The Hungry Brain

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The Hungry Brain

A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.

No one wants to overeat. And certainly no one wants to overeat for years, become overweight, and end up with a high risk of diabetes or heart disease– yet two thirds of Americans do precisely that. In my book The Hungry Brain, I argue that the problem is not necessarily a lack of willpower or an incorrect understanding of what to eat. Rather, our appetites and food choices are led astray by ancient, instinctive brain circuits that play by the rules of a survival game that no longer exists. And these circuits don’t care about how you look in a bathing suit next summer.

To make the case, The Hungry Brain takes readers on an eye-opening journey through cutting-edge neuroscience that has never before been available to a general audience, illustrated with beautiful images by Shizuka N. Aoki. The Hungry Brain delivers profound insights into why the brain undermines our weight goals and transforms these insights into practical guidelines for eating well and staying slim. Along the way, it explores how the human brain works, revealing how this mysterious organ makes us who we are.

What people are saying about The Hungry Brain:

The Hungry Brain is really no more a diet book than Anna Karenina is a romance novel, but for those interested in the complex science of overeating, it is essential.”
–New York Times Book Review

“A remarkable book… Guyenet wields his degrees in biochemistry and neuroscience as he acts as the reader’s guide through a wilderness of raw data; he explains how the brain works, discusses important research, and develops strategies from this information… This fun, insightful, and important text will appeal to both science lovers and fitness fanatics.”
-Publishers Weekly

“Blending detailed attention to the neurobiology of appetite and genetics with a sweeping view of human evolutionary biology, Stephan Guyenet provides an exceptionally complete understanding of why, despite the prevailing desire to be lean, so few of us are. The lessons of science, spanning decades, are presented clearly, interpreted fairly, and used as the basis for an eminently sensible set of responses. Illuminating, entertaining, and empowering, The Hungry Brain is highly recommended.”
-David L. Katz, M.D., Director of the Yale Prevention Research Center and author of Disease-Proof

“Many people have influenced my thinking on human nutrition and metabolism, but one person stands out as completely altering my understanding of why we get fat. That person is Stephan Guyenet.”
-Robb Wolf, author of Wired to Eat and the New York Times bestseller, The Paleo Solution

“Low-carb? Low-fat? Low-calorie? It seems like every day there’s a new claim about what causes weight gain, and how to shed pounds. As a working clinician and educator of other clinicians, I rely on Stephan Guyenet’s ability to cut through the hype and present the latest scientific research in this area in an engaging and practical way. In a world of increasing information overload, Dr. Guyenet’s work is like a gem in the rough.”
-Chris Kresser, author of the New York Times bestseller, Your Personal Paleo Code

“Stephan J. Guyenet does a wonderful job explaining what triggers our food cravings and how we can best manage those impulses. The Hungry Brain is necessary reading for anyone interested in optimizing their health and fitness, and for those who consult people on those topics. I highly recommend this book, and commend Stephan Guyenet for this exceptional work.”
-Doug Brignole, Bodybuilding Champion / Former Mr. America and Mr. Universe; Co-author of Million Dollar Muscle and author of The Physics of Fitness

“Following in the footsteps of Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, Guyenet looks to the structure of the human brain and how it has evolved over time… A helpful guide offering encouragement to those looking for ways to lead healthier lives.”
Kirkus Reviews

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