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Loaded gun diet

As you all know, I got my 912 last night, and took her for a spin today. Last night I stripped the gun down, removed the bolt, trigger group, recoil spring, and magazine spring and plug. I gave it a thorough cleaning and put it back together, lightly oiling with EEZOX, and wiping off the excess. Next I went up above the Garage to rummage through my shell stash from years gone by to see what I could come up with. Tucked away in a box were some shells that I used for Duck & Goose hunting way back when you could still use lead shot. I scrounged up the following shells, (six 3″ 1/7/8 ounce #2 Winchester Super-X), (ten 2/3/4 inch 1/1/2 ounce #2 Remington Magnums), (nine 2/3/4 inch 1/1/4 ounce #4 Magnums, Winchesters) From my reloading room I took, 2 boxes of RGC 1/1/8 ounce target loads, 3 boxes of 1 ounce target loads, 2 boxes of 7/8 ounce target loads, and 2 boxes of 3/4 ounce target loads. I also made up some really light loads of 3/4 ounce shells. This morning I loaded up the car, trap thrower, shells, plastic, targets, new CZ baseball cap, Canvasback, the new 912, and of course SHOOTING GLOVES. I then went to work for 8 agonizing hours.
At 13:30 I flew out of work and headed for the farm. I was set up and ready to shoot by 13:50. I first loaded the 912 with the 1/7/8 ounce magnums, now if it would not handle these we would have a big problem. I launched a clay and just crushed it, those shells kick a lot more than I recall. I shot 2 more and then loaded the 1/1/2 inch magnums, it went through them with ease, then the 1/1/4 inch magnums, the gun handled them all with no problems, I then loaded 1 of the 1/7/8, 1 of the 1/1/2, and 1 of the 1/1/4 mags, and shot them, all ejecting with no problems. I then shot the remaining magnums, for a total of 25 magnums. The 7 pound 6.2 ounce gun absorbed the recoil quite well, but the shooter would not want a steady diet of them. I then started shooting the various reloads I brought out, the 1/1/8 ouncers, the 1 ouncers, the 7/8 ouncers, and the 3/4 ouncers. The gun took every different shell in str /> I fired numerous different shells through the CZ and it did not have a problem at all.

Now I am going to see just how long it will go without cleaning, as per 2few, he wants to see how long it will shoot before jamming. I will only clean the barrel and leave the rest of the gun dirty, and shoot it until it stops shooting. I fired a total of 200 shells through the 912 and loved every trigger pull. We now will have a gun test on a SA, so when people ask about the CZ semi-autos we can give them an honest answer, here is how they work. Instead of telling them, nobody here really shoots the CZ semis.

If anyone is interested in the 912 I got mine from Jason Steele, his email is
I know if they ever make a 920, cdb is going to be calling Jason.
The first shooting session is now history, lots more to go I hope, if today is any indication of the quality and reliability of this gun, then CZ has a winner. Those guys who got the early CZ guns that were not very good are really missing out on some really good guns, this gun is every bit as good as my SX3, it shoots all the shells the SX3 will, handles as good, and it is a looker also. We shall see if the quality is as good as the SX3, but so far, and I know I have only shot 200 shells, it is fantastic, and hey you have to start somewhere RIGHT. All guns start at zero and work up from there, and if they perform, then great. So far I love it.

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cdb. You are really an inspiration!

There are tons of guys interested in these reasonably priced Huglu guns that CZ-USA sells but they naturally wonder if the quality is there. And we can all tell them “I love mine” but that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. just another guy bragging on the gun he bought. and by now everybody knows you can’t believe any of the crap the “gun writers” say in the magazines.

But a “cdb test” is the real deal. A real guy, shooting a real gun that he paid his own hard earned cash for. that’s something a prospective gun buyer can actually trust.

Thanks for running a wide variety of shells through this new gun. I’m sincerely impressed that it handles everything but your special “powder puff” shells.

I think most prospective buyers for this gun probably shoot factory ammo and it seems your gun handled everything that resembles factory shells like a champ! Right out of the box. no alterations. no tweaking!

I know you take damn fine care of your guns and so running a semi auto without cleaning until it finally fails to feed goes against everything you believe in. As you may know, drsfmd did a similar test with his Extrema II. It went to something over 1000 shells before it started to have feeding issues. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that your new CZ is going to compare quite well with the Extrema that costs 2 to 3 times as much.

Thanks again cdb. You give Huglu Forum a credibility that no other forum here has.

No “Opinions”! No BS! Just a good honest test from a REAL gun owner who paid for and shoots the gun he is talking about.

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