Shibboleth diet

shibboleth diet


Everything you need comes from the local grocery store!

  • Speed up your metabolism and get in efficient fat burning in only two days
  • No shots, pills, potions, or wraps
  • Eat your favorite foods just in the correct combinations
  • Reduce or eliminate meds
  • More energy and self confidence
  • Unrivaled support and care
  • Your own mentor and personalized meal plans provided
  • Classes held online, in person, or both

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‎Lucianne Demers‎

I have to be humble & thank the Lord as I was 164.5 pounds and now am down to 128 pounds, that’s 36.5 pounds I lost since 10/31/2018! And off all blood pressure and other medications!!

Donna Marie Back

NSV: 3 months ago I could not wear my wedding rings. After losing 30 pounds, I can now wear them. On my way home from work, I noticed this gap. I was at a stop so I took a picture. I’m super excited & motivated!

Mandy Hart

NSV – this time last last year at the lake I was wearing a XXL life preserver. Yesterday I wore a MEDIUM! (And I may or may not have wore a bikini) Praise the Lord for giving me the strength and determination to press through!

Kim Dahnke

Since losing 21 pounds, I’m sleeping through the night rather than tossing and turning all night. If feeling better in my own skin and clothes wasn’t enough, sleeping better is a HUGE victory.

‎Hollie Winkles‎

60 pounds (75 total) gone forever. I’m off my blood pressure medicine, I’m in a smaller size than I’ve been in my adult life, I’m working out 3-5 days a week and I finally feel great in my own skin. I’ve got a few more pounds, but if I stay here forever, I’ll be forever grateful for Shibboleth!

Deanna Hewitt

SUPER NSV. Wearing size XL pants. I have not been in this size in I couldn’t tell you when. I’m. so happy.

Wendy McCafferty

Tiny win today at church. Sat the entire sermon with legs crossed and NO PAIN. I have dealt with pain when crossing my legs since I was in high school.

Nicolle Cobell-Williams

Only 6 more pounds to go before I reach my goal weight! 29 lbs lost since 1/26/19. This is a lifestyle choice I am so glad I made. It really works!!

Diana Anderson

Met my first goal. Getting below 200. Started February 7th at 234 pounds, now I am at 199. I am so thankful for my sister, Marlene Holmes who talked me into joining Shibboleth. Weigh less than I have in years. My next goal is to reach 180. With God’s help, I will make it.

‎Erin Mason‎

I have lost 33 pounds in just 3 months! But the measurements are even more awesome. I’ve gone from a size 18 to 20 pants to a size 14. I’ve lost 6 inches in my waist, 5.5 inches in my chest, 7 inches in my hips, and 4 inches in my thighs!

Wanda Hudson

I feel so much better since losing the weight. A1C down from 8.9 to 7.1 the last time I was at the doctor in April. Down 30 pounds since the last week of February.

Katie Burrell McGlamery

NSV. Walking tonight with my 7 & 8 year old and they wanted to run. They took off without me and then I caught up with them and stayed with them for about 1/4 a mile before they stopped. Before starting this program, that would NOT have been possible. He told me, “Wow, Mom! You really are killing it!!”

Sharon Frederick Clarey

I love Shibboleth! I am now in size 8, first time in 20 years!!

Jeannie Morgan Hoty

Thanks to Shibboleth for your wonderful ministry!! My lab reports today after only 5 weeks of following your program show my total cholesterol down 100 points. Thanks for helping to change many years of bad eating habits, I have a long way to go to my goal, but. This doctor visit was one of them! Praise the name of the Lord!!

Katrina Kinney‎

How fun was it to wear a dress that I have not tried on for many years. (8-9 years). It fits better yesterday than the day I wore it for Easter. Got many compliments on both my dress and how far I have gone with Shibboleth! THANKS for this wonderful lifestyle.

‎Jerald Carpenter‎

50 pounds down since January. And it’s not just the weight. 2 shirt sizes and 4 pant sizes. Off of all anti inflammatory drugs. Having issues with BP too low now so coming off of those meds too! I can’t say enough about this ministry and all involved. Praise the Lord- to Him be the glory!

‎Hollie Winkles‎

Non-scale victory: Officially off my blood pressure medicine! Bonus of the day is when the doctor told me that I look like a different person! I still have 15-20 pounds left, but I super pumped on my progress.

Christy Brown Stough

I have lost 50 pounds. My blood pressure is now normal instead of high. My Crohn’s disease is now under control. I don’t have the stomach pain that I had before starting Shibboleth. Shibboleth has been a lifesaver and the easiest thing that I have ever done. Bless the name of the Lord.

Carrie Sowerby

Personal achievement. My journey has been longer because of my wonky thyroid, but since I started in February, I’m now down my mid goal of 15 pounds and 6 inches in my hips and 8 in my waist plus a pant size. Still squishy, but I’m not giving up. This has been the only program to ever work for me in nearly 14 years.

William Dewayne Patterson

Went in for my yearly check up this morning. Blood pressure and other vitals nearly perfect. A few months back my cardiologist also gave me clean bill of health. This plan works folks.

Jane Mosley Cashin

I went to my general practitioner yesterday and he was totally blown away. I have lost over 50 pounds since my last visit. He asked me a bunch of questions and I left with him scratching his head. They called today with the results of my bloodwork and I no longer have to take the cholesterol meds. I am so thankful for Shibboleth and God’s mercy, love and grace.

‎Jennifer Cole Fletcher‎

I started this journey in May of 2015 and lost 60 pounds by the end of 2015. People tell me, you look great and don’t need to lose anymore weight. Over the next 2 years, I gained that 60 pounds back. I found my Why again in late 2018 and am now back down 60 pounds with 50 to go. I will continue on this wonderful planet Shibboleth and continue to lose weight. I know I will have ups and downs but I’m not going to let it get to me. I love seeing all the posts good and bad. Thanks to Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for all they do.

Jerald Carpenter

I started my Shibboleth journey on January 1, 2019. As of today I have lost 45 pounds. I am down three pant sizes and two shirt sizes, and had to get a new belt! And I feel better than I have in many years. This lifestyle works. It’s not just about the the weight, but overall health. I am down to one prescription, my BP meds, and intend to be off that one in the near future. BP is better than it has been in over ten years! Bless the name of the Lord!

Teresa Nichols

Went to the heart doctor last Thursday. He took me off all my blood pressure meds except one and he took me off both my cholesterol and triglyceride meds too. In fact he said the last I saw him the numbers were high, and now they are low. He loves Shibboleth. A lot of his patients are on the program too. Thank you so much Shibboleth.

Dave Smith

Sometimes it’s the NSV that are more satisfying than the weight loss. Wrapped a towel around my waist when I got out of the shower today and it overlapped. Can’t remember the last time I was able to do that.

Alice Lenorah Valentine

Down 26.8 lbs! So excited. Vacation next week Shibboleth style. When I get back having my surgery, blood work finally comes back great. The doctor cut my blood pressure medication over half. Just loving life.

Janet Kelly

Have to say a big thank you to the Shibboleth planet! I’ve been on the program since January. Today my blood sugar was the lowest it has been in years!! 84 what. Praise the good Lord!!

Ruth LaMee Shelton

Shibboleth has been a family affair for us since January of 2019. It started out with me, but when mama cooks and makes lunches that means the family is on Shibboleth! Lol. As a family we have lost over 100 pounds since the beginning of January and we are not through yet. Thanks Shibboleth!

Donna Marie Back

NSV: I’ve been on planet Shibboleth for 3 weeks. Yesterday, I wore a pair of jeans that I’ve not been able to wear in over a year.

Deanna Hewitt

So, I started this in December and have followed it, not as religiously as I should but still doing it. Tonight I broke down and went jean shopping. I hate clothes shopping, it’s depressing and I normally end up eating a giant bowl of ice cream or something. This time it was different. I’m actually DOWN TWO sizes. I went from 22 to 18! I have to tell you that excited me, definitely kicked it in great tonight. Just sporadically following it, I’ve lost 36 pounds, I haven’t measured myself yet, but this NSV has me over the moon. Praise God for Shibboleth and I guarantee that THIS in my reason. Time to get serious.

Elizabeth Evergreen

Thank GOD I found Shibboleth. I haven’t felt this great (physically and emotionally) in a VERY long time! Honestly this way of life has made me a better person. I rarely have headaches any longer and I have a ton of energy.

Ruth Barron Collins

I went to my doctor yesterday and he took me OFF my BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS. BLESS THE NAME OF THE LORD!

Shawn Brooks

I’m down 40 pounds. I can say before I started this eating lifestyle, I was fighting numbness in my left leg and now I’m not feeling the numbness anymore. 40 more pounds and I’ll be at my goal weight.

Jessica Wilkes Smith

It’s so much more than weight on this diet. Almost 10 inches off my waist. I am getting my life back.

Christy Brown Stough

I just realized today that I’m just 3 pounds away from my 50 pound loss badge. Wow. I weigh 30 pounds less than I did in high school. I never thought that I would be able to lose weight like this. If I can do it anyone can. Bless the name of the Lord.

Cindy West Cantrell

I have never been a size 12 anything. The mindset change is more challenging than the weight loss. My hope is this encourages someone doubting their goals. If I can do it @ 346 lbs, anyone can!!

Shawn Brooks

So between me and my wife, we’ve lost 74 lbs. Feeling better! Everyday, I use to wake up sore but now, I feel great. I have more energy and not as tired as I was.

Melissa Ruth

4 years ago, my lab results were horrid. 9 years ago, my lab results were horrid. Diabetes, Hashimotos, hypothryoid, metabolic syndrome, high potential for cardiac issues and possible celiac disease were all among my diagnosis lists. My inflammatory markers were off the charts. literally.. 6 months ago, the doctor added insulin resistant, signs of liver damage and “let’s watch the kidneys” to my lists. 2 months ago, my lab results were significantly better. Last week, I had more labs done. This is the result I got today: Comments from the Doctor’s Office Thyroid panel is normal. TPO is within normal limit. Your diet is helping much. Liver and kidney are normal. Today, I am praising God for friends who shared Shibboleth with me and for giving me the guts to do the easiest and best program there is to get healthy and thanking God for Travis and all the Shibboleth family.

Dawn Schafer Huey

For all the members dealing with hypothyroidism! It took me almost two years to find the “right” doctor to actually listen to me and help me! After being properly diagnosed I then found Shibboleth to help me get the weight off! Working on my second year on the planet and have never felt better. both mentally and physically!

Tim Ballew

I give Shibboleth and my wife all the credit of the 48 lbs. I have to lose 122 lbs. to reach my goal and my liver doctor wants me to get to 280 lbs. to reach that goal. Thank you to Tina Allen-Ballew and Shibboleth for my life still change.

Mike Robson

Amazing what a year makes. I have lost 55 pounds since August of 2018 and have maintained between 50-55 pounds lost since December of 2018. As of today, Tracey has lost 30 pounds since September of 2018. A cumulative total of 85 pounds lost for both of us. Shibboleth works! Bless the name of the Lord. Our hope is this gives people hope to Keep on Keeping on.

Nickie Kile

I’ve lost 48 pounds! Shibboleth is about finding the things that you like on the program and doing you. So, just embrace learning what your body likes, what your taste buds like, and prepare for your fat to melt like room temperature butter on a preheated iron skillet! Happy fat loss to you all!

Susan Still

While I have struggled personally following the plan 100%. I had my blood work last week. weight down 13 pounds., Blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are all within normal limits.

Jeff Burrow

This morning I hit 25lbs lost. I’ve gone from 210 to 185 lbs but more importantly from a 39” waist to a 35”. I can fit into 34’s. I like the way it looks but better the way it feels.

Lynn Hughes

148.8 this is the 3rd day below 150, so I am claiming 20 pounds off! Thankful and letting God carry me through some stress and health problems.

Kelly Baker

I am that silent Shibboleth member. I never post, probably should have. I have failed a million times but always kept moving. I am terrible at journaling, never done a challenge but always had faith in the program and God to get me through it. I have only showed my family this pic out of shame. I went thru a painful divorce last year and realized I wasn’t happy at all. I still have about 40 to go but today 65 down! it can be done. If I can anyone can!

Amanda Howard

Feeling so much better after 6 months on Shibboleth! Down 51.5 pounds. Down from size 18/20 to 10/12/14 (and even have one size 8 I can squeeze into) and a large/XL top from a 2X/3X. I am down to 40 units a day of insulin from 100+, all my lab numbers are within normal limits (get my exact numbers Thursday). My aches and pains are almost nonexistent now. I still have a long way to goal but I am going to get there!

‎Sandy Selby‎

I have finally done it, I dropped below 200! Not by much but it’s the first time I’ve seen this number in more than 4 years! 24.4 pounds gone since January 1 and 14.6 of those have been lost during this challenge! I am so very proud of myself!

Steve Denton

So because of Shibboleth is my doctor, is no longer yelling at me because my cholesterol is too high. Now she is yelling at me because it’s now too low! Total cholesterol is now 88 down from 210 a year ago

Sylvan Darcie DeCoria

It’s official! 40 lbs in 4 months. Bless the name of the Lord! Thanks to Melissa Ruth for posting her journey on Facebook and piqued my curiosity to try it!

Melissa Fritz Alvarado

67 pounds down in less than 6 months! I LOVE Shibboleth. Bless the name of the Lord!!

Karon Williams Brinkley

Great news! I have had husband on Shibboleth with me. His sugar today was less than 100 all 3 meals today. No sliding scale insulin in over a week. Praise God for Shibboleth!

Beth Miller Carnes

So today I went for my diabetes checkup. My A1C is 6.0 from 7.9 and if it’s to 5 in three months I can stop my Metformin all together. My “Why” was my blood sugars and I’m so grateful to this lifestyle for giving me the tools and supports to reach my goal!

‎Kristy Carmichael Hadaway‎

Went shopping today and I was so excited to be out of the plus sizes. Since October 29 I have gone from a size 18/20 in pants to a 12 and a 2X top to a large. I was discourage because the scales haven’t been moving as quickly as I would like them too but I will take the inches that I have lost and that I feel the best I have felt in years. I love Shibboleth and being on the planet. Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated but it’s the little things that really help!

Alice Lenorah Valentine

I am so amazed that in 3 weeks that in my family of 3, we have lost 49 pounds. I’m proud of my husband and son. They are on board with me.

Teresa McCutcheon

After being on Shibboleth eating plan for 21 days, I have lost 16 pounds. I am so excited!!

Paula Thweatt Lawson

So when I started this journey I never thought it would become a lifestyle. I am loving the Shibboleth way of living. 65 pounds gone forever!

Gwen Surrency

NSV! I’m excited! Just got test results. My cholesterol was 235 in August. Now it’s 167 which is normal. The good range is 0-199. My LDL was at 164 in August. Now it’s normal at 96. Normal LDL range is 0-129. And my triglycerides was 96, now it’s 73.

Julie Sorrells Sides

Today I hit my goal of 30lbs. 30.5 actually but I am going to try for 35 so I have a little wiggle room to maintain. If you think you can’t, you are WRONG! I started on November 5th.

Ben Wheeler

Officially on the planet. Wife, Evette, recommitted to the lifestyle in January so to help her not go crazy cooking lol, I started eating what she would. Wow, I didn’t realize what an effect this would really have on me. The more I saw results the more I realized what an awesome lifestyle this is. Be two full months next week and thanks to an early birthday gift from mother in law, Cleo Manley Lowery I am officially not just eating the Shibboleth way to help wife but officially for me too. 37 lbs down and more energy than I have seen in a while. So excited to learn my way

Melissa Durham Martin

I had a reflexology appointment last Saturday. She worked on my digestive system. When I pulled my shirt up she said whatever food program I am on is really working on the fat cells. She said she could tell a lot of fat is flushing out of my abdomen. I did my measurements today and sure enough, I have lost 11 inches & 5 of those have been in my waist. This is so motivating!!

Mark A Ramos

Thank God. I’ve been on planet Shibboleth for 12 weeks/3 months. I’ve lost 4 lbs this week. 72.4 total in 12 weeks. I’m grateful! People see a big difference in my appearance. Hope this gives hope.

Amanda Howard

Pulled my scale out this morning and I have hit exactly 50 pounds lost! I am so excited. And I was able to put on a pair of size 8 jeans. I LOVE Shibboleth and the life it has given me back. It is amazing! Not only I look better, but I feel so much better. My pain is minimal, my diabetes control is excellent, I sleep at night!! No higher blood pressure or cholesterol. I feel like a normal person!

‎Cindy West Cantrell‎

First bloodwork complete. Everything is wonderful. Fasting blood sugar was 89!! BOOM!! Thank you Shibboleth.

Tracey Ussery Mckee

I’m down 22 pounds and lost 4 inches from my waist since starting in January. Praise the name of the lord. I love this lifestyle.

Kevin Blevins

I had a yearly physical today. Due to my weight loss from 353.8 to 293.4, I was able to come off all prescription medications! I’m not even close to finished yet, but my motivation has never been higher. I thank my wife Emily Blevins for supporting me (she’s also killing it). Most of all I praise the name of the Lord!

Rich Barker

Shibboleth family, thank you! In July 2018, Kathy and I started this journey. Yesterday, with 45 pounds lost, I reached my goal! Bless the name of the Lord. I thank God for this experience and the wonderful people who made it possible.

Deborah McCary Smith

I finally hit 50 lbs lost. Woohoo! These last 5 lbs were tough but I did it. My clothes fit, I’m down two sizes, feels incredible. I have about 20 or so more lbs to go.

Stephanie Mae‎

This lifestyle has been the biggest blessing. Down 115 lbs as of this morning.

Debra Garland Mcentire

Praise God for leading me to this lifestyle ! I am down 63 lbs. My doctor asked me twice if I had weight loss surgery when I went for my four month wellness check and then ask me if I was sick. lol. She was so proud of me. I can walk so much better, it’s like I have a second chance at life. I so appreciate all of the staff that works to make this lifestyle possible.

Brian Smith‎

Started this journey at the end of July and made my ultimate goal of getting below 180 just after Christmas! I have maintained the weight since then. Went from a size 40 jeans to a lose 34! This lifestyle is a blessing and it has happened with the support of this community. Thank you and may God bless all of us on this journey. Down 65 lbs.

‎Sonja Arnold-Kerst‎

Officially started Shibboleth 12/1. Not only I am down 33 lbs as of today, but my facial complexion has also cleared up! I’m well into my mid 40’s and have struggled with acne all my life. I now have an acne free face and it feels WONDERFUL!

Diane West

I love this way of eating. I was able to fit in my size 10 jeans, and they fit comfortably! I haven’t worn a size 10 in 25 years!!

Debra Garland Mcentire

Down 65 lbs! Thankful for Shibboleth weight loss lifestyle. Praise God!

‎Christy Allen‎

Today was my 1st doctor’s appointment since starting Shibboleth. Dr. was super impressed with my numbers and my weight loss. He said I could come off of 1 of my blood pressure pills and he believes I can come off the other one and the cholesterol pill after the next appointment in 6 months. I am super excited.

