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“I’ve lost 10kg and feel healthier and stronger than ever before”

Welcome to
WW Freestyle TM

WW Freestyle gives you the freedom to eat what you love and lose weight like never before! Our science-backed SmartPoints® system guides you towards a healthier way of eating and activity and mindset features in the WW app will support and inspire you to build healthy habits and reach your wellness and weight-loss goals.

What you get as a member

Our proven and simple SmartPoints system guides you to a healthier pattern of eating so you can achieve weight-loss and better wellness.

We’ve added more foods you don’t need to count, giving you more freedom than ever before.

Access exclusive and simple guided meditations straight from your WW app to help you shift your mindset.

FitPoints 2.0 are smarter and more personalised, and will guide you to activities that help you get stronger, fitter and heart healthier.

Join groups of fellow WW members that have the same interests as you for encouragement, tips and inspiration.

Follow audio workouts in your WW app with Aaptiv’s personal trainers – for all fitness levels!

Browse 5,000+ recipes or build your own, scan barcodes for fast tracking and chat to a WW Coach 24/7.

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