the pH between 6.5 to 7.

What dose a Pacu fish eat?

Although Pacu fish is herbivorous, he will be eating any food; therefore he should be feed with any type of food which provides a uniform and complete vitamins diet. Of course, he has his preferences, for example lettuce, early peas, carrot cut into small pieces, celery and zucchini; and among fruits likes he likes nectarines, grapes and apples.

But do not forget that the Pacu fish belongs among the most aggressive fish species, so it recommended to only place them in an aquarium with fish with a similar character. If you care for them and if you make sure you respect their wishes and make sure you meet their desires, you can enjoy them for 20 years! Pacu fish is considered one of the most delicious fish there are in the America if you decide to barbecue one…

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