Beth Vaughn Reed

I tried on last years swim suits last night. I have already had trouble finding tops that fit because I have always been well endowed. My swim suit top is too big. That has never ever happened. The bottoms are also too big. It was as kind of a bittersweet moment because I really liked that swim suit. But if I must find another swimsuit then I will do it gladly.

‎Denise Winstead Hudson‎

I am so thankful for this lifestyle! My doctor did some bloodwork yesterday and was thrilled with my 40 pounds gone, a low A1-c (I was creeping up to pre-diabetic), healthy glucose #, and great cholesterol levels! Even with my December holidays, my numbers were awesome.

Lynn Bell Beck

An accomplishment besides a lower number on the scale. I was able to put on a ring I received in 2001 again today! Made me very happy as it came from a dear Aunt. BTW it also comes off!

Amy Miller

For those who are struggling to stay on the planet, DO NOT GIVE UP! I had tried EVERY DIET out there and always failed. I had gotten to the point I had just given up and accepted that I was going to be overweight forever. I will forever be thankful that I was introduced to the Shibboleth lifestyle. I haven’t worn clothes this form fitting in years! I hid behind clothes at my heaviest but I was so unhappy with myself. I have more confidence and willpower now than ever. If I can do this, so can you! Just stay focused on your goal and don’t give in to temptation!

Kelly Samples

I’m am sooooooo happy. Haven’t seen a one at the front of my weight since 20 years ago! It has always been sooo hard for me to lose weight but this program works for me.

Sonja Arnold-Kerst

First 25 down. Took about eight weeks, but I’m melting away little by little. I’m pleased with the results I’m getting, plus I’m amazed at how great I feel. I’m definitely a happier person and starting to feel human again. I’m 5’1 and I NEVER want to see 263 again! Loving everything about Shibboleth! Blessed in the name of the Lord.

Melanie Wassel-Allen

My A1C went from 6.7 to 6.1 in 4 months. My cholesterol is 127 and triglycerides 145 which always ran 300 and above and my liver enzymes are back to normal. I have a long way to go but I’m starting to see the difference.

Amy Miller

42 pounds in approximately 4 months! I met my initial goal a month ago and have been maintaining/lost 6 more pounds in the last month. Love this lifestyle!

Vickie Adams

Went in for my annual check up with my doctor. He was very pleased to see the difference in the weight but more importantly my A1c was 5.4 and he is looking at cutting down the Metformin and maybe my cholesterol meds. WooHoo. I am very pleased. Thanks you Travis and all of the Shibboleth lifestyle.

Mark Ramos

Praise the Lord! I’ve lost 50.8 lbs in 7 weeks. It can be done, I hope this gives someone hope.

Amanda Howard

In September, I was using an average of 106 units a day to stay in range 44% of the time. That means more than half of every day I spent with a high blood sugar that was damaging my body. Today I used 23 units and have been in range 100% of the time. This is amazing!

Amanda Hicks

DOWN 75 lbs. Y’all. I never made it this far in 2015. I am officially the smallest I have been in at least 15 years. Just a few more pounds and I’ll be smaller than I was by the time I gained the “first semester of college” weight after separating from the military and rising over the 200 mark.

‎Beth Vaughn Reed

Non scale victory. I cleaned out my closet this morning. Back in October I was going to clean it out because the clothes were too small. When I joined I decided to hang on to them for motivation. The clothes I let go today are too big. I never got to wear them. It was a bittersweet moment.

‎Randy Waskul‎

Non Scale Victory. I got my lab work back from my semi-annual visit to my GP. “Everything looks much better. Keep doing what you are doing.”

‎Rhonda Kegerreis‎

I just got my results back for my fasting blood work a month ago. I am so excited because everything is down or normal. And I told the doctor about Shibboleth and he’s going to look it up and possibly refer it to his patients!

Joyce Wilson‎

Dear Travis, Sasha, Brooklyn, Jason and Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping, guiding, and giving me the most wonderful life changing 2018. Thank you for your help. I went from 225 to 139, a womans size 22 to a (Pretty Woman) size 6. More importantly, I got off insulin, Metformin and dodged taking high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. How do you thank someone enough. There are no words so I will try to live the best life I can to honor God and love others. God bless you all!

‎Traci Johnson

BOOM! 53 lbs gone! Met my first goal today! I started this lifestyle on September 5 and set a goal to lose 50 lbs by Christmas and I have surpassed that goal. I am beyond happy right now. Thank you so much Shibboleth!

Emily Blevins

Non-Scale Victory! After having my baby in February, I was ecstatic to fit back into my size 22 jeans. Today, I tried on 16s and they fit! First time in my adult life I have fit into a 16! Praise God and thank you Shibboleth (and my rockstar husband, Kevin Blevins who has lost 45 lbs so far)! (First pic is January 2017 at my heaviest—311 lbs. Second pic is today at 247!)

Mike Robson

My Triglycerides have NEVER been in the normal range (below 160mg/dl is considered normal). My lowest was 187. TODAY I was at 84! All my other blood work looked excellent too. Very thankful! WHOOOOOOO. CAN YOU SAY EXCITED. SHIBBOLETH WORKS!! ALSO I have lost 55 pounds with Shibboleth. Shibboleth works. Bless the name of the Lord.

Teresa Nichols

Just had to share my news from the doctor today. As you know my numbers have improved and basically normal. But about a year ago, I was in Stage 3 Kidney Failure. Well guys, thanks to this WONDERFUL healthy eating plan we have, Dr Hittle said my kidneys are full functioning and healthy. No kidney failure. Thank you God and thank you Shibboleth!

Jason Huckabey

7 weeks ago, I weighed 289.6lbs. I was on 2 blood pressure medications, 2 cholesterol medications, and ALOT of insulin running through my insulin pump daily (about 300 units every 48 hours) and still my blood sugar was all over the place (100-400). I am down to 252 lbs. this morning, no blood pressure or cholesterol meds in 2 weeks, my blood pressure is 128/83, my insulin intake is about 45-50 units a day now and my blood sugars are consistently running 90-120. I know I still have a ways to go to reach my goal weight but I am feeling so much better this morning and I have Jesus Christ and Shibboleth to thank for it.

Jacki Myers

After one month following this lifestyle, I am completely off my diabetic medication. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Thank you!

Lisa Lester Elrod

Shibboleth is working!! 40 lbs lost. Cholesterol down 47 pts , triglycerides down 48 pts, Glucose down 15 pts (still a little high, but working on it) A1c down from 6.3 to 6.0. All down from being on Shibboleth for 3 months!! I will take it!!

Russell Pierce

I have finally achieved my goal weight of 165 lbs. Dropped 86 lbs. PTL! I am still trying to gauge sizes in my clothes to fit right. I went from a 46 waist to a 34, and from a 3xl shirt to a xl shirt. I have lost a total of 54 inches. Shibboleth has made a tremendous difference in mine and my wife’s lives. Also, I am off of my BP meds, and cholesterol meds. My wife is off hers as well, plus she is off of her diabetes meds too.

Stephen Griggs

I made it! From 234.8 lbs on July 1 to 184.8 lbs today. 50 lbs down and officially in maintenance. PTL! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Angie Bearden-Miller Maltz

Today, at my doctors appointment, my A1c has dropped again and is no longer considered to be near the pre-diabetic range as it was a year ago at my wellness visit. Then, when she went to measure my waist and told me what it was, I told her that couldn’t be right. I had her measure it again and she said she measured the same thing, so I pulled out my Shibboleth assessment from little over a week ago to check what it was then and my waist today measured seven inches smaller!

Russell Pierce

I have finally achieved my goal weight of 165 lbs. Dropped 86 lbs. PTL!

Donna Price Vaughn

So happy. Went for my yearly physical today. After loosing 20lbs, my A1C dropped to 6. My Dr took me off one of my diabetic medications. Hopefully when I loose 30 more, I’ll be able to drop more and drop my high blood pressure meds. She was extremely happy!! Love living the life!!

Debra Garland Mcentire

I am down 51 lbs sine July 3rd. I am so happy! Shibboleth works! I truly am thankful for this program and the wonderful team that’s here to help us. I can walk so much better it’s like I have been given a new life! I still have a ways to go but I am so happy to be here! I praise God!

‎Sondra Duane McCarty‎

I wanted to share that the Shibboleth program works. I have been in maintenance for a year. I never wanted my picture taken before Shibboleth. When you focus on your goals, nothing is impossible! I was down 53 lbs this morning.

Amanda Howard‎

Shibboleth is amazing. I do not feel like I am on a diet and the inches are melting! My health is better, my diabetes is much better controlled, my body doesn’t ache and I don’t need BP or cholesterol/triglyceride medications. I feel better than I have felt in years and I am on my way to my goal of being fabulous at 50!

Laura Petersen

Just wanna say I’m in tears. Happy tears. I have type 2 diabetes and my sugar is always high. Today I checked it before lunch because I felt a bit lightheaded and it was 114. Before dinner 117. Good range. I’m always in the 200’s. Lowering my blood sugar was my main goal for this challenge. I’ve been praying and God answered.

‎Angie Felker‎

Thank you God and Shibboleth family. My progress so far: I’ve lost 20 lbs, had 2 meds cut in half, have stopped another med, am now in pre-diabetic range, have improved vision for distance, and cholesterol is the best it’s been in years. Bless the name of the Lord! Love this lifestyle.

Andrea Miller Mitchell

Woohoo! Praise the Lord. According to my latest a1c (5.4), I’m not diabetic anymore! Shibby life ROCKS!

Stephen Griggs

So, I had to show my license to get some Sudafed at Walmart. The clerk said, “this looks nothing like you..”. So I showed her my military ID. “nope”. concealed carry permit? “Eh. maybe.” She asked if I had a passport. lol. I had to explain Shibboleth and that I’ve lost 50 lbs. I got the medicine and we had a laugh but she told me I should get new ID’s

Cindy West Cantrell

So today, something happened that I never dreamed would. In a hospital ER a little over a year ago, I weighed in at my heaviest 346.8. After struggling on my own, God led me here. Officially 68 lbs down as a Shibby but today I reached my personal century mark. Down 100 lbs and counting. I can never thank you all enough!

Julie Stone Ingle

Just wanted to share I left work today with last years pants falling off. Had to buy two sizes down and it was the best $27 I ever spent. Love this planet! Been here since August. Bless the name of the Lord!

Amy Foran

So, I got up this morning, weighed in and did my measurements. I FINALLY reached my 30 lbs down goal. I’m 30.8 lbs down as of this morning! I’ve lost almost 42 inches from around my body, most notably around my hips with 11 inches gone! That is incredible. I LOVE MY SHIBBY LIFE. Bless the name of the Lord.

Steve Davenport

I don’t post a lot, but y’all, this lifestyle is so easy. Don’t get overwhelmed. Find what you like to eat and just stick with it. I’ve been doing this for almost six weeks and have dropped 25 lbs (and counting!). I’m also a Type 1 diabetic, and my daily insulin has dropped from 80-100 units to about 25 units! And I haven’t really stopped eating anything I was eating before. In fact, I now eat pancakes for breakfast and then have ice cream for lunch and dinner and lose weight doing it. That’s a plan I can stick to

‎Amanda Howard‎

Today makes 6 full weeks on Shibboleth. I didn’t weigh today but I did get my blood work results back. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 5-1/2 years. When I was diagnosed, my A1C was 13.9. I got it down to close to 7 one time. In February of this year, I was back at 9. I had protein in my urine. I was sick and miserable. All my bloodwork was abnormal and they started me on BP pills and statins for cholesterol and triglycerides but I didn’t take them. For the next 7 months, I decided to eat myself into oblivion. Then. Shibboleth. Today, my A1C is a 6.8 and EVERY blood test came back within normal limits. I am never going back!

William Dewayne Patterson

No better testimony to this program. It works. Not to mention just about every number on my blood work is approaching normal levels. It’s not just about the weight. The nutrition and overall health is the real goal. Down 142 lbs total!

Cindy West Cantrell

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Although my official weight chart says 64 lbs., my journey has been a bit longer. With a serious high blood pressure issue and a weight of 346.8, I knew something had to be done. As of today, I am 93 lbs down and around 22 inches gone.

Kevin and Denise M. Holcomb

Our journey began 4/16/18. As of last night, together we have lost 162.2 lbs (80 for Kev and 82.2 for me–and YES that .2 does matter-lol!!)..not even 6 months-how is this possible. It hasn’t been easy – however it is the easiest (and smartest) thing we each have done in regards to losing weight. Kevin is totally off his meds he had for years and years. We both just feel so much better! I thank the Lord for guiding us to Shibboleth and am so grateful for all the support. It totally works!!

Angela Waldrop Murphree

I finally made a before and after of Chris. I’m so proud of him! He lost 90 lbs in a little over 6 months on the Shibboleth lifestyle. In addition to the weight loss, he no longer needs to sleep with a c-pap machine, he has more energy, he no longer has foot and knee pain, he has lower blood pressure, and he feels so much better. And he did it just by eating real food combined in the right way with proper portions. Bless the name of the Lord!

Tracie Swanson Beasley

Stepping out of my comfort zone here!! I did Shibboleth for the first time several years ago and lost 80 lbs. well one thing led to another and I put it all but about 10 lbs back on. So in late February of this year I decided I had it!! So here I am 7 mos later & 85lbs down. Have I back slid? Ohhh yeah. But I am on my way to a happier, healthier me.

Candace Seiz

I never thought I would say this, but I DID IT!! I hit my goal weight this morning after trying for more than 6 years. I have lost 53.75 since April with Shibboleth. I pray that I never lose control of my weight and life again!

‎Stephanie Needham‎

Such a blessing to be a part of this wonderful family ministry that is changing lives daily, including myself and my two children. What I love most about Shibboleth is that it’s not just changing how I eat, but why I eat. I’ve learned more about myself in the last 100 days than I have over the last 28 years of yo-yo dieting and plan hopping . I’ve never felt better internally or externally. Does it take effort? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely yes! Bless the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We can do ALL things through Him who gives us strength and the tools for success, but it’s your choice. Keep doing the same or start making a change.

Kevin Devane

Today was my check up. I quit all my meds month and a half ago. I’ve lost 75 pounds. The doctor check my blood work and I am officially off all my meds (4 diabetes meds, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, aspirin) by doctors orders and have reversed my full blown diabetes by diet only “SHIBBOLETH”.

Stephanie Mae

After almost giving up on losing weight, a dear friend had me go to a simple class that changed everything for the better! I’m now down 101 lbs and that is all thanks to the tools that I learned with this wonderful program! Shibboleth works.

‎Ginnie Brown Vaughn

So excited to be on this planet. In my mid 30’s and diagnosed with PCOS and low thyroid, I finally have something that makes the scale trend downwards. Still have 30 lbs to go, but I’m confident I can do it!

Jay and Fosteine Crider

Shibboleth has changed my life! My wife, Fosteine Crider and I joined Shibboleth on June 24th. Together we have lost 87 pounds in 82 days! I’m thankful for all of the encouragement we have received from our Shibboleth family! I’m now able to enjoy life with my wife and children like I did 20 years ago! God has the perfect plan for each of our lives! I’m thankful I found the “perfect pairing” Shibboleth and me!

Chelsea Himes Wall

5 months on Shibboleth. 45 pounds gone. Less than 1 pound of excess body fat and 9 pounds to go until I hit my goal weight! I love this plan. I love the people that encouraged me from day 1!

Diane Miller Vann

I reached my first goal today and 20 lbs. gone!! All since July 15th BUT that was with a month of doctor ordered Synthroid withdrawal!! I’m excited to lose the other 25 lbs now that I can take my Synthroid again! 🙂 Oh yeah, already halved my cholesterol medicine! Working on blood pressure and diabetes meds next!

Ricky Taylor

I started January 8th at 230 lbs. I stay around 190 now. Getting motivated to lose a little more soon but have maintained this for the last 3 months. So thankful for this program! This surely has changed my life.

Amy Foran

I could cry tears of joy, y’all! On June 1st this year, my fasting blood sugar was 209 and it didn’t see like that was likely to change! Then I moved to Planet Shibboleth and I’ve had 97, REGULARLY! The scale is moving downward, but I would stay on the Planet for this reason alone. I call it my Shibboleth Blood Sugar Miracle! Bless the Name of the Lord!

Cindy West Cantrell

Children say the sweetest things at times. In my 26 year career in Education, I have discovered that they can also be brutally honest. Yesterday as I was busy in the office one of my coworkers, who also has a daughter at the school relayed this message. She said, mom, Ms Cantrell looks FANTASTIC! I knew what the scale and my clothes were telling me, but this was enough to bring tears. My “Why” solidified, ripping off the knob. I’m in this for keeps!

Debra Garland Mcentire

Down 30 lbs in about 6-7 weeks. I thought I couldn’t lose weight at my age, but I did!

David Glover

Guess who’s in the in the 260’s arena. This guy! Bless the name of the Lord. This has been a tough 2 weeks. I kept telling that this fat I’m losing this week must be tar. I am berfday suit 268.8 I’m shouting. At 265, I will be 30 lbs lost. Guess what?? I’m just 28 days into this program. SAY IT DON’T WORK. TELL ME AGAIN IT’S JUST WATER WEIGHT. Bahahahahaha!

Sarah Will O’Neal

Got on the scale this morning. thought it said 259.8. what it actually said. 255.8. Measured this morning, in the 9 weeks I’ve been living the Shibboleth lifestyle, I’ve lost 33.4 lbs and 22.25 inches!! God is so good! I’ve been praying for Him to take the weight off of me, and He’s doing it! It won’t be long before I need to start going to the gym for some muscle toning!

Sharon Stovall

I weighed for the first time today and I am down 7 pounds. I am so grateful that God lead me to this lifestyle. I have tried every diet imaginable and to be able to be able to eat like this is amazing and still get the weight off. I am more clear headed and my energy is better than it has been in years. I know this is exactly what God wants me doing and I am so grateful and blessed today.

Jonathan Montgomery

14 weeks today on Shibboleth and I’m under my original goal weight of 175 (from 212). 174.8 to be exact. lol. That’s over 37 lbs down. My new goal is between 160 – 165 because I have a body fat percentage I’m shooting for. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how much better I feel about the way I look when I stare back in the mirror. This has been an amazing journey so far.

Roni Spears Anderson

Three weeks on this amazing lifestyle and my husband and I have lost 30 lbs total. He’s down 17 and I’m down 13. I am so excited and proud.

Katrina Kinney

All the encouragement in this group is motivation to stay on track. 2 months and I am putting on clothes that I have not had on for years. I did not have to hold my breath either to get these jeans on yesterday. Halfway to my overall goal!!

Amanda Witherow Branson

My journey started at 215 lbs and I had struggled with loosing my weight for years. My mom asked me if I wanted to join Shibboleth with her so I did. At first, my goal was to lose for my sons wedding that year. I wanted to look better for him and for myself so I started. I lost 60 lbs that year. My journey is still in progress. On my 2nd Anniversary of joining Shibboleth, I have set a goal to reach 140 pounds. Shibboleth has changed my way of eating, my way of thinking. Not only do I want to look good, I want to be healthy and feel good!! So today I’m at 154.6 lbs.

