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charles poliquin diet

Charles poliquin diet

Twenty40 is a training style that I have created over my years of training. It is a system in which training sessions don’t exceed 40 minutes but utilize cardiovascular, strength and agility all in the one workout. This method of training is perfect for the everyday person who doesn’t have time to be spending hours in the gym and wants to build and maintain the body they desire.

Using these principles i have created the Twenty40 body plan which is a workout program that can be done from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. It is a 12 week program teaching you how to incorporate a fit and healthy lifestyle that can be adapted to your everyday living. The plan brings together a nutritional guideline that is easy to follow and sustainable.

Sergio Perera

Sergio Perera has worked at some of the worlds best restaurants throughout Europe, Japan and the U.S. Sergio has an extensive food science and research background, working alongside U.S strength coach Charles Poliquin, helping Olympic athletes achieve their goals through diet and exercise. He has also worked with various entertainers, musicians and politicians with busy and hectic lifestyles. Sergio learned about the twenty40 plan from friend and trainer Luke Zocchi and realized that both Luke and Sergio’s philosophies on food and training were similar and began to work together to create the full body life style plan known today as the TWENTY40 lifestyle program.

Live Healthy, Eat Healthy!

The TWENTY40 Food Guide is about empowering YOU to make CHOICES. Intelligent, well-informed choices. Understanding the nutritional composition and combination of the foods you eat means you can choose what works best for you to satisfy hunger, promote health and vitality, and provide the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will enable your body to not only stay alive but to thrive.

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