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Southern Fried Chicken Recipe (Low Carb and Gluten Free)

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As many of you know, I was contacted by the Dr. Oz Show last weekend about participating in a healthy recipes challenge. They assigned us a regional favorite from the area we live in and asked us to make over a “healthier” version. I was assigned fried chicken since I live in SC. It was a no brainer as I already have a recipe in the IBIH Summer Recipes Ezine.

I wasn’t thrilled about making Southern fried chicken for the show because it’s so hard to get creative with it (especially when the video submission is due in just over 24 hours.) I wanted to wrap it in bacon and fry it, which would according to Paleo and Keto be perfectly healthy (and also AWESOME.)

I figured that would go over like a lead balloon with the low fat crowd though, so I nixed it. I’m definitely doing it soon for the rest of us though, since we know FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT!

For the video segment though, I followed my usual recipe using seasoned coconut flour as the coating – but I caved (read: sold out) and baked it instead of frying it so it would have wider appeal for the masses who still think fat is evil (poor souls.)

Even so, I wasn’t surprised when I got the email a few days ago that they didn’t choose my “fried” chicken as one of the 3 finalists. They never did ask for my actual recipe – just the video of the finished product, so they may have had a different criteria altogether. I’ll never know! But it was a fun experience, and I got to meet some other great bloggers because of it.

We all got the same email saying we’d be featured on the show (which airs today, Monday January 27th), but hadn’t made the finals. Jeanette from Jeanette’s Healthy Living reached out to us all and suggested we link up today with our different recipes from the show, and introduce our readers to each other. I loved that idea!

If you’re new here just coming over from one of the other blogger’s: Welcome to the dark side – we eat bacon.

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