Amanda Howard

Well 24 hours in may be too fast to get excited but I am. This is my insulin pump showing my blood sugar for the last 5 hours. Normally after breakfast I spike really high (higher since I usually start out high anyway). This morning, i woke up within normal limits and my pump even suspended insulin delivery between 10 and 11 because I was going too low. I ate breakfast at the red mark and got a gentle curve instead of a straight up line. I’m thrilled.

Sharon Vineyard

After being on vacation for a week, I took my blood sugar on my middle left finger it was 70. I thought it was wrong so I moved to my left ring finger and tried again it was 76. Last year in October it was in the 246 range every morning. I’m losing the weight at the rate I am comfortable with, feeling better, like the food choices, and am so happy on the planet. It’s a secret.

Nikki Seabolt Marshall

Gotta brag on my son y’all!! He is 20 years old and in college. He is 4 hours away from home and is doing this ALL BY HIMSELF. I am so so proud of him. He has lost right at 40 lbs. He is LOVING his new health and this program. If a college kid can do it on a college budget, then we can too.

Jonathan and Kimberly Montgomery

100 days. 100 days y’all. I cannot believe how easy this program has been. The food is awesome and the weight and inches are just melting away. I’ve done every “diet” in the book and I have finally found the lifestyle I can live forever. So thankful and blessed. 65 lbs lost together!

Michael and Heather Sylvester

As our anniversary approaches I wanted to brag on us a lil bit! Our weight has always been a struggle for each of us. But TOGETHER we are successful. I’m thankful for a supportive husband who saw I needed this and so did he. He encourages me daily and reminds me why I’m doing this. So as year 5 approaches we are 93 lbs down. (56 for him)(37 for me) Here’s to many more years of a healthier, closer( cause we can get our arms around all the way) and more fulfilling marriage! Thank you Shibboleth and you babe!

Tracy Chambers Stoker

This morning I weighed and almost cried. I am down 50lbs since April 8th. This is a major accomplishment for me since I suffer from Hashimotos (thyroid disease). This is the only thing that has worked for me. I had been stuck for a little while and changed things up and the scale started moving again. Thank you Shibboleth and bless the name of the Lord!

Claudette Painter

It may have taken me a few months, but I finally made it to 50 pounds mark. Only 40 more to reach my goal. Can’t wait to see how it feel to be smaller and healthier. Already came off my diabetic and blood pressure meds and have cut my cholesterol meds in half. Feel so much better already! Thank everyone for all the help that I have received. Jason, Cindy can’t thank you enough but most of all I thank God for it all.

Reba Patterson

My name is Reba Patterson. I joined the Shibboleth group on 2-02-2018. I am 71 yrs old. I used your start up plan, your recipes, and your grocery suggestions. I have lost from 178 lbs down to 140 lbs. My goal weight was 145. But I am a few lbs under that. I went from a size 14 to a size 10. I just had my annual physical in July and my bp, and all my blood work was better than it has been in 25 yrs. Thank you for all the info that you give on this eating life change.

Jonathan Montgomery

32 lbs down in 11 weeks. I’m in digits on the scale I haven’t seen in 6 years.

Kasey Brett Parker

Shibboleth has saved my life in so many ways! I had no energy. No self confidence. High blood pressure! And so much more but today I can say all of that has changed and it changed because of shibboleth. I thank the Lord everyday for introducing me to this wonderful lifestyle! I haven’t made it to my goal yet but I’m so close.

Barbi Crider

I just wanted to post and say that I am sooo thankful for this program!! I never in a million years thought I would be out of the 200. 49 lbs down.

Angela Waldrop Murphree

NSV!! I grabbed a t-shirt out of my drawer the other day and it wasn’t big on me, so I looked and it was my 11 year old’s shirt! And it fit me so I kept it. He was so happy for me that it fit me that he was ok with the confiscation. I also measured this morning to find I’m down 46.75 inches since February so I did a side by side from when I first started (standing on the scale in 1st pic because I was doing a dietbet and that was one of the stipulations). 3 more lbs to 50 lb badge!! 7 more lb to goal!

‎Melissa Ruth

Bought a two piece suit for an upcoming interview. Bought the pants one size smaller knowing I’d lost some inches. Not only were they TOO big so I had to take them back to the store to exchange them. Turns out I’m down to a size 14. What. I have not been a size 14 in 20+ years.

Nikki Seabolt Marshall

Whoohooo!! I am wearing a MEDIUM size t-shirt for the first time since I was 19 and lets just say that was a LONG time ago!

Kevin Devane

From April, start weight of 260. Tonight was 199!! I can honestly say I do not remember when I was under 200. I guess I was a teenager. Thank you. Life changing.

Jenny Gentry

I was able to get my wedding band ALL THE WAY on my finger today for the first time in 10 years. This is HUGE! Perhaps the very best non-scale victory by far. I went ahead and took it off for awhile longer, as it’s still a little snug, and my fingers tend to swell when I’m hot. Don’t want to have it stuck on my finger and risk issues. Hopefully soon I’ll be wearing it again FOR GOOD. Praise the Lord for this victory!

Melanie Wassel-Allen

PRAISE REPORT. My bloodwork came back and my liver enzymes are back to normal. My triglycerides are normal for the first time in forever and everything else was normal as well. BLESS THE NAME OF THE LORD.

Stephanie Needham

I’ve been on this planet for a total of 40 days. I’ve been taking 1,500 mg of extended-release metformin daily to control my blood sugar and try to keep me from becoming diabetic. I just had my annual physical and my doctor told me what a change she could see in my countenance and we discussed my weight (I’m now down 30.2 lbs total on this plan). I told her I just started in June and she almost couldn’t believe it, she even started tearing up when I explained the freedom and hope I’ve found with this program – she knows how many different directions I’ve tried to go to beat this and has been walking with me through it for the last 5+ years and it just kept getting worse. She was so excited and wanted to know all about Shibboleth, so I shared briefly and offered to talk more anytime. She gave me her email and I sent her the doctor’s brochure to start too! The best part is she told me NO MORE METFORMIN. and in due time, she feels I’ll also be off of my BP meds. Praise God for Shibboleth! Bee Shibboleth, Sasha Martin, and the whole gang!

Polly Jones

‎Just looking through a bunch of pictures this afternoon and observed the difference Shibboleth has made in my body. God is so good and led me to this when I prayed for him to help me find a plan that I could follow to get healthy! My “Why” was health. But look what a difference. Thank you God and my Shibboleth family.

Pam Scott

I went clothes shopping today and bought a pair of jeans in size 14! I don’t remember the last time I wore that size but I was tickled. The capris I was wearing almost fall off of me lol.

Dewayne Patterson

I have been obese most of my adult life and my health was deteriorating fast. I had a heart attack back in 2016 and only got bigger. I was essentially waiting to die. God put Shibboleth in my line of sight and through his love and the guidance of Jason and Cindy in Dalton and the best support group ever in my fellow classmates like Buddy and Cleo and my family I am now living more like I want to live and feel like I did twenty years ago. All medication has been taken away by my doctor and I have hope for each and every day now. My grand-babies will know who I really am and my wife and daughter get more than the tired old man I was becoming. God bless Travis and Shibboleth for giving my life back to me. January 14th starting weight 389. July 7th 271.4 lbs. To date my total weight loss is 117.6 lbs with 42.25 inches lost overall.

Kathy L. Edwards

It has been nine years since I have walked across the sand and stood in front of the ocean and made myself a promise that , with God’s help , when I got to return in front of it again, I would be a new and different person . Next Friday, I will stand in front of that ocean in my new two piece swimsuit, 110 lbs lighter, in the flesh body but thousands of pounds lighter in my spirit body . I just want to thank Shibboleth for being a part of my healing along the way, especially Travis & Sasha Martin for allowing God to use you to give teaching and healing to others, not just in body but in spirit. Don’t ever stop what you are doing. Father has called you to do this. And this is a woman on a mission , I’m gonna strut my new and redeemed self right across that sand in front of that ocean like I own it , because I know my Father has bought it for me because He Owns It All!! Bless The Name Of The Lord At All Times.

Cindy West Cantrell

I have watched in amazement as the pounds have just slid off. In 25 days I have lost 22.4 lbs and I am sure many more inches that I haven’t measured, but are very noticeable in my looser fitting clothing. I think the lesson I have learned most is the ability to savor every bite of food, not inhale it. Slowing down as I eat has helped tremendously as I feed the skinnier girl inside. I too am so thankful for Shibboleth, I am on my way to getting my life back!

Melanie McKenley

I really don’t like sharing stuff about myself, but I can 100% say that Shibboleth changed my family for the better. My husband, myself, and our 17 year old daughter have started completing Obstacle Course Races, and that is certainly something we would have never considered before. We’ve also done a couple of 5ks and we have found an awesome gym family at Our House Studios. We love the feeling of getting stronger. We’ll never be “skinny” and that’s not our goal. We’re healthier and can do things that we never imagined doing. Shibboleth is what started it all.

Stacy Baker

I started Shibboleth because I couldn’t do my job. I’m a licensed massage therapist and my gut was bumping into the clients on the table. It was so embarrassing!! I can now comfortably do my job. I’m so thankful for Shibboleth!! I love my life again!

Tamra Meadors Howell

Losing 50 pounds has been the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Thanks to Shibboleth. I grew up always being the fat kid. Shibboleth has given me a whole new self-confidence. I always knew there was a skinny me inside, and I’m thankful everyday that I’ve shed the fat and found her!!

Tammy Page Ellison‎

I started Shibboleth 8 months ago. I was at 197 pounds then. I had tried all kinds of diets before I would lose a little then gain it back then lose and gain it back. This program teaches you how to lose and keep it off. I was hesitant about starting it because I am such a picky eater and i doubted myself that I would stick to it. But I was determined this time. I was also motivated by all the other success stories. Shout out and thank you to Travis Martin and all the Shibboleth team for all the encouragement. Down 57 lbs. #BLESSTHENAMEOFTHELORD

Michael Sylvester

I have been on Shibboleth for 5 weeks today. I have lost 30.6 lbs and 13 inches overall.

Vicki Davis

I saw my internist yesterday and he was amazed at the number of pounds lost in under 4 months! I was amazed he advised I discontinue the statin drug I have taken for 11 1/2 years to manage high cholesterol! Another Shibboleth miracle! Coming off this drug was my primary “why” for losing weight. Last year I experienced very serious and concerning side effects from another statin drug. I am so humble and thankful for Bee Shibboleth & Sasha Martin, our amazing plan and our support of each other! Bless the name of the Lord! God bless you all!

Angie Felker

Bless the name of the Lord!! Had another non-scale victory today. Eyesight has improved since being on Shibboleth (one month now). Distance vision is now back at 20/20. All because I’m on the planet and getting my diabetes under control. Had an eye exam 2 weeks ago because vision was blurry. 1 week ago, got the new prescription, and noticed that distance vision was clearer WITHOUT the glasses. Eyes re-checked today, Dr. said because my sugar has been under control for one month, my distance vision went back to 20/20. Only need glasses for reading, working on computer, and working close up. Praise the Lord! Thank you, Shibboleth family for your encouragement, motivation, and sharing your journey/food ideas. This is one more motivation to keep this girl going!

Tammy Pierce‎

I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease a couple years ago. I was told nothing could really reverse any damage that had been done, just to try not to make it worse. I quit drinking coke and didn’t see any change in my GFR, which was around 35. Today my blood test shows GFR IS 51! 9 more points and I will not even be classified as having kidney disease. SHIBBOLETH IS ABOUT MORE THAN WEIGHT LOSS!

Tammy Glee Pritchett

I just had my doctor’s visit and they’re taking me off all my diabetic medications. I’ve got to do a blood test in 3 months to make sure everything’s A-OK but she’s pretty sure I’m not considered diabetic anymore. Praise the Lord!

Patricia B. Hurtt

Shibboleth is the only way that I have been able to lose 50+ pounds and maintain for 3 years. Thanks to Shibboleth I am healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Praise the Lord for leading me to Shibboleth in January 2015

Eva Bagley

I went to Dr. yesterday for a follow up since she has taken me off my blood pressure medicine. One year ago, my BP was 189/106. Yesterday down 65 lbs and BP 100/68. Thank you Lord. Believe me if you have doubts about this program, get rid of them. If you put the work into this program, it will work for you.

Kathy Fields

Went for check up today. All blood work is excellent. BP perfect and my BMI is perfect. Been on the planet since March. Doctor said to keep doing what you I am doing!

‎Eva Bagley

Thank you Shibboleth family. Went to my doctor over a week ago and she had to cut my blood pressure medicine in half. Down 62 lbs and today, she took me off meds! Love this life.

Tish Kleindienst

My husband sent me to buy a dress at Ross for our date on Friday because I didn’t have a single dress that fit me anymore. I was able to buy a size 14. That’s 10 sizes from where I started 6 months ago! It was the first time in a VERY long time that I didn’t have to shop in the “Big Girl” section of the store! Whooooohooooo! God is SO good!

Glenda Burrell

I feel like a celebrity! First, I want to thank God for the ability and desire to meet my goal, then Shibboleth for this life giving/changing program. I went to the doctor yesterday for my checkup and was down 58 lbs from last visit. All my vitals were perfect. Thank you Travis Martin and family for all you do to help us live the abundant life God has promised us.

Missy McKown White

I lost 45 pounds in less than 5 months last year and have kept it off. Having PCOS, in the past no matter how healthy I ate or active I was, nothing worked. This has been the easiest thing I’ve done! I haven’t taken Metformin in over 2 years. I went from a tight size 12 to a comfortable size 6.

‎Karen Maynor Carr‎

Non-scale victory today! Went hiking with my brother and daughter today in the Blue Ridge parkway. We are all Shibbolians. We have collectively lost 213 lbs since Sept. 2017! Did I mention we were hiking today! Thank you Jesus and thank you Shibboleth!!

‎Cathy Fetkenhour McBryde‎

My pharmacy called to tell me they had filled 2 reflux meds for me (I hadn’t requested by the way). Was so excited to tell them that I haven’t been needing to take these meds (since starting this life) please put it back. Yay God is faithful. Saved me $80!!

Wendy C Rumley

Hit a milestone in my weight loss journey. Officially off all blood pressure medications!

‎Debrah Gillespie‎

Just wanted to share. I saw the lowest number on my scale in 35 years. Yes 35, isn’t that sad? But it won’t be because I’m heading to Onederland. I’m going to make it!

‎Pamela Giacomini‎

Ok just got back from doctors. Blood pressure was perfect. He could not believe how much weight I had lost since last july. Then I explained I had only been on the program since January and he said he was amazed and may refer other patients. I have never seen a doctor so impressed!

Jeania Parker Stanley

For the 1st time in over 12 years, I had to wear a belt today to hold my jeans up. And they’re a size 9!

Ashley Teems

My life has changed so much over the few months being on Shibboleth. I went for my 3 month check up for my medicine yesterday, another 37 lbs gone since April. I’ll take that. A total of 66 gone this year! I thank God each and every day for this program. I have been more active ( hiking on the weekends) . I feel so much better and feel a lot more better about myself. This week I wore a pair of shorts. I haven’t wore shorts in front of my fiancé the whole 8 years we have been together! I have 2 kids and their father works a lot of hours. I also work a 40 hour job. If I can do this, you can too! Between kids, school functions, ball 4 days a week, I have learned that if you put your heart into it , you can achieve ANYTHING!

Callie McCrary

Praise the Lord! Today I weigh what I weighed 11 years ago, before the incline in weight started, such a milestone for me. No more saying I used to weigh this a long time ago. 6 pounds away from my awesome new badge and 21 pounds away from my goal weight I’ve always wanted to be. I’m so thankful for Travis for starting Thrive weight loss when I originally started and now for Shibboleth. He has always wanted what’s best for the person to this day and not your money. Great Christian person and a lifestyle. I’m happy to be a part of. Thank you.

Sheree Upton Weeks

I want to praise the Lord I found Shibboleth when I did. I was so miserable and I did not realize how far I have came until I had memories come up from 2 years ago! I was a size 20 and now I am a size 8. I still have 30 pounds to go but I have lost 72 so far! Thank you Bee Shibboleth, Brooklyn Martin-Shibboleth, Joan Shibboleth, Jason Whitener, and everyone else who has supported me in my journey. I am truly blessed. I will have my 75 pound badge by the end of next week. Then on to earn my 100 pound badge. Thank you once again Shibboleth.

Cathy Fetkenhour McBryde

Off of all four reflux meds and no episodes! Been dependent on for at least ten years! This is a GOD plan. Add this to no more fast acting insulin and half of the slow acting insulin. On the way to healing.

Nikki Seabolt Marshall

I started for many reasons but 3 main ones. First, I was super sick last year with thyroid issues, Graves’ and thyroid cancer, plus some female issues and also had gallbladder surgery. It wasn’t the best 2017 year for me. Second, my daughter is getting married in Oct of this year and I didn’t want to be the fat, unhealthy mother of the bride. Lastly, I want to be around to see my kids have kids and to watch my grandchildren grow up. I really did this mainly for myself though. I’ve tried just about every diet on the planet and this ACTUALLY WORKS for me. I’ve lost 41.5 lbs in 16 weeks. I am always amazed in what Shibboleth does for me. My whole family is on it and losing weight so it’s awesome and we feel AMAZING.

Cathy Fetkenhour McBryde‎

So very excited! Just left my doctor for my regular visit. My A1C is down from 10.9 to 7.9. My weight down 15 pounds. My blood pressure was down too!! On the way to feeling better. Praying the arthritis in my feet let’s up. I know God can “trump” the damage doctors already see in my feet. I’m trusting Him!

Tracy Chambers Stoker‎

I have Hashimotos disease and have not been able to get past a 5 lb weight loss in years nor have I stuck it out due to discouragement. Just shy of 5 weeks and I have earned by 25 lb lost badge! I am beyond blessed and excited. Thank you all for the encouragement and willingness to answer any questions. I look forward to seeing the next badge pop up!

Diana Palmer

Had my 3 month check up today and my doctor was shocked at my test results and weight loss. I am down 31 pounds and my A1C went from 9.6 to 6.7. She asked me what I have been doing and I told her about Shibboleth. She told me to stick with the program and if I lose more weight that I can come off the meds when I go back in 3 months. I have only been doing this for 2 months. Can’t wait to see what the next two will show. She is also going to share with others. Thank you Lord and thank you Travis for following your heart.

Claudette Painter

Went to the doctor today for my check up. He took me off my diabetic medicines and my blood pressure medicines. I am loving this way of life!

‎Belinda Patrick Judd‎

Yesterday wore a pair of pants to work. By lunch they were miserably so loose that I went to Belk and bought me a new pair of pants (for $8.99), same brand and style. Morning was wearing a size 16 and in the afternoon size 12. Praise the Name of the Lord.

Terri Gerling

I called because I had stalled at weight loss. Talked with Sasha and she looked everything over and helped me see where I needed to make adjustments to kick start again. This program and everyone working there are wonderful. I’m glad I found this lifestyle.

