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Micro mini pigs diet


We are always excited to show off our little pigs. And so happy to announce we now have some of the worlds smallest pigs here at Petite Porkers. Our piggies range in adult size from 13 to 60lbs With three of the worlds smallest breeding boars all around 13lbs small right here with us. Our babies are born here, hand raised in OUR OWN HOMES, cared for like no others and loved beyond belief.

WE DO NOT WHOLESALE like so many others are doing and we know the parents, grandparents great grandparents of most of our piglets, some going back as far as 17 generations. It is very sad that so many pig breeders are back stabbing and resorting to posting lies about others on reporting websites such as Scam sham and Ripoff report just to try and draw business to them or destroy some one elses. Regardless of these fake reporting site do your home work, ask for references call and speak to them, speak with their vets, are they paying taxes on their sales? Make sure your piglet is coming to you at 8 weeks old or older, already started on parasite control since pigs can spread lice, mange and mites to other pets and even ppl in your home. Make sure that the piggy you are looking at will come with the proper paper work required by the US department of agriculture including a micro chip and USDA health certificate no more then 10 days from the time of travel. See if the breeder is accredited with the BBB. It cost a breeder money to be accredited and we are no longer with them due to the fees, but it is nice to have them as mediators for sure. Really it boils down to research research research. there are tons of scams out there involved with pet pigs currently and there is a huge issue with Breeders posting lies about one another! Just a few years ago a semi popular breeder in TX was all over the internet with piglets and now she is all over the news after abandoning 30+ pigs and moving out of state. Lastly Always remember that is it seems to good to be true then it probably is not.

We have been raising some of the same breed/bloodlines now for over 40 years on my grandparents 139 acre ranch in Cleveland TX. this is a family collaboration, I now have pigs in my lil WALLER TEXAS farm on 10 acres and a couple living in Houston with me sisters in subdivisions and off a lake with family in Magnolia TX and Alvin TX. Also several other family members have these amazing pigs in their homes as well, pigs just make great pets! We breed a long running cross between Miniature Vietnamese Pot Bellies, Julianas a few Kune Kune pigs and Guinea Hogs. We have also introducing a cpl Ossabaw Island pigs to our breeding program as well.

There is not an actual name for these crosses, but we have worked diligently to breed our little mixed pigs not just down in size but also for health, intelligence and temperament. we breed with a pet conformation in mind so our pigs do have longer legs and a longer snout and this enables them to run and keep up easily in play or on a walk/jog with their family. We exclusively breed for NO TUSKS (some pigs will get tusks, we are not 100% yet) and other pet quality conformations, Please ask us about them. Our selective breeding is done with the idea for each piglet to be the greatest little PET pig available. Please check out our website thoroughly it is packed with information to help you on your way to piggy ownership.

I’m sure you have heard/read people referring to them as Micro, Nano, Teacup, Pocket pigs and more. These are only words used to describe a small pig (these are NOT breeds). So please take into consideration that different people have different ideas of what size/weight is Teacup and what size/weight is Micro and so forth. There are NO standards. Heaven forbid we confuse anyone with too much piggy info (that is not our goal). but we truly feel there is never too much to learn when considering adding a new pet (of any kind) to your family. When making this life long commitment to any animal be sure to do your homework. research research research. And we would love to be there to help you with this exciting decision. So always feel free to contact us!

One way we can help is to set our website up NOT to just to show off our Tiny little pigs ( Which we LOVE to do!) but to inform you on the behavior, the requirements, the good points and the bad of little piggy ownership. We are also dedicating a page to help avoiding Scams of all types when searching on the internet for a truly tiny pig. And we have a page on feeding your pig a Natural raw diet. We have provided all this on our website and more, please look through our full site, about any questions you can think of are answered right here.

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