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What Does the Winner of Naked and Afra >by Len · April 17, 2016

A lot of people out there wonder what the “winner” of Naked and Afraid gets. How much money do they mae? What kind of prizes are they receiving? Are contestants paid each week?

What Does the Winner of Naked and Afraid Get?

There is a GREAT prize, and that is knowing that you can survive naked and afraid for 21 days! There is no monetary prize. An interview with a casting director confirms this.

There is some sort of transaction though, and contestants are indeed paid for being on the show. The amount is unclear, but the interview says that survivalists are “given a weekly stipend to compensate for their lost wages”.

What about Naked and Afraid XL?

Naked and Afraid XL is a different, 40 day challenge in which previous Naked and Afraid contestants participate in. Some people would call these people the “finalists”.

The Naked and Afraid XL Wikipedia page states “There is no winner and no prize given to participate in this challenge.”

If you ask me, the rewards are great.

Would you go on the show Naked and Afraid?

Naked and Afra >

Naked and Afra >

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if you don’t get paid for doing Naked and Afraid extra large I can’t see why you would do it putting your life in danger catching diseases excetera myself I love the show but I just can’t see it not paying them to do what they do The Prestige of being on it is no big deal to me it’s being on there and living to it yeah I would think they would give them something at least as far as monetary value.

Its ridiculous that the contestants doesnt get a price. They put their life in danger and put themselves at risk for getting a deadly disease and dying from hunger and thirst. I think the only thing i like here is you will lose a lot if weight. So they should start hiring obese people.

The N&A Wiki page says ‘there is no winner and no prize money given to PARTICIPATE’. It doesn’t say that no prize money is given to those who complete the challenge.

The original show gives $5,000 to participants who complete the challenge. I’m certain those who complete XL are awarded money.

I myself think the contestants should get paid for being on the show and risking their lives, after all the show is making money from the contestants despair.

I read in a different article that they are compensated there wages for there time there

Yeah that is ridiculous….for not getting paid besides they are out of their minds

I think that they do get paid but are not to let anyone know.

They get paid. $5k for N/A and a recent XL competitor said XL paid more

I just lost interest in the show – if there’s no stipend to go through that misery, it just takes all the fun out of watching them


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I would do it in a heart beat

Why are you so anonymous if your so gung hoe

I couldnt do it with clothes on, and I cant stay on a diet for more than a couple of dayes so its a big NO for me , what can I say I’m a chicken.

Yeah its totally not worth it, guess im could care less about bragging rights. Its totally bot worth risking your life. I thought they got a at least like 100,000 for completing the 21 day challenge. These people are idiots in my book.

No. People leave the jungles sick and sometimes with a no cure deseases.My health iworth all the money in the world, or the thinking that “oh yes, can do it”.

Freak that ,only 5 grand for 21 days to put yourself in that dangerous situation?

I understand wanting to prove something to yourself and others but the show is making a lot of money and I think the participants deserve some of it for the risks they are taking.

Thank God the majority of people who wrote messages on this message board have good ole’ common sense to avoid risking their lives for insignificant pay so the producers can get rich… Haney David Thoreau’s Walden, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s love of nature or Jean Jacques Rousseau’s “back to nature” in the Emile are apparently the creations of academics who lived rather comfortable lives but never attempted to survive in the brutal jungle conditions… I too can imagine myself living in a well built wooden cabin in the midst of a forest preserve enjoying the spectacle of the survival of the fittest among the insects or other animals from the safety of my balcony or window in the fireplace room… The jungle is not what people imagine it to be … nor in all fairness did any of the aforementioned scholars advocate that we return to the “jungle.” If we learned anything new from this show it is, in my opinion, the surprising ability of women to survive in the most adveerse jungle like conditions. In fact based on many episodes that I watched I submit that without a doubt women were shown to be superior survivalists to men since in most cases men dropped out first. This show has also shown the value of brain over brawn as it was often not the most muscular that survived but the most brainy. Finally, sad to say it has also shown the vanity of some who risked their lives for outdated “pride” in being able to “survive” in conditions that no one should ever have to, if they can help it; or the need of those desperate enough to sacrifice life and limb or personal safety at the altar of what is, given the risks taken, tiny compensation (is your health only five thousand or so dollars worth?) . I would do it if I could be reassured of a 1 million dollar insurance policy and the freedom to sue the producers for making my life miserable which obviously is never going to happen… I did enjoy the show although I feel bad for the contestants who risked so much for so little. Thanks for letting me know that when push comes to shove in a truly jungle like environment women are hands down by far superior to men, our myths and western romanticism regarding women as the weaker sex notwithstanding… Men are really the weaker sex in truly barren or brutal conditions, it is just that we haven’t yet reached a point where men are willing to admit it. Other than those few but valuable lessons there is hardly anything educational one can learn from this show or worth watching anymore except fueling more of the same emotions. Yes the show can be entertaining (or should I say miserable) enough for me to want to watch it again just as, I suppose, were the spectacles put up by the Roman elite for the masses in the Coliseum. Thanks for reading this, I apologize in advance if I offended anyone’s sensibilities.

Henry David Thoreau not Haney sorry (spellcheck mistake)

Insane, I tell you. There must be armed wildlife managers set up around the perimeters of camp. They would have people who are very familiar with the dangers that endemic to that particular venue. I don’t see any insurance company associating themselves with a program where there’s even a chance that a national audience could faithfully tune in only to see the contestants eaten by a bear on their final night. Even the most greedy or vanguard network executive can envision a massive switch back to book reading if we watched somebody die on that show. What was characterized as gripping entertainment might thereon be seen as possible criminal intent. And there’s another reality: every single person involved a TV production gets paid, especially if they’re on screen (big money). There are experienced agents, powerful unions, and cutthroat lawyers who know exactly how to make sure that any and every performer gets paid a proper, solid amount of money that reflects the amount and type of work that was contributed. Gone are tyher days when big wigs could push film crews around and force performers into bullshit contracts. The lesson was taught too many times. If a savvy agent was involved in the deal then you can be sure that each contestant is entitled to significant residuals in perpetuity as well. Which means that every single time that the episode airs on TV or a DVD is sold, that contestant gets paid a fair share of the money earned. I assume that means that if your local TV station or theater or pizza pub decides to run a N&A marathon in the year 2050, you’ll receive a check. And you could use the money to pay for more prescription lotion to put on that ugly rash that still hasn’t gone away

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