Tracey Smith

In the last couple of days I had the pleasure of meeting (over the phone) Amy & Sasha when running into a technical issue,and also had several questions about the program,as I am only celebrating 1 week on! They both exuded kindness, patience,and showed excellence in walking me through my issues,and by the time we hung up,I felt confident in moving on to my next step of the program.Thank you for the personal attention that you showed me! God bless!

Gloria M Vaux

Fantastic experience! The passion for others really shows in staff.The support and encouragement I found in this lifestyle is glorious! God’s love really shines thru. Praise the Lord.

Donna Dawson Wallace

I have lost a total of 30 lbs in 11 weeks! I went to my doctor on 4/13/18 and my lab numbers were astounding. My A1C was 5.4. I don’t remember the last time I saw that number but I’m grateful. Thanks everyone on planet Shibby for all you do to keep us motivated. God bless!

‎Glenda Burrell‎

To those who are diabetic, this plan literally has saved my life. Since I joined in October, I have lost 47 lbs, A1C went from 6.7 to 4.9. Praising God and thankful for the planet! This is truly the lifestyle I can live the rest of my life on. Thank you all for your post, encouragement and testimonies. God bless you all.

Eva Bagley

Yesterday was weigh in and I lost 1 lb. I decided it was time to take measurements again! Have not measured since I started. In 3 1/2 months I am down 46 lbs and a total of 51 inches. Stick with this program, it works. Thank the Lord and my Shibby family for always being there.

Shelby Tobler Anderson

Darren went to the doctor yesterday to have a follow up. He’s dropped 20 pounds, his LDL has improved so no more meds!! All in about 8 weeks on Shibboleth!! I’m telling ya people. it works!!

‎Tamra Meadors Howell

Today makes just 15 weeks on this planet. I’ve dropped 44 pounds (23% of my body weight), my BMI has dropped 7.8 points, and I’m having to build a new wardrobe. I’m loving this lifestyle!!

‎Brian K. Hales‎

From 311 to 251 in just over 4 months!! 60 lbs!! Thanks for this life changing lifestyle. That’s close to 20% of my original body weight. Another 60 to go and, (amazingly), no doubt I’ll make it. I’ve never felt like I’ve had to , “white knuckle”, it or that I was a holiday away from going to heck in a handcart and gaining it all back. I EAT FAN-FREEKING-TASTIC, (yes it’s a word)!! Thanks for all the support. I now consider planet Shibboleth the home world. Heart overflowing with gratitude.

Danny Williams

Went to my endocrinologist today. Weighed 224, BP was 106/46, pulse was 71, A1C was 5.7, glucose was 118. Had just eaten lunch. Recent sinus infection caused spike in A1C. A year ago the 17th of this month, I weighed 289 on their scale. Thank God for Shibboleth.

Rebecca Lawson

I had a non scale victory this morning. I’m down 2 jean sizes since starting back on March 5th. I’ve went from a size 14 to a size 10! I’m definitely doing the happy dance this morning!

‎Erin Stoyer Nuckol

NSV. So for many years, I have struggled with high cholesterol and things like that. So my cardiologist did blood work last week before I have to have a stress test this week. For the first time in years, all of my numbers were in normal range! Praise The Lord! My Dr said to continue what I was doing because it was working! Thank you so much Missy Joiner Urban for telling me about Shibboleth! Thank you Shibboleth! I am on my way to getting healthier! #PraiseTheNameofTheLord

‎Sarah Tejada

Before Shibboleth, I hated having my picture taken. Being in the background was perfectly fine for me. But now, 120 lbs down, I say “BRING OUT THE CAMERA”

Tish Kleindienst‎

Today I went in for my bloodwork results and everything was PERFECT! I am loving this new lifestyle. The pounds keep coming off and I feel great. Thank you to the Shibboleth team for all your hard work and encouragement! Another highlight. This is the first time in YEARS that I did not cringe having family pictures made! Bless the name of the Lord!

Marcella Smith

Just got in from doctor visit. I am off metformin and altovastin. Sooooo excited to eliminate two bottles. Also, since I last saw him middle of December, I am down 17 lbs. How about that?!

Lynn Eldon

What a great program to be a part of. Keep glorifying God and keep being a light and a witness in this dark world. We are His light and we can lead others to victory. Praise Jesus. Results to date are more than 10%. -18.2 pounds – 10.50 inches in 10 weeks. Glory to God! HE is my why.

‎Virginia Austin

I have lost 25 pounds since joining Shibboleth and came off of 3 medications.

Lauren Burton

I did it! I made it to maintenance, 100 lbs in just under 13 months. From a size 22 to a size 9/10. I can’t believe this is my life and my story to tell! Thank you God for blessing me with a new life! I’ve cried every morning this week as I approach this moment. God is good, all the time!

Carmen Ann Lopez

I have lost 34.2 pounds as of today. I have 50.8 to my goal weight and I can do it. Watch out world here I come and I can’t wait to see how much more confidence I have in myself when I get to my goal weight.

Cheryl Griffith Davis

We moved on March 2 and had lots of Holidays for a couple of weeks. Got right back to perfect days and I have lost the weight gained during that time. I am 3 pounds away to get back to my goal. Those 3 pounds are always the hardest to take off. I am so grateful for Shibboleth. I have maintained a 50-pound weight loss for 6 years. I have never been able to do that before Shibboleth. The key for me is to always get right back to perfect days. Never stop living this lifestyle.

Nichole Louise Mesic

Praise alert! I know I post on here a lot, but you guys. I’m freaking on fire! And it is all due to the Lord and his work in me through this program! I had an unplanned holiday Friday, and I went to bed feeling a little defeated. I woke up Saturday and decided “why not”, and I went to the center for class. You all, if you haven’t done class with Brooklyn Martin-Shibboleth, you need to! She is the most encouraging, no-nonsense woman who isn’t afraid to call it like it is, which was exactly what I needed! Stuck to plan yesterday, and I woke up this morning DOWN 4 lbs! PLUS, when I looked at my overall goal (lose 100lbs by September (starting from September last year), which has always looked MASSIVE, I only have a little over HALF to go! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be happy crying into my coffee.

Kharis Bramlett

I am excited to report. Since I have lost 27 pounds, my doctor has agreed to HALF my blood pressure medicine and in another 2-3 months we can cut it out all together since I will be continuing with my new lifestyle!! Thank you Shibboleth! And Travis Martin!

Amy Branham- Dazey

Praise Report: Labs from last year and last weeks. Triglycerides: From 194 to 102, Total Cholesterol: 219 to 131, HDL: 57 to 41, LDL: 123 to 71. All cholesterol is well within normal limits now. Dr. advised me to come off of the expensive BP med I was on. Best Dr. visit ever!!

Tamra Meadors Howell

I started Shibboleth on January 10. Just 8 weeks and 4 days ago. Today I’m down 30.4 pounds. Less than 10 pounds from my goal. Thankful everyday I found Shibboleth!!

Brian K. Hales

Shibboleth has taught me so much about how to eat, but more about how to live. I’ve lost close to 40 lbs now, but more than that I’m learning to commune with my Saviour not just when I need help, but when things are going great and I’m in a season of joy! I’ve always walked my own way when things made a turn for the better, but this time I want to stay close to His side and remain grateful daily. So grateful for this season of success and joy. Grateful to God and to you my friends!

Lisa Chasteen Ledford

I had a small victory today and thought I’d share it. I started Shibboleth on January 2nd and I weighed this morning and I’m down 30lbs!! So so excited!! This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done and it works so much better than everything else I’ve ever tried!! Thank you Shibboleth for this wonderful new lifestyle. I’m glad to be on the planet!

Cheryl Gogie Chicki

I’m so blessed to be a part of this world called Shibboleth. 30lbs and many inches are now gone. Love all the support & of course the awesome recipes & good food I’ve found along the way. Focusing on what I can have not what I can’t have..Each one of you rock!! It totally takes a village to inspire & encourage us each and everyday.

Sarah Tejada

Who would have believed that after just 6 months on #myshibboleth that this is where I would be?? 6 months y’all. 6 months. I love this lifestyle and I’m in it for the long haul. No going back for this girl. If you’re struggling with your weight this program WORKS!! I feel better than I have in 15+ years. #BlessthenameoftheLord

Tony C Davis

When I started with Shibboleth back in May or June of last year, I reached my goal weight in about a month. I maintained the weight loss until the holidays. After the holidays I had regained all the weight plus 5lbs. Since returning to the planet this past Monday (233.8lbs) I am down 5.6lbs. Shibboleth is the perfect vehicle to reach your health goals but it takes self-discipline.

Linda Burgess

I bought jeans today in a size I have not seen in 40 years! Still in shock that they fit! Praise the Lord for this Shibboleth life style!

Lauren Burton

My main why for starting Shibboleth was to be the best mommy I can be to our future child. My husband and I are about to start the home study process in our adoption. This morning I was officially down 88.4 lbs. Next Friday is our first meeting and the confidence I feel going into the meeting is so much higher than when I initially started thinking about adoption. I feel so good about myself and that shows in the way I speak to others now. Shibboleth has made me a healthier person, but it’s also made me a confident person.

Crystal Wizner

Not quite to my 1 year anniversary with Shibboleth but I’m so proud of the choices/changes I’ve made since April 2017. Love this program and how it’s changed my life for the better.

Beth Snider

I love that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you just FEEL leaner! Since Oct. 30, I am down 30 lbs and 26.5″. I’m surprised I don’t weigh less, though, because those CHAINS OF ADDICTION to food sure were weighing me down! Bless the name of the Lord!

Jodi Cox

I’ve received countless compliments on my weight loss but recently someone said, you look great but there’s just something else different about you. You have a glowing countenance. WOW

‎Emily Vinson

Over the last 12-13 years, I have struggled with my weight. I have tried everything. Diet pills, weight watchers, counting calories, etc. Nothing has worked long-term. I’m coming up on my 3rd week. I have lost some weight, but what’s also keeping me motivated is the way I FEEL. I have so much more energy. I don’t feel weighed down or the feeling you get when you are eating unhealthy. I am actually satisfied and FULL when I eat my 3 meals and drink my water! I’ve never felt full until eating this way. And the number one reason I KNOW this lifestyle works is because it’s based on God’s power. That’s also what separates this lifestyle from most of the others.

‎Janice Hines Hamrick‎

Haven’t posted in a while but thought it’s that time!! On February 15th 2017, I went to Dr and my weight was 221 lbs. Today I went back to same Dr and I my weight is 155 lbs! That made me so happy! That’s 66 lbs gone forever! I feel so great with so much energy that I wish everyone felt like I do! So thankful to God and Shibboleth! This lifestyle is the best way to live!❤

Sherry Richards Roberson

When you stress that the scale is moving in ounces instead of the pounds you think it should, remember those little bits add up in a big way. In just shy of 6 months I’m down almost 50lbs and I still can’t believe it. I didn’t lose pounds at a time, it was ounces and I don’t miss a single tiny one of them.

Rebecca Ferrer Mumbower

I have lost 46lbs and counting! I absolutely love this program. I have tried EVERYTHING and this has been the only thing that has gotten the weight off and KEPT it off. I can’t believe what a change. Thank you Shibboleth for giving me my confidence, health and energy back.

Missy Swinney Baynes

PRAISE REPORT: I’ve lost 15 pounds in 16 days. But the real praise is my Cholesterol is 195. I found out at 40 it was slightly elevated and each time it’s been checked it has been creeping up. In December of 2016 it was 247. I was not living this lifestyle again until Jan 9. I went for my blood work on Jan 22. That’s only 12 days. I still have some work to do on my LDL’s, but my report from my doctor is “your cholesterol panel is excellent and will continue to improve with your current lifestyle.” That alone is reason enough to continue doing what I’m doing.

Haven Leigh Hooper

Let me tell y’all something! “YOU CAN HAVE RESULTS OR EXCUSES. NOT BOTH!” I chose results and I don’t even allow excuses to come into my mind. Why?! Because I got goals! And I wanna live a long time for my family and myself! I wanna be healthy and happy! I wanna be able to play with my kid and not feel like I’m gonna pass out! QUIT making excuses!! Excuses can eventually end up killing you. So fight the good fight! Keep up the work and don’t stop!

Jodi Cox

Look and see what the Lord has done! Today is the day I met my goal weight. I am SO excited I want to shout it from the rooftops! I’m so truly grateful for all Shibboleth has taught me. The Lord has caused my boundaries to fall in pleasant places. #BlessthenameoftheLORD

Diane Goode Scott

Truly this program has saved my life. I am diabetic. When I started I was taking 2000 mg of metformin and 50 units of insulin. I came off the shots in 29 days and down to 500 mg metformin. Plus came off 2 blood pressure pills.

Cindy Guinn

Joined Shibboleth May 2017. In just over a short 7 months I have reached my weight loss goal. My start weight was 247.6lbs now I’m 147.4lbs. Even more than the weight being gone, so is 5 prescription medications that I no longer have to take. I am beyond blessed!

‎Dawn Schafer Huey

I’m so excited to have met my goal! Started this journey with an endocrinologist who listened and help me get my thyroid disease under control and added this awesome program to help with the rest! I will forever be a lifetime member!

Carolyn Pollock Clark

Praising God for my latest non-scale victory – and thanking him for bringing Shibboleth into my life! I went to the doctor on Friday and she stopped all of my diabetes medications!! WooHoo! She also switched my stomach meds to an “as needed” basis and lowered the dosage on thyroid medicine because my much smaller body can’t metabolize the higher dosage any longer. This was my main goal when joining Shibboleth and I never dreamed that in a mere seven months I could achieve this goal. God is so good – all the time!

Donna Talley

Jason Whitener and my Shibboleth family, I still have a ways to go but this is a victory moment. I have not been able to wear this coat or boots in years and tonight the coat is zipped and it’s not tight and my boots are up and not cutting into my legs. I am so excited I could cry.

Karen Maynor Carr

I had a great non scale victory yesterday! I went to see my dr. For my three month check up. I haven’t seen him since I started Shibboleth! The PA gave me a high five for the weight loss and the Dr. Was blown away by the loss and my other numbers. He asked me if those numbers were accurate. I told him every pound lost was very accurate. The other numbers were great too. Blood pressure was 112/72: blood sugar was 119 after breakfast and my A1C was down from 8.9 to 6.5. My Dr is a bit of a grouch usually, he was smiling at me yesterday! Told me he was proud of me and to keep up the good work! I plan on it!!

Brenda Postell Patterson

First of all I want to thank God for his mercy and giving me strength to press on, today I have reached my half way goal , 50lbs gone in less than 6 months. It give me a feeling of a renewed strength. Thanks for all of my Shibboleth family who encourages me each day.

James Wizner

I have to share. I started my Shibboleth journey on June 11th of this year after my sister Amy Wizner Reyes shared the secret. Since then I have dropped 80lbs and 6 pants sizes. But today I hit an emotional milestone. I went shopping at Belk for new clothes (4th time since starting the lifestyle) and when I went to the “Big and Tall” section there were no sizes there that would fit me! (Almost teared up). I had to wonder through the store looking for the “normal” sizes sectional. I think this is the smallest I’ve been in 17 years and I still have 22lbs left to go to hit my first goal. Thank you Travis & Sasha Martin for sharing this lifestyle with so many people.

Angela Downey Fields

Just had a non-scale victory!! Last week I had an appt with my “girlie doctor” who had prescribed Metformin for me at last year’s visit. I wasn’t too keen on starting on that medicine so I went to my PCP who checked my A1C and everything was within normal limits so he didn’t suggest that I start on Metformin. so I didn’t. Well, last week at the “girlie doctor” he asked me how the Metformin was doing for me. When I told him I didn’t actually start on it, he wasn’t very happy with me and told me that it “wasn’t a casual suggestion”. and therefore ordered bloodwork to check my insulin levels. I got my lab results back and EVERYTHING is within normal levels. including my insulin!! I had told this doctor that the program I’m on that has helped me lose weight talks a lot about insulin but I don’t think he believed me! LOL

Missy McKown White

I hate shopping. With that being said, last night I had to buy an outfit for an event this weekend. It was so exciting to see that my pants have gone from a 12 to a loose 6, my shirt size has gone from XL to a loose M, and even my shoes have gone from a 10 to a 9! Im so thankful for what Shibboleth has done for me this year! I have gotten victory over an area I had learned to accept. I’m still 5 pounds away from my goal (and have been for a while), but I love having the tools in place to know I can do this! Being transformed by the renewing of my mind! #47PoundsAndCounting #BlessTheNameOfTheLord

Glenda Burrell

I’m blown away! I give God All the praise! I have lost 20lbs since October 15. Thank you Travis and all of you for what you do to help us live a long life in order to fulfill the purpose God has for our life.

‎Jamie Morrison Boemer‎

Hey guys!! Just want to say that I’m thankful for a program that works for a busy life! I’m taking classes, working FT, and shuttling around 3 kids **AND** staying on plan! Being busy isn’t a reason for me. It’s an excuse! So I have found what works and stick to it! #46down #fitby40 #140sby40

Cheryl Gogie Chicki

While looking for something to wear to work this morning, I saw my dress slacks I had worn to my retirement dinner 10 years ago this month! Thought I may never get to wear those again. Looked at the size & it’s the same size I’m in now. Thanks to Shibboleth. )

Dana Hill Gibson

Yesterday was the best Monday ever. I made it to one wonderland. It has been 10 years since I have seen a 1 at the beginning of my weight! I never could of done it without Shibboleth and my tribe.

Becky M. Camp

Shibboleth has been an answer to prayer! It is helping me break the chains of lies, weakness, and body shaming. With God’s power I am overcoming! I have currently lost 54lbs & have gone down several pant sizes ( in a12 now)! I’ve gained self control, knowledge about food, & began a whole new lifestyle! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Linda Burgess

I began the Shibboleth lifestyle on April 26, 2017. I have done it privately online because EVERYTHING else I had tried did not work. My goal was to lose “60 by 60.” I am turning 60 years old soon and did not want to face that milestone birthday in the sad shape that I was in. I am so excited to say that, as of Saturday, I am down 50 lbs! It is so much fun to go shopping in the regular misses section of the clothing stores instead of the plus size section. Have not done that in over 30 years! So thankful that God lead me to this website.

‎Missy Joiner Urban

Have a wedding tomorrow and I was tickled that I have dress options in my own closet. But today my trophy husband took me shopping and we bought a new dress. size 8. Who am I. #blessthenameoftheLord I have not been a size 8 since knowing this man, and we’ve been together for 18 years.

‎Becky Rice Simpkins

Non scale victory today. New underwear since the is stuff was falling off. Panties from xl-xxl down to medium, bra from 42C ( which is hard to find, apparently if you’re that big around then the tatas should be at least a D), down to a 36B. I’ve actually lose weight pretty evenly all over. I hated my body so much, I not only avoided pictures but I didn’t want to be measured, so this is the closest I have. My size 12 pants I got a few months ago when the weight started to fall are now starting to fall off me.

