What diet restrictions are there being on Xarelto? coffee, alcohol, leafy greens, grapefruit?

xarelto diet restrictions

What diet restrictions are there being on Xarelto? coffee, alcohol, leafy greens, grapefruit?

herbal tea, herbal anything?

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Warfarin is the only pill of this type that has diet restrictions. The only thing I’d warn against is taking aspirin or a med like motrin without checking with your dr.

so no restrictions what so ever?? well that is awesome news. I would not touch advil or asprin because I know they are blood thinners also!! I can even eat grapefruit?? 🙂 🙂 thank you so much. 🙂

I am also on Xarelto and my cardiologist told me to continue taking baby aspirin as I had before being prescribed Xarelto. Should I be concerned?

Posted from an answer to the same sort of question:

This is a complicated question to answer and, unfortunately, stating that all foods are permissible is incorrect.

Firstly, here in the UK, the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) does not mention any food restrictions. It doesn’t state that all foods are permissible – it avoids the issue totally and keeps to the mention of drugs not to be taken with Rivaroxaban.

To this end, I contacted Bayer, the suppliers of the drug. Their first two replies hid behind the same silence as is on the PIL – they honestly said that the PIL does not mention any food restrictions without stating clearly that there are no food restrictions.

My third letter to them pressed them to state clearly that there were no food restrictions. They refused to do this. What they *did* state was that the food restrictions placed upon patients who are taking Rivaroxaban are those that are determined by the patient’s GP (their usual doctor).

So, it’s incorrect to state that there are no Food Restrictions. The Food Restrictions are those placed upon each individual user by their GP – and that from the the Company, Bayer, who make the drug.

I don’t believe that a GP is in any real position to make that decision (unless they have access to information that the producer and developer have that they aren’t making Public) so Bayer’s answer is probably worthless.

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