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Imagine this:

“You are comfortably sitting in your car next to a high-tech curbside speaker, talking to the speaker and telling it what food you want, and then having your steaming hot, delicious order brought out to you while you sit in your car very happy with the way things are turning out.”

“Well, duh” you’re probably thinking. That’s what happens everytime I go to Sonic.

My point is that this may be a common occurrence for you today that you may take for granted, but back before 1953, nobody had the ability to sit in their car, order comfortably, and have food brought out to them in minutes.

The first Sonic opened in 1953, being the first drive-in restaurant in the US and completely revolutionizing the fast food world, and many individuals’ worlds in general.

Now imagine not being able to sit comfortably in your car and order great food. That would be the world without Sonic. Luckily we don’t have to imagine such a place.

SONIC is such a cool, innovative name, that I always thought was chosen because it simply sounds cool to say out loud.

However, it turns out that is not the case. SONIC was originally called “Top Hat”, which doesn’t have much of a ring to it or really any meaning at all.

Sonic’s curbside speaker technology quickly gave the store a slogan for their speedy service, which was, “Service At The Speed Of Sound”.

Very quickly, the owners realized “Top Hat” just wasn’t working for them, but “Service At The Speed Of Sound”, now that sounded cool. Plus it made a cool acronym, SONIC.

It took 7 years, but they eventually changed the name in 1959, going from “Top Hat” *ugh* to “SONIC”, a very good choice and pivot, in my opinion, as it represents their speed of service and it sounds cool, so what more could you want?

Today, Sonic has grown to be an extremely busy and successful chain of restaurants, serving over 3 million hungry and happy customers each day.

Did you know they even make their shakes using real ice-cream? Just another reason to go back.

My favorite reason to go back, however, is the TalkToSonic survey, where you answer a few questions and then get a free coupon to use for a free soda or iced tea. Keep reading to find out how to enter and snag a free soda for yourself. Survey Prizes

  • Free Fountain Drink or Iced Tea

Take the survey about your Sonic experience within 14 days of your visit, and you will receive a code for your choice of a free fountain drink or iced tea on your next visit.

Secret Survey Hack

Many people do not know that you can do this as many times as you want and are not limited to the total number of free sodas and iced teas you can receive.

TalkToSonic Survey Details

Prize Free Soda or Iced Tea
Location US
Age Must Be 18+
Can Enter Unlimited Times
How To Enter Online at TalkToSonic.Com
Receipt Valid For 14 Days
Coupon Code Valid For 60 Days

How To Take The TalkToSonic Survey

  1. Go to a Sonic and make a purchase
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and enter the survey code on your receipt to start the survey
  4. To take the survey in Spanish, go here
  5. Answer all survey questions
  6. Write down and save your free code at the end of the survey
  7. Visit a Sonic use your code for a free soda or iced tea on your next visit within the next 60 days

What to expect from the survey homepage:

Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • To enter the survey, you must make a purchase at any Sonic store
  • You must be a US res > Contact Sonic

Phone Number: 1-866-OKSONIC (1-866-657-6642)

Mailing Address: Sonic, 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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