‎Jenerfier Lovain Pritchett‎

Im one happy girl right now. I haven’t been able to fit in to Walmart blue jeans for a few years now. And today i could finally button a pair with comfort. Yay!

Melissa Levi

Non scale victory: As of Monday, Sept 25th NO more blood pressure medication! Praise the Lord!

‎Pamela Fuller Blevins

I just got off the phone with my doctor. I am officially off of my diabetic medicine. I have only been on the planet less than a month. Thank you Lord.

Ronda Chapman Sullivan

I went to the doctor’s on Monday afternoon to get blood drawn so that they could check my A1C. Today I got the results, it is in the normal range! Praise God! That’s without insulin, and I only take half the dose of Metformin! I am so thankful that God put Shibboleth on my path! When I got the news, I wanted to cut flips. That’s another personal goal met!

Tracy Lovain

Well today was a huge non- scale victory for me. I went bought me some new jeans size 33w. Got home and tried them on. I’m going to have to take them back and go down to 32! I’ve not been a size 32 since middle school. Thank you Shibboleth and Thank you God.

Joney Garrett

Last year, I was in a size 20, and this picture really showed me I needed to get it together. I just bought 2 pairs of size 8 skinny jeans. I never even dreamed I could wear a size 8.

‎Denese Click Barrett‎

So what has Shibboleth done for me? Here is my proof! When I tell my new signers my story and show them the scales they KNOW it CAN and WILL happen for them! Week 19 down 54.2lbs and 7 pant sizes!

Tabitha Nicholson Stallings

Starting Shibboleth my A1C was over 10. It is now 5.1 and that is after being taken off all meds (5 of them) in March. I do not have to go to the doctor every 3 months anymore. I am now able to make a yearly appointment like a normal person. Praise the Lord!!

Eve Dee

I just wanted to thank Travis, Sasha Martin & Jason Whitener for all the time & resources you’ve invested in our family. I am the only member but my husband and daughter have also benefited. My Pedro is down 40 lbs as of this morning and was dancing unto The Lord rejoicing for what God has done at church. As, Buddy Vanmeter knows, truck drivers like Pedro can have soda and get a lot of junk food with the points from refueling. Its a choice they make to live this lifestyle.

Melba Smith

I have been in the Shibboleth program since January 2, 2017 and I am down 53 pounds and at my goal weight! This program is amazing!

Donna Hardin

My Doctor said I can stop taking my blood pressure medicines. I had lost more weight and I am keeping it off. So thankful.

Alicia Phillips Garner

So very close to reaching 50lbs lost FOREVER!! I have a long way to go still but I know that I will get there. I’m so thankful for this program and all involved with it! You all inspire me daily. I’m wearing sizes I haven’t worn in years, I reached a number on the scale I haven’t seen in years and most importantly I feel better than I have in years!! God hears my prayers and is keeping me going each step of the way. If you are struggling don’t give up!! I’ve had to learn and accept that not everyone is the same and will lose the same. Mine is coming off slower than most but I’m ok with that bc I know it will be gone eventually and I will reach my goal and get to the finish line! Thanks to everyone who shares their stories and continues to motivate and encourage me daily!!

Amanda Carpenter

I earned my pink shirt 2 days ago and am now down 41 lbs!! I just can’t believe I’ve lost this much weight without starving myself and exercising like crazy! I started the program Feb 10th to see what all the hype was about and to see if it would really work. I have tried all kinds of diets my whole life and nothing worked. Honestly I didn’t want to waste more money on something that wouldn’t work for me. Well after 2 weeks I had lost 11 lbs so I officially signed up for the program. It has been such a blessing to me. I still struggle with cravings but God has truly helped me and given me will power I have NEVER experienced. I have hard days from time to time but I try to keep my mind on what I want to get out if it. I was finally ready to get serious! I thank God every day for bringing this program into my life! I am thankful also to my husband Jason Carpenter who has put up with my meals and new way of life. He has been by my side through this and I love him even more for it!! Because he has been doing it along with me, he has lost weight AND dropped TWO prescription meds! I am soo super proud of him. Thank you Travis and Sasha Martin and all the shibboleth family for all of your words of encouragement! I am so thankful that God placed this on all of your hearts! This is my journey and I am so excited for what the future holds. I hope everyone has a blessed day! All the PRAISE goes to the Lord!! God is good ALL the time!!

Jessie Holcombe Stokes

50lbs in 6months. I love this program! I’ve got about 20 more I want to lose which I know will be the hardest, but seeing results is what motivates me to keep pushing forward. This has been such a spiritual journey as well, which I wasn’t expecting but SO thankful for!! Thank you Travis and Sasha for caring so much to keep us encouraged!

Pam Price

What a wonderful feeling when u go to your closet and take out a pair of jeans size 13 that were tooooo little and u try them on and they are tooooo big. Then u get another pair out size 12 and they are tooooo big. So u get to the smaller stack (which I have several sizes stacks), this stack is a size 10 and boom. They fit and no what’s so great is..a few more lbs and they will be too big. I am still far from my goal..Yes! Praise God. Thank you Shibboleth. Travis Martin, so glad you found your calling; you and your beautiful wife, Sasha Martin.

Paige Martin

Today is my 15 months on the planet. I want to encourage all the new people to please stick with it. It is the greatest feeling in the world when you start loosing and feeling better. I have a great life now. I have come off blood pressure and cholesterol meds. I still have 3 I have to take but feel so much better. I have hashimoto’s disease, and yes this works with it. I just thank God most of all for helping me then Travis Martin, Jason Whitener and Sasha Martin for all you do. 133# and over 70 inches in 15 months.

Mary R. Davis

I love that we have a place to share our victories! I just realized I am on the last hole on my belt and still have room! Also, today I hit 139 making me only 9lbs from my goal!! 3 short months on the program so awesome!

Gary Zip Wilson

My church over the years would give its volunteers new tshirts. I would get the largest size they had, 3x, but I never could wear them because of my size. Every time they asked what size I needed I would always say a small tent would do. I guess I was trying to make light of an embarrassing situation. Anyway, I held on to them thinking, one day, one day, I’m gonna wear them. So, guess what? Today is that day! This one speaks volumes to me. I am not in chains anymore. I have finally been unleashed. I have a new wardrobe of unworn old/new shirts too!!

Candi Poe Keeler

I received my lab results yesterday. I was told I have the blood work of a teenager!! Perfect, I was told over and over. For several years my cholesterol was high (not too high). I always came back with the statement “I can get that under control.” Several years I’ve been told I’m borderline diabetic (high glucose and AC1) but not anymore. Perfect!! Did you hear that? I said perfect. Prefect blood pressure 110/74. She said this Shibboleth thing is for sure agreeing with me. Lol the only issue I seem to have is I’m too short for my weight (BMI) Haha but it’s much better than the kart few years and I can’t wait until the next time to see the results!! Whoop whoop! To God Be ALL the Glory. Please continue to pray for me as I will for each of you.

Greg Sims

Went to the doctor Friday and had blood drawn for my 3 month A1C check. Last time it was 10.2 and the call came in today, down to 6.4 which is in the normal range. I honestly did not know how to eat correctly before and could never lose the weight but now there is no limit to how far I can go. Thank you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for creating such a great program.

Sara Harter King

It is super rewarding to be buying 4s and 6s this year down from 14s and 12s last year. I never thought I would be this size. I have never been this size in my teenage/adult life. Keep pressing on toward your goal. When the scale stays the same. keep working, when the scale goes up. keep working. Keep your eyes on the end result and work the program.

‎Lisa Scarber Graham‎

So I went to my Dr for the 2nd time being on the planet. Its wasn’t a bad visit but I was just a little bummed. My a1c level hasn’t change much but I have completely been taken off insulin shots. She was impressed that I haven’t taken insulin in months. She wasn’t upset. My blood pressure was near perfect. I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I know its going to drop.

Ronda Frank

I just want to say praise the Lord, and thank you to the Shibboleth team! I had gotten so fat that I could barely move. I wanted to be able to play with my kids and go on adventures with them but I could not physically do that because of knee and back pain. Since I’ve lost 62.6 pounds I can do things like run behind my son’s bike as he learns to ride without training wheels. We can go on adventures like we did today and I can capture the most precious memories like this one! Words will never be enough to show you how much life you have given back to me! Thank you.

Tamara Frieze Lyons

71 days until summer (and hopefully to my goal)! This morning I was at my lowest weight yet, so to celebrate I cleaned out my drawers and got rid of lots of clothes. Now I need to go buy a few pairs of shorts to get me through until I get to go shopping for my new wardrobe when I meet my goal weight in a couple of months! The best news was I tried on a pair of white pants that I want to wear Easter Sunday, and they fit! Size 14! Oh my goodness! What? This is crazy ya’ll! I do have to buy some new shoes this weekend however, because my feet have lost weight too! It’s all good! I am thankful for this lifestyle! There are days that I struggle and still fight the diet devil and his demons, and they win. But most days I keep the end in mind and how I feel now as compared to how I felt “before”, and I carry on and deny my flesh so I can meet this goal! Food is not worth the pain I felt in my joints, how sluggish I felt all the time, all the medications I have to take, and how I felt about myself. I was meant for so much more and am seeing what LIVING is all about. When I make choices to go on a hike and spend the day with my family doing something good for me instead of laying on the couch all day, that is victory! Stay with me on this journey ya’ll! It’s worth it!

Joyce Keith

I have a praise report! I came back to Shibboleth in January, I have lost 34 pounds and my A1C has come down from 6.6 to 5.5, The journey is not or has not been easy. I struggle each and everyday, I have a lot on my plate of life. It seems as if I never can get a total grip on all of it. I try to take one day at a time but by getting my A1C down feels like a accomplishment. Going forward no turning back.

‎Gary Zip Wilson

Two steps forward and one step back is always better than going back to where we were! Stay strong my brothers and sisters! Our father lead the way long before we ever existed! Today I cleaned out my closet of shirts that were 6xlt and 5xlt cause they will NEVER be worn by me again!! Soon to get rid of the rest my 4 xls and already wearing some 3x. If I were to leave this world today I can go out with my head held high, with a kick in my step, thankfulness in my heart and a big ol shibboleth smile on my face!

‎Shari Harkins Greer

Non-scale victory today. I am able to fit in a large t-shirt instead of the 2XL’s I’ve been wearing. Something I haven’t been able to do in at least 15 years.

‎Shelly Chambers Faucett‎

Bought a new pair of shorts and a pair of capris today. SIZE 12. I took several pairs of 12 and several pairs of 14 in the dressing room. I couldn’t believe it when all of the 12’s fit great. And not even tight! They were perfect!! I have went from a tight 18 to a comfy 12. Get ready size 10, I’m coming for you next. I love Shibboleth!!

Sharm Gregg Perry

Had a BIG non scale victory today! Went to a new Dr Monday and had my labs drawn. My last A1C was in July of 2016 and it was 11.2! Horrible I know! It is now a 5.8. Totally within the normal range! Plus the bonus of being down 58 lbs!! This program has given me my life back in so many ways! I am forever grateful and will live on this planet forever!! Thankful for my cousin, Adam Yates and his wife for helping me get started. Thanks to Travis Martin and all the team for everything you do daily to make this lifestyle possible!

Alisa Obermeyer

Woo hoo!! First time in almost 8 years that my numbers have read “Normal!” Since doing Shibboleth, exercising, and adapting a healthy lifestyle, I have come off blood pressure & cholestrol meds and have turned all my numbers around drastically. I topped out at 191 lbs 5 years ago and managed to get myself down to 175 over a few years before starting Shibboleth last June. Along with this great report, I also received a call that all is well from my female doctor, and to top it off, I also weighed in this morning at 124 lbs, which is the lowest I have weighed in 23 years. I must say, I am so excited and blessed with this outcome, and I want to give a special thank you to the entire planet of Shibboleth!! I couldn’t have come this far without you!!

Kimberley Michelle Taylor

I was diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes in November of 2011, 3 months after giving birth to boy/girl twins. I have battled with this disease for going on 6 years. My sugars have always been in the 200-600 range. They are never consistent and I use upwards of 60 units of fast-acting insulin day. I now have used maybe 10 units a day since starting Shibboleth and have had perfect sugars for 3 days now. This is huge for me. I know i just started but already seeing these results makes me believe in this so much more than I ever thought I would.

Celia Crump

I have been kind of hesitant to post anything on here BUT I’m 57 years old and have suffered with colitis ever since I was 19 and it became a part of my morning routine due to having this illness to have anywhere from 2 to 5 bowel movements everyday and sometimes later in the day it would depend upon what I ate and my nerves. Sorry folks not trying to be gross talking about this but, ever since I joined the Shibboleth healthy eating way of life my morning issues are gone and I have lost 15lbs and 12 inches and I feel great! Thank you God for sending Travis and his team to minister to us that needed a lifestyle change in the way we eat to give us a healthier and smaller body.

Tabitha Nicholson Stallings

I just got my lab tests results..Last time I had my A1C done, it was between 10 & 11. It is now 5.6! My triglycerides were over 800. Today they are 81! Shibboleth works. I am now off of 5 diabetic meds and 1 triglyceride med.

Rebecca Lawson

Cary Lawson and I have been back on Shibboleth since November. So far I have lost 31 pounds and he has lost 60 pounds. I’m so glad to not only have my amazing husband by my side to support me, it also have all of our amazing Shibboleth family.

‎Linda N Sammy Hooker‎

I am down 40.8 lbs since Sept. 2016, so glad that I didn’t give up.. So many times I have wanted to. I see all these posts of people losing and it has just given me the spark that I needed to get my mind back on track.. I have been in a rut for what seemed like 40 years lol. And finally today I jumped over that rut. #blessthenameofthelordatalltimes!! I am so very thankful that this program is around to help people like me and you have a healthier and happier life. I love myself, this lifestyle, love my Shibboleth family.

Jessica Beavers

I stepped on the scales this morning and I’m 30 lbs down!! I love this lifestyle and I’m so thankful that God led my family to this program. Everyone on this program is so encouraging and inspiring, I just love all of you! I am in ONEderland and it feels amazing!

‎Delina Leatherwood Long‎

For the first time, in over 25 years, my weight begins with a 1. Down 86.6 lbs & have come off 2 Rx meds with only 28.4 lbs more to go (& 1 more med). All of this in 6 & 1/2 months!! Have a perfect day, love you guys!

Jaime Evans Reyes

I love coming on here and reading all the real life struggles and stories of success. I have loved this way of life. In under 7 weeks I have more energy, less cravings, and I have lost 25lbs. And though these accomplishments are amazing, there’s something that happened today that tops them all. Since I started having physicals in my 20s (20 years ago and about 80lbs lighter) I have had high cholesterol. Today I was told my cholesterol is not only under 200 but it is 145! So even though I see differences on the outside, it’s what’s happening on the inside that is truly impressive! Bless the name of the Lord and thank you, Shibboleth, you are changing my life.

Becky Ann

Woo hoo! Non-scale victory! I am back to the first hole on my belt with less belly over hang!

Delima Hamrick Morales

I saw my Dr this morning and she is so happy with my numbers. Weight down 15 lbs. I’m in one-derland. Whoop Whoop. A1C is in normal range now, blood pressure is normal, thyroid meds need reduced. #blessthenameofthelord at all times. Thank you Shibboleth!

‎Michelene Griffith Matthews

I have to brag on Shibboleth! I had my lowest blood glucose reading yet today at 131. My morning readings are usually high but the day I got my jolt of reality back on February 17 and used my new meter, it was a whopping 280. I hadn’t tested in so long before that because I was hiding from the truth. That’s 150 points down and I’ve lost 10 lbs! Thank God for this lifestyle and Travis and Sasha. #Shibbolethlife

Vickie Kerr

I weighed this morning and I am down to the lowest I have been in 30 years! Yay! I love this lifestyle!

Melody Raye Sutton

Chris is down 31.6 and I’m down 19.8! Between the 2 of us, that is 51.4 lbs. We’re gonna look good naked. Go us! It’s so eassssy! We’re doing great. It’s a perfect day! Thanks Travis Martin and the Shibboleth team.

Kathy Keeton

When you go from being a slave to food imprisoned in your mind and wearing your pain on the outside to being set free by the word of God and knowing that obedience and discipline us all apart of becoming spiritually mature. Praise God I’m free, no longer a slave. I can’t even believe it myself. I have lost 75 lbs in 5 months!

Chasity Dillard Huston

My husband just checked his glucose level and it is at 145. It usually runs in the mid 200s and this is just after 3 days!! Thank you Shibboleth.

Rhonda Vick Barnes

OK I am learning more every day. It’s hard when you work and run a business to have time to read or listen but I’ve made a much harder effort to learn all I can I started listening to the videos and reading other people’s post. It’s amazing how much inspiration I have found and others have found on planet Shibboleth.. I have tried every diet under the sun. I’m 52 years old and it seems I lose 5, 10 or 15 pounds but I gained it back. I truly feel that God led me to this program and my new lifestyle and this time, I am going to be successful by the grace of God and hard work. I know he’ll give me the grace to do it. I officially started on February 28 but not wholeheartedly. I am now, since Monday, March 6 committing perfect days. I have already lost 4 pounds and I feel confident I know it’s not much but it’s a great start for me. God bless you all and I am happy to be on planet Shibboleth.

Janice Williams Turner

I weighed in today and I am down another 3.2 pounds for a total of 41.2. My husband is down 4 pounds for a total of 39.8. We have been on the planet since October 24, 2016. Thanks Travis, Sasha Martin, and Brooklyn Martin-Shibboleth for all of your encouragement and hard work.

Amanda H Simmons

Non scale victory. My hubby wrapped his arms around me last night to hug me and he said “You’re going away”. I just giggled. Bless the name of the Lord.

Felicia Corbin

I had two doctor appointments today. When I was at the urologist for my checkup, the nurse said you lost some weight, but the most impressive thing is your blood pressure and heart rate. She said whatever you’re doing, keep it up. Of course I told her about Shibboleth.

Delina Leatherwood Long

Ok peeps. I forgot to post this Friday. I began my journey with Shibboleth on 9/03/2016. In 6 months, not only have I lost a whopping 80 pounds, but have regained my life that I thought was over. I have energy. I have less pain. I no longer require an anti-depressant medication, have lost other prescription medications, & I am officially HEALTHY! My journey is not over, I still have weight to lose, but the light at the end of the tunnel is shinning BRIGHT & is within reach. It is REAL, the results are REAL; I am living proof! I want for nothing with this lifestyle. I have been a yo-yo dieter for over 30 years & NEVER had results like this before! Pictures speak volumes.

Wanda Noland

I got my measurements done today. Have lost at total of 42.5 inches as of today and 54.6 lbs. Thanks to this new lifestyle on the Shibboleth plan. Very happy since August 27,2016. It’s easy and I still eat out and have my ice cream and eat lots of good things.

Lauren Burton

I started my journey last Monday. Weighed in today for the first time and I lost 10.6 lbs!! Still can’t believe it. So excited!!

Betty Bishop

I am so proud of myself, I have to brag a little bit! I have officially been on this planet for one week, and as of today I have lost 7 pounds… I made my sister a birthday cake, and I was good, I did not eat any of it. I’m very proud of myself. I have also noticed that I am not eating in between meals are used to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I am no longer eating six times a day I am just eating three meals a day and this is awesome for I am not getting hungry, I am not wanting to snack, I am not having any cravings, I am blessed.

Michelene Griffith Matthews

I haven’t been weighing because the scales deceive me. But, my blood sugar is down an average of 80 points in less than a month even through sinus surgery and some breathing treatments. Must stay vigilant!

Cathy Lindsey Freas

I started my journey Sunday. out of curiosity I weighed myself today. 3 pounds are GONE. Went from 169 to 166. It’s early to celebrate, but all 5’1″ of my body is HAPPY!! And my glucose levels have been staying constant & LOW!! To stay in the 100’s is AWESOME for me!! ( type 1 for 43 years. )

Denese Click Barrett

That moment when you stress over the scales but you put on a pair of your favorite jeans and they are baggy ALL over and have puckers where the material has been stretched so bad. I will definitely take inches lost also.

Jill Hyde

I had a very proud moment Saturday. No more plus size for me. I am in a Large shirt, I was a 3x this time last year, and a size 18 pants, last year a size 26. I bought a pair of Levi’s the last time I wore those was before my oldest child was born 17 years ago.

Pam Waits Mitchell

I have to brag on my hubby. He’s been eating Shibboleth approved foods and combos this week. Still working on portion control. lol but his blood sugar is down from 266 last week to 194 this week. Still a long way to go but he’s on the right road. Baby steps. Thank you Lord for Travis Martin and crew and all they do! So thankful for this program.

Gary Zip Wilson

So this morning, I was getting ready to go to Lowe’s to get some wood. I only have one pair of jeans and they have holes in them. They are very baggy too because I tend to lose in my legs and bonky before I lose my big ol gut. So I passed by J C Penney to get me one pair to get by with, cause I ain’t going back up ⬆ I’m going down ⬇. Most of my clothes are dress pants from the big and tall stores that have those stretchy bands they call comfort bands. I call them lying to yourself pants. I wore 50s but the bands were stretched so tight that if one of them were to have broken it could have caused bodily harm to anyone standing within three feet of me! 🙂 So I was probably 52 or 54. Anyway I grabbed a pair of 48s and they were loose, so I went back and grab 46s and to my amazement they were loose too ! I said no way I was going to fit in a 44 but I just had to try. Now picture this. I’m in the dressing room looking at the opening of a 44 and thinking this ain’t gonna work but I just had to try. Now don’t get me wrong I left them buttoned but I got the suckers on. and I stood there with tears in my eyes staring in the mirror! I couldn’t wait to send a picture to my wife. Now after that I thought, well let’s see where I am on shirts. I was 6Xlt when I started Shibboleth and last week my wife told me were my old 4xlt were after I was able to get in the 5s. Low and behold I was able to get into 3XLT. First, I want to praise and give God all the glory for without him i am nothing. Second, I want to thank my wife Phyllis who found this amazing program! We still laugh about me thinking we had joined a cult and would soon be drinking the kool-aid when I watched the first five videos. Lastly, I want to thank Travis Martin and the entire Shibboleth team for listening to God and creating this life saving program that is giving back years of life to its members! I think I have lost another pound in water while writing the testimony about another happy day. 🙂 Love you all and your support too.

Melissa Painter Keeler

Thank you Shibboleth for making me feel good again and allowing me to lose enough body fat to be smaller than when I graduated high school.

Wanda Ledford Henry

1 year ago today I decided to spend $50 to see what this diet/lifestyle called Shibboleth was all about. I though I blow $50 a week so I can invest in knowledge to get healthy and lose weigh. little did I know it would take me on an amazing journey. growing spiritually, making lifelong friendships, health improvements and an all around confidence in my own self. my goal was to lose 62 lbs. which I accomplished in 19 weeks. living the life style with 365 perfect days to date ( and no holidays) I have lost 82lbs. down from a 12/14 pant to a 2/4 pant. my health numbers are all down and my endurance level is amazing. Thank you Travis Martin for your wonderful spirit, love for others and Shibboleth program. you, Jason Whitener, and Tyler Mathis have changed my life in such a good way. I set out to prove that you can live PERFECT

Melissa Paris

Because sometimes you just want to see a side-by-side. One regret I have is that I didn’t take real “before pictures.” If you are just starting, be sure you do that! Tomorrow makes 14 months on Shibboleth, and it is by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!

Brenda Goode Crooke

PRAISE THE LORD AT ALL TIMES, I have been on the Shibboleth planet 6 months tomorrow March 2 and I am ecstatic to say that this morning, I am down 80.6 lbs and a total of 62.5 inches. Happy Happy Dance

Denise Winstead Hudson

I am so excited to reach this goal! I feel so much better eating this way. My blood pressure is almost too low and my doctor wants me to come in to see about taking me off meds! I decided and determined in my heart that I would succeed at this and Shibboleth is the tool God led me to. Thank you God & thank you Travis Martin! On to the next badge!

Kim Echols Obermeyer

Oh my gosh! My husband just carried me up our stairs on his back and it was AWESOME. I love being skinny! 🙂

Carmen Rogers

I just earned my 10 lbs lost today!! It has taken me 2 months and I was getting frustrated because I kept thinking I wasn’t losing as fast as others including my husband who hasn’t joined the planet but he eats whatever I fix for him and he has lost 25 lbs. He keeps telling me that everybody is different and I know because Travis has said basically the same thing and I guess 10 lbs. gone is better than gained! Thank you Shibboleth Ministry!

Mary R. Davis

I am so impressed on how well Shibboleth is working for me!! I don’t need to lose a lot of weight but I do need to get my eating habits in check and treat my body better. I have lost 10 lbs since Tuesday!! Thank you so much for this program.

Susan Harp Little

This is my 1st week, I went to the meeting on Sat and raised my hand for more than 5 lbs because I had lost 6 at that point. Today was my 1 week weigh in and I lost 11 lbs whoo hoo! I don’t believe I’ve ever lost that much in 1 week! Glory to God!!

Candy Gable

Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. ❤❤❤❤ I’m almost through my first month on planet Shibboleth and I’ve lost 14.8 lbs!! Considering I’ve been pretty much immobile due to medical procedures I think that’s pretty good. I do think once I’m able to move around more I’ll do even better. So blessed to be apart of this family, love Travis Martin, Sasha Martin, thank you for not shying away from the word of the Lord and doing his will! You are making a difference and an impact in the kingdom! ❤❤❤❤

Pam Price

Well today is my weigh in day..3 weeks on this wonderful planet as of today. I lost another 4lbs.. So I am down 18 lbs in 3 weeks..So excited and so thankful..This lifestyle is saving my life..Thank you.

Steven Presley

#blessthenameoftheLordatalltimes Went to the doctor today. He took me off my potassium pill, cut my metformin in half; from a 1,000 mg two a day to 500mg twice a day, and he cut my last blood pressure pill in half. I love this new lifestyle!

Ronda Chapman Sullivan

I am so stoked this morning! I have a pair of shorts coveralls that are my favorite. I kept them hoping I would get back into them again. In cleaning out closets, I decided that I would never get back into them. That was my pre-Shibboleth life. Today in getting ready to head to prayer, I decided to try them on this morning. They fit! Not only do they fit, I don’t even have to unbutton them to put on! I haven’t worn these in years! I look like a farmer missing the legs of my pants heading to prayer at church! God is GREAT! I love this lifestyle! Where have you been all of these years! ❤❤❤❤❤

Kelly A Gray

In honor of Face to Face Friday, and earning my 25lb badge (32 total today) and my tshirt! I showed the picture on the left to someone whose approval I have sought my entire life, their response, “looks the same to me”. But there is so much different. That girl on the left had let grief control her for over a year, she let food and alcohol fill a void that she thought would never be filled again. And then one random day when cleaning out spam, she found her way to this group, back to the Lord and to hope. That girl on the right, her smile is genuine, she has hope and she has learned to LIVE again. There is no way to say thank you to everyone who contributes in this group, to everyone who steps out and shares their success, but most of all to Travis Martin and Sasha Martin for all they give of themselves to each and every member. I am 32 pounds down today, half way to goal, but my celebration today is for far more than a physical appearance. If you are new, just know that every person here wants you to succeed and live! We are all in this together and I am so happy to have found a special group of likeminded individuals!

Susan Harp Little

Whoo hooo down 6 lbs in 5 days. I think I’ve found a lifestyle I can live with. This summer i don’t have to hide in yoga pants and big shirts! Thanks Shibboleth!

Kimberley Davis

Just want to throw this out there. 2 of my daughter’s and my husband decided to give in to my plea for them to eat like me. My husband has dropped 21 lbs in 3 weeks, Olivia is 11 yrs old she has dropped 13 lbs, Sonia is 16 yrs old and dropped 15 lbs. I am so proud of them.

Kevin Tankersley

Broke 250 this morning! 248! Nearly 40 pounds down in less than 2 months!

Vickie Kerr

Yay! I’ve had another victory from living this lifestyle! I had my blood work done this week and it all came back great! I haven’t been taking my sugar or BP meds in months, (with Doctor’s approval) just been keeping an eye on it, so I got my results back today and my numbers are lowest they’ve been in years! My A1C is 5.7 my cholesterol was 166 and my triglycerides are down from 171 to 111 now! I’m down 54.4# and have lost over 37″ from my body since I started this journey! My doctor was so pleased with my weight loss and all my numbers looking so good! Thank you Travis Martin, Jason Whitener and everyone else involved with this lifestyle! It works!

Paula D. Green

Went to Dr today for my physical and blood work and all my blood work came back great. My b/p was 120/80 and by her records, I have lost 71 pounds in a year! I am off all my medicine except for my asthma. So, THANK YOU Travis Martin and Shibboleth Family!

Joshua Bryson

Finally broke 270! I have not been this light in over 10 years. Woot Woot!

Katresha Fowler

The best part of my day. While Sitting on the couch, I look down and notice that my legs are crossed. It has been forever since I have been able to cross my legs comfortably without feeling like I was going to topple over. That is my motivation today. Keep going. Thanks Shibboleth.

Joe Hite

I usually DON’T like sharing my picture. I KNOW I’m a heavy guy. In my first picture, I started out at 470.2 lbs. I’m 6′-8″. but still TOO HEAVY. 2nd pic was taken this past Monday. I weigh 418.2, 5 weeks later. I could tell you all my struggles. hardships. pains. heartaches. but that’s IN THE PAST. This is the new me. and I’m GONNA GET NEWER.

Andrea Alexander

60lbs gone! I never thought I could ever get to this size, i just thought I was meant to be big my whole life. Thank God for Shibboleth and thank you Travis Martin, Sasha Martin and Joan Shibboleth for helping so many others that thought the same way I did. Shibboleth works!

April Wood Ricker

Back on the planet. 13 days, down 12.1 lb. Shibboleth really work. I’m so excited! I think I finally found my real WHY! Thank you, Shibboleth team for all you do so people can have their life back. 1 day back on planet and I had incredible differences. More energy, no more reflux.

Cathi Weaver Fewell

Everyone has that ONE pair of jeans, that if you could just wear them you would think – I’ve done it! I can wear my “ONE PAIR!” Praise the precious name of the Lord and my Shibboleth family!

Alisa Obermeyer

The khaki’s reminded me of the very first picture I took before starting my journey to a healthier me back in June 2016, so I went back and pulled up the pic to look at my progress and was blown away at the transformation that has taken place. And Im not talking about the transformation on the outside. but far more greater, the transformation that has taken place on the inside. It has changed my life!! I feel free! I feel healthier! I feel joy! I AM A NEW CREATION! The old has passed away, Behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW!! And the difference from then and now is. that I TRULY BELIEVE IT!! #newcreation #shibboleth #blessedbethenameofthelord

Ronda Chapman Sullivan

I am now down another five units in my insulin regime! Only 15 more units to go! A friend cleaned out her closet and gave them to me. Normally I cannot wear her pants. I tried on the size 16 and they fit! I am so excited! I go back to work tomorrow after being out since January 10 due to kidney surgery and I cannot sleep. So I went through each category and picked the foods I like and will eat and wrote them down. Now I have my first weekly meal plan set!

Cathi Weaver Fewell

Thank you all so much! I really thought at my age, it would be a struggle. You know the diet devil says your metabolism is too slow, you can’t do it..Everyone gains as they leave their 30’s. It’s all a lie. Thank you Shibboleth family. Y’all are awesome! I love our planet.

Tonia Mitchell Winters

Can you say 105 pounds lost. YES God did that. I have met my goal of 102 pounds lost. With God’s help I’m going to keep pressing and keep going. PRAYING, PRAISING, DEDICATION, MOTIVATION, DRIVE, BELIEVING, TRUSTING all in God and his WORD. My Journey pics to come later. TEAM SHIBBOLETH TEAM HEALTHY #WHATAJOURNEY

Kim Echols Obermeyer

My husband was carrying me around the kitchen today like trophy. So glad he can pick me up now. Thank you Shibboleth!

Ronda Frank

So I began life on planet Shibboleth as a 3xl girl. Well here’s me in my 10% shirt. It’s an XL. Bless the name of the Lord!

Delina Leatherwood Long

Ok Shibboleth family, my heart feels like it might explode. I just have to give thanks. I whole heartedly thank God for bringing me to Shibboleth. I have struggled with my weight for 30 years. I have completed 150 days, am down 67.6 lbs and over 50 inches. I have dropped my antidepressant medication and actually wake up smiling every morning now. Not only has this been my most successful weight loss, but this program has enriched my life in so many other countless ways. My relationship with the Lord has been strengthened, my outlook on life is better than I can ever remember, I physically feel great & am having FUN while doing it! I am “lighter” than I’ve been in over 20 years and can see actually see me not only reaching my goal, but this program has taught me how to stay there once I reach it. How do you thank someone for that kind of gift? As I continue to WORK the program & have FUN on my journey, I will bless the name of the Lord at ALL times! WE CAN DO THIS. ALL OF US! Thanks for the shout outs, likes, etc, the support on here is most helpful & I hope I can support any/all of you too! I hope everyone has a truly blessed evening, love you guys!

Sandy Montgomery

I am blessed that this program was placed in our lives. The principles are so easy and make so much sense.

Kitty Seabolt

I am thankful to find this program! I am feeling better every single day! Thank you Travis and the wonderful Shibboleth family!

Chasity Hicks Thorpe

I must admit, I was a skeptic. Our cousins invited my Mother & I to join and I figured I would give it a shot. Why not, I’d tried all the D words (diets) out there. I might as well add 1 more to the list. To my surprise, I LOVE SHIBBOLETH! Learning to prepare healthy meals has been wonderful. Being able to eat them and they actually TASTE GOOD is an added bonus! However, the weight coming off IS THE BEST!! I feel better than I have felt in a long time! I really enjoy the meetings. They are informative yet encouraging. I love getting refueled motivation for the week, both physically and spiritually! I love this group as well. Thanks for all the food suggestions. SHIBBOLETH ROCKS.

Harley Deering

Hit 30 lbs lost today!! Not too bad for the first month!!

Joe Hite

We had a GREATTTTT meeting tonight in Cartersville. Jack(Travis’s alter-ego) showed up for most of the meeting. We needed him. I lost 7.8 lbs. this week. My total in 4 weeks is 48.8. Pleaseeeeee don’t think i’m bragging, because i’m not. I am just SUPER EXCITED and i thank GOD for leading me to Shibboleth. We are ALL in this together. If you get down, we’ll pick you up. Ask questions, no question is a dumb question. Y’all are a GREAT bunch of people.

Betsy Stewart

Since July my diabetes is in complete reversal. My A1C continues to drop my labs at this last check up were a 5.1 and being down 32 lbs is the added bonus. I may lose slower than some but the progress my AIC reflects with this lifestyle is undeniable and my blood pressure is the best it’s been in years!

Jennifer Donachie

Had to share this morning! I haven’t posted in the group yet. Just kind of been easing my way in for the past week. I am still learning and going through the phase 1 daily dose videos. But my size 14 pants that are usually so tight that they hurt my stomach and leave indentions. Are fitting perfect today (maybe even a little loose)!!

April Whatley

So. I know this sounds crazy but I’m super excited cause the first time in years I was able to wrap my towel around my body after my shower this morning! Grateful for such a wonderful program!! Thank you Travis Martin! Thank you Sasha Martin!

Becky Gerardis

Grateful that these sessions are all recorded. I am slowly learning the program step by step, and praise the Lord that He orchestrated the circumstances that led one person whom I met quite randomly who told me about Shibboleth. Although I am doing this online and love the fact that I have the flexibility to watch and learn at times that meet my schedule. Thank you Travis and team. Your hearts are in the right place!

Hollie Ross

I am shocked beyond belief. I can’t believe how determined i have been. Not only do I feel healthier but I am starting to love myself again. Before Shibboleth, I was on Atkins. With Atkins and Shibboleth, I have lost a total 63 lbs and ow 35 lbs of that is with Shibboleth. 35lbs in 3 1/2 weeks! If someone tells me Shibboleth doesn’t work. they are crazy and probably working with the devil. Thank you Shibboleth for changing my life!

Delina Leatherwood Long

Began in a woman’s size 20, looking like a busted can of biscuits, haha. Today, having to wear a belt with my size 14 jeans. Can you say EXCITED! Shibboleth is a life changing and life saving program, really enjoying my journey at this point.

Abbagayle Chambers

Just want to brag on shibboleth being the best weight loss lifestyle ever.. As a carb lover, and I mean I LOVE carbs. Pasta, pizza.. You name it! I’ve literally ate APPROVED pasta and pizza all week and managed to loose 8 pounds. Granted its probably water weight but the fact I’ve had 7 perfect days and ate my favorite foods the entire time makes me feel like I am in control and helped me not feel deprived. Evertime I start back on shibboleth, the first week is always the hardest for me and I always give up after 3 or so days.. so this time I decided I wasn’t making this harder than it needed to be and bought foods I normally eat except the approved version to get me through my first week. Most of it consisted of pizza, pasta, and tacos lol.. But Next week I’m sticking to 1+2’s strictly to help me loose more since I’ve made it past my hurdle. Super excited to be back on this lifestyle with my hubby on board!

‎Jessy Reid Williams‎

My husband had a follow up with our cardiologist this morning. He had a heart attack last March and a stent placed. This morning his LDL cholesterol was down 51 points! Yay! Lifestyle changes (Shibboleth) help so much with our health. Stay strong and keep fighting!

Diane Goode Scott

On September 2, 2016 my sister, Brenda Goode Crooke and I joined Shibboleth. We both wanted to lose weight and both of us wanted to just feel better. I was on 50 units of Insulin & 2 metformin pills for my diabetes, taking 3 blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills and synthroid. In this short 4+months I have lost 42.2 pounds, came off the insulin in 29 days, only taking 1 metformin, came off the cholesterol medicine and have decreased my blood pressure pills to 1/2 of a pill. My sister, Brenda Goode Crooke , has lost a whooping 69.2 pounds. TOGETHER WE HAVE LOST A TOTAL OF 111.4 POUNDS. Thank you to the Shibboleth family for all your support and for this great lifestyle change that we know that we can live with. Love you all for giving our lives back. Bless the name of the LORD at all times.

Tim Clark

I am feeling so thankful today. Just did actual body measurements for the first time in a while and I have lost 27.5 inches overall while dropping 46 lbs since August 1st! My BMI is down 7.4 and I feel better than I have in years –much more energy and not lethargic or negative/overwhelmed in my outlook anymore. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal weight, but seeing the numbers feels great today. By proxy and just eating what I cook, my wife has lost 26 lbs too! Many thanks to everyone for sharing your successes, recipes, and support for one another on this journey. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Jan Rogers McTier

As I celebrate my first 10 pound loss as of last night, I want to give thanks! Sandy Davis Ott thanks for telling me about Shibboleth when I asked about your weight loss last year. Thank you Lord for giving Travis Martin the vision for this lifestyle. Thanks Jason Whitener for leading us so well and making meetings fun and motivating! I am so thrilled to land on this planet and find an eating style that I know I can live with the rest of my life. I’ve tried so many of the others ( actually taught a couple of them!) and always looked forward to the day that I could get back to “normal” eating! I love Shibboleth!

Kim Echols Obermeyer

My husband was carrying me around the kitchen today like a trophy. So glad he can pick me up now. Thank you Shibboleth!

Delina Leatherwood Long

Ok Shibboleth family, my heart feels like it might explode. I just have to give thanks. I wholeheartedly thank God for bringing me to Shibboleth. I have struggled with my weight for 30 years. I have completed 150 days, am down 67.6 lbs and over 50 inches. I have dropped my antidepressant medication and actually wake up smiling every morning now. Not only has this been my most successful weight loss, but this program has enriched my life in so many other countless ways. My relationship with the Lord has been strengthened, my outlook on life is better than I can ever remember, I physically feel great & am having FUN while doing it! I am “lighter” than I’ve been in over 20 years and can see actually see me not only reaching my goal, but this program has taught me how to stay there once I reach it. How do you thank someone for that kind of gift? As I continue to WORK the program & have FUN on my journey, I will bless the name of the Lord at ALL times! WE CAN DO THIS. ALL OF US! Thanks for the shout outs, likes, etc, the support on here is most helpful & I hope I can support any/all of you too! I hope everyone has a truly blessed evening, love you guys!

Chasity Hicks Thorpe

I must admit, I was a skeptic. Our cousins invited my Mother & I to join and I figured I would give it a shot. Why not, I’d tried all the D words (diets) out there. I might as well add 1 more to the list. To my surprise, I LOVE SHIBBOLETH! Learning to prepare healthy meals has been wonderful. Being able to eat them and they actually TASTE GOOD is an added bonus! However, the weight coming off IS THE BEST!! I feel better than I have felt in a long time! I really enjoy the meetings. They are informative yet encouraging. I love getting refueled motivation for the week, both physically and spiritually! I love this group as well. Thanks for all the food suggestions. SHIBBOLETH ROCKS.

Harley Deering

Hit 30 lbs lost today!! Not too bad for the first month!!

Joe Hite

We had a GREATTTTT meeting tonight in Cartersville. Jack (Travis’s alter-ego) showed up for most of the meeting. We needed him. I lost 7.8 lbs. this week. My total in 4 weeks is 48.8. Pleaseeeeee don’t think i’m bragging, because i’m not. I am just SUPER EXCITED. and i thank GOD for leading me to Shibboleth. We are ALL in this together. If you get down, we’ll pick you up. Ask questions, no question is a dumb question. Y’all are a GREAT bunch of people.

Betsy Stewart

Since July, my diabetes is in complete reversal. My A1C continues to drop, my labs at this last check up were a 5.1 and being down 32 lbs is the added bonus. I may lose slower than some but the progress my AIC reflects with this lifestyle is undeniable and my blood pressure is the best it’s been in years!

Jennifer Donachie

Had to share this morning! I haven’t posted in the group yet. Just kind of been easing my way in for the past week. I am still learning and going through the phase 1 daily dose videos. But my size 14 pants that are usually so tight that they hurt my stomach and leave indentions. Are fitting perfect today (maybe even a little loose)!!

Carolyn Key Gray

I joined on January 14, began watching the daily dose videos, and passed the test. At that time, I also started drinking more water, and eating smaller portions. On the 23rd, I began the program. By the grace of God, and the wonderful ministry of Shibboleth, this morning I have lost 13 pounds. Let’s all pray for each other as we travel this journey.

April Whatley

So. I know this sounds crazy but I’m super excited cause the first time in years I was able to wrap my towel around my body after my shower this morning! Grateful for such a wonderful program!! Thank you Travis Martin! Thank you Sasha Martin!

Hollie Ross

I am shocked beyond belief. I can’t believe how determined i have been. Not only do i feel healthier but i am starting to love myself again. Before Shibboleth, I was on Atkins. With Atkins and Shibboleth, I have lost a total 63 lbs and now 35 lbs of that is with Shibboleth. 35 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks. If someone tells me Shibboleth doesn’t work, they are crazy and probably working with the devil. Thank you Shibboleth for changing my life!

‎Delina Leatherwood Long

Began in a woman’s size 20, looking like a busted can of biscuits, haha. Today, having to wear a belt with my size 14 jeans. Can you say EXCITED! Shibboleth is a life changing and life saving program, really enjoying my journey at this point♡♡♡♡♡♡

Hollie Ross

As i sit here and cry, i want to share this with the ones who are supporting and rooting me on. I pulled a double tonight. I am exhausted and after getting out of the shower, i decide to weigh myself. No big deal weighing at night as bad because of water and food intake and i very proudly can say i am officially down 30lbs in 3 and a half weeks. I can’t believe all my determination and hard work is paying off. I am soo thankful for this journey. I can’t say that enough!

‎Jennifer Algee Campbell‎

Today marked a big big day in my life. I have lost 49 pounds in a year. PRAISE GOD. Thank you Shibboleth. Thank you, Dawn Campbell Lewis (proving to me that this would work!). There is NO quick fix. it takes determination. and when you fall off of the program. get back on.

Karen Hawkins

90 pounds gone in a year later. Thank you JESUS! You can do anything through JESUS CHRIST, and thanks to the Shibboleth family. Bless the name of the Lord at all times.

Diana Gray

So. I am cleaning out my closet of all my bigger size clothes that are WAY too big now! I came across a pair of jeans that I have had for 11 years. Yes 11 years. My grandmother bought them for me after I had my daughter so that I would have some clothes to wear once I got out of maternity clothes. Of all the stuff she bought, those are the only things I kept because nothing ever fit. So today I found them and thought I’m going to try these on and now I’m sitting here in them typing this out. They are button and I am still breathing. I guess that means they finally fit. Since June 1st I’ve went from a size 30 to a 24 in jeans!

Vickie N Larry Radford

I want to say BIG THANK YOU to my Shibboleth family, Lisa Ward, Jason Whitener, Travis Martin, and Milly Waters! I weighed in tonight and I am very proud to say I am below goal weight!! 52 pounds gone to never return and size 20 has been kissed good bye forever and hello size 6-8! Dedicated determination pays off.

Teri Elrod

4 trips to exchange new bathing suits because I have lost so much weight and inches! I feel and see my goal getting closer!

Cindy Hindman Walters

This lifestyle ROCKS! The last 90 days look just like the prior 15 months in maintenance. Thank you Sasha Martin and Travis Martin for loving us enough to share your heart’s desire for all that will do as taught. Love you two! Started at 330, goal assesment guided me to 157 and listening to my body. 153 is my line in the sand number. God is mighty!

Sheree Upton Weeks

I officially started Shibboleth on May 13, 2016. I had try everything to lose weight. I would lose some then gain back more. I do not feel like I am on a diet. Having severe allergy to gluten, there are still foods you can eat and recipes I can use on this meal plan. So even if you have Celiac disease or gluten allergy, you can follow this meal plan. I just changed the food that I eat. I never thought after starting I would hit the 25 pound mark. Now I am ready for the 50 pound badge. Thank you Travis Martin for your videos of inspiration. You really keep me going.

Donna Hunter McCoy

I started Phase 1 Monday and I am down 6 pounds and my husband started Basic on Monday and he is down 11 pounds as of today. He is moving up to Silver today because he believes in Shibboleth now. Thank you Travis Martin for this awesome plan and the support has been amazing!!

April J Wilson Littleton

I’m shrinking! I used to never like pictures of myself, but that’s changing. A long time and many “diets” ago, I heard a saying “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” Well, I say nothing tastes as good as being healthy and happy feels! I thank God for bringing Shibboleth into my life and especially Travis Martin, Tyler Mathis, Jason Whitener, and Lisa Ward.

Heather Newton Dills

For the first time in 19 years, I went shopping and DID NOT have to shop in the PLUS size department. I was so excited.

Angela Bell Gentry

I know I shouldn’t base my success with the number that shows up on the scale, but this morning I saw a number that I haven’t seen in more than 15 years, when I found out I was expecting the first of my four kids. #thankfulforbeingledtoshibboleth #thankfulforthevisionGodgave

April J Wilson Littleton

We earned the honor of wearing jeans today at work so I’m wearing my brand new size 18 versus my old size 24! Whoot! Whoot! GO ME!

Brenda Sue Burk

I just want to say how much I appreciate Travis Martin and all other people of Shibboleth! I’ve been on the program for 16 weeks and I’ve lost 42.2 lbs and I feel wonderful. Shibboleth is the best weight loss program out there as far as I’m concerned. Thank you guys so much for all your support!!

Keri Hefner Cope

Shibboleth is a lifestyle solution to the obesity epidemic. Down 170+ lbs and almost to maintenance.

Andrew Stone

Shibboleth changed my life forever! I’m 47 pounds down since February, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything! This program works! It’s not a DIEt. It’s a way of life! Thanks guys for your hard work and dedication to us the members. We couldn’t do it without our mentors!

Jessica Pratt Lamb

I am so excited this morning. I can wear my jeans that i haven’t worn in 3 years. Whoop Whoop! Hope everyone is having a perfect day.

Lynne M. Wheat

I made it!! I’m so proud of myself!! I reached my goal today!! Total of 40 plus lbs. since January 5, I’m off of blood pressure meds, and cholesterol meds. I’m one happy older lady!! lol I truly worked hard, i stay faithful, even when people said, oh just one bite won’t hurt. I knew that one bite would turn me around. Once i make my mind up to do something, there’s no stopping me. First, i want to thank my Heavenly Father for the strength He gave me. Then i would like to thank the Shibboleth family, Travis Martin, Sasha Martin, Lisa Ward, Jason Whitener, Tyler Mathis, and a dear friend Sonya Banks for sharing a great weight loss program. That one share to join Shibboleth changed my life. Thank you all!! Wow! I truly love this planet!! Shibboleth taught me how to eat correctly.

Lacey Barrett

When your favorite pair of pants keep falling off your hips, you know results are happening. Thank you Shibboleth!

Terry Ford

Time to testify. I just watched today’s videos and I must say Travis Martin that you were feeling the spirit today! Also, Sasha, behind every good man is a Great woman. God bless you both for what you do! My niece signed me up on Jan 8. I finally started on Jan 18. Since then, I have had good days and fat days but that’s okay because as of today, I weigh 191.2! When I started, I was 237.6. I haven’t been under 200 in several years. I weighed 140 when I met my Joe and then I got COPD. Bad lungs, I couldn’t breath. Been hospitalized several times. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, under active thyroid! Oh my. I have tried many weight loss programs, but they never worked. Ever! I have lost 46.4(my scales)in 5 months. Sometimes I gain, sometimes I don’t lose at all, BUT, I stay the course. I try to live Shibboleth everyday. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. I love Shibboleth. I live my niece Tammy Burggraf for sponsoring me. I love Travis and Sasha Martin for all they do.

Bobby Cartledge

After 9 1/2 months on the Shibboleth planet I find myself with a huge regret, which is that I didn’t start my journey two years ago when I first heard of Shibboleth! I tell everyone that God has given me a new lease on life! It’s been nothing short of life changing! I started my journey on August 24, 2015 and my goal weight is coming into sight! I was put in the hospital on April 12, 2015, my A1C was 10.2 and my glucose was 283, doctor told me I was going to die if I didn’t change! On April 14, 2016 I had lab work done again and my doctors words to me were this “Mr. Cartledge you have cured your diabetes”. My A1C was 5.4 and my glucose was 86! The Lord cured my diabetes thru Shibboleth and no one can make me doubt that! I share it everywhere I go and try to get people to join this amazing health planet and stop destroying their lives! I spent most of my 53 years killing myself with bad choices, I plan to spend the remainder of my days trying to repair this temple that God loaned me and getting it into the best shape possible for the day He wants it back. Shibboleth ranks among the best decisions of my life, accepting the Lord and marrying my bride and best friend are the top two! Bless the name of the Lord at all times!

Joseph An-Lisa Bordner Crider

Good morning shibboleth friends PRAISE THE LORD FOREVER day 7 WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO I’m excited about 9 lbs gone but way more than that my sugar usually stays around 170 to 190 with meds today no med this week 134 PRAISE THE LORD AGAIN.

Cj Jones

Lost 3.4. Lbs since started my journey with Shibboleth on Friday! I plan to have a perfect 30 by the 3rd of July. I am excited beyond words about this program and having accountability for my nutrition and lifestyle. The last 3 days have been very tough. I am a Trauma Surgery RN at a level 1 Trauma hospital in Chattanooga and help save the lives we receive by helicopter or ambulance. I work night shifts, 12 hours and anyone that has ever works nights knows how hard it is to stay on task with getting healthy. I educate my patients on their health issues and problems. I always feel like a hypocrite, because I am very educated in good health and wellbeing, and very well versed in nutrition. I am currently working on my Masters degree for Nurse Practitioner so that I may be able to make a difference in our community. For the last 5 years I have talked the talk and not walked the walk. Well, no more! I am going to be an example for my patients, my family, friends, and coworkers . I have to lose 120lbs, but that is not my main focus. I joined the wonderful program of Shibboleth to get my health back. I want to lose the weight, but more importantly, I want to move without pain, decrease my blood pressure, tie my shoes without grunting, and have endless energy to stand by my patients’ side in their life threatening and traumatic situations. I am proud to be a Shibboleth member! I have been praising the coaches and Travis Martin for their dedication to helping people change their unhealthy lifestyle permanently to one that members can be proud of for their physical, mental, and spiritual self. I am on the WARPATH of loving myself again. Thanks to all who work so very hard to make it possible. Have a blessed day everyone!

Tanya-Marie Pocino Cockrell

Whoooohooo! I stepped on the scale this morning and I was 159.8. 10 months ago today I was 282 pounds (and I’m only 5’3″), and couldn’t imagine ever seeing the 150’s again, but thanks to the trinity challenge Ive broken the mindset that was keeping me in the 160 s stalled for the last month and a half. I’ve lost a little over six pounds so far and finally am in that 150 range. My goal weight I set with my doctor last August was 142 (although mine is 140, cause that’s a nice round number lol), and for the first time EVER in my life, I actually feel like I have a fighting chance of meeting that goal. Thankful to my doctor for all the medical advice, and to shibboleth and Travis Martin for helping me get my head screwed on straight, and teaching me a sustainable way to live. Bless the Lord oh my soul!

Sharon Davis Ashley

And if it wasn’t for Travis Martin and my Shibboleth family and some of my own family I wouldn’t have gotten this far and after seeing transformation and know with God helping me it’s made me strong enough I can walk away from temptation if needed. One of the things I remember when I get tempted I think of how Jesus was tempted 40 days and nights and how much he over came on temptation and I know with the him helping I will go far and I know it will be worth it because everything he did was worth it. Love you all and have a blessed day.

Candi Poe Keeler

I absolutely LOVE going into my closet to check out clothes I’ve not worn in years, (you know just in case, with that doubt in your mind) and come out with jeans to wear tonight!! Whoop whoop My closet has always had a wide range of sizes (10-22). NO MORE!! As they become too big for me I’m getting rid of them!! I can say the largest size in there now are 16s!! Thank you Lord for sending Shibboleth my way!

Kimberly Clark Laney

Travis Martin and Sasha Martin. Thank you so much for this weight loss ministry. I’ve tried other weight loss groups out there. Something has always been missing in them for me. I guess I knew what it was but never knew exactly how to find it. Our church did offer WW at one time and I went and thought this is it. I just had comfort knowing that I was in the Lords house but it just did not work for me. Now I know it was more and you have brought that to light for me. It’s not that I just need to lose the weight for me and take of my body but God gave this body to me and I have mistreated it very badly and for that I am very sad. Thanks to y’all I have found where I need to be and am on a journey to straighten out the mess I have created. Have a very blessed day and know that you are appreciated.

Angela Bell Gentry

This girl right here just “WALKED” through the airport to her terminal, instead of the tram! Then, sat in her own seat and easily buckled her seat belt.

Buddy Vanmeter

I would like to thank my wife Angie Smith VanMeter Bobby Cartledge Tyler Mathis Jason Whitener Travis Martin and my shibboleth family and most of all my lord and Savior Jesus Christ for given the the strength and willpower I am down 83.4 lb in four and a half months still got a ways to go praise the name of the Lord!

Danney Davis

Great news from my doctor . I was taking 3 meds for my blood pressure as of 3 weeks ago I only take 2 with 1/2 the dosages that I was taking if I stay on track they are going to stop the meds all together ..

Charlotte Parker

I have spent far more with other groups and far less support. Shibboleth is a good value. Staff is so supportive.

Virginia D Kinsey

Love the planet joined the last of January and am down 30 lbs it’s great eat what I like. Love the classes look forward to them each week. Tyler is a great instructor and makes it so much fun.. My last doctors visit after only being on it 2 months my numbers were down and my sugar back in normal range. This makes it worth it all for me. Can’t wait till next month when I go back to the doctor to see how much more they have dropped. Get on the planet with us you won’t regret it

Bridget Bradley

Incredible program and support staff! No program like it! It has changed my life!

Jessy Reid Williams

Shibboleth is a life saving ministry! It is worth so much more than the low $99 per year fee! After years of being over weight and miserable and being told I could never have children, with Shibboleth I lost 50 lbs and was able to get pregnant and have my miracle baby boy. Shibboleth also helped my husband lose 40 lbs and get healthier too. We both have heart issues and keeping our weight in check is extremely important to our health. We count on Shibboleth to help us stay healthy and active for our kids and family!

Kevin Stanley

It is an awesome life style makeover. Started at 215 and now I’m down to 195. Just by eating smart. That’s what they teach at planet shibboleth, how to group foods together so your body will know how to turn it into fuel.

Elaine Carden

I have been on the plan for 3 yrs, I renew every year, I’m afraid I’m gonna miss something. I’ve been on the wagon and off the wagon, which is my fault. I can’t tell you how good this plan is. I’ve tried everything and never seen the amount of support, ideas for approved foods, recipes, whatever your needs are they are there to help and show you a way to get healthy, $99.00 A YEAR. Is Great for all access you get. You’ll see . If it wasn’t something worth the money I sure wouldn’t renew every year. You can even attend informative classes with a busy schedule ( which is Great ) thru their recorded classes or be there live and interact with questions also. I could go on and on . Just try it.

Brenda Sue Burk

I started in March and have lost 26.8 lbs. The Shibboleth lifestyle has made that possible. The $99 price is a great price concise ring all of the resources that you have access to. I think I have already gotten my monies worth. The mentor and leaders are great and so encouraging. My opinion is that everyone should get on the program. I have felt so much better since I’ve been on it.

Karyl Fidler Asta

I joined in June 2012, lost 35 lbs by the first of January. Yes I lost weight through the holidays. I have kept it off for 3 1/2 years. My husband was pre diabetic and high cholesterol. He now has perfect lab work. The support you get on this program and the food library and recipes on the website are amazing. Travis and his team work tirelessly to find new foods, recipes and to keep things fun and interesting. No boredom here! The price is $99 because Travis wants people to be able to afford to get their life back by getting healthier, so they can live a more abundant life. He cares!

Larry Thomas Cole

I started the program on Sep 30 2015. That night, at the meeting I weighed 264. I have now been in maintenance for about 2 months I am now at 200.6. I am 57 years old. This has been the best program I have ever done. I am smaller than I was in High School. Worth way more than 99.00 in my opinion.

Donna Pelfrey Morris

I can and will testify at any given moment that this program works! I am 50 yrs old. I have lost 40 lbs! My blood work is perfect. I have so much energy. This is the thinnest I’ve ever been in my life. 15 lbs to go. This program changed my life and my lifestyle!

Milly Waters

May I say. if the concern is low pricing..this is NOT a scam. It is a marvelous program. The health and nutritional information is amazing. The program WORKS. The pricing is so low because these wonderful people who founded this are more concerned with helping people than making money. If it was priced based on how well it works and all you receive in benefits NONE of us could afford it.

Gail Pritchett Avant

Want a life-changing experience at an amazing price. Signup for Shibboleth. This lifestyle change is a program you can not put a price tag on. The transformation that will take place if you commit and follow every component will astound you in many ways, physically, mentally, spiritually and of course the weight loss. This program is easy and fun. Join and reap all the great benefits!

Melvin Wells Jr.

My wife and I started about 2 years ago. Both determined to get our lives back. 120 lbs together total weight loss! I came off of blood pressure and acid reflux medication. Learned an awesome program that was sustainable, fun, and effective. Not only did we lose weight, but we met, and became friends with two of the most genuine people out there. Travis and Sasha truly have a heart to reach and help others.

Amanda Lenae’ Buckner

Shibboleth is life changing! Anyone who lives this lifestyle the way it is designed to be lived will be changed from the inside out. Both the visible weight and the invisible weight that weighs a person down will be lost. And freedom from food addiction, confidence in God and self, and peace with God and self will be gained. That is PRICELESS!

Tracey Gay Steelman

Absolutely the best program and daily support for fast effective weight loss, the right way! I’m a lifer and $99 is an amazing price for all the resources you have access to. The mentors are here around the clock and are always eager to assist with any questions or concerns. I love them all. I love Planet Shibboleth and they can’t get rid of me smile emoticon

Patty Underwood Delaney

All I know is that it works. I tried for years to lose wt,lost,gained back!! Plus some!! I lost 35 lbs and kept it off for 6 mo.! I am now ready to lose 30 more!! It’s a way of life that will keep you from regaining the weight too. PS. I’m 65yo

Charles Hicks

You will never loose weight this easy for a price like this. Trust me I have struggled with weight loss the last 10 years, I tried all kinds of weight loss programs, and nothing compares to shibboleth, I started January 17th and I lost 15lbs the first two weeks, I have lost a total of 58lbs, since January, I have not been to the gym a single time. I have not been doing exercise at home, I simply eat the way the program is designed, and I am never hungry, if you want a true way to loose a few lbs fast or a lot of weight consistently this is the program. This will become your way of life, you have 6 holidays per month, that you can eat what ever you want, but when you see the weight start falling off you will not want to stop, I guarantee you it is easier to loose weight than you could ever imagine. One word in weight loss ( Shibboleth ) no drugs, no exercising just weight loss at a price you can afford.

Melissa Ann Baynes

This program is worth way more than what it costs. Several of my family members were able to come off of medications due to weight lost following this program. All other weight loss programs that I am aware of are upwards of $30 a month so I think we can all agree this is a bargain, especially when those of us who have participated know that it can ultimately change your life. I could sit here and name person after person who literally got their life back after losing weight all the while growing closer in their walk with the Lord. You can’t put a price on being able to live again. You just simply can’t!

Kay Howard

The problem might be some people don’t have alot to pay up front. It is well worth a $100. I joined during ur special so I paid less. I tell everybody wherever I go what i am on and I tell them how much we have with the program. With the recipes I love love love the recipes. I have only had one thing I have not liked. I haven’t lost weight extremely fast but that is my own fault. I love this way of life. I wish I had learned all this sooner. Once u do this program and then have a cheat day u feel bad ,so bloated and just a blah feeling. What people do not realize is there is not a monthly fee. WW is so expensive and this program is so much better. I say 100 is well worth getting ur life under control.

Sharon Haycook

I can’t even imagine putting a price tag on a program like this. I have done every diet imaginable and have never had success like I do with shibboleth. I have done beads, pre-packages meals, meetings, injections, you name it I’ve done it and have never been able to lose like I do with this plan. You will never get the personal one on one support that this offers either. It doesn’t matter what time or what day they are always willing to help and answer any questions you have. I will be a member for life. You simply can’t put a price on what you get from this program. I personally have lost 50 lbs and although I fell back to old habits for awhile I was never judged and felt completely comfortable starting over. When I lost that weight my blood sugars and blood pressure were normal and since gaining some back they have gone up again. Needless to say I am back on track and plan on staying that way. Can’t thank the staff enough for all they do.

Wanda Caudill McElrath

For people that are struggling financially, they will work with you on the fee, and there are tons of economical food choices, so you cant really use money as an excuse.

Kris Hall

I came in a LONG time ago at the 99$ join and it was the best money I have ever spent! I have lost ALL the weight the doctors said for me to come off my Rx and I FEEL GREAT! Not to say I stick with it but it is so amazing to step right back in and start my combinations correctly, and cut out all the junk. But. one thing that is always worth the investment is the encouragement you get along the way. Coaches to other members, it’s like family, the kind that cares, loves and supports. Can’t say enough about how wonderful this program is. Thanks.

Dwayne Martin

Was the best money spent ! Not only am I healthier, thinner, have more energy, and also breath better. Not to mention I save more money than that every 6 mos on medicine that I no longer have to take! Heck it’s worth a hundred dollar for the Christian fellowship and lessons from Jason Whitener!! Praise God.

Donna H. Williams

At 74 years old I thought I was stuck with a body fit for a wrestler‼️ Thanks to the shibboleth lifestyle I am 40 lbs lighter and willing to stay on it and Renew my membership❣

Melody Unger

There is no price you can put on a life given back to you. From infirmity, pain and diabetes this program has saved me. It is worth its weight in gold & I thank and bless Travis & Sasha everyday for this miraculous lifestyle then I have been alone for the past several years. If anyone doubts that this is Travis’s God given ministry, all I can say to them is give it a try you will never go back.

Terry Ford

I don’t know anywhere you could find a program that offers so much for so little! Shibboleth is above and beyond anything I’ve ever tried. When I see commercials for other weight loss products and services, I laugh and shake my head. There is absolutely no better lifestyle than Shibboleth! $99 is a small price to pay for a lifetime of change! Get on the Planet.

Iris Adams

How do you put a price on life? Since January I am down 25 pounds and my husband is down 25 pounds and off medicine for diabetes. Some people may think Shibboleth is a scam at $99 but again I ask, CAN YOU PUT A PRICE ON LIFE? Sounds like a deal to me at $99. It works.

April Newman Wells

I haven’t been on the program long but it is a small price to pay for all that you gain and I’m not talking about weight but weightloss! This program is no gimmick, no quick truck, it is a life altering program. I just wish I had known about it sooner! It’s about living a healthier lifestyle. I have lost 14lbs so far not as high of a number as some others have lost in little over a month but I know what’s going into my body and I FEEL BETTER. Like Travis Martin says it’s about changing the cycle. I hope what I have learned and continue to learn will be passed down to my son and grandchildren. Let’s break the cycle together. P.s. I Love Jesus so naturally I love the inspirational videos that incorporate the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Shibboleth for life.

Cleo Manley Lowery

How much would you pay to not have to take diabetes meds or blood pressure meds? I was taking Metformin twice a day,glimepiride twice a day, and three blood pressure pills,also 59 units of Lantus, in a short period of time have come off completely the glimepirid,lantus and a blood pressure pill, the lantus along cost approx. $300. I’ve lost 75 lbs since last May 22th, and feel better than I have in a long time. If I had it to do over and know what I know now, I would do it in a heartbeat. Worth every penny. Shhh. Don’t tell Travis Martin cause he might raise the price, I would pay more.

Judith Thomason Atkins

I thank God for Travis Martin and Shibboleth. I had acid reflux really bad from lap band surgery. Had my band deflated. Found Shibboleth now I have lost weight and no acid reflux. $99 is nothing to learn how to control your weight. Bless the name of the Lord all the time!

Catherine Cross

Best way to lose weight in the world, not a scam, i paid 150 when i first started, 7 months later i reached my goal, still doing it, love the recipes.

Susan Abramovich

Are you kidding..THATS LESS THAN $10 a month. I’ve coached with another company and folks are spending over $300 a MONTH and not even blinking and this is supplements. The assistance and coaching Shibboleth gives is an amazing value plus the recipes, shopping assists, Facebook family, and your eating REAL foods that your family can eat also‼️ Please don’t cut yourself short with the $99. It can be scary as a company with pricing. There will always be people that will scoff at the price; and that goes with anything now a days; BUT what you are giving to those who do join in return is simply INVALUABLE

Jennifer McCarter

This program is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself! When I started the program I honestly didn’t believe it would work for me but each week I kept losing weight. I have now made this my lifestyle and will never go back to my way of eating! My son has also lost almost 50lbs. he’s 15 years old. This program is invaluable and I truly believe that God gave Travis Martin a gift to help people!

Debbie Stafford- Miller

This program has changed my life. I tell everyone about Shibboleth. $99 is such a valuable investment in a life changing program. I have done weight watchers and other programs nothing compares to Shibboleth. If you follow this lifestyle you are guaranteed weight loss and many more benefits.

Dana L Brannon

I would pay the 99 per year gladly. I paid 149 to start this program almost a year ago and it’s been well worth it. The program in itself is amazing not to mention the support I’ve gotten from the whole shibboleth family.. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for all you have done.

Maylene Martin Maney

Living on planet shibboleth has been the best thing in the world for me!! In 2 months and 2 days I have lost 38lbs and have completely taken off my insulin pump. I haven’t taken any insulin in 1 1/2 months. I have all the energy that I didn’t have before. If you say that it’s not possible trust me I thought the same thing. The mentors are so super and Travis well what can I say. God truly blessed him to come up with this and then he cared enough about you and me to help us. I am living prove that this really works but not only me but, a whole bunch more. Join and see for yourself.

Nan Eidson Cosper

This program is worth every penny of the $99 we pay Other programs are way more expensive and do nothing to educate you on how or what to eat. I always knew there had to be a way to eat that worked with your body’s chemistry and praise the Lord that Travis Martin cracked the code. I talk about this program every day and I can’t understand why others are not lining up three fold to join. Since January I have lost almost 25 lbs and have 5 more to reach my goal. Thank you Travis and the Shibboleth team I love, love love this lifestyle and I will live it for always.

Pam Waits Mitchell

I couldn’t begin to fathom the support,resources, training, mentoring, etc that I’ve received from Shibboleth Program for $99. I’ve tried other programs/products that were a lot more expensive and didn’t receive the results I’ve received in the short time I’ve been on Planet Shibboleth! This is a permanent life style change for me and $99 is such a small price to pay for a healthier and happier me:) Love my Shibboleth family!

Jeanette Coker

I joined for more than that and it is well worth the price. If anyone is looking for a diet plan like WW Or ordering meals the price is a lot higher also this is not a DiET This is a life style. You have classes you can go to also on line classes. You have a mentor that will help. You can buy from the grocery stores or online shibboleth store. If anyone is concerned after their health and really concerned about the cost of medicines you need to try this lifestyle. My doctor suggested I tried this out and I don’t regret joining at all. My last doctor’s ap last week my blood pressure is good (no more blood pressure med) also my A1C was 5.5 (no more metformin) Praise the Lord! Do not think you are too old for this program for I am over 70 and I am not the oldest. IT WORKS!

Debbie Hamby

This is an unbelievable program. The value is truly priceless. I pa >

Keri Hefner Cope

Before I found Shibboleth I weighed 350 lbs. I was depressed, in constant pain in my joints and I felt hopeless. I had lap band surgery in 2003 and failed at maintaining my weight loss. I got on my knees and prayed for God to show me the way to getting my life back. It was through God’s grace that I found Shibboleth. I have just celebrated my 2nd yr anniversary with the program and have lost 170lbs. In August I will have my second reconstructive surgery done and I will be at my final weight loss goal. Shibboleth is not a diet. It is a lifestyle that you can live with and achieve your goals. It is well worth the small investment to get your life back. I am finally free of my aches and pains and look like I did when I was 16 yrs old. Love you Travis Martin and Sasha Martin and team Shibboleth.

Beverly Godfrey

$99 is a small price to pay for this new lifestyle. I have lost almost 60 lbs since starting over 1 yr ago. This great! !! I get to eat the food I love and still lose weight. Not only have I lost weight but my health has improved, energy and stamina improved and I sleep better. Whats not to love??

Fostene Arrendale Wimpy

I agree! I had lap-band and stayed sick all the time and just got the fluid taken out, so it didn’t do me any good. It didn’t teach me how to eat, just wouldn’t let me eat. Shibboleth is a God send.

Sandy Thames Kicklighter

I cannot put a price on this wonderful lifestyle. It has totally changed the way I look at food. I am educated on how to eat . I love eating this way. I love the grace of having a holiday every once in a while. It is worth so much more that $99. Thanks Travis.

Bobby Cartledge

$99 is a small price to pay for a new life!! It’s hard for me to keep it short because I’m so excited about my new life and my closer walk with my Lord but here’s a great benefit I’ve received since starting Shibboleth on August 24, 2015: lost 88 pounds, on April 12, 2015 my A1C was 10.2 and glucose was 283. On April 14, 2016 my A1C was 5.4 and glucose was 86! Doctors words “Mr. Cartledge, you have cured your diabetes”! Bless the name of the Lord at all times!

Lori Ann McDonald Whisenant

I thank God everyday for the price. If it was not reasonable I would have never done it. I got so much more than I thought I was getting. I am so happy to be a part of something that is so informative..who takes you to the grocery store and tells you what to one else I know. The classes are teaching me so much also. I just cant believe what this is going to do to help me get healthy.

Barry and Diana Wilks

I love planet Shibboleth. I have lost slowly since October and have gone from an 18 to a regular old 14 and L in shirts. No more Lane Bryant, no more Plus Size or Women’s sides of the store. I shopped today and for the first time in 11 years, I am just plain and simple a regular sized lady. Praise God-

Sharon Patterson

Blood work came back good! Dr. took me off my blood pressure medicine. I told him about my new lifestyle and Shibboleth. Said he had two more patients on it and was quite pleased with my results. July 22 till now, 55 lbs down!

Randy Waskul

This program is EXPENSIVE! You have to buy new clothes because your old ones just fall off!

Paula Davenport

Wow. I am so happy I hit a major goal 6 months ago. I weighed 290. Today, I weighed and hit 220. That’s 70 pounds! Yes, I am one happy person.

Amber Hudgins

13 week update. down 29 lbs. and more than 10 inches!! Shibboleth Rocks.

Candi Keeler

What you do/have done is amazing!! 1. The ministry is out of this world! I thank God for you and the rest of The Shibboleth Team for allowing God to work through you in so many ways! Lives are being touched that may never be touched if it weren’t for Shibboleth. People are being witnessed to that may NEVER walk into a Church building, or may not have Christian friends and family, may not own a Bible. People that may NEVER hear God’s word if it weren’t for Shibboleth. Even if they’re not thinking about it, they’re hearing it and that seed is being planted. Thank you God for your servants so willing to say “here I am Lord, use me.” 2. The tools y’all put out there for us all to use so that we may have a healthier, more active and longer life. Y’all amaze me!! The encouragement you offer to all of us! Prayer and encouragement is what we all need. This lifestyle is so easy. All of our lives can be changed and changed at a fast rate, medium rate or even slow rate. It’s our choice! I’ve not discussed numbers publicly but here it goes. I stepped on the scales weighing 278.4 when I signed up on Shibboleth. My husband and I started Feb 4th 2016. Momma was put on Hospice Feb 16th and passed away Feb 26th and she lived with Scott and I. Feb. 22nd she heard me squealing like a pig (no pun intended) she knew it was a victory squeal. She wanted to know what “Shibboleth” had done for me. Lol I had to run upstairs and share it with her. She was so excited to see me taking my life back. I had gained 48lbs from July 2015 till Feb 2016. Momma passed Feb 26th just 22 days after we started Shibboleth and I was 21lbs down!! I could rattle on and on but I’ll try to stop. Lol Yes we’ve been through some tough weeks. I must say though it’s never been tough living our new lifestyle except portion control at times. I feel better than I’ve felt in so many years!! Even when I wasn’t so heavy I didn’t feel this good!! I don’t know how many inches I’ve lost but I’ll tell you what I do know. I do know that God is good. smile emoticon I also know that I was 278.4lbs size 20-22 and I was miserable. I now weigh 224.2lbs and I’m wearing size14-16. So that’s 54lbs down in just 3 months. My blood work is good but I’m going back to have it done again just to see the Shibboleth difference. June 10th. I apologize for writing what seems like a book but My God, Shibboleth, Team Shibboleth and my weight/health is something I can talk about all day long! If you’re not being criticized I was always told you’re sitting idle! We know our God doesn’t want us sitting idle! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. My husband has lost 49lbs. I love you all, members and Team and I pray for all of you. Please continue to pray for me. smile emoticon

David Allen

Down 18 pounds in 49 days. The main thing for me is when I walk from my car into a store I feel 10 feet tall. I look around and see other people looking the way I used to look and think, just a few weeks ago I was there. It is a great feeling and it’s something I think I can easily continue. Another benefit for me is NO HEARTBURN! No zantac. On one of my holidays I ate like a wild man and guess what (heartburn). I learned my lesson and will forever watch portion size. I am a happy camper at Shibboleth.

Chelsea Ward

This program is such a blessing! Thank you, Travis Martin and Sasha (and all of the others who make this program what it is) for being obedient to what the Lord has called y’all to do. Souls and bodies are being radically changed! Praise be to JESUS! #42poundsdown

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